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My name’s Greg. I’m 22, in college, and working part time at a small downtown law firm. The pay is nice, everyone is really friendly, and most surprisingly for a law firm, it’s a really relaxed working environment. I usually come in wearing jeans, and my boss figures that since she pays me hourly, I can pretty much set my own hours. During the summer, I work full-time.

The first Friday of June, I’d had a little extra work to do at the office, and no other plans. I’d called up all my friends, but they’d all made plans with other people. I don’t have a girlfriend – between school and work, I’m a little too busy to really carry on a serious relationship. I’d called up some girls I’d taken out a couple times before, thinking maybe I could get lucky, or at least make out a little, but they were all busy too. So I decided I’d just stay late at the office, and do some extra research for the project I’m working on. At least I’d be making a little extra cash.

Around 5:00, my coworkers started to leave the office. Everyone always ducks out early on Fridays, which drives my boss nuts, even though she’s usually the first to leave. By 6:00, everyone else in the office was gone.

I love being in the office by myself – it’s the only time I can really relax, focus on my work, and get things done. Since I was able to really focus, by 6:30, I’d done about all the work I really needed to do. I thought about going home, but decided that I’d rather stay a little longer. I planned to screw around on the internet – which is exactly what I’d be doing at home anyways – and then bill for my time.

I walked around the office a bit, to stretch my legs, and then had an idea. I went into my boss’ office, and looked in her desk. The drawers were a complete mess – she’s extremely disorganized, in that way where she can find anything she needs but no one else can – but in the main drawer, towards the back, I found what I was looking for: she kept a flask-sized bottle of bourbon in there. I took the bottle to our kitchenette, and had a quick pull off of it. I grabbed a Coke from the office fridge, and poured a generous bourbon and Coke. I had been planning on taking the train home, so I thought that as long as I’m screwing off on the company’s dime, I might as well really relax completely.

Returning to my computer, I clicked around, until I finally decided to check out some porn. I looked at some pictures, then started reading some stories, seeking out ones with an office theme. The firm I work at is almost entirely women, incidentally, and a number of them are pretty hot, in that over-30 kind of way. I often fantasized about bending several of them over their desks, but that’s of course something I’d never even try. My office is laid back, sure, but anything resembling sexual harassment around lawyers is a bad idea, so I keep it in my pants. Plus a number of them are married, and they’re all enough older than me that I’ve got no idea how to try to start something with them even if I didn’t think it was asking for trouble. Sometimes if the ladies in the office are looking especially hot – slightly shorter skirts, an extra shirt button unbuttoned – I’d read an erotic story online, and then go jack off in the office bathroom, thinking about those older women hiking up their skirts for me.

On this occasion, I was able to read through several stories, since I had plenty of time, and no one else was around. My cock had gotten hard, thinking about the girls in my office, and I’d started rubbing it gently through my pants. The bourbon had started to go to my head a little, and I was considering pulling my cock out and jacking off right there in my office, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

The office cleaning crew! I moved my hand off my cock and sat up straight. I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten about them. Our building employed a team of young hispanic women – all looking to be around my age, or a year or two younger at most – to clean all the offices after hours. Most of the time, they just emptied trash cans, unless we requested more of them. I minimized the story I’d been reading, and pulled my chair close to my desk to hide my erection. One of the girls came in, gave me a brief, shy-looking smile, and emptied out my trash can. I said “thank you”, and she smiled quickly again before walking out.

These girls are all pretty cute. Kind of unremarkable in the face, a little plain, but mostly they’re really skinny up top and thicker below. Tight waists, perky little tits, thick round asses and thighs. For some reason I never really understood, these girls all wore pants that were incredibly tight all through the butt and thighs, making them look even more round and luscious. The girl who’d come into my office was no exception, a notably cute young latina who looked about 18 years old and had long, dark hair tied in a tight ponytail, and my eyes lingered on her ass as she walked out of my office. My cock twitched a little thinking about what was under those tight jeans.

I breathed deeply, and closed the story bursa escort bayanlar I’d been reading. Instead I clicked over to a website with pictures of big assed latinas. My fantasy had shifted pretty quickly. I was pretty horny by now: I’d clicked through one photo set, when I decided to go jack off. I downed the last of my drink, gave my cock a squeeze, and got up to go to the bathroom. After being startled by the cleaning crew, I didn’t want to take any more chances.

