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My name is Gabe and I have made an incredible discovery. I work in a research lab for an unknown government agency that strictly aims to investigate and study unusual phenomena that occurs around the globe. Like what, you might ask? Yes, alien sightings/landings used to be a major part for a while, but after the landing in Nevada was taken care of (it was a shock to learn that it actually did happen when I gained my higher level clearance) and no future events occurred over the following ten years, the focus shifted. Now we study new technology developed by other nations, groups, or scientists that have a potential to be dangerous to the US. I had just graduated at the top of the class with two masters degrees in physics and electrical engineering and was immediately offered a position.

Being a young, new addition to the department, I was stuck looking over the more mundane tech that was deemed to be of little significance but still needed to be looked over; this was mostly junk from jets, ships, subs, or satellites that crashed or was shot down. The good thing was that I was given my own small lab to work in and was on my own…I preferred to work independently. Most of my job was to try to figure out what the usually mangled device was, how it might have worked, catalog it, and then ship it off to be placed in a government storage facility located somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

One Friday I was given a heavy metal box that had looked like it was set on fire and thrown against a brick wall and a metal hoop that was approximately four feet in diameter and looked like it could have been made from the same wire they use to make clothes hangers. There was an extra piece of wire that came directly out from the hoop that seemed to have no real purpose. I used to ask where they found these things that they sent me but I learned fairly quickly that they would never say. It did bother me that I was kept in the dark in terms of the origin of these devices.

I got to work on learning as much as I could about this box and hoop. Pretty quickly I realized that this box was actually a case surrounding a more complex piece and that this metal loop plugged in to a small hole on the side of this device. It still seemed like a pile of junk. I found a port that looked as if it was an input for a power supply. I attached power leads to this port and slowly increased the power to the unit. Suddenly lights turned on device lit up and I heard a soft humming sound. The lights circled three knobs as well as a single button. The hoop filled in with a bright white light which slowly dimmed, and faded so that it was concentrated around the edge. This was something that I had never seen before but was thrilled that I had gotten something to work; usually I have very limited success.

Usually at this point, I would have called a supervisor to have them check out what I’ve found so far. This thing could have easily been some type of weapon and the last thing I needed was for it to blow up or destroy the building. Instead, I kept playing around with this device. I turned the first knob and I saw the image through the hoop suddenly change. Instead of seeing the wall of my lab through the hoop, I saw sunshine and trees. This was so perplexing; I recognized the area as a park that I liked the run through that was several miles due north. Was this just an image or was it…? I reached out and moved my hand towards the loop and through it, a pretty bad idea in hindsight; I could have lost my hand for all I knew. But as soon as my hand was through the hoop, I felt the warmth of the sunshine. This wasn’t just an image, it was an actual portal!

I almost passed out from the excitement. This was not supposed to be possible; all I could think about was how many laws of physics were broken as a result of this. I took a risk of being decapitated and stuck my head through the hoop. It was as if I was suddenly in the park (I technically was).

I pulled back in and went to the device and turned the next knob. The image in the hoop blurred and then settled on a new background. It was still outside but was looking out into a parking lot of a convenience store that was northeast of the facility. The knobs started to make sense now; the first controlled north and south, the other east and west. I moved the east/west knob until I got back to the park. I twisted the third knob clockwise but it didn’t change the image through the hoop. I twisted bahis firmaları counter-clockwise and first the summer leaves on the trees in the background of the hoop got smaller and then curled up back into the branches. I twisted more and watched as piles of snow grew from the ground and snowflakes shot up from the ground back into the sky. If the idea of a portal to different locations on the planet hadn’t freaked me out enough, the thought that this device also turned back time sure did. I felt dizzy but excited. This device was also a time machine.


A week had passed by and I hadn’t told anyone about the time machine yet. I was too busy testing out time travel and figuring out how it worked. I learned that time moved at the same rate both inside and out of the portal. If I spend an hour walking around in the past, an hour also went by in my present time. I also wanted to know about changes to the past and how they affected the future. In short; they didn’t. This machine must be more than a time machine and actually open up past events on different independent timelines. I figured that no matter where I went in the past, it was same past that my timeline came from but once I left, any changes that I made created a branch off into a different timeline that never affected where I came from. Time travel was not easy for me to understand and I got a headache trying to make sense of it all. What I did know for sure was that I didn’t have to worry about changes in the past affecting my native time. These things are just good to know.

You would think that if I wasn’t going to report this machine to my supervisors, that I would use it somehow to benefit me financially or maybe to witness some major event in the past. I could go anywhere on the planet and go back to any date in history. But some fantasy thought came over me first and I decided to pursue it first.

