Emily’s Weekend Ch. 01

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It was a weekday afternoon, and I had just completed a teller’s shift at the bank where I worked part time. I was getting ready to leave for the community college. I would be graduating from there in another week. As I was getting ready to leave, the branch manager called me over, “Hey Emily! got a sec?”

As I sat down in front of her, she said, “So now that you’re graduating next week, would you like to work here for full time as an employee rather than temp? It would mean more money?” She quoted me a figure. I jumped at the opportunity as I was hoping she would make an offer. The money was a welcome change too. I accepted her offer and left to go to college.

My parents lived in another town that was a day long drive. I had managed to do without a student loan this far and but my situation was bit tight at times. I had a second job at the neighbourhood café 2 blocks over as I needed the money. The manager was like a godfather to me and I respected him. The regular customers there were always a familiar sight as the manager said I was popular there.

After college when I was working at the café, I saw this flyer someone had left on the table. It had the advertisement of some rather seedy Adult shop on the highway. I ignored it at the time but the store logo and location stuck with me, since it was only about a few hours away. A couple of weeks later, with graduation ceremony behind me, a few friends dragged me off to a bar to celebrate the end of school. While leaving the bar, I saw that same flyer with that same ad. This time for some unbeknown reason, I stuck it in my pocket. Next day was a Saturday and as I sat at the kitchen counter in my tiny apartment, I saw that flyer where I had dropped it the night before. I pulled it out to read more. It advertised this Adult Store which specialized in handcuffs and chains in particular. For some reason, I felt like I wanted to explore that store, as I had never been inside one before. I debated all of the next week about it in my mind.

Finally I decided I’d visit the place on Friday afternoon after bank shift was over. Come Friday, I drove to the place. It was housed in a rather older building that was kept really well. It was off the highway by its lonesome and there were no other service stores. I walked in. An older unshaven man greeted me. In a rather gruff voice he said, “Miss, are you lost and looking for directions or are you here to shop?”

I was uncertain. After some thought, I decided I was shopping after all. He said, “If that’s the case, put one of those on.” He indicated towards several pairs of steel handcuffs hanging from the wall to my left. He added “It’s our freebie tour.”

As I still looked uncertain he clarified, “Don’t worry, I will take them off you when you’re checking out or decide not to buy.” Feeling reassured I put the pair of handcuffs on. The touch was cold and I shivered for a second. But I realized I kind of liked the feeling of putting them on.

As I explored the shop with my hands cuffed in front of me, I realized the shop indeed specialized in a variety of chains, cuffs and shackles that I had not imagined existed. There were all kinds of types and designs. I was a bit fascinated with them. But I reproached myself, however the continued touch of cold handcuffs on my hands kept making my mind wonder. I got really curious, when I saw a set of full body cuffs which I later realized are usually called transport restraints. Except this set was designed to lock from neck to feet in one continuous set, with only an adjustable length of chain at waist. Unlike the traditional transport restraints, this one wasn’t assembled from various pieces. It was a one continuous unit.

As he saw me looking at them, the old man said, “Do you want to buy it or rent it for the weekend?”

I was confused. I said, “Can I please try them on, just to see how it feels to be in them?”

He replied, “We stopped permitting try-out after some past experiences with that specific item. Most of the time those who tried it ended up renting or buying anyway.”

One thing I was sure of, was that I did not want buy anything unless I was really sure to have it. So I decided to rent.

He said, “Well you can rent them for the entire weekend as that’s the minimum period.”

Still not sure of what he referred to, I asked, “What do you mean rent? Do I pay rent and take home?”

Waggling a finger, he said, “You rent them and one of our rooms downstairs for the weekend. I will let you out Monday morning.” I had to be back in the bank on Monday morning and had a drive back to my town. So we agreed to rent till Sunday night. He took me to his cellar to show the rooms. There was a long passageway with various rooms on both sides and a small tiny room under the stairs. The far end of the passage was shrouded in darkness. Before I could ask about it, he let me into the first room on the right. The door opened into the room. It was a small 8 ft by 10 ft room, pretty threadbare with a toilet in the corner in front of you and a large O ring bolted to the wall in the altyazılı porno far corner. There was a window in the centre of the opposite wall.

