Employed for their pleasure – Pt 1 – The trip from home to the space station.

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Employed for their pleasure. Pt 1
The trip from home to the space station.

The supply ship was docked at the main space port and shuttles were taking things up to it and loading supplies to take to various planets and space stations throughout a five light year radius from us. The master of the ship was out purchasing the things that he had orders for. Master is the name now most often used for the ship’s captain. Three or four good trips would pay for his ship and then he would be making huge profits for his crew and himself. Our home planet was rich in the things that others needed.

My father had made some nice sales to the ships master and as he was at our office paying my father for what he purchased when he had happened to see me as I brought some paperwork to my father. My name is Dora. I was kind of a skinny little 18yo tomboy with short blond hair. On the rare occasion when I wore a bra, it was a size 32-B. I was 5’4” and only weighed 108 pounds. I had just started getting my female breasts and had only a couple months ago had my first period. I was still a virgin.

The master looked at me and spoke to my father, “One request I have not yet filled is for a young woman to be with five men stationed on a space station in the Botanic section. She would be employed to assist around the station for a three year period. I am authorized to pay 150,000 credits up front which would stay with her family. She will get full room and food and clothing, everything she needs while she is on the station at no cost and she will continue her education by way of the sub-space net. After she has successfully finished her employment, she will get her choice of either a fully paid college education and transportation to the planet where that school is located or 200,000 credits in her own account and transportation home or she could choose to sign on for another period on the station if everyone is happy with the arrangement.”

Buying a person or prostitution were both illegal but this was gotten around by this sham of employing the person for other reasons. This was very common. Everyone knew that this arrangement was usually women used to keep the men on the station sexually satisfied and sane. The men at these remote outposts got very lonely and would do almost anything for companionship and sex. Gay sex happened but it was out of the norm and few women signed up for the jobs as crew on the space stations.

My father called me to another room to talk to me. We would not have had enough money for me to go to college and it was unknown if I would be able to obtain a scholarship even though my grades were very good. Scholarships were few and far between. 150,000 credits was as much as he made in a whole Earth year. Even though we had never been to Earth and few others in this area had, time was measured in Earth years everywhere that humans controlled.

I knew about sex even though I was still a virgin. I had classes about it in school for the last two years and they had even included some taped and live demonstrations of straight, oral, anal, lesbian and multi partner sex. I had also watched my parents. Living space was small and crowded for the families on our planet so it was pretty normal not to try to hide things like that.

I knew how much this would help my family. I told my father that I would agree to the employment. He asked me if I was sure I knew what would be expected of me, and I again told him yes. We went back into the office and my father told the ships master that I had agreed. He looked at me and smiled. That afternoon my father took me to the medical complex where a doctor did reversible surgery on me that would keep me from getting pregnant until I chose to have it reversed. He also pierced my hymen in a way that would not hurt. I was due to have that done anyway. I left the doctor’s office knowing that I was about to spend three years with five men that wanted to fill my little pussy with their male parts as often as they could and that it was up to me to satisfy every one of them.

Back at our home, I packed two traveling containers with my clothes and most important possessions. It was all I was allowed to bring but it was also almost everything that I owned. I said my goodbyes and I hugged Mom and Dad and my little brother like I was never going to let go but Father took my arms from around him and the ship’s master took my hand and led me onto the shuttle.

It was the first time I had even been off the planet. The shuttle climbed slowly toward the ship with just a gentle acceleration from the anti-grav engines. I was able to get by a port and watch my home recede till I could see almost half of the planet at one time. With a thump, the shuttle entered the belly of the ship and docked. The boarding door closed behind us and soon a green light came on next to the hatch, showing that the air had been equalized so that we could exit onto the ship. The ship had a crew of three in addition to the master. They and the robots started unloading the cargo so the shuttle could return to the space port.

At this point we were weightless as the ship would not be set to spinning till it was loaded and on its way. We floated into the cabin of the ship. Weightlessness was a strange but fun experience. The master did it effortlessly but I struggled and held to hold onto things and pull myself along. He told me that I would get used to it but that we would have pseudo gravity once we were on the way and the habitat ring of the ship was set to spin. My things were being packed away leaving me with only the backpack on my back which contained a couple changes of clothes and my essential items.

