Educating Ellie Ch. 02

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The cork flew up, bounced off the ceiling, and ricocheted off the wall. Ellie and Linda laughed as Garret filled the three glasses and raised his up.

“To Ellie,” he said. “Congratulations!”

They clinked their glasses and drank the champagne.

Garret kissed Ellie’s cheek. She felt a tingle of excitement. It was hard for Ellie to be around Garret and not recall how good he looked naked. They only slept together once and that was more than a year ago, but it had been memorable.

What a year it had been since Garret took her virginity at Linda’s specific direction. That act of generosity helped Ellie banish the last vestiges of doubt and inferiority that plagued her life.

Ellie quickly went on to David who, though not the experienced lover Garret was, made up for it in enthusiasm.

Ellie eventually lost interest in David, though, and started dating Anthony. After Anthony came Rick. All three men loved her BBW body and did their best to please her in bed.

Yet Ellie grew bored with each of them. Maybe she just wasn’t ready to commit to any one guy. She met all three of them at school so they were own age, and she wondered if that was the problem. They were still boys, emotionally. They were either too possessive, too needy, or both.

Besides, she would be moving in a few months.

“Oh, Ellie!” Linda beamed, picking up the diploma and admiring it.

“It’s just a two-year degree,” Ellie said.

“With high honors!” Linda protested. “It’s a stepping stone to bigger things.”

Linda was right. Ellie’s grades not only meant she was eligible for admission to the state college an hour away, but she had also been awarded a scholarship to study in the Art Education program there. The girl mocked in high school as Ellie Elephant was on her way to the big city.

Still, it would be sad leaving the people she loved. There was her mom, of course. Mom was proud of Ellie’s recent success, but the passive-aggressive comments about Ellie’s weight continued.

“You have such a pretty face,” her mom said just the other day “If only you could lose some weight.”

“Whatever, Mom.”

She’d miss Linda. Of course, Ellie would only be an hour away. Linda promised to make the effort to get up there to meet for lunch regularly, and there was always Skype.

Still, Ellie thrived on Linda’s strong, vivacious presence. It was Linda’s example of a proud BBW, after all, that woke Ellie up to her own potential.

“So, listen,” Linda announced. “We’ve got an idea. How would you like to go to Florida with us next month?”


“Garret’s cousin Mark has a condo down there on the water and has offered it to us for the first week of July. The kids are going to be with my mom and we thought it might be a great way for you to relax.”

“Wouldn’t you two prefer to be alone?”

“Garret will be surfing all day, honey. Someone’s going to have to keep me company. Don’t worry about the money, either. We’ll buy your ticket. Call it a graduation present. Please say yes.”

“Do I have a choice?”



The month went by quick. Ellie continued to babysit for Linda, and worked part-time at the local library where she met Rob. Rob was the same her age, cute and witty. They went out a few times and it led to sex, but he was selfish in bed so Ellie broke it off.

“What kind of man doesn’t like to eat pussy?” Ellie complained to Linda.

“The wrong kind,” Linda said.

On the day of their flight, Ellie arrived at Linda’s with her luggage in tow. Garret was in his home office, talking on the phone. Linda looked upset.

“What’s wrong?” Ellie asked.

“Emergency at Garret’s work,” Linda said.

Garret emerged from his office a few minutes later.

“Hello, Ellie,” he said. “Good news and bad news, ladies. “

“Out with it,” Linda said.

“There’s been a mishap at one of our sites and I won’t be flying out with you tonight. But I think I can handle it and I’ll join you tomorrow.”

“That’s terrible,” Linda said.

“It is what it is.” He shrugged. “Get going. I’ll see you tomorrow down there.”

The trip was one hassle after another. Getting through security took too long. Then the plane was stuck on the tarmac for an hour before taking off. Ellie clutched the arms of her seat and closed her eyes as the plane surged into the air. A whimper escaped her lips.

“Oh, Ellie!” Linda grasped Ellie’s hand tight. “I’m so sorry, honey! I forgot this is your first time on a plane.”

“I’ll be okay,” Ellie said.

She felt better after the plane leveled off and they had a glass of wine. Before long, she was chatting with Linda and feeling relaxed.

They stumbled through the hassles of the Florida airport, picked up their car rental, and drove to the condo. They also stopped at a supermarket to stock up on essentials for the week ahead.

They sighed with relief when they at last arrived at the condo.

Stepping through the front door and putting down their luggage, they looked around and were yalova escort pleased. It was nicely furnished, bright and modern. There were two bedrooms, a good-sized kitchen, and a nice deck out back with an ocean view.

