Enough Chapter 22

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Lexie was still sleeping Saturday morning, so I got up and started the coffee pot. I started cooking bacon and eggs for the both of us on the stove. I was finishing up the eggs when Lexie walked up behind me pressing her body into me.

“Good morning my love.”, she said softly.

“Good morning baby.”, I replied.

I felt her hands on my hips and her thumbs slipping into the waistband of my shorts. With one quick movement she pushed my shorts down to my ankles. She shifted slightly to my right side but still pressing her breasts against my back. She reached around with her right arm grabbing my cock. She began to methodically jerk me off softly kissing my neck using her tongue occasionally. In no time, she had me with a raging erection as I gripped the stove with both hands for balance. Lexie’s hand was relentless in her motion.

“Cum for me baby, let it go.”, she urged.

That was all it took as I shot string after string of cum on the over door. She continued to stroke me until I was spent leaning over the stove for balance. She then reached down and pulled my pants up pushing me away from the stove. She cleaned it quickly then began to finish cooking breakfast.

Christmas was only twelve days away, but our plans were already set and the Christmas gifts bought. That Monday, Lexie was informed that she passed the Sergeant’s Test and would get her new badge in a ceremony on Friday night. We were both off, so it was not a problem being there.

We showed up early at the auditorium and got good seats. The place quickly filled up due to this was a once-a-year functions as awards and promotions were given out. By the time the MC stepped to the microphone the place was packed. First the new graduate class was announced and presented with their badges. Then came the promotions which number about two dozen. Lexie walked across the stage and accepted her new Sergeant’s Badge to a loud ovation.

I could tell the program was coming to an end and honestly, I was ready to go. But there would be a reception in the adjacent hall, so I knew we had a few more hours to go. The Chief Superintendent of the Police then walked to the microphone.

“Before we adjourn, I need to tell you a story. We had an incident unfold this year with one of our deputies. She made a routine traffic stop that turned into a life and death situation. Riley Dugas is that officer and I would like to call her up here.”, he stated.

Riley got up from her chair and slowly walked to the front of the room with a tremendous applause from the crowd. She walked up the stairs and walked to the side of the Superintendent. She quickly shook his hand and he returned to the microphone. Lexie reached down and took my hand inside of hers, holding it tightly.

“Shortly after making the traffic stop, Officer Dugas was attacked by two of the suspects and taken to the ground. Fortunately for her, a good Samaritan happened to be passing by. He pulled over and quickly exited his vehicle taking on all three of the attackers alone. In the altercation he was stabbed twice but was able to put down two of the assailants. He was once again attacked by the third causing Officer Dugas to fire her service weapon striking the assailant in the back. The good Samaritan then crawled over to Officer Dugas, lifted her head from the pavement and held her using her radio to call for help. When backup arrived, he was still holding Officer Dugas in his arms pointing her weapon at the assailants.”, he stated.

I knew by now most of the room was looking over at me. I tried to remain calm, but Lexie’s leg was moving a mile a minute. This was something I did not expect.

“So, having said that on behalf of our city, our department and Officer Dugas we would like to present this individual with the highest civilian award we have.”, he continued.

An officer walked over with a huge crystal vase in his hand and set it on the table next to the Superintendent.

“Oh, and the other plus in this matter is that he happens to be in a relationship with Officer Lexie Thomas from the Second District. I would like to present the Citizen Valor Award to Mr. Chris Williams.”, he ended.

I simply sat there somewhat stunned by the magnitude of the award. Lexie finally shoved me out of my chair into the aisle. Everyone was on their feet applauding as I slowly walked up the center aisle. I finally got to the steps and got up on the stage. I walked in the direction of the podium and encountered Officer Dugas first. She simply wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me tight.

“Thank you, Chris, I will never forget what you did.”, she said softly in my ear.

She then released me, and I shook the Superintendent hands firmly. He picked up the large vase with had the awards name etched into the base. I have to say it was a beautiful award. He handed me the vase and leaned into the microphone.

“Can you say a few words, Chris?”, he asked.

I was not prepared to give a speech and my head was spinning trying to think of what to say. I looked back and could see Lexie was grinning from ear to ear.

“Thank you Sir, for this award but I hope that I did what a lot of people would do. Since dating Lexie…. Um, Officer Thomas, I have come to know just how difficult police officers have it out in the streets. Perhaps when I saw what was happening, I thought of Officer Thomas, but I knew I had to help. The rest happened very fast, so I don’t quite remember it the way it was described. Thankfully, I didn’t have to shoot anyone.”, I said, finishing up.