I told him that my name was Dora and he replied that he did not need to know my name. He would call me whatever he felt like calling me. “Where is my cabin?” I asked. The master pointed to a hatch and said that it was in there. The sign on the hatch said ‘Master’s Cabin’. “That’s your cabin!” “Yes it is honey. You don’t think I am going to deliver my cargo to the station without you having practical experience in how to satisfy the crew on the station when you get there, do you? With the stops we need to make, we will not have you to the station for two weeks. I expect that you will have plenty of experience by then and be ready to please them like an expert. Now go in there and wait for me. I’ll be in as soon as we get underway.” I knew that I did not have any choice. I glided into the master’s cabin. There was only one bed.

About twenty minutes later I felt the ship’s atomic fusion drive start to accelerate the ship. The atomic drive was used to get the ship quickly up to speed because the warp drive could not take over till the ship was traveling at least one tenth the speed of light. The habitat ring started to rotate and the gravity built to .8 of an Earth gravity which was just a little more than gravity on my home planet which was .7 G’s.

The master walked into the cabin. “Why are you still dressed? Get those fucking clothes off, NOW. From now on you will call me by my rank. You will address me as Master Donivich or just Master. Understand?” I shivered and said, “Yes Sir.” “What did I say to call me?” I corrected myself and said, “Yes Master Donivich.” “That’s better, slut.” I started removing my clothing.

I stood naked in front of Master Donivich with my hands covering my pussy. As Donivich unbuckled his slacks he said, “I know that you took sex ed in school. When I get my clothes off I want you to show me how good of a student you were. Show me how good you can suck a cock.” First he dropped his uniform slacks and kicked off his shoes, followed by his masters uniform jacket Sex hikayeleri and shirt. Finally he dropped and stepped out of his underpants and stood naked in front of me. He was almost a foot taller than me and between his legs hung a still mostly soft, less than six inch penis. I knew that it would be seven or eight once he had a full erection. I had always hoped that the first time I had sex would be with someone who was gentle and had a small penis. I now knew that this was not how it was to be.

I dropped to my knees in front of him, reached out and grasped his manhood, the first penis I had ever touched. I felt it start to grow and harden as I looked at it in my hand. “Get with it cunt. Get your mouth on my prick and get busy fucking me with your face. Do it good and do it deep. I can’t wait to feed you’re your first taste of my cum.”

I remembered what I had learned about oral sex in school. I gripped the base of his cock and slid my lips up and down on the end of his shaft. “Fucking suck harder and get more of it in your mouth before I grab your head and shove my prick all the way down your no good throat. If I delivered a cunt to the crew on the station that could not do any better than this, they would throw me out the air lock into space. Now show me some good sucking and some enthusiasm.”

His erection was now complete and well over eight inches and very thick. My mouth stretched to get around it. I took a deep breath and went down on him till he touched the top of my throat. I gagged hard and almost threw up. I quickly pulled off and gasped. Master Donivich laughed, “At least you’re trying. You’ll learn to take a cock down that throat of yours, I assure you of that. Now get back at it. My balls are filling with a big load of cum and I want to fill your mouth and then your stomach with it.” I wasn’t looking forward to having him come in my mouth but I knew that he would not give me any options. I tightened my lips around his shaft and started bobbing up and down the length of it, just like they had shown us in school. I wanted to get this over with.

Master Donivich started moaning and thrusting his cock at my face each time I pushed forward. My hand was on his ball sack and I felt it tighten and his cock expand in my already tightly filled mouth. He pushed deep into my mouth and held my head. He tilted his head back and roared, “Oh fuck yes. Fuuuccck!” His thick, salty fluid poured into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed as best I could. My mouth squeezing the tip of his prick only caused him to come more. His cock pulsed and his body jerked as shot after shot of his sperm filled my already full mouth faster than I could swallow. Some poured out the corners of my lips and hung like icicles off my chin. I had to admit to myself that I did not find the taste or texture unpleasant.

