Eliza’s Game Ch. 02

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Eliza slipped a toe into the water, she felt its warm embrace circle her foot and pull it in. The sensation relaxed the muscles in her toes and ankle. She continued to slide her leg into the inviting grip of the hot tub, as she did a moan of pleasure escaped from her lips. Here in the solitude of her room she could relax and wash away the frustrations of the day. Soft jazz was playing in the background and the scent of the bath oil rising with the steam filled her senses; she climbed in and stood naked in the warm tub. She bent down and a quick twist of the switch sent soft massaging bubbles into the still water. She looked at her naked body in the mirror across the bathroom and smiled. Her hands ran naturally up her figure, over those devastatingly dangerous curves and up to her firm breasts. She let her fingers find the soft areolas and gently circled the nipples; she looked through the steam into her own deep dark eyes. The heat was having its effect; her hair was frizzing up and beads of sweat formed on her beautiful tanned skin. The sight of herself in the steam filled room even excited her and she felt her nipples hardening and her eyes dropping shut. With this she lowered herself into the warm bubbling water; kneeling at first she felt it wrap about her waist as though it was a skirt. Slowly she allowed herself to sink into the inviting waters and lie back letting her head slide under the surface.

As she lifted her head out of the water she kept her eyes closed and spread her legs, the bubbles rushed in and she felt goose bumps of pleasure form on the most sensitive parts of her body. One hand with slender fingers found its way between her legs. Initially it protected her exposed pussy from the sensory assault of the inquisitive bubbles but, as soon as she felt her fingers make contact with her labia, her body responded. Eliza let one finger slide between her swelled and stimulated pussy lips. Slowly and effortlessly she started to slide it back and forth across the opening to her pleasure centre, her own juices mingling with the water. A coo of pleasure escaped her lips as she drove a nimble finger into her open pussy and then slowly withdrew it. She stretched it along her labia searching for her swollen clit as the music came to a crescendo. Just as the tip of her nail grazed the aching hard nub…

Knock, knock, knock went the door. Eliza moaned in frustration and lay still in the tub hoping the intruder would go away but the mood was broken. Knock, knock, knock went the persistent knocker.

“Coming!” she shouted. “Or at least I was going to.” she muttered to herself.

Reaching for a towelling robe that she had placed next to the tub she stood up. Anyone watching would have seen, rising from the water, a 24 year old knockout brunette glistening with water and oil, classically beautiful features and just a touch of frustration on her face. Reluctantly she wrapped the robe around herself and stepped out into the comparative biting cold of the bedroom. As she approached the door she heard once again, knock, knock, knock. Stopping in her stride she folded her arms and stood 6 feet from the door.

“Who is it?” she enquired.

“It’s Mikey Miss Dawson.” Came the slightly nervous reply.

“What is it Mikey?” she said slightly less frustrated, uncrossed her arms and approached the door.

“A package was delivered for you Miss Dawson.” He said nervously then added “I signed for it.”

Eliza sighed at least someone could share her frustration. Teasing this boy was almost too easy but she could not help herself when she heard the obvious eagerness to please her in his voice. She looked quickly through the spy hole and saw him stood there smartly holding a nicely wrapped gift box. Before opening the door she pulled the cord on her robe letting it fall open then pulled it closed again about her naked body and held it in place with her arm over it.

When the door opened his eyes were all over her, she leant against the frame and greeted him.

“Hello Mikey. Thanks for bringing this up.” She purred in an exaggerated fashion of gratefulness.

“Oh it’s no problem Miss Dawson.” He replied happily, missing her tease.

“Your dad’s not about Mikey, you can call me Eliza.”

“Yes, Eliza.” He gulped, lingering on her name, never letting his eyes leave her. “Oh.” He said coming to his senses and offered her the parcel.

“Are you going out tonight Mikey?” she asked not yet taking the offered box which would release him from his frustration at being in her presence.

“Umm, yes Miss… Eliza. My mate, Tony got us tickets to this gig in town.”

“Sounds fun, you taking your girlfriend?” she asked. Mikey squirmed at having her ask this.

“Umm I don’t have a girlfriend.” He replied, half in shame, half in hope as he looked optimistically into her eyes.

“Aww” she said immediately making him feel about 6 inches tall. “That’s a shame. Thanks for the parcel Mikey, enjoy the gig.”

