Drowsy Driving

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I noticed that David was a bit drowsing off on the wheel. It was to be expected as we had driven for about twelve hours and we still had three to go, in the pitch dark night.

I was grateful of him to have taken me outstate for our vacation week, but the long car trip was really not that fun during a heatwave. The vacation in themselves had been fun, we tried to play touristy but most of our time we spent it in the condo he rented, either in the pool or in the bed. I would almost feel guilty but spending quality time with my boyfriend couldn’t possibly be a waste.

“There’s a gas station in a couple miles, we should stop here,” I told David.

“Uhm? We’re almost home, are you sure?” Even his voice was out of focus.

“You know, driving while tired is as dangerous as drunk driving,” I said, trying to avoid the PSA tone but failing to do so.

His eyes tilted in surprise in my direction for half a second, he had a light chuckle. “Well, you’re not wrong, I could use a nap, unless you want to take the wheel?”

“You know driving in the highway makes me nervous,” I answered in embarrassment.

So late at night there wasn’t much people parked, a couple trucks and one or two cars. David parked far away enough from the 7/11 to avoid the bright light. He took his phone out and set up an alarm.

“Alright, we’re going back in thirty minutes,” he said.

“Do you want me to grab you something?” I said while pointing at the 7/11.

“Oh, uh, I’d rather have a good nap right now, if you go can you wait twenty minutes before coming back?” He asked with a bit of sorry smile. “And get me an energy drink?”

“Wow, abandoning me on the side of the road, I guess this pet isn’t bringing you anymore fun,” I sighed dramatically.

David burst out laughing. “You’re dumb, I love you.” He pulled out his wallet and handed me twenty dollars. “Get yourself a nice treat, alright?”

I thanked him with a kiss, David got a hand to my cheek to pull me just a little tighter. I let mine get to his chest, playing with the first button of his shirt. “Shh, not now baby,” he told me softly. He was right, I shouldn’t exhaust him further, but the parking lot was so dark I couldn’t help but fantasize about sucking his cock right here. Maybe after his nap. I apologized and gave him a last peck on the cheek before leaving the car.

The raw neon light of the shop made me realize how too estival my clothes were. It was killingly hot when we left the condo so I put on some jeans shorts and a tank top to be able to breath in the car, but now I was nervously pulling down the short, fully aware just a couple steps were enough to make it move up again and reveal a little third of my ass.

I was getting myself an Arizona can when the door of the 7/11 opened for two massive guys. I assumed they must be truckers, I tried to not pay any attention to them while keeping on my shopping but I couldn’t help being nervous. The main problem with my shorts weren’t so much the scandalous cut but on my skinny body and my overall feminine allure, it might as well have fag embroidered across the ass. I quickly grabbed a tuna and egg sandwich for David and sped the pace to the counter.

One of the guy was just behind me, he wasn’t that taller than me but had a thick built that made him more imposing. He slammed the beer he was taking on the counter before I could put my own stuff.

“The little guy was here before you Bruce,” the old cashier said sounding exhausted.

“The little guy should have been quicker,” Bruce said in a voice so deep it sent chills down my spine.

“It’s fine I don’t mind,” I said as my throat tightened in anxiety.

The other guy offered me a smile which surprised me. To be fair he didn’t look as harsh, he had a rounder face and body, his features were softened gaziantep escort by a friendly beard.

As soon as it was my time to pay, I searched inside my pockets to realize in horror I let the twenty dollars slip from my fingers when I was kissing David. Obviously my own wallet was still in the car. “I uh,” I stuttered.

“A problem, son?” The heavier guy asked.

“I forgot my money in the car,” I addressed to both him and the cashier, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

“No need to worry about that, here Fred,” he said while dropping his own beer and gummy bears pack on my things, “I’ll pay for the kid.”

“Oh thank you,” I said while turning red.

They followed me as I left the 7/11 prestly. The heavier guy grabbed me by the arm which sent an adrenaline rush in my body, for a second I was scared for my life.

“You forgot your candy son,” he told me while giving me the Kit Kat bar I took at the last minute. All this fear was troubling my mind. I thanked him quietly. “The name’s Ed, my colleague over here is Bruce, we do that road on the daily but we haven’t seen you around, you got a name?”

“Melvin,” I said while looking down, “I was on vacation, I’m going back home.”

I felt a little safer, at least Ed seemed nice. Bruce cracked open his beer and took a sip while staring at me, his dark glare was so intense, the feeling of safety faded away. David was most likely sleeping now and I didn’t want to bother him. “Do you got a cigarette? Just a little favor, having paid for your snacks, y’know.” Ed asked.

