Enough Bickering! Ch. 03

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The next morning, Gavin woke Natasha and led her into the bathroom so both of them could shower and brush their teeth.

“Thank you, Master. I’m glad that we fucked last night. I’ve been wanting you to screw me for a while now. I love you, Master,” she declared.

“I love you too, Natasha. You’re a damn good slave. Now, together we need to plan for the party tonight. I want to use my mind powers to hypnotize people into fucking each other. Once we cause the orgy, I plan to use it to transform people’s relationships here. Few, if any, of our colleagues will be the same after tonight. By the time they realize what has happened to them, they will be swingers.

“So, you see, you are vital to my plans. I want you ‘ease’ things along by teasing the men in order to encourage them and then fucking them once they lose control. I will kick things off with the women by having my way with them. Between us, we will help them loosen up and enjoy themselves. We will be the catalysts for the orgy. Understand?” he announced.

“Yes, of course, Master. I will gladly carry out your orders. This company needs to be jolted a bit. It’s too PC. I mean, if you followed corporate guidelines, I’d never have gotten fucked like I did last night and that would have kept me frustrated. I think that you would have been frustrated as well. So, just tell me what to do and when, and I will happily do it,” she promised him.

“That’s a good slave girl. Now, we don’t have to work today. We just have the party, so let’s eat a nice breakfast. I doubt that either of us is up to cooking, so I’ll take you out for some pancakes. How does that grab ya?” he announced.

“Pancakes? They’re my favorite breakfast! I especially love them with strawberries, whipped cream, and maple syrup! Thank you, honey!” she exclaimed.

“I thought you might like that. I had a gut feeling that you enjoy real food and yesterday confirmed that. We’ll have a hearty breakfast and get ready for the party tonight. We have too much work to just eat a fruit salad, though I have nothing against fruit. It’s just not a meal by itself,” Gavin observed.

He and Natasha quickly got dressed up after taking care of their grooming. It not being time for the office party yet, he put on more casual clothing and gave her a pair of jeans and sweater that he had bought for “emergencies” like this one.

“So, what should I wear tonight? I’ll have to get it from my house, you know,” Natasha asked as Gavin drove the Corvette to a nearby pancake house.

“Actually, I’m going to take you to a nice department store, where you can pick out a formal gown for the party. Naturally, I’ll be wearing a tuxedo, although not for long,” he winked at her.

“Thank you, Master! That’s very nice of you. So, we’ll put on a proper front until the time comes to seduce the staff. Then we’ll liberate them from their uptight ways. Am I right, Sir?” she reacted.

“Absolutely. Of course, we’ll get them a little tipsy and horny first, which will make our job a lot easier. I think that the process will be helped somewhat by their awkwardness about the fact that I’m escorting you. On the one hand, it’s a possible violation of the guidelines. However, I’m also the boss in this department, so they’ll be afraid to openly confront me over it. This dilemma will give us a psychological edge over them,” he explained as they pulled into the café.

“You’re brilliant, Master! I’m glad that you have made me your slave. I’m also happy that you trust me with your plans. I just hope that you’re going to be able to fuck me tomorrow after the orgy tonight,” she responded.

“Believe me, I will be able to fuck you. You’ll be getting a lot of my cock in the future, probably more than any of the other women that I fuck. In fact, I think we should live together and even think about marriage, with the understanding that we’ll remain swingers and you’ll stay my slave,” he assured her as they got out of the car.

“That’s wonderful to know, Master. I’ll be a very submissive wife, of course, as long as I get to be your slave. I admit that I’m hooked on you. You’ve really changed my life. I want to service you in any way that you wish,” she declared.

They were seated by the hostess, ordered their meals, and continued chatting as they waited for their waitress to return. When the food arrived, the VP flirted with her and telepathically instructed his new slave to do so as well. The girl blushed, but clearly enjoyed the attention and made sure to impress the couple that was blatantly flattering her.

“I think that we’ll be getting plenty of coffee today,” Natasha remarked, too flustered herself at the sight of the waitress’s evident arousal to say much else.

“Yes, and we might even get invited up for some in the future if we keep doing that! I didn’t mean to embarrass you, but I wanted you to have the experience of flirting with another woman. Don’t worry. We did her a favor. She got an idea of her own sex appeal and might even have opened sex izle up to the possibility of bisexuality. There will be times when I will have you experiment with women and I want you to be comfortable with that,” he informed her.

