Ema Applies for a New Job Ch. 03

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She started walking and the toy in her ass kept arousing her more. Miss. Lee walked to the office door and opened it, Ema tried to follow her outside. They pass the waiting room and entered thought another door which lead to a big place full of desks with people working on them.

Miss. Lee kept walking and talking showing Ema everything as if nothing had happened, but Ema was only getting hornier. As wet and aroused she was she entered in panic, she could feel the thong slipping from the base of the dildo; without the thong holding in place the toy it would fall.

“Miss. Lee, I have a problem.” Ema said in fear.

“What? You don’t understand something cunt.”

“No… It’s the toy, it’s slipping, it is slipping out of the thong and I’m afraid it will fall out in front of everyone.”

“I don’t give a fuck, move on, we still have other places to go.” Miss. Lee said while she pulled Ema by the arm.

Ema kept walking behind Miss. Lee, finally she felt that the thong slipped completely off the base of the dildo and it stayed inside her only because she squeezed her asshole.

“And this is the coffee area.” Miss. Lee said as she sat at the coffee table.

Ema leaned against the wall to keep the dildo from falling, she was so tired and worried about the dildo that as soon as she felt the wall supporting the dildo she relief altyazı porno her body. At the coffee area where 3 people, 2 men and 1 woman, making small chat. Ema lowered her guard for a second; she was reconsidering the idea of working in this place, when she felt the dildo slipping from her ass. Her face was red in shame and worry, she tried to tighten her asshole one more time but it was too late, the dildo had so much lub that it was impossible to stop the fall.

The toy fell under her making enough noise for everyone to turn around and see. For a second the 3 people and Miss. Lee went silent, Ema was so ashamed and didn’t knew what to do,

“Ha, ha, ha,” Miss. Lee burst into laughs and then everyone followed, “You stupid whore, you dropped your toy.”

Everyone in the room was pointing at her and laughing, then Miss. Lee interrupted the laughs, “put it back on, now, and I wont tell Mrs. Kent.”

Ema was petrified with fear and humiliation, but she needed so much the job that she didn’t wait longer to obey the shameful order. She bend over and picket up the toy, she was going to start working it up her ass when Miss. Lee had another idea,

“Lick it clean! The floor maybe dirty and I don’t want you to get an infection.”

Ema grabbed the toy with both hands put the tip in her mouth,

“Put it amatör porno all in your mouth; suck it as if it were a cock.” Miss. Lee ordered. Ema start working with the fake dick in her mouth, she could clearly taste her ass on her mouth now.

“That’s enough; I don’t want you to make my toy thin.” Everyone laugh at Miss. Lee comment, “Now turn around, show us your ass and dig it in your shit hole.”

Ema turned around and did as she was told, she started by pushing it slowly and once the head was in, the rest slide easier. She was about to put in place the thong when the woman, that till now was an expectators stopped her,

“Wait bitch!” she said, “I think we should be sure it is in place.” Miss. Lee watched delighted. The woman got close to Ema and grabbed her by the waist holding her in position, with the other hand she grabbed the base of the dildo and started ass fucking Ema, at first slowly but as soon as she felt how wet it was she started ramming it harder and harder, each painful inch went up Ema’s asshole making her tears roll on her face. All this had made Ema as hot as hell but she couldn’t do much, or she didn’t dare to do anything, she wanted to stuff 2 fingers up her own pussy and make herself cum, but not in front of all this people,

“Well, I think it is in place,” the woman said when she was amatör porno satisfied with her torture. Ema got up and fix her skirt; she turned around to face Miss. Lee and the audience that had watched eagerly her biggest humiliation till now.

“Ok, we have to go now,” Miss. Lee said, “Mrs. Kent is waiting for you.”

With her asshole sore, Ema followed Miss. Lee, she could barely walk straight and the pain was unbearable. Finally, they arrived to Mrs. Kent office,

“What do you think about the company?” Mrs. Kent asked,

“It’s very nice,” Ema stammered.

“Sit down Ema,” Mrs. Kent offered although Ema knew it was an order. Slowly, she attempted to sit, she felt the dildo getting deeper on her but she managed to sit down.

“Well Ema,” Mrs. Kent began, “I must say you impressed me, the way you handle the situation was excellent, although Miss. Lee tells me you dropped the toy. In any case I’ll consider you for the job and before the end of the week we will contact you.”

“Yes Mrs. Kent,” Ema said, “thank you for the opportunity and I promise you wont regret if you hire me.”

“Yeah, sure,” Mrs. Kent replied, “Well, if you can only give me back the toy you can get going.”

Ema stood up painfully and reached down her skirt. Slowly, she pulled the toy leaving her asshole open and a sensation of emptiness. Ema handed the cock to Mrs. Kent but before taking it she ordered Ema to clean it; Ema put it in her mouth and started sucking on it. When she finished she handed it to Mrs. Kent and leave the office. She was very horny and frustrated, she couldn’t wait to get to her house and fuck finger herself.

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