Dumb Jocks Ch. 03

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Thanks for all the comments, I love reading them.

Enjoy this third chapter and say hello to some new characters

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The sound of a door closing in the building made both of us jump, breaking the post cum euphoria.

Quickly, Rocky got to his feet, and after a little wobble, he cleaned himself in the shower, before rushing into the locker room to get changed. Still feeling exhausted, I had to wait for a couple more minutes before I could even move.

Getting into the locker room, I saw that it was now empty. Pulling my clothes on, I took one last look at Rocky’s changing area, and then left with a stupid grin on my face.

Falling into bed, I fell asleep and only woke up when my alarm went off early in the morning. I only had one more day with Rocky before his test and despite my balls still feeling drained from last night, I was determined to go again.

After taking a shower, I made my way to the library. As I walked through campus, I spotted the giant figures of Rocky and the younger brown-haired footballer from the other day. Both of them were topless and stretching.

With my mouth open in awe, I watched the two of them laugh and joke while they pushed against one another to help stretch their muscles. It was a boner inducing sight and then I spotted that I wasn’t the only one turned on.

The young man was face down on the floor while Rocky was lifting his right leg back and pushing it towards his round ass. There was an unmistakable bulge in Rocky’s shorts, and his gaze was firmly fixed on the juicy cheeks of his teammate.

“Turn around Hunter, I need to stretch you out,” I heard Rocky say. It was almost like the start of a porno, I thought, my cock swelling at the idea.

Turning onto his back, the brown-haired man lifted his leg and allowed Rocky to push it back until he was practically straddling him. I could see that my fuck buddy was getting turned on by the situation and judging from the way the other guy willingly let his captain bounce on top of him, it was mutual.

When it looked like they were finishing up, I hurried away before either of them could see and went to our usual library room to wait for Rocky.

I didn’t have to wait long for the linebacker to turn up. The second he did, he pulled down his shorts and began to jerk off. Not wanting to speak in case I ruined the moment, I just watched the awesome sight of a beefy jock playing with himself.

“Ahhhhh…” he shuddered after what seemed like only seconds had passed.

His muscles bulged and tensed as he came. The eruptions from last night meant that there was no spunk shooting across the room instead it oozed from his slit and pooled in his clenched palm.

Lifting it to his mouth, he greedily licked his hand clean before going back to his cock for any remnants of cum.

“Better?” I asked jokingly when he finally opened his eyes.

He grunted in reply, then pulled up his shorts and sat down. Reaching over to take a paper from my bag, it looked like he was ready to begin revising. I, however, wasn’t.

Freeing my prick, I moved to his chair and gripped his blonde hair. Instinctively, he turned to me and opened his mouth. I was expecting some sort of token protest, but instead, the linebacker leaned forward and swallowed my tip.

“That’s it slut!” I groaned, “you want my cum, don’t you?”

He nodded and took more of my shaft.

“You want me to fill up that slutty mouth of yours, so you drink up all my cum and get smart?”

Again, he nodded.

“Well, tell me then!”

I pulled back and with a pop, my cock came free.

With Rocky’s blue eyes staring up at me, he swallowed before speaking.

“Please let me have your cum, nerd. I need to get smart. I need your cum… please!”

My cock twitched and a glob of precum dribbled from the slit.

“Such an obedient jock! Open wide. I’m going to fuck that pretty mouth!” I grinned.

Taking hold of his hair, I had two handfuls as I yanked him towards me and onto my prick. Not giving him time to get used to my thickness, I drove in until the tip pressed against his throat.

Pulling back, I began to fuck his mouth. The sloppy noise of his blowjob filled the room as the familiar yet delirious feeling of dominating a man who could bicep curl me overwhelmed my body.

“Take it, take it, take it!” I chanted each time I slammed into his mouth, making my churning balls swing up and hit his chin.

The sweet sound of gagging and moaning filled my ears, and I couldn’t hold back any longer.


It was the only sound I could make as my balls clenched and cum erupted into my submissive sluts mouth.

Load after load splattered his tonsils, and happily, Rocky swallowed. Gripping the table to stop myself from falling over, the footballer cleaned my cock while squeezing the shaft to make sure that he got everything.

Using his finger to wipe his lips clean, he then turned back to the paper and began İstanbul Escort working on the test, leaving me to recover and get my shaky legs under control.