I was the type of guy who was bicurious, but always remained straight publically. I had girlfriends over the years and loved all of the sex but there were times when I wondered about other guys. I would sometimes watch gay porn, especially material that had jocks or thin, fit guys.

I admittedly was in to myself at times. I was pretty fit and toned and would admire myself in the bathroom mirror after showers. I’m 5’8, 160 lbs and am more or less smooth and hair free across most of my body. I am not full of myself or conceited but I am pretty attracted to my body time and could turn myself on pretty easily at times. It wasn’t uncommon for me to masturbate infront of a mirror or try to suck myself off. I’ve tried to several times and couldn’t get myself to be flexible enough to get a good mouthful of my cock.

One of my fantasies was to somehow have a sexual encounter with myself. I’ve thought about a clone or a twin and even time travel and this is what I thought of first. I felt comfortable enough with how the machine worked. I knew that I had this fantasy for a long time and that there shouldn’t be a risk of my past self saying no to fooling around. What I did have to worry about is my past self freaking out after seeing himself from the future. I figured I could make a quick escape if anything went wrong and so I decided to try to approach myself in the not-to-distant past.

I picked the summer immediately after I graduated. I hadn’t been hired by the government just yet and I wasn’t overly busy. I had just broken up with my girlfriend and was in the middle of a serious workout routine to help rebound and get over it. I was looking forward to seeing myself in peak shape…not that I had let myself slip that much since starting the job. I would be staying at my parents house before I moved into my current apartment and during this particular week, they would be visiting my older brother and his family. I dialed in the correct location and year (I had become pretty good at navigating through space and time) and I saw the back of my parents house through the hoop.

It was dark out and the portal was in the wooded area just behind the house; no one would be able to see it. As it turns out, the portal stays open once I climb through, but on the other side it isn’t very easy to spot. It looks like a blurry circular piece of glass that looks like the usual background at that point in time. I made sure to know exactly where it was.

I walked up to the back of the house and onto the patio that stretched out from a pair kaçak iddaa of sliding doors. The lights were on and when I looked into the house I didn’t see myself. I heard a familiar voice behind me:

“Can I help you?”

I jumped and turned around and saw my past self standing behind me holding a baseball bat. We locked eyes and neither of us said anything. I was shocked to actually see myself but the past version of me must have thought he was going crazy.

Neither of us said anything. My past self stared, dumbfounded, and eyed me up from head to toe. I did the same and didn’t know what to say. My past self spoke again:

“What…what is this?”

Without thinking much, I responded:

“I’m…from the future.”

My past self just blinked and stared are me, trying to make sense of me and what I had said.

“This is crazy…how did you?”

“I work at a government facility, two years in the future from now. I discovered this…piece of technology that allowed me to travel back to any place at any point in time. I am actually from the future.”

I knew how I’d think of all of this. I would find this whole encounter unbelievable and yet still be intrigued by a future version of myself. The past version invited me inside of the parents house. I felt like this was unusual…getting invited inside of my own parents house.

We walked into the living room and stood still and kept looking in each other eyes. I decided to talk next and steer the conversation in the direction I wanted it to go in.

“I’m here for a relatively unimportant reason. This is more for playing out our fantasy”

“Our fantasy…about us?”

“I’m here to go through with it and then leave. Nothing more. This shouldn’t be too complicated.”

“So…you want me to just ignore that a future version of myself popped up in front of me and then disappeared later?”

I walked forwards closer to my past self and stood still. I was thinking that what we do together is nothing more that just playing with myself. We knew each other and what we liked and so this really shouldn’t be that awkward. I knew that this would be a similar line of thought as what was passing through my past self’s mind. But was my past self actually thinking that?

As if a sudden understanding washed over us, we started to undress each other. We stripped down in the middle of the living room and stood in front of each other entirely naked. I admired myself but had a much more complete view of all of the sides of me that I would never have seen with my own two eyes. I circled around my past self and noted the well toned, smooth muscular build that I had in the past. Truthfully there wasn’t much of a difference between current time and the version of myself two years ago but I could tell that there was a slightly greater build to my past self.

I stopped so we were standing again in front of each other and we both reached out at the same time and grabbed each other’s asses. It was firm and smooth and felt better than any other ass before. We both reacted the same and moved our hands up to our waists and then chests, caressing all of the parts of our muscular bodies. We both brought our hands to each others hips and stared down at our semi-erect cocks. There was no difference from this angle; it looked like staring into a mirror. I moved first and went down to my knees to get a closer look at my past cock. My past self didn’t move, but looked down and watched me. I was trembling with the idea that I would suck my past self’s cock and get the feeling of actually getting in the whole length.