Suddenly she took the offered parcel and as she had planned let the robe fall open. He got the Antep Bayan Escort smallest of small glimpses of her naked body as she took the parcel and shut the door. He almost thought he hadn’t seen this flash of his fantasy woman’s naked form but, they both knew he had.

As the door clicked shut Eliza forgot about the frustrated youth and turned her attention to the parcel. The paper was expensive, the bow was a real ribbon cut from fabric and the folds were nearly impossible to see. If the wrapping was anything to go by then this was an expensive gift. There was no card on the outside so she pulled the ribbon. The paper practically unfolded itself as the ribbon came away and presented its contents, a black gloss stiff card box and a small white envelope.

Eliza took the card and opened it. Inside it simply said:

“I very much look forward to tomorrow. If it is not too much trouble could you wear this?”

The card was simply signed Tom. Eliza smiled again; her appointment tomorrow was looking promising. Expensive gifts and she hadn’t even had to take her clothes off. Her reputation must truly be preceding her.

After lifting the top off the box she had to peel back a layer of tissue paper and then she saw it. She had been given lingerie before but this was not some cheap sex shop effort, not even something as classy as Victoria’s Secret. This was exclusive, classically designed and probably had cost as much as her fee on its own. She could not help herself and lifted the corset from the box. Holding it against her body it appeared to be a perfect fit. Oh she was going to like this guy.

Realising she was still wet and oily from the tub she placed the lingerie back in its box, and put the lid back on before almost running back into the bathroom. Looking up at the clock she decided not to climb back into the scented soak and instead turned on the shower. The stem had caused her reflection in the mirror to be blurred of any detail, but by the soft light she could see her body outlined in it. She let the robe fall off her shoulders and began snaking her body in time to the music briefly. Sighing she returned to stillness and watched herself move as she stepped into the shower and closed the glass door which further blurred her image. The water ran down her like the snaking hands of a dozen men, feeling for all the intimate corners of her body. Tilting her head back she let the water cascade over her breasts and run through her hair slowly as she washed it. The soap and shampoo once again made her body smooth and slippery to the touch and she took her time outlining her breasts and hips. All too soon her shower seemed to be over and she stepped out again. Wrapping her hair in a towel and pulling her robe on again before strolling back into the bedroom.

Glancing briefly at the lingerie box she decided it was best to leave that till tomorrow. If it truly fitted she would wear it. If not, she was sure she could find something in her collection to suffice. She knew if she tried it on now, she could not trust herself to take it off again. She went through her own collection and picked out a simple black lacy bra and thong set. She matched this with a black suspender belt and almost sheer black stockings. Tonight was a ‘little black dress’ night she thought and found an old faithful Chanel classic. Laid out on the bed the clothes looked like shapeless material crying out to her to give them form.

An hour later she was dry, her makeup was done, her hair was soft and full bodied and left to fall down to its full length. It took her only a moment to pull on the clothes and each piece came to life as it fitted tightly to her body. Finally she slipped into the strappy 4 inch black heels with steel tips and looked once again at herself in the mirror. A quick look at the clock and she was out the door.

As she settled into the back of the black Mercedes, she allowed herself a minute to laugh at the faces of Mikey and his friend Tony. The pair had been waiting for a cab as she left the hotel and she had heard a groan of desire from Mikey upon her arrival on the pavement.

“Damn man, look.” Tony had said and none too subtly nudged his mate to point her out. Even though she was behind privacy glass they had both stared at the car with longing as it drove off.

“Where to Miss Dawson.” Said the driver, looking at her in the rear view mirror.

“Gino’s on 5th.”

“Coming right up.” Said the cheerful driver. “I’m Phil by the way, you need anything back there?”

“No thanks Phil, everything is perfect back here. Is this your first day? Not seen you before.”

“Yes ma’am, started this morning. The boss said I was to look after you.”

“We go way back your boss and I.” said Eliza “He always sends me the best. You must have impressed him. Are you ex-services?”

“Veteran marine ma’am.” He said correctly “Thirty years’ service.”

He had kind eyes and broad shoulders. From the little Eliza could see he looked like he could be intimidating.

“And a gentleman too? No wonder James hired you. Well Phil I need you to pick me up at 1am sharp, same place you drop me off. You on all night?”

