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Emily walked slowly up the steps towards her brother’s apartment. Jacob lived just off campus and Emily at 18 was in her last year of high school and currently doing some campus tours. Of course to keep things simple her parents wanted her to go to the same place as her brother. But Emily was pretty tired of living in her older brother’s shadow. Jacob was the typical all-American kind of guy. He played football not good enough to go pro but good enough to be noticed by people. Jacob was tall standing at about 6 foot 4 and about 220 pounds of muscle. He had dark hair, and dark green eyes. He was quick to smile and had a passion for pulling pranks especially on his short, skinny, freckled faced baby sister.

Emily, however, would not be the skinny freckle covered kid her brother remembered. Emily was a late bloomer but bloom she did. She never did get very tall but she did grow into a freckled faced stunner. Her hair was a rich chocolate brown, and often wore in a ponytail to keep it out of her face. She had the same dark green eyes as her brother. Today she was a thin grey shirt that proudly proclaimed her to be a band geek and a pair of jeans that hugged her shapely curves. She wore very little makeup and the sweet scent of cherries clung to her skin.

Jacob watched Emily from behind his curtains nearly forgetting the bucket he held in his hands. He chuckled softly to himself before whipping around and bounding out the door. In a flash he had taken the 5 gallon bucket of ice water and flung it on Emily. Emily gasped at the sudden sight of her brother and then stood there sputtering as the deluge of ice water ran over her body.

“JACOB,” Emily screamed at the maniacal laughter she heard but couldn’t see, “OH MY GOD!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?”

Jacob continued to laugh hysterically at his sopping wet sister. After a few moments of laughing at her Jacob started to notice how tight his little sister’s shirt really was. And now thanks to his surprise shower it clung to a perky set of tits he didn’t even know she had. He turned around to see several guys coming out of their apartments to stare at the tiny hottie that was his sister. Acting quickly he dropped the bucket, scooped up his sister, flung her over his shoulder and hauled her into his apartment despite the loud angry protest Emily emitted. Jacob placed Emily on the island in the middle of his kitchen.

Jacob chuckled, “Hush Emmy, it’s not THAT bad! Just a little water to cool off that sexy little body of yours.”

As Jacob took a step back Emily raised a foot and kicked him playfully in the chest.

“I should have known you’d do something crazy this weekend,” Emily said.

Jacob growled as he rushed at his sister and started a tickle war. His parents had started that and the Hug War when the two were bickering and arguing with each other. Emily laughed and began to fight back. She managed to get her legs over her brother’s arms, squeezed them and pinned his arms to his sides with her thighs. It was only temporary, though and in moments Jacob had freed himself and begun his attack. Emily, however, didn’t remove her legs from around her brother’s waist. As she wiggled and squirmed to avoid her brother’s strong fingers she pressed herself against his organ. In moments she could feel Jacob pressing back against her.

Jacob suddenly tore himself away from Emily, “I’ll go grab your bag out of your car.” Emily lay on the island panting and giggling. Jacob left and Emily headed towards his bathroom. She pulled her wet jeans off and sat down on the side of the bathtub. She lowered her head and shook the thoughts that were bouncing around in her brain out. After a few deep breaths she finished removing her clothes and grabbed a random shirt hanging over the towel rack. The truth was Emily bursa eve gelen eskort bayan didn’t want to go to the same school as her brother because for the longest time Emily WANTED her brother.

Last summer Emily and Jacob’s parents had gone on a second honeymoon. And Jacob had returned home to keep an eye on Emily. Late one night Emily heard Jacob and some girl stumble into the house. She tiptoed to the top of the steps and watched the heated kisses between the two. She told herself to go back to her room but was mesmerized when the girl’s top came off. Her brother feasted on the girl’s engorged nipples. The noises the girl made and her brother’s responsive groans had Emily catching her breath and stuffing her hand in her mouth to contain the whimpers that were coming out of her mouth. She watched as the girl sank to her knees in front of Jacob and lowered his jeans.

His thick cock was revealed and her pussy gushed in response. Emily tried to move but couldn’t. Her legs wouldn’t respond. She watched as the girl licked around her brother’s shaft before swallowing his cock. At that point Jacob sighed-no groaned the girl’s name. For the next 45 minutes she watched as Rebecca and Jacob pressed against each other. Their bodies moving in a rhythm as old as time. She couldn’t breathe; her body was hot and flushed; and never in her life had her cunt been so wet. As her brother screamed his release her legs were released from the strange hold the scene had on her. She turned and darted up the stairs burying herself under her blankets in bed. She pulled off her panties amazed at the moisture that had collected there.