Everyone roared in laughter as the applause started up again. The Superintendent then stepped back to the microphone to finish the presentation. He leaned over and almost whispered in my ear.

“When are you going to make an honest woman out of Officer Thomas.”, he stated.

“Actually sir, I have the ring. I’m proposing on Christmas day.”, I said softly.

“Glad to hear it.”, he said, shaking my hand.

I walked off the stage and back down the steps where the officer had the box and packing to put the vase in. I handed him the vase and then walked back to my seat. Lexie stood up and kissed me quickly then sat back down. The Superintendent said a few more words then dismissed everyone. The officer returned with the award packed in the box handing it to me. I went out to my car and put it in the trunk then stepped back inside. I was close to the door of the reception hall when I met up with Lexie again. We both walked into the reception hall together hand in hand.

We stayed for about an hour and a half with several people coming over to congratulate the both of us. We drove home and relaxed for the rest of the weekend knowing that next weekend was Christmas. Lexie had the day shift the following week but would get off Christmas Eve at six o’clock in the evening. The plan was to still go to Lexie’s aunts’ home for Christmas Eve. Of course, her aunt was married to Lexie’s dads’ brother George. So, we would have to deal with George Jr. who I already had one encounter with.

On Tuesday I went to the jewelers and picked up the rings. I then stopped at a store where Lexie bought a dress to be altered. I picked up her dress and then went home. I left the rings in the trunk of my car in one of the pockets. The week passed slowly but Friday night finally arrived. Lexie came home from work and took a long shower then started dressing. I was already dressed sitting in the family room watching the television. I had on a black pair of slacks and a white pullover knit short sleeve shirt. Lexie took over an hour to dress but when she walked into the room it was worth waiting for.

The dress she had bought was a one piece thin strapped and very short. It came to mid-thigh and showed off her gorgeous legs. She had on a red pair of heels and had put on a little makeup. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

“Damn, baby…… you look good enough to eat.”, I laughed.

“Oh, you’re doing that later tonight.”, she giggled.

“No seriously Lexie, you’re beautiful.”, I stated.

“Why thank you, Mr. Williams.”, she replied.

It was close to eight thirty by the time we arrived at her aunt and uncle’s home. We had to park a few houses down because of the number of people apparently at the party. We walked up the driveway and stepped into the large home closing the door behind us. We then began the task of telling everyone hello as we moved from room to room. When we entered the family room, we saw Lexie’s parents sitting on the sofa with Pops and Maw Maw. We walked directly over and said hello. Jim Thomas was taken back by Lexie’s appearance.

“Lexie, you’re gorgeous.”, he said, standing to kiss her.

“Oh my God baby, I love your dress.”, Jennifer Thomas said, hugging her daughter.

Lexie turned and gave Maw Maw and kiss then went to Pops kissing him on the cheek as well. I could tell by the look on his face he was going to say something.

“You do look beautiful Lexie, but the dress is a bit short.”, he commented looking at her legs.

“Oh, hush you, you look adorable baby.”, Maw Maw stated.

Lexie followed her mother into the kitchen to go find her aunt to say hello. I stayed behind sitting on one of the sofa’s next to Pops and across from Jim Thomas. Pops leaned over and whispered to me.

“So, I hear you’re gonna proposed to my granddaughter.”, he stated.

“Yes sir. Tomorrow night at her house when everyone is there.”, I said, softly.

“Well, I have to be honest with you. I’m glad that you are. I’m not a big fan of you two living together.”, Pops said sternly.

“Dad, give the kids a break.”, Jim Thomas said, leaning forward.

“I have been giving them a break. This is the first time I’m saying anything about it.”, he quickly replied.

“I understand sir and believe me had things gone down different, I would have asked her a long time ago.”, I replied.

“I know you’re a good kid son, I’m just a bit old fashioned.”, he said, patting my leg.

I looked up to see Lexie and her mom heading back our way with Lexie turning several heads of the men as she passed them. She came over and I got up offering her my seat which she accepted. Everyone just talked among themselves, but I knew they were busting at the seams about me proposing the following night. We had been talking for a while when George Jr and Cody of all people came walking up to us. But for once I could see Lexie was uncomfortable with Cody being around.

“Hey Uncle Bill and Aunt Jen………… Hey cuz.”, he said to Lexie.

“What’s up dude?”, he remarked, looking at me.

“Hello George, Hello Cody.’’, I replied.

They both were extremely uncomfortable, and I had no idea why they would even come over. Sometimes, I just did not understand people. Cody was staring at Lexie which I did not blame him for, but she adverted any eye contact with him at all.