During the next forty minutes, we went over the same questions that he would be answering in Friday’s test. If he got any wrong, I gently nudged him in the right direction and on the last two papers of the day, he got all the answers right.

When Rocky left, I was sure he would pass the exam the following day. Knowing that I could be losing my fuck buddy for good, I planned one last study session for that night. Unfortunately, he texted me saying that he had a late training session, so my plans were ruined. Feeling sad that I wasn’t going to ravish his tight hole, I went to bed despondent.


The next morning I was woken up by an urgent knocking on my door. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I got out of bed. Looking through the peephole, I was surprised to see Rocky standing in my hallway wearing a suit.

Opening the door, the huge footballer pushed inside, clearly afraid that someone would spot him hanging around. As he shut the door behind him, I got back under the warm covers. I took the chance to admire his muscular frame while he stared through the peephole to check if the hallway was empty.

“Looking good Rocky! You definitely fill out that suit.”

“Um, thanks… look, can you give me one last injection before the test?” he asked.

“Of course, man, anything to help you out!” I exclaimed, throwing the covers off to reveal my naked body.

I always slept naked and instantly Rocky’s eyes dropped to my morning wood.

“Hop on!”

The bed creaked as the massive linebacker climbed on. Getting between my legs, he wasted no time in bobbing up and down on my shaft. His unkempt, thick blonde hair was now combed and that, along with the smart suit he wore, was an incredibly hot sight.

Not wanting to mess up his hair, I let him take the lead.

“That’s it, take it nice and deep, slut!” I teased as he edged down, taking more of my length inside.

Looking up at the time, I could see that he only had forty minutes before he had to be at the exam hall. Though that was plenty of time for me to give him one last injection, I wanted to enjoy all of his talents before I came.

“We need to speed this up!” I said, lifting my legs up and rolling back onto my shoulders.

With my asshole perfectly presented to him, there was no hesitation as Rocky leaned back in. After a quick play with my balls, he moved lower, licking harder and for longer against my more sensitive skin.

Still avoiding my asshole, he licked around it before sucking on my perineum. It was something he had done before and it drove me fucking crazy.

“Fuck yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!” I cried.

Though it felt amazing, I knew this could be the last chance I had to fuck him and not wanting to pass up the chance, I dropped my legs, stopping his magical tongue.

“Wait… oh fuckkk, wait!”

I rolled away from his incredible mouth and got to my feet, leaving him kneeling on the bed with his face coated in his salvia. Pulling open my desk drawer, I grabbed a silver butt plug.

“I thought this could help you with the test.” I grinned, waving it in his face.

He looked at it and his eyes widened with wonder before he licked his lips. Quickly, he undid his belt and trousers and pulled them down over his large ass.

“Jesus, that sight will always turn me on!” I groaned as his two perfect, peachy cheeks came into view.

Moving to the edge of the bed, he maneuvred his ass to be in line with my cock. I was about to grab the lube when I saw a shine around his hole.

“Have you lubed your asshole for me, slut?”

“I knew that you might need to inject me with cum in my ass so I thought to save time…” he trailed off.

It was cute how eager he was to be fucked.

“You’ve become such a good bottom,” I teased. “Getting your ass ready to be fucked! Beg me…”

“Please, please fuck my ass. I want your thick cock deep inside and filling me up with your smart cum.”

While he had been imploring me to fuck him, I had been rubbing the head against his lubed ass, making it nice and wet to bury inside him.

Just as he was about to plead again, I aimed my cock at his crinkled ring and drove forward.

“Please… oh fuck!” he swore, and I sighed.

There was no holding back my desire and without letting him get used to my girth, I pushed until I was balls deep. Gripping the bottom of his suit jacket, I began to fuck him hard, tattooing a beat on his muscular ass.

“You like that? You like this fat dick deep in your ass?”

“Please, nerd. I need to get to the test. Please fuck me harder. I need your cum inside me.”

It felt so good and I knew I couldn’t last long, and then Rocky turned his head and looked into my eyes.

“Please fill me up. I love knowing that I’m walking around with cum inside my ass.”

Did he know that being completely submissive Kadıköy Escort to me was the way to make me cum? Either way, it had the desired effect. Seeing his big blue eyes pleading with me to give him a cream pie was too much.