“I will just be finishing up then. I can drop you off on my way home Miss Dawson.”


As their conversation finished so did the journey. Phil pulled up right at the club entrance and stepped out of the car. Quickly he rushed round unfurling an umbrella and opened Eliza’s door. She stepped out not a drop of rain was allowed to hit her as Phil walked her to the canopy of Gino’s bar.

“My god!” said Eliza.

Anyone hearing her, including Phil assumed she meant the weather. In reality she had just got her first proper look at her 6 foot 8 inch black driver. Handsome was the only word that fitted. She looked into his big eyes and felt the strong but gentle touch of his hand as he helped her to the door.

“Have a good evening Ma’am.” Phil said as he tipped his hat and walked back to the car.

Eliza stood and watched as he walked away, tall and proud. His training and discipline however did not stop him from stealing a look back at the beauty he had dropped off. Eliza smiled at his stolen glance then turned and headed into the bar.

Inside music from Italian crooners provided the soundtrack and smells of good food and fine wine filled the air. The bar was busy but not crowded and several heads turned to see as she came in and many an eye lingered on her as she walked up to the bar.

“Eh Eliza! Beautiful lady. How is you this evening?” a very excited Gino greeted her as she approached.

“Doing good Gino! How are you?” she replied smiling at the compliment.

“Oh, not so good you know? Now you’re here though, my heart, it sings to see you! Such a vision!” he said almost gushing at the sight of her.

“And how’s your wife?” she asked.

As she said this the collected men and women at the bar laughed at the old Italian owner.

“Oh, you tease me. She’s the same as ever, still alive, still a bitch and thankfully, still in Italia!”

Again the group laughed and Eliza took a seat. Crossing her legs she sat at the bar and started to get to know the assembled crowd. The drinks flowed, the single guys took turns talking to and dancing with Eliza. The attached guys kept hoping for their wives to go to the bathroom so they could do the same. The evening wore on and finally the clock struck midnight.

“Okay, drink up, go to your homes.” Gino shouted across the bar.

The place was quieter now anyway, most people stopped into Gino’s to start off their evening and he closed up around midnight. Eliza stayed sat at the bar as the hopeful single guys sighed and realised that they had not made enough of an impression on her to be the lucky one tonight. Gino leaned on the bar and talked to Eliza.

“It’s not that I don’t love her Eliza. I do! It’s just; well she’s not the woman she was.”

“I know Gino. When I was growing up my daddy always told me that you two were a perfect couple and something to aspire to.”

“Sadly, that has not been true for some time.” He said slowly taking a sip of his wine.

“When I first met you father he was about your age, all rough, all fight. You know he made a play for my wife?”


“Yes! Can you believe it, she was 40 then. Still a looker but, he was 25 and handsome, why play for my wife? We had our first and last fight that night!”

Interesting she thought. Maybe she had inherited her desire for older men from her father.

“Still.” Gino continued “When he met your mother five years later he was a much calmer man. He thanked me for straightening him out.”

Gino looked suddenly sheepish. A little drunk perhaps he looked into her eyes.

“Oh, beautiful girl. If only I were fifty years younger…”

“And what difference would that make?” she said, teasing him.

“Oh if you only knew how beautiful you are, how you excite even my old heart.”

At this she stood on the foot rest of her stool and leaned over the bar. She placed a kiss on his cheek only a few millimetres from his lips. The groan that came out of him told her all she needed to know.

“You are an old friend Gino. You don’t even have to tell me.”

With that she slipped off her bar stool and walked round the bar. Standing behind Gino she reached round, unzipped his flies and reached expertly into his slacks. His cock was hard as a rock and not a bad length, though a bit thin. Gino opened his mouth as if to try to stop her but she silenced him with a long slow ‘shh’.

Pulling his cock free she started to stroke the length slowly. He sprang to attention and had to brace himself on the bar. Eliza saw a waiter on his way over and ducked down to the floor stopped stroking but held his cock in her soft warm hand. The waiter could not see her as he approached his boss.

“I’m just about done boss. Could I take off early? My girl is waiting for me, it’s our anniversary.”

Gino struggle to respond, the nubile young woman holding his old cock was quite a distraction.

“You alright boss?” the concerned waiter asked.