He said, “The set you want to rent, comes with this room only. The door has no lock and its always open.” That gave me a little more courage. I didn’t particularly care for the room details as I didn’t understand then that I was destined to spend the entire weekend in that room. I agreed with the rent and off we went upstairs.

As I reached for the top of the stairs, my heels slipped and I reached out for the railing forgetting completely that I was handcuffed. Thankfully I managed to recover without falling.

The old man guessing my first time, took pity and said, “Okay now that you’re renting, let me take those off.”

I was still not sure I wanted to spend the weekend locked in those chains. But curiosity got the better of me.

Upstairs as we went back for the set I wanted to rent, he said, “Oh I almost forgot. There’s one more rule on the rental contract. You will need to wear a skirt.”

I asked “What’s wrong with my jeans?”

He clarified that they tend to get in the way and he was happy to sell me a skirt. I thought that was truly an odd rule. Get in the way of what? I thought to myself. But since I wore skirts all the time in the bank, it wasn’t my first time. So he sold me a short Khaki pleated miniskirt. It had a zipper running its entire length on one side.

After visiting his changing room, I left my jeans and heels in a locker without a lock. We got to the point of taking out the set. He said, “I’ll set you up in the changing room, as you might choose to take all your clothes off before putting it on, and put on clothes afterwards. Also remember to put on the collar first to avoid bunching up the chains.”

That was my another word of the day, he was referring to the large handcuff that was at the top. As he took the set to the changing room, he seemed to be carrying a lot of loose chain. I didn’t realize then, but discovered its purpose much later to my chagrin.

My hands were by now free since he took off the handcuffs. As instructed I locked the collar around my neck. The touch of the collar felt icy cold to my bare neck. It sent chilling shivers down my spine. Next came the chain around my waist. It was attached to the collar by another chain, which ran down my front. I am 5 ft 11 inch 110 Lb but since I had been a competitive gymnast in high school, I have a small waist. One end of the waist chain was attached to a pair of handcuffs and the other end had a small lock that looked like the lock on handcuffs. I wrapped the chain snug around my waist and locked the lock on one of the units of the chain.

I realized with some horror that I was thinking of this set of handcuffs and leg irons as ‘My Cuffs’ in my mind! I started to wonder if I would want to buy them instead of renting? It was too early to tell, but I knew for sure I started to like putting the whole set on. I realized due to my small waist, I was getting longer play on the other end of the waist chain to the handcuffs. There were two other chains that were attached to the waist chain and their other ends were attached to the leg irons. These other ends were some distance apart from each other on the leg iron chain.

With the waist chain locked in place, I bent over and reached for the leg iron and started to put it around my left ankle. As I was on the floor bent over locking it, I sensed the beginning of a orgasm. I was both surprised and embarrassed beyond my imagination! I am not a virgin and I’ve had orgasms during sex but it was surprising to get one without sex. With a quite some effort, I controlled it out of sheer embarrassment and continued to lock the leg irons in place. I made sure that they weren’t too tight. Lastly I locked the handcuffs on my wrist, making sure they were not too tight. The orgasm came back on and once again with herculean effort, I controlled my emotions and called the old guy over to check if I’d done it right. He agreed and we went to sign the Rent contract and payment. I realized I should have signed them beforehand. The walk was normally short but now with my feet in the leg irons it was difficult to walk. I had to control my runner’s gait and take small steps. The feeling of restricted movement and the rattle, did not at all help with my rising feelings. What’s going on with my body? It seemed like it had a mind of its own.

Thank God for the pull out counter for the check pads, or I’d have never reached the top of the counter with my hands cuffed to my waist. He seemed to understand that, and helped me write a check and sign the contract. We then went to the room below. I was in the lead this time, still trying to hide my face. He warned to take small steps on the stairs. By now I had a good idea of what to expect and I reached below without tripping. As we went in the room, I wanted to see the view outside the small window. I saw the highway traffic in far distance. As I was looking out, I heard rattle of chains behind me. I turned zenci porno slowly around and saw that the old guy had locked other end of a long chain running from my collar to the ring in the corner!