“In the car but, my partner is taking a nap,” I said. Ed and Bruce exchanged a look.

Bruce got against my back, I almost dropped my Arizona can in shock. “You got a nice little ass for a boy,” he said, I forgot how to breathe as I felt a finger of his delicately sliding under my shorts to pull it up, revealing one of my buttcheeks to the cold night. “For who do you wear stuff like that, not for girls, uh?”

“Just for my boyfriend, I, I’m going to get back to my car now,” I said in panic.

Ed faced me, I was stuck inbetween the two of them. “Listen son, we’re not looking for troubles, but when you mostly see other truckers and families around, a little slut like you it catch the eye.” I felt like I was about to hyperventilate, so they just wanted to fuck me? “We’re not bad guys, it’s an offer, but we’d love to have you suck our cocks before we take back the road.”

The guys guided me in the restrooms of the gas station. The smell was just rancid, the gloomy light of the flickering neon was not giving the sickly green walls their best look, not even accounting the cracks and saucy messages written and engraved in them. I felt a little sting of guilt for David, he wasn’t overly jealous and he allowed me to fool around as long as he heard nothing of it, but I couldn’t help to think sucking two strangers dicks in a sleazy gas station’s restroom would at least make him disappointed.

I got pushed into a stall, we couldn’t fit all three of us inside so they kept the door open. I fell to my knees as Bruce faced me, he zipped down his pants to reveal a hardening cock of decent size, quite thin but with a huge head. “C’mon open your mouth bitch.” I obeyed with delight and took the head between my lips. As my face got closer to his crotch I could smell he must have been sitting on his balls all day long, the musk was almost suffocating.

Bruce let me lick and kiss his cock to my own rhythm before grabbing my grip-length hair. It was to be expected but I still gagged in surprise as he shoved his cock down my throat, he kept my face still, not feeling any mercy at my muffled moans of despair. I coughed out my lungs when he let me breath, I sweeped off the drool that was running on my chin.

“Well boy, we might have to complain to your boyfriend, going around dressed like a slut and not even able to take a cock?” Ed said playfully.

“No! I’m sorry it took me by surprise, I can do it,” I whimpered. The idea that they’d go talk to David was terrifying. I grabbed back Bruce’s cock and lubed it up with the drool on my hand. It went more smoothly between my lips and easily enough, I managed to get it inside my throat. When Bruce got I was able to take his cock, he took back control and roughly fucked my face.

I let a hand slide on the surface of my short, I was getting hard, just too aroused by this situation. My knees were starting to hurt on the cold dirty tiles of the restroom but it just turned me on even more, I enjoyed how dirty and raw that imprevue facefucking was.

Bruce finally let go of my face, my jaw was starting to hurt a little but I was about to get back to his cock, in pure desire. I needed it, I needed his cock in my mouth. He stopped me by grabbing my hair, I looked up in panic.

“It’s my turn boy,” Ed said while taking out his cock. I couldn’t help but gasp seeing Ed’s massive tool, that thing would have more suited a horse than this soft looking daddy. He pushed his friend aside and presented to me his big uncut cock. “Give it a kiss.”

I humbly pressed my lips against the tip of his cock then looked up, he still had a gentle smile. “What a good boy,” he said. I whimpered in pleasure at that comment. I sure was! In response I licked his cock slowly, appreciating his musky taste. Ed took a grip in my hair and like for Bruce I expected him to deepthroat me so I braced myself. Instead he grabbed his cock and gently tapped it against my cheek. “That’s right, you love cocks, don’t you boy?”

“Yes, yes Sir,” I stuttered in confusion.

Ed rubbed his sweaty cock against my face, getting higher each time, until his balls were rubbing against my lips. “Open wide,” he ordered gently. I obeyed, his balls were way too large and full to both get inside my mouth, I sucked one in and massaged it with my tongue. His massive cock was still against my face. “And you love balls too, you gotta make your boyfriend very happy, uh?” I tried to say something vaguely positive through his balls. “Well, maybe not, I know I wouldn’t be so happy if my boy was such a whore.”

He pulled his balls out of my mouth and replaced it with the tip of his cock. I tried to suck him off as well as I could but I never really had to fit something so thick in my mouth before. Ed seemed fairly pleased even though I could only really get half of his cock inside. “I think I’m ready,” he addressed Bruce.