I opened the door to the men’s room quietly – for some reason, when the office is totally empty, I get nervous about making loud noises – and saw the cleaning girl who’d been in my office standing in the middle of the room. She had a mop, but it was still in the bucket, and it looked like she wasn’t really using it, but rather holding it as a prop in case someone came in and saw her slacking off. Her eyes were closed, and in her mouth was the back half of what must have been a pretty fat joint, which she was taking a mighty toke from. There was a slight haze of smoke in the air, smelling deliciously of pot. She held the smoke in, eyes still closed, while I stared at her in surprise. She started to exhale, and opened her eyes.

Seeing me, her eyes went wide with terror, and she started speaking rapidly in Spanish. I’ve taken a little Spanish in college, but since I never have occasion to use it, I haven’t retained much, and she was speaking so fast that I had no idea what she was saying. I held my hands up, trying to look unthreatening, and asked her, “Do you speak English?” More rapid-fire Spanish. “Hablas ingles?” More Spanish, but at least I could make out “no”. I took a deep breath: this was going to be tricky, especially since I’d been drinking and was still pretty horny. I kept glancing down at her tits, and I started to have some ideas about how I could turn this situation in my favor. I knew that if I told the building management that I’d caught this girl getting high on the job, she’d be fired in a second. I decided to do something I never thought I’d do, and use this to my own advantage.

If I was going to blackmail this girl, I needed to know her name. I shushed her, and asked “Como te llamas?”

“Maria,” she said.

“Maria y…?”

“Maria Lopez.”

I wanted to calm her down. Her eyes were wild, and she looked like she thought I was going to hurt her. “Maria, no hay problema. Es marijuana, sí?”

“Sí, señor. Es marijuana.”

I took the joint from her and took a little toke. “Me gusta marijuana. Pero necesitamos una mas chica para fumar con nosotros. Una amiga de tu.” I wanted her to bring a friend from the cleaning crew back here to smoke with us, and ideally to translate. I was starting to run up against the limits of my Spanish abilities.

Maria replied “Sí, sí, señor, un memento!” and started for the door. I grabbed her wrist and said “Ella necesitas poder hablar ingles. Y regresa rapidamente. Comprende?” Maria smiled a big, slightly stoned smile, and said “sí, sí!” I watched her ass sway back and forth as she moved quickly down the hall to the elevators, and gave my still hard cock another light squeeze. If she wasn’t back in twenty minutes, I would go to the building’s night watchman and let him know what I’d seen.

After Maria left, I took another small toke off the joint, and put it out. I didn’t want to get too stoned before she brought her friend back, because I needed my head to be clear for what I was planning.

Within five minutes, the bathroom door opened again, and Maria entered with another girl who looked about a year older, and was definitely bigger. She was thicker through the middle, with a little bit of a belly that her tight tee shirt didn’t hide, and an ass that was downright fat. Maria smiled big and announced “Mi hermana, Monica!”

Uh-oh. Maria had brought back her sister! I had been planning to blackmail these girls into sex with me, and I’d planned on having Maria get nasty with whoever she brought back, too. But her sister? That might be too far. But, I figured, maybe if I got them both really stoned, they’d do anything. And her sister, though notably chubby, was still really cute, with short dark hair, tits bigger than a handful, and as I’d mentioned, a nice fat ass. And I was so horny that the idea of giving up my plan was starting to feel ridiculous: I had to fuck these girls.

Monica said “Hello, sir. Maria said you wanted to get high with us?” Her English was quite good, though she still had a fairly strong accent.

“Look, Monica, you and your sister are in big trouble. You realize I could get you both fired for what I’ve seen here? Do you want that?”

“Sir, no! But, sir, you wouldn’t…”

“Wouldn’t I? I go could downstairs right now and put you both out on the street. Which is exactly what I’ll do if you both don’t do exactly as I say.” Monica had started to look a little worried, but Maria, not understanding our conversation, still had a slightly glazed smile. I turned to her and said “Tienes más bayan sarisin escort bursa marijuana?” She produced a sizable bag of pot. It looked like a whole ounce. “Y papeles?” I asked her. She pulled a pack of rolling papers out of her pocket. I rolled two fat joints, and handed one to each of the girls. “Smoke these,” I said to Monica, smiling, “and explain to Maria that unless you both obey me, you’re both in big trouble. By the way, my name is Greg, you don’t have to keep calling me sir.” I lit up the last of Maria’s joint from earlier for myself, and we all smoked, inhaling deeply.