Master pulled his softening, cum covered cock out of my mouth and slapped me across the face with it three times. He looked at the cum that was hanging from my chin, “I see that you lost some of my gift to you. Scrape it up with your fingers and suck them clean and then suck my prick clean. Not bad for your first time but you still have some learning to do.” I did as he said. He put his clothes back on and left the cabin, back into the control cabin. I lay on the bed thinking about what had just happened and what was to happen to me for the next three years. My jaw was sore and I still had the taste of Masters cum in my mouth.

We were all called to the meal and I sat there embarrassed while the other crew members stared at me while the Master told them all about what he had just done to me. They asked Master Donivich when they would get their turns with me, but he said that he was going to be the first one to get my virgin pussy, my virgin throat and my virgin ass hole and they would have to wait for a turn at me. I had never considered that I would be getting my ass hole fucked or that I would be treated like the ships whore on the trip to the space station and my new ‘employment’.

I wondered around the ship. I found it funny to see the floor curve up in front of me as I walked along. This was because I was walking along the outside if the spinning habitat ring that was creating the pseudo gravity. I found that as you went what felt like up in the ring, the gravity decreased till you got to the core of the ring and found yourself free floating again. I found that I enjoyed going there when no-one else was around and just floating and thinking.

It seemed like every time I would pass one of the crew, he would reach out and grab my ass or squeeze one of my small breasts and make some kind of sexual remark, often about what he planned to do to me when he got his turn to get me in bed. I remember one remark when Jason, who was the cook among other duties, said that he hoped I hurried up and grew a better set of tits because the space station crew was going to be very disappointed with my little bumps. All the men were human and pretty attractive and I had mixed emotions about what it was going to be like fucking each of them. I found myself guessing how big each of their packages was. I asked each of them to call me Dora and most of the time they did but sometimes I was called slut, or cunt or a prostitute or other less than charming sexual terms.

That night I was in the Master’s bed asleep when he came in. He looked at me and told me to get up and remove my night shirt. “From now on, you will not wear any clothing when you are in my cabin.” Without questioning him, I removed my gown and stood naked in front of him as he undressed. “Well, don’t just stand there. Get down and suck it. I shouldn’t have to tell you.” As I started to kneel, he pushed down on my shoulders prompting me to hurry up. I put him in my mouth and sucked hard on his rapidly growing member.

After a minute of sucking, he instructed me to lie on the bed on my side facing him. Master put his member back to my face and I took it in. He told me to lift my upper leg. When I did he reached a hand between my legs and grasped my mound. “You will shave down there. Men like a smooth naked cunt. I didn’t have much hair down there yet but I said, “Yes Sir. Is it OK if I do it in the morning?” He acknowledged that that would be acceptable.

His finger rubbed my little clit. No-one but me had ever touched it. My body quivered. It felt far better than when I did it for myself. I continued to nurse on his shaft. His finger continued to rub over my clit and then he push into my sex hole and sometimes continue down to touch my tightly puckered anus. Master pulled his manhood out of my mouth saying, “I want to save my sauce to fill that young pussy of yours. You can suck it more afterward.” He rolled me on my back and got on the bed between my legs. Holding his staff in his hand he lined it up to my hole and with one fast hard shove, he buried himself balls deep in my quim. I gasped. His fingering had wet me enough that it did not hurt but I suddenly felt so stretched and full.

Master Donivich pounded himself in and out of me for several minutes. The more he did it, the better it was feeling. He would pull out so his cock head was just at the entrance to my vagina and then slam forward so that his pelvic bone smashed into my clit causing me to gasp and moan. My insides started to feel funny but it was a good funny. I was rapidly building to my first orgasm from being fucked. That should be obvious as it was the first time I had ever been fucked. The orgasms I had gotten from my own fingers had all been little ones that hardly counted.