I was really confused, Ed pulled out his cock and Bruce made me stand back up. Were they already done with me? But I wanted to make them cum, so unfair. “Pull down your shorts and bend over the toilet,” Bruce ordered.

I was livid. “My, my boyfriend is going to get worried,” I said hesitantly. I didn’t even know how long I’ve been away now, what if he was waiting for me? I was also nervous about Ed trying to shove his horse cock inside my ass, I was far from being a virgin but I knew his dick was going to tear me apart.

“C’mon boy, with shorts like that you’re trying to make me believe you don’t love getting your ass fucked?” Ed said. It wasn’t really the issue I wanted to say. I took a look at Ed’s cock, well sure it was scarily big, but it was also a one time occasion. Who knew when I’d able to get fucked by a cock this huge.

In silence I let my shorts and briefs fall to my ankles, Ed had a little smirk looking at my thin cock that still at it hardest had a dramatically average size. I turned around and put my hands on both side of the toilet seat. “Please, be gentle,” I said nervously while looking back.

Ed carelessly shoved a lube finger in my asshole, making me gasp in surprise. He fingered me roughly, his hands were so large just one finger was a lot, but it was covered in enough fat the experience was pleasant, I couldn’t really feel his knuckles. Soon enough he was shoving two fingers inside me, making me moan already. “Geez, what a little slut you make.”

His fingers left my tender hole, replaced by a terrifying thick pressure. Ed placed his large hand on my hip as he used the other to position his cock. I felt my knees about to give up as he forced in the head, it felt painful and invasive. He stopped for a second, until he kept thrusting his massive cock in my poor asshole. I let out a mute cry, this was too big, too intense. To my surprise, I felt skin rubbing against my ass, was it already done? I then remembered the large stomach of the heavy guy, I still had a couple more inches to go.

Ed’s cock was fully plunged inside my ass. I never felt more stuffed, my insides were on fire. Ed had the kindness to let my ass get accustomed to that size, he only moved again when I started to relax. At least he did as I asked, it was a pretty gentle fucking, but with his size, each thrust got a cry out of me. “Oh you’re taking it like a champ son,” he groaned. He sped the pace slightly, shit, I was loving that. “Bruce don’t stand over here, get that little slut’s mouth.”

Bruce snuck back inside the stall and sat on the toilet seat, his cock still rock hard. I took him back in my mouth, he gripped my hair again to slam my face on his pubes. Ed’s huge cock was ravaging me so much, I had more trouble taking this facefucking, gagging sometimes when he shoved his cock down my throat.

Ed got his cock out of my ass, I could feel the cold air of the restroom getting inside for the half second of gape his big tool gave me. Bruce stood from the toilet seat. I was a bit confused. Ed and Bruce grabbed me like I weight nothing and turned me around. I was slightly panicked, I had nowhere to find balance on, they could drop me at any moment. Ed grabbed one of my ankle to get it on his shoulder, I guess it felt a little safer? He shoved himself back inside me in one violent thrust that made me gasp for hair. Bruce grabbed my throat and pressed his cock against my lips, fucking my face upside down. I couldn’t see much as his balls kept relentlessly slapping across my face.

I was letting myself get used like a fuckdoll, barely able to do anything. Well, I could do one thing, I grabbed my painful cock and jerked it to the intense rhythm those two studs were putting me under. Ed has been ravaging my little button so hard it only took me half a minute for my cum to fly over to crash on my chin. Fuck.

“Fuck, are you ready to get bred son?” Ed groaned, I could only gargle through Bruce’s cock but I really wanted it. I felt a hot spray of cum filling me up, God, I didn’t even know the guy and I was letting him cum inside me. It took just a couple second for Bruce to reach his own climax, I expected him to shoot down my throat but he pulled out his cock and covered my face in cum.

My two studs let me all cum-dizzy in the toilet stall and left the restroom. I was barely standing on my feet but I made my way to the mirror, my shorts still on the floor. I sweeped off the cum with my fingers and got it to my mouth, cat-cleaning my whole face to make sure nothing was left off. My ass, I just pushed it out and let it run on my leg. It was going to dry off and no way David would notice in the meantime.

“I was getting a little worried,” David said when I came back.

“I had to pee,” I muttered. I handed him his tuna and eggs sandwich.

“Thank you baby.” He pressed his lips against mine, I opened my mouth in surprise, letting his tongue inside my mouth. He pulled out with a concerned expression.

“Something wrong?” I asked feeling a knot in my stomach.

“No, I just thought,” he said a bit confused, “Nothing, forget about it, time to take back the road.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32