Eliza released her grip to allow the old Italian to concentrate on the question.

“What?” said Gino finally responded before remembering the question. “Oh sure, sure. Lock up for me on the way out will ya?”

“Will do boss.” replied the waiter. “Good night.”

Again Gino didn’t respond as the skilful lady below the counter had started to slide her hand up and down his shaft again. Eliza jerked his cock with short strokes then spotted the olive oil under the bar. She poured a small amount onto his cock making it glisten as she rubbed it in. This increased lubrication allowed her hand to more easily and slide over the whole length. The silence was briefly shattered as the bar door shut and the waiter locked it, they were alone. Gino announced this with a long drawn out groan.

“Uh, ohhh, mmmm. God, my god. I thought he’d never leave.”

Eliza increased her strokes and the sounds of pleasure kept coming from her old family friend. She pumped away on his thin old cock, amazed by his resilience.

“You like that, Uncle Gino?” She said using the given title her parents had called him.

“More than you know. How many times have I fantasised this? Too many! Is this a dream?”

“So many questions; let me answer them like this.”

At this Eliza quickened her pace, the oil was all over her hand and his shaft and he became incapable of speech settling instead for a series of groans. He was close and she could feel him swelling. She squeezed the base of his cock and reached round with her other hand to grab his balls. No sooner had her fingers touched his sack then he screamed out loud letting loose a spray of cum over the glasses under the bar. His first spurt coincided with the clock striking 1am. Eliza milked his old cock making his screams fill the bar. As he began to subside she saw the reflection of the black Merc pulling up outside.

As he finished his orgasm Gino buckled and she lowered him onto his chair behind the bar. Leaning in she kissed him again, this time fully on the lips.

“Thanks for a wonderful evening Uncle Gino.” She said.

Gino smiled a look of affection as his breathing returned to normal. Eliza washed her hands in the bar sink and straightened her dress before heading to the back door and out onto the street.

Phil opened his car door as soon as he saw her and hurriedly got to her with the umbrella. It was barely raining now but he took his job seriously and he really didn’t want to piss off the boss’s favourite client on his first day.

“Thank you Phil.” She said and took his arm as he escorted her to the car.

Her steel tipped heels clicked on the rain soak pavement which reflected the neon lights of clubs and bars still open. As they reached the car, Gino’s lights went out. Phil opened the door and she slid in letting her dress ride enough up so he could see that she was wearing stockings. Phil tried so hard not to look as he closed the door. He went back round to his side, took a deep breath of composure, got in and drove off.

“Back home Miss Dawson?” he asked politely attempting to get his mind back on his job.

“Yes, thank you Phil.” She replied.

The journey back to the hotel was uneventful. Eliza had her phone out and was answering messages. One message in particular made her smile and she looked up at the rear-view mirror catching Phil’s eyes. He looked away quickly but it was an age in real terms. Phil pulled the car up in front of Eliza’s hotel but before he could get out, Eliza stopped him.

“Wait. I’ve just had an interesting message about you Phil.” She could not hide her playful manner.

“Nothing bad I hope.” Phil asked nervously.

“Very sweet actually, James says you finished at midnight, yet here you are picking me up a 1. How do you explain that?”

“Well miss.” He began nervously. “It is my first day and Mr Wilkinson impressed on me how important a client you are. I didn’t want to start out by saying I couldn’t pick you up so, I decided I would wait for you.”

“You didn’t need to do that Phil. I am sure you have a reason to go home? One of the other guys could have picked me up.”

“I wanted to ma’am.”

“Oh and why is that?”


“No wife waiting for you?”

“She’ll be asleep anyway ma’am. I wanted to make a good impression on you.”

Confirmation of a wife was all it took to decide her. A married vet, tall, black, muscular and such a gentleman.

“Could you take me round the back? I think they are locking the front door at 1am now.” Eliza lied.

Phil was feeling very nervous, had he offended her? He didn’t know what to think as he took the big car round into the small car park at the back of the hotel. This time he got straight out and took a deep breath heading to her side of the car. When he opened the door, she wasn’t there. He bent down and looked in; she had slid to the other side and had one leg on the seat and the other on the floor. Her eyes met his instantly and she released her hold on the skirt. The stretch of the fabric slid out contracting round her thighs and exposing her stockings.

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