“Having fun, Little Slut?” I could hardly get the word yes out of my mouth. “Thrust Sikiş hikayeleri your hips back at me each time I push into your tight little cunt. It will feel even better for both of us.” I did and it did. Pretty soon I was grabbing the sheets and rolling my head from side to side as my climax built to an explosion. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Yesssss.” Master ejaculated, filling me with his hot and wonderous seed. My muscles could not stop squeezing his shaft, trying to milk every last drop of spunk out of him. Finally I just collapsed and he pulled out. He waited till I started to show a little bit of life and then brought his sticky, cum covered cock to my mouth where I proceeded to suck on it till it was as clean as before he had put it in me. His bed was pretty small for two people but I cuddled up next to his body and slept like a baby.

In the morning, when I woke, he was already up and gone. They were unloading at one of the scheduled stops. I sat and watched as the cargo was unloaded. Finally I asked if there was any way that I could help and Master Donivich had me use the computer to keep track of everything that was unloaded. That allowed him to help in other ways. After we were done, he thanked me for helping. That was the nicest that he had ever spoken to me.

“I will come to you in my quarters in just a few minutes. Be waiting for me on your knees and be busy rubbing your clit so you will be excited about what will be about to happen to your fragile little body.” I knew what he was expecting and I was not dreading it. I had not found oral sex to be at all unpleasant.
He walked into the cabin and started to undress. He already had a firm erection. “Have you come yet?” I told him that I had just had a small orgasm. “Good. Then you are nice and wet and ready. Give my cock a quick suck as deep in your mouth as you can and then get up on the bed on your knees and elbows with your legs spread.” I did as instructed. I pushed my mouth down onto him till I felt myself start to gag. I bobbed my face up and down on his sizeable manhood till he told me to stop and get on the bed.

When he had entered, he had a small cup of something with him. Now I asked him what it was. He smiled, “I stopped at the galley on the way here. This is something to use as lube so I do not cause you very much pain. I have been the first one to fuck both your mouth and your cunt. You have one fuckable hole left and now I am going to be the first to fuck your tight little ass hole.” I grimaced at just the thought of anything being shoved into my ass, especially Master Donivich’s large cock. I knew that I had little choice.

First he shoved two fingers deep into me pussy and finger fucked me for about a minute. Then he curled them and pulled out as much of my girl cum that he could get on his fingers. He rubbed his cum covered fingers over my ass crack and touched one finger tip to my puckered rose bud. He rubbed his finger around the outside for a little bit and then started probing the inside. First he just ran his finger in and out up to the first knuckle. Then with one push he buried that finger fully up into me and stopped. It wasn’t painful but it felt strange. He worked it in and out of my rectum several times and then removed it. He dipped two fingers into the cup that he said was lube and pressed them to my butt.

Two fingers in my ass did hurt a little but I gritted my teeth and accepted them without complaint. After spending some time loosening me up with his fingers, he pulled out. I turned my head back and watched him rub the lubing substance on the head and shaft of his hard erection. He climbed between my legs and pointed his dick at my anal opening and just rubbed it over the outside. “Tell me you want me to fuck your ass. Ask me to give it to you.” I thought about what to say, “Master, please fuck me in the ass. I want your prick buried up my shit tube. Fuck my tight young ass, now.”

It took a little effort for his large cock head to get my anal ring to open enough to allow his entrance and it was painful. Because his fingers had not caused much pain, I did not expect it but the larger size of his shaft was more than my ass could easily accept. I gasped and groaned. Master Donivich held tight onto my hips and slammed the rest of the way into me causing tremendous pain. I was sure that I felt my insides ripping but Master Donivich held my hips tightly, not allowing me to get away from the assault. With one thrust, he buried himself balls deep in my ass. I screamed in pain and I thought I was going to pass out from the pain but I didn’t.

Without giving me any time to adjust, he started fucking my ass with long firm strokes. Tears ran down my face and I sobbed and begged him to stop but he continued assaulting my lower intestines. After what felt like an unending amount of time but was really only a minute or so, the pain started to go away and I was able to calmly accept his prick ramming into my ass. The feeling was somewhat like I had a huge turd that I was trying to shit out but every time I got it just about all the way out, Master shoved it back in.