“Will you want that tonight?” she asked nervously.

“I wouldn’t rule it out. Don’t be surprised, either way. You’ve been a very good slave so far and I think that you will enjoy that part of your service too, if you give it a chance. This morning is proof of that. You loved flirting with Sophia, didn’t you?” he instructed her.

“Well, yes, I guess that I did. She is very sexy and friendly. I just did it, probably because I was obeying you. I’ll have to confess that I wanted her. I felt a little shocked and embarrassed at myself, at least partly because she is young enough to be my daughter and I have never knowingly flirted with a girl before. What really surprised me was the fact that she seemed to like the attention from BOTH of us, not just you,” Natasha answered, still somewhat taken aback.

“Well, I’m pretty sure that she’s bi-curious now, even if she wasn’t before today. We will probably have to take charge of her initiation now. After all, we have to finish what we started. Something tells me that she won’t mind being trained by us,” Gavin replied.

“What sort of training? Do you plan to enslave her, too?” she asked as she saw the girl heading back to their table.

“Well, of course! I also think that she should be made to submit to you as well as me. Naturally, I’ll be at the top of the pecking order, but I want you to dominate her. That will make it work quicker and make her more comfortable pleasuring you. Besides, I get turned-on by the idea of controlling a woman who will assists me in enslaving other women,” he clarified.

“Thank you, Master! I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. Speaking of her, though, I think she’s almost at our booth,” she told him.

“Speaking about me how?” Sophia interjected curiously.

“Uh, well, it’s just something complimentary. That’s all,” Natasha stammered as Gavin winked at her.

“What’s that ‘Master’ business, then?” the waitress probed. “Natasha is my sex slave. She does what I say, when I say to do it. In return, I reward her generously. We even share each other. She is a very obedient slave, aren’t you Natasha?” Gavin commented.

“Hmm.. A sex slave, huh? Well, what’s that like? Is it as much fun as it sounds? You’re a lucky woman, Natasha. I wish that I was his slave. I’d really work hard to please that sexy Master of yours!” Sophia blurted, then blushed as she realized what she had said aloud.

“Well, you know that saying, ‘Careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.’. I’d be more than willing to train you, but you’d have to obey me completely. That also means that you would have to obey Natasha, unless her orders conflicted with mine. Then, of course, she would have to be punished for contradicting me and you would get to help me punish her. There’s a lot that you would have to do, that would not be popular with many women,” he warned her.

Sophia really turned red upon hearing that. She also felt her panties getting wet. The idea of this handsome, manly guy and his MILF “sex slave” ordering her around and having their way with her was extremely stimulating to her. It certainly beat the ordinary, vanilla relationships that most of her college classmates offered. This was more of what she wanted sexually than the normal lifestyle that her parents and siblings lived.

“If you’re trying to scare me off, it backfired, sir! Just tell me the place and time, and I’ll service both of you eagerly. I’m not like the rest of my family. They’re prudes. I’m a slut looking for a man to be firm with her. I’m 18 now, so I can do what I want, and what I want is to have fun with people like you guys,” she countered, albeit in a low enough volume that other patrons and waitresses wouldn’t overhear.

“Yes, I can tell that you’re excited,” Natasha teased her, alluding to the smell of the girl’s panties and making her blush again.

Gavin winked at both of them, while Sophia finished serving them and wrote down her phone number so they could contact her. They looked at each other and non-verbally agreed that they make sure to call that number in the near future. That night, however, was first on their minds. They still had to attend the party and subvert the corporate rules.

After tipping Sophia rather well and paying for their food, Gavin led Natasha out of the café to the Corvette. They had a very short trip to the clothing store, where she picked out a rather elegant, but not too fancy dress for the party and he paid for it. When they finished shopping, they returned to Gavin’s house, where they undressed and took a nap to rest up for the evening. They woke up after a couple of hours, turned on the TV, and watched several programs. Finally, they looked at the time and realized that it was 4:45. They had to get dressed alt yazılı porno quickly for the party.

“You know, Master, this has already been a great day, not counting the party. I’m definitely looking forward to the orgy, by the way. I’ve NEVER done something like that in my life! It just sounds wild and sexy. I’m a bit nervous, though,” Natasha told him.