“This is spectacular,” Ellie said, standing on the deck.

“That it is,” Linda said. “But I need a shower and I’m hungry.”

They washed away the sweat and strain of travel and went out to get a bite to eat. Ellie wore a red tank top and jean shorts. Linda dressed in white capris and an orange top.

“Look at us,” Linda said. “Two hot BBWs headed out on the town! One blonde, one brunette!”

They walked down the street to a tiny Cuban hole-in-the-wall type of place. It looked like a real dive from the outside.

“These are the kinds of places where you find the best food,” Linda assured Ellie. “Besides, Garret’s cousin swears by it.”

Linda was right. The food was fantastic. They both ordered the roast pork dish Garret’s cousin recommended and loved it. They also enjoyed a round of mojitos, the stress of their day’s travels forgotten. They finished their meal and had another round of mojitos.

Back at the condo, they grabbed a couple of beers and went out onto the deck. They sat down on a loveseat facing the water.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Linda said.

“Linda, I wanted you to know something,” Ellie said. “I, uh, I don’t know where I would be without you. You’ve done so much for me. Heck, you lent me your husband!”

Ellie choked back tears.

“Sweetie!” Linda placed her hand on Ellie’s shoulder. “Honey, it was my pleasure. Believe me. I fucked Garret harder that night than he’s ever been fucked before. I don’t know why, but the idea of Garret and you together turns me on. A lot.”

“I’m glad,” Ellie said. “It would have been terrible if you had second thoughts about it and resented me.”

“That would be unfair on my part,” Linda said. “I insisted, after all.”

“I just…I wish I could find a way to make you understand how much I admire you and appreciate your friendship.”

“I already know, honey,” Linda said.

Ellie leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth.

Linda did not resist, welcoming the kiss. Ellie found that kissing Linda was much different than kissing a man. It was softer and more luscious.

Ellie pulled back.

“I can’t believe I did that! I don’t know what got into me. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Linda said.

Linda kissed Ellie, thrusting her tongue inside Ellie’s mouth. They shared a long, passionate kiss and pulled each other closer, their plentiful breasts pressing against each other.

Ellie placed her hands on Linda’s big boobs. Linda kissed her harder.

“Linda, what are we doing?” Ellie murmured.

“What we’ve always wanted to. Come on, Ellie.”

They went back into the condo. They passed through the living room into the nearest bedroom.

Ellie went willingly, her mind swimming. She loved and admired Linda more than anyone in the world, but did she want to have sex with her? Her pussy grew moist at the mere thought.

Yes, she decided. At that moment she would rather have sex with Linda than anyone in the world.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Linda turned back to Ellie. They fell into each other arms, their mouths kissing each other eagerly. They undressed each other and soon wore nothing but their underwear.

Linda undid her bra strap. Ellie watched Linda’s tits spring free. They were a lot like own tits, big and hanging down against Linda’s round belly. Linda’s nipples were large and erect, a pair of pink confections dying to be sucked and nibbled.

“Linda, you’re so beautiful,” Ellie murmured.

Ellie undid her own bra and let it fall to the floor. She slid her panties off.

“Oh, Ellie,” Linda said, reaching out her hands to caress Ellie’s breasts.

They kissed again, their tongues and lips savoring each other’s feminine softness. Their ample breasts mashed against one another and their hands explored each other’s backs. Ellie pulled Linda’s panties down and grabbed hold of her bare ass.

They slid onto the bed without breaking their embrace, lying on their sides and exploring each other’s bodies. Linda began kissing Ellie’s neck and moved down to her breasts.

It had been many years since Linda had been with a woman, but she had not forgotten how much she enjoyed the feel of another girl. She felt incredibly aroused.

Linda fell upon Ellie’s breasts with abandon. She sucked both nipples in turn, Ellie moaning with delight. Slowly, Linda worked her hand down to Ellie’s pussy. It was damp, at least as wet as Linda’s own. Linda began rubbing Ellie’s clit gently and Ellie moaned.

Linda kissed her, her finger still massaging Ellie’s clit. Then she kissed Ellie’s neck and slid a finger into Ellie’s pussy. Ellie was warm and wet down there and groaned with delight.

“My turn,” Ellie said.

Ellie licked Linda’s nipples and sucked each tit in turn. It was an entirely edirne escort new experience for Ellie and she found herself carried away. Instinctively, her hand went down to Linda’s crotch and she caressed the outer edges of Linda’s pussy lips with her fingers. Linda was wet and warm.