Finally his prick swelled and caused me a little more pain as he reached his climax and I felt my insides being flooded with his seed. He kept sliding in and out of me till he started to soften. I collapsed onto the bed but he spun me around and put his spent cock to my face and told me to suck it clean. I could see his cum smeared up and down the length of it and I could see small amounts of my blood mixed with it. I also saw several spots of brown and was afraid that I knew what those spots were. The thought of having all of this in my mouth this in my mouth was terrifying.

I kept my mouth tightly shut till Master Donivich slapped me across the face. When I opened my mouth he forcefully stuffed his cum, blood and shit covered prick in as far as I could take it. I gagged and tried to spit him out but he held my head so I could not pull off. He dug his fingers into my hair and used his hands to make my head go back and forth. He was fucking himself with my mouth. Finally he released me, pushed me down onto the bed and pressed his body against mine. He told me that I had done well and that it would not be long before I enjoyed and looked forward to getting my ass fucked. I still hurt but did manage to get to sleep.
The next day at our morning meal, Master Donivich went into great detail telling the rest of the crew about how he had been the first to use each of my holes for his pleasure and about how good it had felt. The men listened intently and there was a lot of laughing. I just sat there trying not to look at any of them. One of the men then said, “OK Skipper, now we get our turn. Who gets her next?” Donivich thought for a minute and then said, “I have been thinking about that and I can’t decide who should get her next so I have decided that you can all have her at the same time. She needs to learn how to satisfy multiple men at the same time, anyway.”

The only space on the ship that was big enough for a gangbang like that was the galley so that evening the table was moved out and several mattress pads were laid on the floor. The master sat in a chair to watch the show. First I was told to put on a sexy strip show for all of them. After I was naked, I was told to undress them and each time a new cock was exposed, I was to suck it a bit before moving to the next man.

When the four of us were all undressed, the men gathered around me and I moved from one to the next, sucking their dicks. I found that I was getting pretty good at it and actually starting to enjoy it. There was little doubt that they were also enjoying it. Soon I was Erotik hikaye told that it was time for more. Jason, tall blond and in his early thirties flopped down onto the mattress and told me to get on top of him and ride his cock. I put one foot over him and squatted down, used my hand to line him up to my sex hole and dropped down further till I was sitting on his lap with his hard seven inches buried in my quim.

I put my hands on his chest and started to lift and drop my bottom so that I was giving him a good fuck as he lay there. Shortly he told me to lean forward. When I did, he pulled me down so my tits were pressed against his chest. Donavon, who was about the same age but shorter and a little heavier, then stepped behind me and reached down and touched my ass hole. I knew what was coming next and was not looking forward to it. He touched his cock head to my anal opening. I looked back and told him to use some lube. Richard brought some over and Donavon wiped some over my butt crack and covered his cock head with more.

He put his dick back at my entrance and started to push. I braced myself for the pain. Because he was a little smaller and thinner than Master and the fact that it was not my first time, there was pain but not as much as I expected. Donavon took a little time to work himself up into my ass and then he and Jason got a rhythm going and started fucking my holes with one going in at the same time the other was going out. As soon as they were working together, Richard stepped in from of me and presented his manhood for me to suck. I opened my mouth without being instructed to and five inches of man meat was shoved in my mouth. Richard was almost fifty and had a very noticeable middle age beer belly. His cock may have been the shortest but it was also the thickest and I had to stretch my lips to get around it. We continued for several minutes before Richard was the first to come. He filled my mouth with his thick, salty cum and smiled as he watched me swallow his load.

Jason and Donavon kept going. They were both starting to breath hard. I looked over and watched Master Donivich watching us and rubbing himself between the legs. Being DPed was starting to feel good, very good. Soon I found myself starting to orgasm. I moaned and started bucking as best I could with being pinned between two men who were working at screwing me till they could relieve themselves.