Emily touched her swollen slick sex and moaned softly. She skimmed her fingers along her labia easing them apart. Her clit stood hard and waiting. She circled her fingers around it slowly before dipping them into pussy. It didn’t take put a few times before she came bowing of the bed and just managing to scream into her pillow. She masturbated 3 times that night but it never satisfied her hungry hole. And now she had a whole 4 day weekend with her brother to tour campus, check a few classes, and maybe get herself invited to a party. All she wanted to do was spend it beneath her brother. She stepped out of the bathroom in her brother’s practice tee that came down to just above her knees. Her brother stood in his hallway suitcase in hand.

“I gotta go to practice,” Jacob said after a moment of stunned silence.

“Okay. I’ll see you later. I have to go to a campus tour,” Emily stated, “I could meet you at practice. Maybe go to dinner together?”

“Yeah, sounds good,” Jacob said as he left.

At practice Jacob dealt with a lot of guys talking about the hot girl who had arrived at his apartment. When ask who the girl was Jacob said a random friend that was thinking of coming to school the following fall. They suggested he bring his “girlfriend” to a party that was happening that night.

Jacob was having a pretty good practice until the guys started talking about his girlfriend who was sitting in the stand. Emily had arrived at Jacob’s practice and laughed at the fond memories of watching him play in high school. She waved as she watched several guys point her out to him. At least she thought the field was nice and big. It would be a blast to put on a marching show. It wasn’t long before Jacob’s practice was over and they were in Emily’s car headed for a local restaurant. As they waited Jacob brought up the party with Emily. They decided they would go and Jacob insisted she stick close to him. Emily laughed and stated she could take care of herself.

At the party Emily did manage to lose her oversized tail. She was offered a glass of random punch…and after a little bit was bursa eskort bayanlar in love with the sparkling lights. She was being talked to and led into a place to lay down when Jacob was suddenly by her side.

“What the fuck are you doing with my girl,” Jacob growled under his breath while snatching Emily by the arm.

“Hey, she seemed a little drunk and I thought she might need to lie down,” the guy said, “calm down dude! I didn’t know she was with you.”

Jacob picked Emily up and began carrying her down the stairs.

Emily wrapped her arms around Jacob’s neck, “You said I was your girl.”

“Of course you are Emmy,” Jacob replied.

Jacob placed Emily in the car and after wrestling with the driver’s side seat he got in and drove them home. Emily was asleep when Jacob carried her inside. As he went to place her in his bed she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Will you fix me something to eat,” Emily asked.

Jacob said sure and went to the kitchen. Emily changed into Jacob’s practice shirt and wandered out and sat on the island to watch Jacob cook for her.

“Jacob,” she asked, “you said I was your girl.”

“Yeah, Emmy I did.”

Emily laughed. Jacob walked over and placed a plate of scrambled eggs, hash browns, and bacon hash. He nudged her legs apart to reach into the drawer and get a fork for her.

“Emily, the next time you go to a party DO NOT drink the punch,” Jacob exclaimed.

“It was so good though Jakey,” Emily sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close.

Jacob pulled Emily close, “You need to eat.”

Emily slipped off the island and turned around Jacob’s shirt rose up as she bent over leaning against the counter top to eat. No panties Jacob thought and before he could stop himself his hand was reaching out. He ran his hand over Emily’s rounded flesh before sliding down to the top of her pussy. Emily parted her legs and bending more and giving her brother more access. Jacob got down on his knees between her legs. He leaned forward and blew gently across her tender skin.

Emily gasped, “Jacob?”

“Shhh, Emmy,” Jacob sighed as he leaned forward. Jacob’s fingers shook as he reached out to part her swollen pink lips. Jacob sighed as he leaned forward, his tongue slide out to glide over Emily’s pussy. Emily sighed and tipped her hips back. Jacob growled as Emily opened herself to his questing tongue. Emily panted hard, her hands moved to the edge of the countertop pushing back against Jacob’s tongue her vagina releasing copious amounts of its salty sweet nectar. Emily whimpered and Jacob groaned into her sex. Jacob’s cock swelled to the point he needed to open the fly of his jeans to relieve the pressure.

Emily heard the zipper, “Please Jacob!?”

“I just want to taste you,” Jacob replied.

“I want you to fuck me, like you fucked Rebecca,” Emily panted as Jacob’s tongue flicked quickly over her clit.