I moved my hands from my past self’s ass to the back of the legs and reached my hand to the front and cradled the balls. They were low hanging and warm and lifted slightly as it cupped them. My past self tilted his head backwards from enjoyment and put his hands on my head. I picked up his now fully erect cock and licked the tip of his head. The precum was salty and familiar. I popped the head of his cock into my mouth and heard a gasp and a slight moan. I worked on his head, getting him to breath heavier. I worked my way down and took in more and more of my past self’s cock. I eventually swallowed my cock and pressed my nose into my pubic hair. I remember during that time that I had let my hair grow down there longer that I normally would. I didn’t mind though, the smell was also familiar and was pleasant. I kept sucking my past kaçak bahis cock enjoying this unbelievable experience.

I stopped and looked up at my past self and asked if he wanted to join in. With nothing more than a nod, we both got down on the carpet and laid head to crotch in a proper 69 position. We both worked on each other’s cocks, sucking, licking and occasionally gagging on the lengths of each other. I never thought that I would be considered to have a huge cock, but after a few minutes of sucking my past self off, I knew that I had a good size and loved the feeling of it in my mouth.

I was somewhat surprised when my past self pulled out of the mutual blowjob and pushed me onto my back. He moved so that we was between my legs and went down on my pulsing cock again, bobbing up and down slowly but consistently. I had never had a blowjob as enjoyable as this and was feeling incredible sensations that I would only get from someone who knew exactly what I liked. My past self took in my entire cock and gently fondled my balls. He kept going and I felt myself getting closer to cumming.

I moaned to myself that I was getting close. I knew that I wouldn’t mind cumming into my own mouth; I had done it a few times before and actually enjoyed it.

“I’m gonna go…are you going to take it?”

I watched my past self nod while still going down on me. His pace was constant and I jerked back as I blew my load in my his mouth. The orgasm was explosive and was the hardest I had ever gone. My past self was squinting as I unloaded but he took it all and was swallowing each shot that I let loose. I had one last spasm and laid flat, panting from the excitement. I looked up and watched my past self lick his lips and swallow the last of my cum.

It was time to switch turns. I was looking forward to give myself a blowjob and experience what it was like to have my cock in my mouth. My past self stood and wanted to have me kneel. I did so gladly and approached his cock and balls. His cock was not entirely hard yet and I turned my attention to the balls. They were low hanging and felt heavy and smooth…I must have gone out of my way in the past to keep my balls shaved. I opened my mouth and took in one of the balls, circling it around with my tongue. I opened wider and took in the other ball. The velvety feeling of the balls and sack in my mouth started to make my cock rise again. At the same time, my past self had gained a rock hard erection. I reached up and began to stroke my past cock while still sucking on the balls.

I popped the balls out of my mouth and started to lick the cock head. I quickly bobbed down on the head and cock and soon was deep throating the entire cock. My past self was moaning and moved both of this hands to the back of my head. I grabbed his ass with both hands and pushed his hips forward towards my face. I had never sucked a cock before but it was an incredible feeling knowing it was mine from the past. I could feel the cock start to pulse and I had little warning that he was going to cum.

I pulled out his cock from my mouth and a shot of white cum went past my head and landed over my shoulder and onto my back. I quickly locked my mouth around his cock and swallowed all of the cum that he shot out. The taste was salty but not terrible. I sucked out the last of the cum from his cock and sat backwards. This was everything that I had hoped for and it was very easy going. My past self took to me surprising quickly and I was looking forward to another visit.

We both sat down on the floor, still naked and oozing left over cum.

“I need to get back to my own time. I don’t want to set anything off by staying too long in the past.”

I knew that there wasn’t going to be any adverse effects from being in the past. At least not to my time frame. I just wanted to return to my time without any complications. My past self didn’t seem to question it. He just nodded and stood up with me.

We both dressed and shook hands. This struck me as weird, we were the same person but treated each other as strangers. I walked out the back of the house towards the portal. I found the blurry circular opening suspended above the ground and looked back. My past self was watching me and I gave a single wave. I turned and climbed into the portal and soon was standing in my lab.

I shut the machine off and the light from the hoop disappeared. I knew that I loved that experience and wanted to do it again. What could I do next? How far was I willing to go or how far would a past version of myself be willing to go? I was too tired to think about this in any great detail. I needed rest and time to think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32