“Of course, you are. You’ve followed the rules of society for most, if not all, of your life. Suddenly defying those unwritten laws, by having group sex for instance, is a dramatic change. You’ve been told since you were young to find a man, marry him, and have a couple of children. You’ve been instructed to pursue a career too.

“The message of the community is ‘don’t have casual sex, wait until several dates at least, and don’t submit to a man’. You’re breaking free. You’re standing up for your right to be TRULY liberated. You CAN submit to a man if you wish and you don’t have to be a type A, ‘Super Mom’ woman anymore. You can live by your own rules. THAT is genuine freedom,” Gavin observed.

“Master, you’re quite a philosopher! I knew that you’re rather independent, but I always thought of you as more pragmatic than intellectual. I’m getting to know you better and I respect you more than I already did. I have to admit that it’s a turn-on,” she declared.

“That’s good to hear. A guy always likes to know that he turns a girl on,” he winked at her as they headed to a fast food joint, where they planned to eat before going to the corporate office for the party.

“They don’t feed you more than hors d’ouerves at these events. If you stick to what they offer, your stomach will never forgive you. It will growl at you all night long!” he warned her as he ravenously consumed his burger, fries, and Coke.

“Thanks for the warning, Sir. I’m sure that we don’t want to fuck on an empty stomach, do we?” she teased him, while she ate her own combo meal.

“No, we don’t. We certainly don’t need to drink on one. They wonder why everyone gets so damned drunk at these things. All that wine and no real food in their systems. It’s yet another stupid corporate practice that I would like to change. They’ve got DUIs waiting to happen, just because they’re too cheap to pay for a proper meal. Either that, or they’re afraid that their wives might gain a pound or two,” Gavin smirked.

“That’s another thing that I love about you, Sir,” Natasha remarked.

“What is?” he asked in confusion.

“Your deliberate mockery of your bosses and contempt for their obvious stupidity. I wonder if they know or suspect how you feel about them. I think that they do, but are too greedy to give a damn,” she commented.

“That’s right on the money, babe, which is the whole point. Money! They see short-term gain, not the big picture.

“The worst of them is the Chief Financial Officer, Stanford Wilcox the 3rd. The man would put Ebenezer Scrooge to shame. He’s a Yalie with one agenda: to convince the board and the shareholders that he doesn’t waste a red cent. He wants to keep his job at any cost.

“As far as sex is concerned, who knows if he is even capable. He has a hard-on for money, that’s all,” he grinned as they finished their food and hurried back to the car.

When they got to the office, half of the staff was already there. Apparently, they had skipped dinner and were determined to impress everyone else by being early. It was only 5:15 and the party was supposed to start at 6:00. It was set to officially end at 9. This didn’t keep these suck-ups from making a point of getting there first.

The Chairman had not shown up and it was whispered that he would only pop in for a short while and head back home. The same was likely to happen with the CFO, but he would probably take his cue from the Boss.

This meant that Gavin Brock, aged 43, was the senior executive present at the moment. Consequently, everyone rose to greet him. This naturally gave him a chance to plant thoughts in their heads while they exchanged small talk. It also allowed him to introduce Natasha to them, which unsettled them just the way that he had predicted.

“So, you’re banging your secretary, are you?” Ryan Godwin, the VP for corporate operations, asked.

“Now, that would be a breach of corporate guidelines, wouldn’t it, Ryan?” Gavin taunted him.

“You’re evading the question. Clever!” Godwin snorted. “Oh, you’ll find out everything that you want to know soon, Ryan. There will be no secrets. For now, however, let’s enjoy ourselves and pretend to respect each other, at least,” Gavin countered.

“Sure, why not? Let’s pretend that you’re a team player. But we all know better, don’t we?” Ryan reacted.

“That’s your problem, Godwin. You assume things. And you know the saying about assumptions, don’t you? Face it. I’m loyal to the company, just not blindly obedient to all of the board’s dictates. My first duty is to the shareholders, not people like you. Anyway, this altyazılı sex izle isn’t the time or place for such discussions. Let’s try to have fun. That’s the point of tonight, you know,” Gavin scolded him.

