Edging Practice Pt. 02

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Edging Practice (2)

It was almost three in the morning when Emerie disentangled herself from Declan. She would have liked to say that her body ached, that she was sated beyond her wildest dreams, but she still wanted more. She didn’t even know what she wanted, she just knew that Declan alone couldn’t give it to her.

Gathering her clothes for the hundredth time, Emerie slipped back into her shorts and inched her t-shirt back over her still-aching tits, her sensitive nipples scraped by the cotton.

A wave of deja vu lifted the hair on her arms as she entered the hallway where Declan’s father had approached her before. Shaking the feeling away, Emerie was about to go down the stairs when she was grabbed by the waist and pulled against someone’s chest. The musky smell of spicy cologne filled her nostrils as two large hands came around to cup her heavy mounds. She leaned back into the sturdy body behind her and moaned lowly, eagerly pushing her ass back into the girthy cock that she knew would be waiting there.

Aaron buried his face in the sweet teen’s neck, inhaling the smell of vanilla mixed with her perspiration. He had her right where he wanted her, that perfect ass straining against his hungry cock. He could take her right then and there if he wanted to. Fuck her right outside of his son’s room, force her to be quiet while he brutalized her young cunt. And even though the thought made him want to combust, made him want to pound her like some crazed animal, he held back.

Not yet, he told himself

But he gave her just a taste, pushing his hips forward so that his cock was snug between her cunt lips, teasing her clit even through his boxers.

His son was right about how wet her pussy was. He could feel the heat of her soaking through her shorts.

“You listened to me,” he murmured, she said nothing, only moaned again in that light and breathy voice of hers.

Aaron released her from his hold slowly and she turned around to face him. Her blue eyes were hooded, her wet lips parted.

“Are you going to fuck me?” Her soft voice was barely above a whisper.


He Porno knew that as he walked into his son’s room that she would follow, he knew just how badly she needed what he was going to give her. He had been watching her for a year now, had heard her moans reach a higher pitch every time that she came, and she came frequently. It didn’t take long for him to realize that everyone was spoiling her. Her filthy rich parents, her other fuck toys, everyone, down to his own flesh and fucking blood.

Someone had to break the cycle.


Emerie didn’t know why Mr. Lachlan was going into Declan’s room, but she followed him anyway. She knew from experience that Declan would sleep like the dead after coming twice. So, she allowed Mr. Lachlan to undress her slowly while his son slept in the bed before them. His chafed hands left prickles along her smooth skin as her shorts pooled around her ankles, her panties following next.

The smell of her musk hardened Aaron’s prick to a point of pain, he swore under his breath at the sight of her nakedness so close, so attainable, right in front of him. Those jugs of hers heaving with every breath that she took, and that cunt…

Aaron kneeled before the girl, slipping a hand between her legs to wedge them apart. Emerie held back a gasp as Mr. Lachlan’s warm mouth closed around her bud, suckling the pearl with a rolling motion that gave her vertigo. She would have came violently from the repeated, tactical motions when he pulled away–the wetness around her thighs now cooling from the sudden exposure to the air in Declan’s room.

“Ah, ah, ah…” He scolded, rising to a stand once again.

“Lay on the bed”

Emerie didn’t know why she obeyed without question, but something in the gruffness of Mr. Lachlan’s voice made it impossible to say no. She might have asked why if it had been Declan. Speaking of…as Emerie laid down, she hesitantly glanced to her left to watch Declan’s chest rise and fall as he took even breaths. Oblivious to his father’s presence.

Aaron Altyazılı Porno reached into the bottom drawer of the bedside table next to Emerie, feeling around for what he knew would be there. After all, he had been the one to put it in that exact spot the week before, when he had cornered her against her car. It had been bought for this very moment.

Aaron finally brandished the vibrator for Emerie to see, turning it onto its lowest setting. Already, he could see her quivering. His son would never be adept enough to use toys, he would never understand the power that came from wielding one before the real thing.

Emerie watched with bated breath as Mr. Lachlan used the toy to part her pussy lips, swirling the rounded tip around her sticky vulva, “Don’t make a sound,” he ordered, before pushing it roughly against her clit.

Aaron looked down at Emerie’s quivering pussy, watched as her wetness turned slushy around the toy, and immediately turned it off.

“You don’t get to come, not from this.”

He didn’t bother waiting for her to catch her breath or digest his words before he bumped up the setting on the vibrator and shoved it against her again. Emerie couldn’t describe the sensations that went through her body, there was a desire to rebel, to come just because he told her not to, but then there was the part of her that wanted more, that wanted to know what was beyond that instant gratification.

So she gritted her teeth and pushed down the mounting pleasure in her lower belly, but Aaron adjusted the setting once more to a blinding level. It wasn’t meant for her to win, she realized as she felt herself giving in. There was no way she could hold back.

Just when she was peaking, Aaron turned the vibrator off. She couldn’t hold back the frustrated groan that spilled from her lips as she grabbed for the toy, for anything to please herself with. Aaron only gave her gushing pussy a gratifying rub before climbing on top of her.

The bed sagged with the new addition of his weight to hers, but Declan still didn’t stir. Emerie’s Brazzers warm breasts pressed against his bare chest, the nipples taut against his skin. As he pulled out his cock, he felt her legs wrap around his waist, trying to get him there quicker.

He felt her stretch open for him, her pink pussy spreading wider than it ever had to accommodate his fat cock. She couldn’t hold back a moan any longer as he finally sunk into her wetness. He now understood his son’s obsession with the girl, her snatch might as well have swallowed him whole with how slick she was.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned, attempting to fuck herself on his dick, but Aaron refused to move. He picked up the vibrator again and placed it where it belonged before he slowly began to rock his hips, slamming his dick in and out of her. The sight of her cunt around him was fucking stunning, just as he thought, she had no qualms with him not wearing a condom. He knew she would be filthy for him, would let her little pussy get penetrated by his bare cock so long as he made it last for her.

“Do. Not. Come.” He demanded as he felt her pussy start to convulse around him, “P-please…” she whispered, “Please, Mr. Lachlan,” she thought she could entice him by using his surname in that polite way, such a fake she was.

He drove himself into her deeper to teach her a lesson, rattling the whole bed. “Please…Declan is…right…there” her words came out in short puffs, she was starting to panic as Declan tossed on his side to face them. The fucker could wake up for all Aaron cared, he could stand to learn something.

Emerie was beginning to go cross-eyed with the effort not to come when she suddenly felt her body melting in completion, Aaron growled as his cock started to swim in her cream, realizing that she was coming, he pummeled her harder, turning up the vibrator to the highest setting.

She couldn’t take it, another orgasm ripped through her body, Aaron couldn’t understand how such a little pussy could have so much to give, and as she screamed he dropped the vibrator and wrapped both hands around her throat, stroking her harder and harder, leading her into a third orgasm. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She yelled as skin clapped against skin.

Declan suddenly jolted awake, looking around the room wildly for a second before glancing to his right to find his dad balls deep in Emerie.

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