Ebony Angel

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You kneel before me, naked apart from white cotton panties and a blue bandana tied snugly at the side of your delicious neck.

Your ebony skin glows almost golden in the subdued light, your soft dark hair reaching to your shoulders, framing that pretty face, your dark brown eyes, warm and soft, that nose, those perfectly flared nostrils and that mouth, that beautiful mouth, those full, soft lips were made for kissing, sucking, whispering those secrets in my ear………and you were mine!

I grab your hair and pull you to your feet, ‘I am going to take you and use you in any way I see fit, slave!’

You lower your eyes, ‘Yes Sir.’

I drag you by your raven hair towards the bed and throw you face down upon it. I grab your hips and pull up, displaying that gorgeous ass in the air, my hand slips from behind, and rubs your cunt, you are wet already, good girl!

I tear your panties off and shove two of my fingers inside you, you feel warm, soft and wet. Gentle moans escape your soft lips as my fingers rub against your clitoris but my pleasure comes first!

I pull your hands behind your back and taking one of your stockings I bind your wrists tightly together, you moan in pain as the cruel nylon bites into your soft skin, with üvey kız kardeş porno another stocking I bind your feet just as tightly.

I place a pillow below your belly so your perfect ass is raised, then bring my hand down hard upon your ass cheek, my pale hand looks so right against your chocolate bum, you cry out in pain as my hand strikes against your soft curves.

I take your panties and force them into your mouth, you begin to gag slightly as the taste of cotton and your own juices fill your mouth. Again and again I bring my hand down hard upon that delightful brown ass, your screams are muffled now as the cloth fills your cheeks and presses down on your tongue, I love those hindered cries!

I turn you face up, remove the blue bandana from your neck and pull it firmly between your white teeth and full, sensual lips, I knot it painfully tight at the back of your neck, securing the gag in place, you begin to choke again as the bandana forces your panties deeper into your mouth but you must be silenced for what comes next.

I fix a pair of clamps upon your large brown nipples, swollen with your passion, your cry out through your gag as the cold, cruel steel bites into your vulnerable flesh. I twist xnxx porno and pull them, you scream loudly, that cruel, choking gag barely able to suppress your cries of pain. Again I twist, your body writhes against it’s bonds and tears pour from the corners of your eyes, I gaze into them and beneath the pain I see devotion and adoration and within myself I feel a pride and a love for my beautiful slave.

I remove the clamps and gently lick and suck your pain-racked breasts, gentle moans of pleasure come from your sweet gagged mouth and I feel my cock stiffen.

I untie your ankles and spread your smooth, brown legs wide. I look down at your pussy, clean shaven, deliciously swollen, displaying the pink inside the brown, revealing your passion. I press my nose close and smell you, that heady aroma awakening the beast in me.

I slide my tongue inside you and taste that taste, like nothing else on Earth, you in liquid form. I wriggle my tongue inside you, gentle moans accompany my rhythm. I brush against your pleasure button, your gagged moans become louder, faster and faster I move my tongue, bringing you closer and closer to orgasm but then I stop! I hear frustrated moans beneath your gag, you are aching to cum. Once again zenci porno my tongue works upon you faster and faster, your moans become wilder and once again, I stop!

I raise my head and look upon your face, the frustration in your eyes, your need to cum, you attempt to beg me, ‘Please! Please!’ but only muffled mumbles come from your stuffed and fettered mouth.

My cock aches now it is so hard, I undo my flies and a smile shows on your tightly cleaved lips.

I slide my hard prick inside you and feel your tightness and wetness and warmth.

I thrust deep and hard into you, you cry out through your gag as my full length fills you, again and again I slam into you, the animal has taken over now, the beast holds sway!

Pounding, pounding! The entire bed moves as I slam my rigid prick into that soft defenceless hole! My face close to yours I can see the bandana between your lips is now soaked with your sweet saliva, this excites me even more and I slam into you again and again, your screams are frantic now, thrusting, slamming, pounding! I feel you writhe and scream below me as you cum, I feel myself explode inside you, filling you with my essence, **my** liquid self!

I collapse upon you, exhausted, silent but fulfilled.

I free your wrists, untie the bandana from your lips and remove the sodden panties from your mouth.

I place my hand on your shoulder, ‘What do you say?’

You smile, ‘Thank you Sir.’

I kiss your soft lips gently and place your beautiful ebony head upon my loving chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32