Ryan walked off with a look of self-righteous disgust on his face. He was quickly replaced as the annoying interrogator by Kate Doherty, a royal bitch who served as VP for regional co-ordination. As bad as Godwin was, Doherty was ten times worse. She was a perpetual busybody and not in a good way. To her, everyone must conform to the same lifestyle as herself, or they were just wrong.

“So, what do we have here? The confirmed bachelor and his new mistress! Typical. Seriously, Gavin, when are you going to grow up?” Kate scowled.

“Who says that I haven’t? Just because I don’t have a wife and 2.5 kids yet, you think I’m immature? I make my own decisions. I don’t refer everything to the advice columns in the popular magazines. I take responsibility for living my own life and choosing my own ethics. You might do well to read Sartre some time. He would help you out a bit,” he retorted.

“Sartre? That pessimistic fool has no appeal to me. I’m not into that existentialist bullshit. What’s with you and questioning authority, anyway?” she demanded.

“Whose authority? Nobody elected those columnists to the office of ruler of everyone’s personal lives. Look, accept the fact that I am a different sort of person than you and get over it,” he rejoined.

Kate shut up after that, as she just wanted to drink some wine and get Gavin and Natasha off of her mind. The truth was, deep down, she resented his disinterest in her, at least when it came to relationships. She had made it clear when she first joined the management team that she wanted to date him, but that he would have to wait until at least the 10th date for sex.

When he indicated that he didn’t really care if he dated her at all, or even slept with her, she began to nurse a serious grudge against him. Who was he, to reject the terms that she offered? Surely, those were generous and necessary to ensure a long-term relationship before they engaged in sexual relations! Apparently, however, he didn’t really consider her worth the effort and that ate at her constantly.

Natasha laughed as she observed this scene, “Gee, Sir, you’re not too popular with your colleagues!”

“That’s their problem. Ask me if I give a damn. That is what is wrong with this whole company. Assholes who think that they’re God’s gift to women, or men in Kate’s case, and that everyone of both sexes should grovel to them. They want everyone done how they think it should be, regardless of the facts. They’re fucking prima donnas and they need to be taken down a few pegs,” Gavin declared.

“So, when you do want to do that?” she inquired.

“Eager to get on with hit, are we?” he probed.

“Well, sort of…I mean, they pissed me off too. Especially Kate and her caustic comment about me being a sign of your immaturity. That ‘mistress’ bit didn’t have me fooled. She was saying that, by choosing me instead of her, you were being childish. She’s got some nerve, suggesting that,” she remarked.

“Kate’s just bitter that she hasn’t found a replacement for her husband. Evidently, it’s okay to lie to your spouse and trade them for another without prior warning, but it’s not okay to go without a spouse for any period of time after college. Of course, her husband should be so lucky as to lose her. He might be able to get his hypertension under control then. That’s my take on the issue,” he stated contemptuously.

“You mean that she was MARRIED when she made her advances? I take it that she doesn’t have an open relationship. People like that disgust me. That’s just like my ex! Who does she think that she is?” she practically shouted.

“No, she doesn’t have an ‘open’ relationship, just one filled with deceit and betrayal. The only reason that I haven’t told her husband is that I have to work with the bitch. And yes, she is EXACTLY like your ex! That’s one of the MANY reasons that I rejected her advances. She is definitely not my type,” he informed her.

“I heard that!” Kate yelled, indicating that she had listened to part of the conversation. “Heard what?” Natasha asked with mock innocence.

“The bit where your beau accused me of being an unfaithful wife and a hypocrite. How dare you say that, Gavin? And in what way am I a bitch? You’re the bastard who wouldn’t commit to me! I just wanted to marry someone better than my stupid husband,” Kate screamed.

“So, I’m stupid, am I? Maybe so, for trusting you all of these years. You have given me nothing but hell for the past decade. I should have figured that you wanted to impose a double standard on him, not to mention on me,” Tom Doherty reacted to her tirade.

“Tom, honey, that’s not what I meant…” she stammered, knowing that she was caught.

“So, you didn’t mean to cuckold me with Gavin and trick him into a lopsided relationship? No doubt you made up some story about how unhappy and mistreated you were, being abused or neglected by you. I’m not as stupid as you believe, however. I could tell that you were hiding something from me. I just wasn’t sure about what it was,” her husband reprimanded her.

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