“Fuuckkkk!” I grunted.

Gripping his muscular waist, I buried my cock inside him seconds before I unleashed a huge load.

“Take it slut” I cried out, my body tensed and my muscles strained as I continued to fill up his tight ass.

When my cock finally stopped twitching, Rocky pulled away from me and quickly grabbed the butt plug. He groaned as the cool metal pressed against his red hot asshole, then slowly sunk inside his cream-filled tunnel.

Flipping onto his back, he took hold of his shaft and pumped while his free hand covered his slit.

“Yesss!” He grunted seconds later as he came over both his hands, successfully managing to avoid drenching his suit.

Scooping up his spunk, he eagerly dunk it all down, licking his lips clean when he was finished.

“You feel ready for the test?” I asked.

“I feel ready,” he replied grinning, “I’m going to ace that fucking thing!”

“Good luck,” I said, feeling a bit sad that after today I wasn’t going to have a jock pussy to fuck… little did I know!


With the tests marked by machine, the results would be available by the afternoon, so after a couple of hours on my computer, I made my way to the examination hall.

Outside the hall, I spotted what seemed to be the whole football team celebrating. Rocky was in the middle, grinning and getting slapped on the back. It was only when I got closer that I realized that it wasn’t the whole team celebrating.

To the side of the group, three players were being talked to by their coach. Even from a distance, I could see that one of them was Hunter, the player Rocky had been stretching with the other day. I was sure I had seen the other two, but couldn’t remember their names. Judging from all three of the men’s despondent body language, they must have all failed.

Happy that Rocky had passed, I decided to leave him to celebrate when he spotted me and called me over.

“This is the nerd who made me pass!” He roared, yanking my hand in the air to the cheers of the team, “all hail the nerd!”

“Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!”

The chant was taken up by the whole team before they ignored me totally and marched away to their frat house, leaving me alone.

“How did you do it?!”

Turning around, I was greeted by a hot Latino, the same man who was the cashier at the shop I had hidden inside last week. Now I had the time to look at him rather than sprinting past to find a hiding place, I liked what I saw.

He had a round, trusting face, with dark brown eyes. He was slightly shorter than me, which was unusual, but he made up for it with more muscles and thickness to his legs that culminated in his greatest attribute; his large heart-shaped ass that jutted out, even though he was standing directly in front of me. It was an ass made for sin.

“Um, you’ll have to ask Rocky,” I replied after I had paused just long enough to admire his body.

“He’s the dumbest guy at this place, and yet he passes with only two questions wrong. How did you do it?!” he demanded, moving closer to me, making me gulp nervously.

“I’m sorry. You’ll have to ask Rocky. I… I don’t want to betray his confidence.” I muttered and then hurried away before I could be asked any more questions.

Looking back, I saw the Latino meet up with the other two players. He pointed at me and soon I had three muscular footballer players staring at me. Quickly, I dodged behind a building and made my way to my friend’s dorm.


Later that night, I was lying on my bed. An evening of gaming has tired me out and it was close to midnight. I was starting to drift off when a knock on my door startled me awake.

Looking through the peephole, I saw Rocky and behind him were the three players who had failed. It was the same teammates who had been with him in town last week.

All four of them were dressed in jeans and tops with the MWSC logo on and there was the unmistakable smell of alcohol. Knowing that nothing good could come from opening the door to four drunk footballers, I ignored the knocks and waited for them to leave.

“Nerd! Nerd!” Rocky bellowed, continuing to smash his giant fist against the door.

“Don’t make me break down this door!”

Knowing that he probably could do just that, I nervously edged open my door, only to have Rocky tumble inside. The other footballers quickly followed and locked the door before helping themselves to my stash of beer.

“Nerd! I passed and these motherfuckers don’t think I did it all myself!” he slurred as he leaned heavily against the wall.

“You didn’t though, did you!” one of the others said.

“Shut up Callum, you dick! You and Demarcus are just jealous of my intel… brains!” Rocky hiccupped as he pointed at the tall black man first, then the Latino.

There Ataşehir Escort was silence in the room. The three men took awkward sips of their cans, while their captain continued to drink from the bottle of rum he had brought in.

My eyes darted around the room until I felt confident enough to check out the footballers.