The room grew hazier with smoke, and as the weed kicked in we all smiled a little bigger and relaxed. When my joint went out, I rolled two more fat ones for the girls. I took what was left of Maria’s last joint for myself, and said to Monica, “tell her I want to give her a shotgun.” Maria opened her mouth a little as I pulled a deep drag off the joint. I placed my lips on hers and started to exhale the smoke into her. After a second, I felt her tongue start to flick inside of my mouth. I thought to myself, “this is going easier than I thought!” Ending our kiss, I gave Maria her new joint. I wanted these girls to be so completely stoned that they’d do anything.

I asked Monica if she wanted a shotgun as well, and she grinned at me. Before taking my toke, I said to her “you’re really very sexy. You’ve got a nice fat ass.” She grinned wider, and when I exhaled the smoke into her she wasted no time in assaulting my mouth with her tongue. Maria had started stroking my arm and chest while I kissed her sister, so I gave Monica a fresh joint to smoke, and turned my attentions to Maria.

Maria had now gone through almost three enormous joints of what was clearly very good weed. She kissed me greedily, hungry for my mouth, horny from all the pot. Monica was still smoking her joint, taking massive hits off of it while she stroked my chest and back. Clearly she was getting pretty worked up, too. I kissed her sister, tasting the weed and her own flavor, while Monica stroked lower and lower until she reached my hard cock. I gasped a little, as she squeezed it through my pants.

Without realizing it – I guess I was pretty high myself – I’d pulled Maria’s shirt up and started grabbing her breasts, which were small enough that she didn’t wear a bra. Her nipples were big and hard, little brown bullets as big around as my pinky finger, and I started to suck and bite at them. Maria moaned softly, and I felt Monica’s hand leave my cock. She reached around and unbuttoned my shirt, removing it. Then I felt her mouth on the back of my neck, and her whole front on my back. She had taken off her shirt, and her big, heavy breasts were squeezed between my shoulders. I could feel the satiny material of her bra sliding those round orbs on me, and knew I needed a taste. I gave Maria a joint that had gone out, and told her “fumas.” She took her shirt the rest of the way off and smoked heavily, while I went to work on Monica.

I kissed Monica deeply, her whole mouth engulfing my tongue, and I pulled her breasts out of the tops of her bra. They were big, and had serious weight to them, with a little bit of the droop that you see on big-titted chubby girls. She took her bra off and let them hang, and I buried my face in them. Squeezing her hard nipples, she moaned deeply. I unzipped her jeans, and Maria went up behind her and started to pull them off. Monica was now trying to free my cock, and as soon as she did she started sucking it.

While Monica worked my cock expertly – running her tongue around the head, then sliding the entire length of it down her throat – Maria took off her pants and kissed me hard. I grabbed Maria’s hand, and put it on her sister’s thick panty-covered ass. Her panties were satiny, like her bra, and were slightly too tight. Her big ass stretched them wide, leaving an expense of smooth, satin-covered ass flesh, which Maria started groping. Monica moaned on my cock at first, thinking that I was the one grabbing her ass, but as I reached my hands underneath to cup her dangling tits, she stopped sucking my cock.

“Greg, no, not with my sister! Not like that!”

“Yes, Monica, like that. Or you’re both out of jobs. Smoke another joint and enjoy it. Your sister’s already so high that she doesn’t care how she gets fucked. And just remember that you two will do whatever I ask of you.”

Monica still looked uncertain, but she sighed and rolled another joint. She was now bent over the sink, smoking, with her big, sweet ass stuck out in the air. I got Maria to sit underneath of her, and she started sucking on my cock enthusiastically while I kneaded her sister’s incredible ass. I spanked both cheeks, and Monica whimpered. I could feel the heat from her pussy, and I rubbed it through my panties, the satin starting to get moist. I pulled her panties aside, and ran my finger along her wet slit until I hit her clit, and she gasped, coughing a little from the smoke in her lungs. She was bursa evi olan eskort incredibly wet, and I slid two fingers inside of her easily. While still smoking, she started bucking back on my hand, trying to get more of my fingers into her wetness.