“Oh, Ellie,” Linda moaned.

Ellie fingered Linda’s pussy, nibbling on her nipples. Linda moaned loudly. Ellie gave her nipple a last bite and looked up at Linda.

“I want to taste your pussy,” Ellie said.

“We’ll taste each other. Lay on your back, honey.”

Ellie lay back. Linda climbed on top, her rear end looming above Ellie. Linda settled in, lowering her wide, round ass down. Suddenly, there was Linda’s pussy and asshole mere inches away from Ellie’s face. Down her torso she felt Linda’s full weight atop her as Linda spread Ellie’s legs apart and lowered her face into her pussy.

Ellie hesitated. She had been bi-curious since she was very young, but this was the real thing. A woman’s pussy was mere inches away.

Linda started licking Ellie’s clit. Ellie let out a load moan as she felt waves of pleasure pulsating from her clitoris outwards throughout her body.

Ellie’s hesitation melted. She pulled Linda’s pussy lips aside. She started licking Linda’s pussy, marveling at the novelty of doing this to another woman. Ellie was surprised by how much it excited her.

Ellie inserted her finger into Linda and began fucking her with it as she licked her clit. Linda began to groan and stuck her own finger into Ellie’s pussy in response. They were soon vigorously finger-fucking and licking each other.

Linda slid in a second finger, still licking Ellie’s clit. Ellie followed suit, fucking Linda with two fingers as she licked Linda’s clit furiously. They both moaned and kept at it, the feelings of pleasure radiating through their bodies.

Ellie came first, screaming and gasping as her orgasm spilled over her like a wave. When it subsided, she went right back to Linda’s pussy. Linda arched her back and started to squeal.

“That’s it, that’s it,” she wailed.

Ellie felt Linda shudder, letting out several long squeals of delight as she came.

Sweaty and exhausted, they collapsed on the bed side-by-side. Ellie lay on her back and Linda on her stomach. They kissed tenderly.

“Oh, Linda,” Ellie said. “That was amazing.”

They held each other for a long time, kissing softly and cuddling.

Then they took a long shower together. They put on pajamas, grabbed a few more beers, and sat up in bed talking until late.

Linda told Ellie how she had sex with a few girls in college, but none since she married Garret.

“Well, until tonight,” she corrected herself. “Garret is going to be so turned on when he hears about this.”

Ellie nodded. Of course Garret would be told, and he would undoubtedly approve.

Ellie contemplated how she’d slept with both parts of a married couple as she drifted off to sleep. They drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.


Ellie woke alone. She crawled out of bed and threw on her tank top and shorts, not bothering with underwear. She put her long black hair into a ponytail, splashed some water on her face, and brushed her teeth. She thought about the night before.

She’d fucked a woman. Not just any women, but Linda! Linda had been her inspiration, her mentor, her best friend, and now her lover. It was a lot to absorb.

Garret and Linda were in the kitchen having coffee when Ellie came in.

“Good morning, Ellie!” Garret said.

“Morning, honey,” Linda said, winking. “Garret got in early this morning on the red eye. We didn’t even hear him.”

Ellie poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down.

“I didn’t get here until two,” Garret said. “I didn’t want to disturb you two so I slept in the other bedroom.”

Ellie glanced at Linda, then at Garret.

“That’s right,” Linda said. “He knows. You know, I think the horny fucker’s delighted.”

“I can’t believe it took you two this long to finally get around to it,” Garret said, sipping his coffee.

They shared a quick breakfast and then Garret was out the door with his surfboard. The girls shopped, had a nice lunch at a cool little bistro right on the water, and got some sun on the beach.

That evening they went out to dinner at one of the nicer places in town. Garret beamed with pride to be out with not one, but two lovely ladies.

Ellie and Linda looked spectacular in maxi dresses purchased specifically for the trip. Ellie’s dress featured a bright blue and white pattern and Linda’s had a white and purple nature print.

After dinner they went back to the condo and went out on the deck.

They stood by the railing and admired the view. Linda put her arm around Garret’s waist and leaned her head on his shoulder. He put his arm around his wife’s shoulder. Garret extended his other arm towards Ellie, who took the cue and snuggled against his other shoulder.

No one said anything erzurum escort for a long time.

“Shall we?” Ellie whispered.

Before Garret knew what was happening, Ellie and Linda were leading him back inside. His mind was racing with anticipation as they entered the master bedroom.

Ellie broke the ice, kissing Garret on the mouth. It was a slow, wet kiss. Then Garret turned and kissed Linda the same way. He stepped back and glanced at back and forth at Ellie and Linda. They took the hint, kissing each other long and slow.