I was furious. I demanded for him to take it off. He said casually “It’s a common practice to lock merchandise in the room so customers don’t steal it” I argued aggressively but he showed me the contract I had signed in a hurry. It clearly stated this as one of the rules. I had no choice but to accept the fact that I was going to be chained to the wall. He left, promising to get me some food later that night. As he pulled the stopper from under the door of the room, I realized to my horror that although there was no lock, there was no handle on the inside of the door either. Since it opened inward without a handle there was no way I could open the door from inside. I tried to reach it before it completely closed on me but I got a violent jerk to my neck as the chain locked to the wall yanked me back.

Unable to take a breath, I slowly got up and walked back to the wall. I reached the ring and sunk in the corner. The door had closed. As I recovered from the jerk, I managed to calm down. I accepted the fact, that by signing that contract, I had in a way willingly agreed to be chained to the wall. I also agreed to spend the weekend in full body chains which I had locked on myself. I did sign up to be locked up like this in this room. Even if the door could be opened, I could not reach it. So finally decided I had no choice but to finish the weekend out. I looked at myself. I was all chained up head to feet and nowhere to go, beyond what the chain to wall permitted. I tried to make best of the situation by playing with my cuffs, pretending to try and take them off. I knew they were not too tight, but they could not be removed without the key. The touch of the cuffs, to my bare feet and my neck brought back the feelings I had suppressed. The playing around with them also caused a lot of rattle of chains. All this brought on a big orgasm! It just kept on coming in waves and seemed to go on forever. I was happy but also surprised!

Eventually, as I lay there panting, straining against my handcuffs, I could not understand how I had an orgasm. I wondered what might have been the reason, and wondered if it was the chains on my body that caused it. I didn’t believe that was the case and I kept on wondering.

Eventually nightfall came and the old guy gave me some food and water. Before leaving he promised to stop by the next morning for lunch.

That night I slept rather fitfully, given my restricted movement. Sometime during the night, the rattle of my chains woke me up to a fresh orgasm. This time I knew for a fact, that it had to be the cuffs and chains that are now part of my body. Their touch and the feeling of helplessness excited me. But I had never known, I liked being chained up and refused to believe what my body was telling me. As I lay there, I heard some stifled screams of a girl perhaps from the next room. It went on for some time and then there was silence. I wondered about calling out but given my condition, I was in no shape to help even if someone needed help.

The next morning I asked the old man about it and he said there are other renters but he could not discuss them. I thought it might have been some girl getting an orgasm like me and was glad I didn’t call out. All throughout the day, I walked around the room causing more rattle of the chains with a feeling of restriction and helplessness. I had to train myself a lot, to walk with small steps in order to avoid tripping over. I realized for the second time, that I was chained head to toe with a one piece unit that was also chained to the wall. That realization, coupled with the restricted walk, predictably led to more orgasms. By now I was getting positively embarrassed by them. Although I am not a nymph, having so many repeated orgasms were embarrassing not to mention tiring! I did start to admit to myself what my body was telling me all along. That, I enjoyed having the chains as part of my body. I had locked them on my body, because I liked them. I thought, this was rather too much to process though.

It was still day light outside when the old guy brought me dinner and left. I slept soon after, having been tired from all the excitement I suppose. I was woken up sometime in the night and saw that there was some new guy leaning over me, examining me. Although there was no light in the room, there was a dim bulb out in the passage and I could see his outline. He was about 6 ft tall and about 200 pounds. He wasn’t muscular but I was surely he was stronger than me. He was younger too, about in his thirties. I attempted to get up but the chains got in the way.

He saw my chains and said, “You have done it all wrong! This is not how it’s supposed to be put on. Now I will have fix it first.” Worried and a little scared now, I shrank further back into the corner. He dangled the key to my chains in front of my face and said, “See this was right aldatma porno outside your door!” He reached for my handcuffs. Unsure if he was freeing me or not, I let him. He unlocked one hand.