Maria, meanwhile, had been sliding her mouth along the length of my cock, pulling all of it into her throat and letting my balls rest on her chin. When I started fingering her sister and the smell of pussy was in the air, she began to lick and suck at my balls. She would put one into her mouth, sucking on it gently and humming, and then lick back towards my asshole. I pulled my fingers out of Monica for a second, and them in Maria’s mouth. She sucked eagerly, trying to get all of her sister’s juices. I used to fingers to gather of more of Monica’s juice, and smeared it on the back of my balls, right next to my asshole. Maria went wild trying to lick it up, and started licking my ass in earnest.

I pulled off Monica’s soaked panties, lubricated two fingers in her cunt, and carefully put them in her asshole while my other hand rubbed her clit. She moaned a deep moan, saying “ooooooooh yessssss” so slowly and low that the words were barely there. Maria had started to lick at her sister’s pussy while I kept fingering that hot, dirty asshole, which continued to open up, giving me more access. When I took my fingers out, it gaped just a little bit, and I knew I had to get my cock into one of these stoned sluts.

I picked up Maria, and pressed her face into Monica’s ass. She took the hint, and licked her asshole passionately, even sticking her tongue deep into it. I knew that I wanted to fuck that fat, nasty ass, and I wanted to make sure it was ready for me.

Maria had on only a little pink thong, and I pulled this aside roughly and felt for her pussy. It was soaking wet, and I decided it was time to fuck her. Not bothering to take her thong off, I jammed my cock all the way in her tight pussy, and she squealed into Monica’s ass. Her pussy was wet enough that I slid in easily, but so tight that it squeezed every part of my cock, especially around the base. I held my cock in her for a moment, savoring it, before sliding back out to thrust again.

I fucked Maria with long, slow strokes while she thoroughly ate Monica’s asshole. Her pussy loosened up a bit, and she moaned deeply, making Monica quiver. I could see Monica holding her breasts and pinching at her nipples, and Maria had inserted three fingers into her wet snatch. As I fucked her, I slapped Maria’s ass. Not as satisfying as her sister’s, but still thick enough to make a solid smack. With every spank, Maria seemed get more into it, bucking back harder on my cock, and jamming her fingers harder into her sister’s wet cunt. Maria had worked her up to four fingers when she started to come, her pussy dripping wetness around my cock. I thrust deep into her and held it, bending over to pinch her big nipples, and she thrashed and squealed as her orgasm went through her.

I pulled my cock out of her, and went over to Monica. I shoved her head down to my cock, and made her clean her sister’s cum off of my cock. She sucked my length into her, and licked every inch of my balls. Then I stopped her and decided it was time to get into that asshole.

I had Maria lie down on the floor on her back, and put Monica on her hands and knees on top of her. To warm her up, I fingered Monica’s pussy while eating her ass some more, while she rubbed Maria’s tired clit and Maria licked slowly at my balls. I’d resumed where Maria left off, using four fingers in Monica’s pussy, and started to squeeze in my thumb. At this, Monica panted out “Greg, no, not your whole fist!”

“Shut up, Monica. Remember what I said.”

She panted quicker, as the widest part of my hand made it into her. I then had my whole hand inside of her, and she bucked and moaned wildly. When she was about to go crazy, I pulled my hand out, slapped both of her ass cheeks hard, and slammed my cock into her asshole. Even after all the rimming, it was still tighter than her sister’s pussy. Monica cried out, and Maria said something to her in Spanish. I crammed my cock into her inch by inch, and watched as Monica bent her head to to eat her sister’s used cunt. Maria started licking her clit, and they both moaned loudly.

I was balls-deep in Monica’s fat asshole, loving every minute of it. I could feel her sphincter spasming around the base of my cock as her pussy twitched from the attentions of Maria. I marveled at the sight: two hot latina sisters doing a sixty-nine, and me with my cock is a hot, nasty, fat ass. I’d never been able to convince a girl to let me put it in her ass, previously. They’d always say they were scared of the pain, or that it was nasty and I shouldn’t even try to put a finger in. I’d always lusted after women’s assholes, and had resigned myself to never getting to fully experience the pleasure they promised.

Until today! This was unlike any sex I’d ever had before. These girls were slaves to me and my cock, and they were loving it. My thrusts into Monica’s ass built up speed, and she practically screamed into Maria’s pussy. I was building up to come, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted more: to come into Monica’s sweet ass, and maybe watch it drip out into her sister’s waiting mouth, or to pull out and come on Maria, and make Monica lick it off of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32