Emily’s knees buckled as Jacob sucked lightly on clit and then skimmed his tongue along her lips. Jacob wedged his shoulders between her legs to both hold her and open her up.

Jacob laughed, “I thought I saw your skinny little legs. I thought I heard you in your room, too. I just thought you had a guest over yourself. Did you touch yourself and pretend it was me?”

“Yes,” Emily replied.

Jacob stood, leaned over Emily, and slipped two fingers inside of her slipper snatch. He skimmed his tongue along her shoulder and up to her ear. He swirled his tongue around the outside and nibbled on her ear lobe. Emily grunted and shoved herself against Jacob’s fingers.

“That’s very naughty, Emmy. Isn’t it,” Jacob asked.

“Yes,” Emily whimpered. Emily continued to fuck herself görükle escort bayanlar with Jacob’s fingers. Jacob moved behind her as he removed his fingers. Emily pleaded for him to put them back instead Jacob pressed his boxer clad crotch against her and used his hands to hold her hips in place. Once Emily had stopped moving Jacob lowered his boxers freeing his 8 inch cock.

Emily looked back and saw Jacob’s dick, hard and waiting entry into her sopping wet slit. Emily moaned loudly and the sheer excitement of her fantasy coming true suddenly made her cum. Emily’s head sank to the ledge grunting her release. Jacob groaned as he watched Emily’s body react to the mere thought of his dick entering her heated passage. He also watched the blush the spread across her body. He pushed against her his mushroom head barely entering.

“My little Emmy has thought about this a lot, hasn’t she?”

Emily nodded and bit her bottom lip waiting for her pussy to stop spasming but Jacob didn’t he sank deep into Emily’s cunt. Feeling her pussy squeezing his shaft nearly sent him over the edge. The pleasure of feeling Jake’s cock buried inside of her made Emily cry in pleasure.

Jacob tangled his fingers into Emily’s hair and pulled her back and licked the salty droplets. Emily sighed against him. Jacob allowed her to lean forward and once Emily relaxed he began to move inside her. Emily was balanced on her tiptoes and was getting tired and Jacob shifted lifting her so feet didn’t touch the floor at all and completely impaled her upon his engorged length.

“Ohhh…God! Yes, Yes…fuck me Jake,” Emily cooed.

In their current position Emily could only hang on for the ride and Jake used that to torment his sister’s aching pussy. His practice tee hung off one shoulder and he thought about how he couldn’t wait to get it off of her and about how every time he wore it from now on he would see his cock slick with his sister’s cum. He moved slowly at first drawing his full length in and out of Emily’s snatch. He could feel her stretching to accommodate him and her panting and moaning was driving him crazy. He watched her fingers cling and grip the ledge and then her palms spread on the countertop. Emily’s palms finally gave her a little bit of leverage and she used it to push her chest up freeing her nipple to the cool air of the apartment. Jacob released Emily’s hips and is fingers scratched their way up towards her nipples where they latched on and started to roll and pink the hard nubs.

Emily screamed, “FUCK! OHH God, Jacob…Yes, please.”

Jacob smiled as he began to fuck Emily harder and faster shoving his cock deep inside Emily’s sopping cunt.

“Yes, Jacob fuck your baby sister. Your cock feels so good inside my cunt. Harder Jake, harder, fuck your baby sister harder,” Emily called out.

Just hearing Emily point out that she was his sister had Jacob’s balls boiling. He began pounding his sister into the edge of the island. Every time he thrust into her he could hear and feeling the jarring of her hip bones making contact with the wood slab which only excited them both more. Emily began nothing but incoherent moans and pants and sharp gasps of breaths.

It wasn’t long before Jacob’s grunts joined his sister’s melody. And after sinking into his sister’s pussy a few more times Jacob announced his imminent release.

“Wait for me Jake, wait for me,” Emily sobbed

“Cum for me baby sister,” Jacob cooed in Emily’s ear. His shifted his arms so Emily’s large breast were mashed by his huge forearms and his fingers dug into her shoulders giving him complete leverage and control of Emily’s body. At the new angle and the friction of her nipples rubbing against Jacob’s forearms Emily cried out.

“I’m cumming Jake, I’m fucking cumming on my brother’s cock!”

Jacob thrust again burying his dick deep inside of Emily’s twitching cunt and roaring his release. Their bodies stiffened and then went limp across the wooden island.

After a few moments Jacob licked the salty skin at the base of Emily’s neck and then whispered, “That’s not all Rebecca and I did.” Emily gushed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32