Donavon was the next to complete his mission. He stiffened and shot blast after blast of his spunk into my rectum. It felt strange but good to feel him squirting into my ass. When he pulled out, a river of his stuffed poured out of my bum and ran down onto Jason’s cock. He didn’t pay any attention and fucked up into me for another several minutes as all three others watched. I matched his upward thrusts with hip flexes of my own. I came again and cried out in pleasure. This brought Jason to his climax and he filled my womb with his seed. I was happy that the doctor had prevented me from being able to get pregnant but I also was happy that he had done it in the reversible way so someday I would be able to bare children of my own.

Richard and Donavon started to position themselves to change places and start again but Master Donivich said that there would be a lot of work ahead in a few hours when they arrived at the next stop on our trip and he told everyone to call it a night. We all cleaned up and I headed back to the Master’s cabin. He came in shortly after me. When he climbed into the bed, I slid down and sucked his cock without being told to. He had worked himself up pretty good as he watched me getting it on with his three crew members so I was quickly able to get him off. Then we slept.

The rest for the trip went much as I think you would expect. I was used as the crew’s fuck toy. I got to where I looked forward to it. Every day I was fucked by, or sucked the cock of at least two crew members. Only once did something unusual happen and it was at my request. I found myself thinking about one thing that I wanted to try while we were still on the ship, and two days from arriving at my destination I asked Master Donivich if he would take me to the center of the habitat ring where there was no gravity and fuck me while we were floating weightless. He agreed that it would be an interesting experiment and something that he had never done either.

As we got closer and closer to the center, I could feel myself getting lighter and lighter. We went thru the final hatchway and floated around in the zero gravity. We stripped out of our clothes and put them in a bag that was attached to the wall. He floated near the center and I gently floated to him, face first with my mouth open. My aim was pretty good and I only had to shift the position of my head a little so that when I got to him, his cock went straight into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held on. My impact as I met him was light but it was enough to start him moving also and soon was bounced off the wall.

“When I cum, I want to do it in your mouth and be sure not to let any escape or there will be little drops of cum floating all over.” I giggled and nodded. He spun me around slowly and slid me on to his maleness. We held onto each other and he fucked up into my pussy. A couple times we bounced off the walls but not with enough force to interfere with our screwing. Finally he told me that he was getting close. He pulled me off his shaft and playfully spun me around twice before stopping my body and putting his prick at my mouth. I put him in my mouth and locked my lips tightly around his equipment. He only had to fuck my mouth for a few more seconds before I was greeted with my reward. Remembering what he had said, I made sure not to let any of his spunk escape. It wouldn’t do to have all those little sperms swimming around in weightless space looking for a place to go. The next time we floated close enough to a wall to grab on to it, we did and pulled ourselves to our clothes and back to the hatchway to the outer parts of the ring. Master smiled at me, “Good idea, Little One.”

Finally the day came when I was to be delivered to my employers at the space station. We docked with the station and when the matching hatches opened, Master Donivich escorted me into the space station where I would spend the next three years of my young life being the sexual plaything to the five men who were the station’s crew. After all that had happened on the cargo ship, I was more than ready to eagerly do my duty.
My things were transferred and Frank, the stations senior officer met us. He was probably in his late twenties and very handsome. The first thing he said to me was that I was to remove my clothing. “There will not be any need for you to be clothed while you are here with us. Just pack them away.” I promptly did as he said and stood naked in front of my new boss. “Pretty puny body. I was expecting at least a bigger set of tits.” Master spoke, “She is still young. I think you will see her grow a better rack soon.”

Just then the remainder of the station’s crew entered the cabin. Two of them were attractive human males like the officer but two of them were aliens. I ran to Master Donivich and hid behind him. “No. I won’t let some alien freak fuck me. I won’t stay. Take me back or keep me with you but I will not stay here.” Donivich pushed me back toward the ship’s officer and said that I did not have a choice. I was going to stay here and service the crew’s sexual needs for the next three years. He smiled and told me that I would come to like my situation. Then he turned and returned to his ship. The hatch closed and the ship drifted away till it was far enough away to fire its engines and continue on its travels.

I stood there naked and stared at the aliens and considered what hell the next three years were going to be like.


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