Garret stripped down as he watched. They glanced at him and suppressed a giggle. If it was a show Garret wanted, then it was a show he would get.

Ellie and Linda made out, Garret watching in awed silence. His cock was hard and he stroked it slowly. He wanted to savor this.

Ellie unzipped Linda’s dress and Linda did the same for her, still kissing wildly. They stepped out of their dresses and Garret was surprised to see they both wore bras but not panties.

The bras were next to go, four huge breasts freed from their cages and on full display. Ellie and Linda felt each other’s bare tits, exaggerating their caresses for Garret’s benefit as they made their way to the bed.

Ellie lay back and Linda began sucking on her young friend’s tits. Ellie caressed Linda’s shoulders with one hand and reached down to touch her own pussy with the other. Ellie rubbed her clit as Linda sucked on her tits.

Ellie turned her head and looked at Garret, extending her tongue towards him. Ellie’s tongue undulated and twisted, teasing Garret until it was more than he could stand.

Garret slid into bed on the opposite side of Linda. While his wife sucked Ellie’s right breast, he sucked the left one.

Ellie was delirious. She never imagined having such an experience.

Garret moved up and kissed Ellie on the mouth, still clutching her tit as Ellie reached down and started stroking his cock. Linda, meanwhile, slid down and gently spread Ellie’s legs apart. A moment later, Linda’s tongue was licking Ellie’s clit.

“Oh, yes!” Ellie moaned.

Linda began fingering Ellie, still licking her rapidly. Ellie began to buck and moan.

Garret slid out of the bed and walked around behind Linda. His wife’s big ass was pointed upwards as her face was buried in Ellie’s pussy.

Garret climbed back onto the bed, approaching Linda from behind. He grabbed both ass cheeks and slowly pushed his cock into her pussy. Linda was soaked and he easily buried his inside her. He began to fuck her, clutching her ass and smacking it playfully.

Linda started to squeal right away but kept licking and fingering Ellie’s pussy. She added a second finger and Garret began to fuck his wife harder.

Ellie began squirming about and squealing loudly. She came, shaking with pleasure.

Ellie took a moment to recover from her orgasm. Then she sat up and leaned close to Linda. Linda’s face rested against her belly. Ellie reached down and caressed Linda’s shoulders as Garret started fucking her harder.

Linda felt encircled by them both, Garret’s hands still on her ass as he drilled her pussy.

Linda looked up. She took one of Ellie’s nipples in her mouth and began sucking on it. The combination of Garret’s cock and Ellie’s nipple sent her over the edge. Linda came, screeching loudly.

Garret kept fucking her, ready to come.

“Not yet, love,” Linda said. “You still have to fuck Ellie.”

Garret withdrew his cock. He felt the rising sensation of an oncoming orgasm slowly subside. His cock twitched a few times, the orgasmic tide receding.

“Lay down,” Ellie said.

Garret lay down. Ellie kissed him on the chest, then the belly. She reached his crotch and took his cock into her hand.

She stroked it gently, then lowered her head and took the tip into her mouth. When Garret took her virginity last year, she hadn’t sucked his cock. She’d sucked a few since then, though.

She sucked him long and slow and he started to moan. She kept her hand on the base of his cock and massaged the shaft as she sucked the top half with vigor. She tasted Linda on him.

Linda lay next to Garret, licking his ear. Garret gasped and groaned.

Ellie slowed her sucking and lifted her head.

“Please,” Garret protested. “I have to come.”

“Not until I’ve felt you inside me,” Ellie said.

Ellie crawled up and then lowered herself onto his cock. Ellie groaned as she felt it enter and stretch her pussy to fullness.

Slowly at first, she bounced up and down on his cock. After a while, her pace started to quicken.

“That’s it, Ellie!” Linda said. “Ride that cock, honey.”

Linda stood and then crouched down until her pussy was mere inches above Garret’s mouth. Garret lifted his head and began licking it while Ellie rode his hard cock. Soon both women were groaning and squealing.

Ellie and Linda leaned towards each other and started kissing and feeling each other’s breasts. The kissing was the wildest Ellie had ever experienced, their tongues attacking and licking each other. She moaned, feeling another orgasm approaching.

Ellie screeched loudly and bobbed up and down on Garret’s cock as fast as she could. He thrust his hips upward, sending Ellie over the edge. Ellie’s orgasm was like an explosion from her pussy. She screamed wildly as it overtook her.

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