Before I knew what was happening, he had me on my stomach. He yanked the chain around my waist without unlocking it, thus bruising me in the process. This got my handcuffs behind me. However it got the chains from my waist to the leg irons twisted around my legs. Guessing his intentions, I started to struggle as much as I can.

He said, “You know its useless to struggle, you’re still chained to the wall. There’s no way you can stop me.” I still continued to struggle as he locked my only free hand now behind my back. The handcuffs were still attached to the chain at my waist. I continued to struggle anyway. Then it appeared to be the turn of my tangled leg irons. He sat down on my back to make sure I didn’t move, he unlocked my leg irons. After untangling the chains from my waist, he locked the leg irons back on.

“There, you see, this is how its done. Your hands should always cuffed behind you.” He realized the chain between my neck collar and my waist was now twisted. So he rotated my collar around. This got the chain from my collar to the wall in the front near my throat. He then pushed me over on my back, thereby pinning my hands under me in the handcuffs. I struggled mightily but I was unable to stop what happened next. He first took my skirt off but when he could not take my t-shirt off. So he took out a pocket knife and cut it off. Next, it was the turn of my bra and panties which also lay in tatters shortly. Now I was completely naked and lying on the floor chained up. Seeing this, he had this evil grin on his face. Quickly undressing, he kissed me deeply for a long time and started squeezing my breasts. He proceeded to enjoy me like an animal. All my squirming was futile and only seemed to excite him further. Eventually he inserted his penis in my vagina. When he was all the way deep inside me, he handed me the key and whispered in my ear, “You’re welcome to free yourself. If you succeed, I will leave you alone.”

I accepted the key with a handcuffed hand from under me. That seemed to make him more excited, as he had a hard on. With him still penetrated all the way in me, I made a supreme effort to unlock my handcuff. But by now I had started to sweat and dropped the key on the floor. He heard the clink, and quickly pulled out of me to grab the key. “Too bad you lost. I am going to have a lot of fun with you. I saw all day that you got to like having those chains on your entire body,” he taunted.

Although I had suspected the same conclusion, I was not going to admit it to him of all the people. I had not even admitted this fact to myself yet completely. Instead I asked “What do you mean, you saw me?”

He said he did, and cryptically added, “with time you will find out.” With that, he came back at me, this time making sure the key was well out of my reach. Once again he whispered in my ear during the sex. “Since your chains nailed you, I am going to leave them a present”. He kept inserting and taking out his penis out of my pussy, time and again. I could not even remember when he was finished with that rather one sided enjoyment. I was truly exhausted and was only semi-conscious.

When I opened my eyes, I was staring down the length of the chain between my throat and wall. It was morning and he was long gone. I found myself still lying on the floor, where he had left me. My hands were of course handcuffed behind me. I now could not see any of the chains on my body except the leg irons. I was still stark naked. As I tried to get up, I realized my pussy was still hurting a lot but there was something else. So I looked down to see that there was a leather G-string on my pussy. Thinking that it was causing the pain, I tried very hard to take it off, but it was tied very tight and in front. My hands just couldn’t reach the knot. I gave up and tried to put the skirt back on. After what seemed like forever, I managed to get it in place. Just in time, for the old man to come with food. I had a very long argument with him about what had happened. He fetched and simply pointed to the lease agreement. It stated, that since he was not involved in putting the chains on me, it was my responsibility not his. I asked to be let go, but he said when the time was up that evening. I begged him to at least provide me with a shirt. This he did, fetching a khaki tank top from upstairs. This one too had a zip on one side. I realized, that it was these zips are what helped the guy in the night, to easily get me naked. On my request, the old guy unlocked one hand so I could eat.

After I was done, he insisted that I lock it back behind me. As I attempted to get up and walk, all of a sudden I had a new sensation. There was something inside me under the g string. I realized that it was a vibrator on a timer, that was making my pussy hurt. I had seen one with my college room-mate as she liked to use it. But I had never used one. As it went off, It caused an orgasm. Although this one was not as big as the one I had on Friday night after being in the chains for the first time, but it was pretty effective nonetheless. That was when I remembered what the guy in the night meant when he said about a present for my chains.

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