On the far left was the Callum, a tall, lean, muscular black man. His hair was in cornrows with a French braid at the back. He had dark brown soulful eyes, but his best attribute was definitely his plump lips. They were so inviting, and despite the tense situation, I began to imagine my cock splitting them apart.

Hunter, meanwhile, was throwing glances at Rocky and spotting the sizeable bulge in his jeans he was a fan of what he saw. The two footballers were close to each other’s size and height, yet Hunter had a rounder, more cheerful face and light brown floppy hair. My mind was transported back to watching the two of them stretching, though this time they were naked and covered in oil.

Trying to calm myself, I looked down to the floor but a twitch from a phat Latino ass caught my attention. Demarcus was turning in a circle, taking in his surroundings and inadvertently giving me a great view of his ass. It stretched his jeans to the max and seemed to wobble without any provocation.

There was no way I could stop my erection from growing to full mast, and then Rocky burst out laughing.

“You’re all so dumb!” he crowed, “but I got smarter and I didn’t even have to study. I just… er… I just took the… um, knowledge cum from the nerd!”

With a big gulp, my eyes darted around to try to find a way to escape yet Hunter was blocking the door.

“Look guys, I can explain everything…”

“There’s no way that’s true!” Callum scoffed.

“Tell them, nerd!”

“Um…” I began before stopping when three pairs of eyes fell on me.

Deciding that the only option was for me to blag my way out, I loaded up the websites I had used on Rocky and handed over my phone. Callum took it, blinking rapidly to focus his eyes as he tried to read the tiny text.

As my phone was handed around, I had a brain wave and opened my laptop.

“Look, this is a copy of all of Rocky’s test results.”

Pulling up the official exam results, I stepped back and let the three footballers look at how Rocky had gone from 22% to 96% in his exams.

“And that was all in a week!” Rocky sang, throwing his fist into the air, causing rum to splatter over my bed.

“It makes sense…” Hunter said before sitting on the bed next to the linebacker and placing his hand gingerly on his leg.

“Hey Hunter, I told you I would pass, didn’t I!” Rocky laughed, pulling his teammate for a bear hug, which the younger man happily accepted.

“We need your cum, right?” Hunter asked when he had been released.

His bright green eyes were hypnotizing, and I found myself struck dumb.

“Well, do you think you can share a load between the three of us?” he continued, ignoring my lustful stare.

“Yeah, that could work…” I finally managed to blurt out.

“Rocky said something about religion, meaning we can’t use our hands, is that right?” Hunter said, with a twinkle in his eye, that in my current aroused state I didn’t pick up.

“Um, yeah… I, um… I can’t use my hands, so you have to…”

“We know, you don’t have to say it,” Callum cut in then shook his head in disbelief, “It sounds impossible but…”

“But look at Rocky!” interrupted Hunter.

“Yeah, look at me!”

The linebacker flexed his muscles and I noticed Hunter lick his lips. The other two men fell silent. Not wanting to say anything, just in case they decided to beat me up instead, I stood waiting nervously.

Finally, it was Rocky who took action.

“For fucks sake!”

Grabbing my pants, he pulled them down and pushed me onto the bed.

“Get on the bed, Demarcus, and suck him off.”

The cute running back looked at Rocky wide-eyed.

“Hurry up, we haven’t got all night!” Rocky barked, “you do want to pass this test, don’t you? Didn’t coach say that if you don’t, you get sacked…”

“And you’ve got to pay back all of your scholarships too!” Hunter added helpfully.

“Fuck it,” Callum said with a determined expression.

Getting onto the bed, I watched as he leaned over and opened his mouth. Just as I thought he was about to suck my cock, he instead stuck out his tongue.

Against his black lips, his tongue looked even pinker. I stared in wonder at the incredible sight of another jock seconds away from giving me a blow job. The tension was thick in the room, and then he licked the tip.

“Ahhhh…” I hissed.

I couldn’t help but groan, despite the surreal situation of three drunk footballers watching their teammate lick a skinny nerd’s cock.

Looking down, I watched as Callum opened his mouth and swallowed my cock. Despite having a French braid, which was practically calling out to me to grab it, and force him to take more of my length, I resisted. These guys weren’t yet on Rocky’s level of submissiveness.

Callum’s thick lips were wrapped around my shaft while he sucked hard. Though he wasn’t close to Rocky’s newfound skills, the softness of his lips was enough for my balls to tingle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32