“So, what happened with that Kartal Escort thing on the highway?”, George Jr. asked me.

“Not much George. I just thought someone needed help.”, I replied casually.

“That’s not what my dad says.”, he replied.

“No offense George but your dad wasn’t there. Like I said it was no big deal.”, I answered.

“George, do you work at being this obnoxious or are you gifted with the talent?”, Pops asked, growing weary of his grandson.

“He’s gifted Grandpa.”, Lexie giggled.

They both looked mad as hell and stormed off presumably to tell George’s father they had been mistreated yet again. In the next few hours everyone ate and Lexie and I had a great time talking with everyone. We left close to midnight and started the drive home. I had just pulled on the interstate when I noticed Lexie lift up from her seat and pull up her dress a bit. She was wearing red lace panties and she quickly reached in them and touched her pussy. She then looked over at me to see if I had noticed. Of course, I had.

“What do you think?”, she said softly.

“I think that I am the luckiest guy in the world.”, I replied, quickly.

“I feel the same way about you, baby.”, she whispered, her fingers moving slowly inside her panties.

By the time we got home Lexie had gotten off twice and then she jerked me off in the shower. Lexie called it a warmup for Christmas night. If she only knew what I had planned.

Christmas Day arrived, and we prepared to go to her parents’ home. We loaded all the presents in the back of the car and pulled out around two in the afternoon with dinner planned at five. We arrived at her parents around three o’clock and we carried three loads of presents in and put them under the tree with the rest. I could see Lexie eyeing up the packages I had bought unsure what was in them.

I stood up and Lexie was already facing me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pressed her body against mine and kissed me. It took only seconds for her tongue to be in my mouth. Lexie was already good to go and it was early afternoon. Lexie was pressing hard against me when her mother walked into the room.

“Jesus don’t you two ever come up for air.”, Jennifer laughed.

“Sometimes mom……… although we could go upstairs real quick baby.”, Lexie giggled.

“Uh Lex, be nice……”, I ordered.

“I am being nice, baby.”, Lexie replied.

We followed Jennifer into the family room when Lexie’s father Jim, Pops and Maw Maw where already sitting down. Lexie went into the kitchen with her mom and then returned with a glass of iced tea for me. Lexie sat down next to me and took my hand in hers almost all I was going to run away. We sat and talked for about an hour before Jennifer announced that Christmas dinner was ready. We all sat down at the table when Jennifer fixed a plate for everyone and served them. Lexie spoke up and asked a strange question.

“Why is it that every time I look up people at smiling at me. What is going on?”, she asked.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Lexie.’, Jennifer quickly replied.

“Mom, you know I see right through you…… you can’t lie to me.’, Lexie responded.

“Lexie, nothing is going on.”, Jim Thomas said.

“Chris, I know you don’t lie to me……. Spill it buddy.”, she giggled.

“Lexie other than it being Christmas…… I have no idea.”, I said, not even looking up.

For the time being she let it go but Lexie knew something was on the horizon. It was hard to get one up on Lexie, she was very intuitive about most things. After dinner was over and the kitchen clean everyone adjourned to the front door where the tree and the presents were. Since it was a family tradition that Lexie always gave out the presents hence, she opened hers last.

Everyone seemed quite pleased with their gifts. Lexie received clothes from her parents which she seemed to like a lot. She was finally down to the last two gifts I had purchased for her. The opened up the smaller one first and immediately knew was it was.

“My backup weapon. Thanks so much baby…… I really needed this.”, she said, very excited.

She then began to tear into the bigger box and immediately squealed with delight. She quickly pulled the vest out of the box and tried it on.

“Jen, all these years of toys, dolls and clothes and our daughter goes nuts over body armor and a revolver. Chris, you’re quite the romantic.”, Jim laughed.

“Dad, I really need these things…… thank you so much baby.”, Lexie said, kissing me quickly.

“You’re welcome.”, I replied.

“I have to go pee……”, Lexie announced, heading to the restroom.

Jennifer reached into her sweater pocket and pulled up the red satin box and walked over handing it to me. Pops and Maw Maw knew what was going on, I had informed both. Lexie came back out of the bathroom and helped her mom clean the wrapping paper from the floor. While Lexie and Jennifer were in the kitchen getting coffee for everyone, I began to prepare myself. Lexie and Jennifer returned and handed everyone their cup of coffee before Lexie sat down next to me.

“Chris, would you help me get these boots off…… my feet are killing me.”, Lexie complained.

“Sure……”, I replied, getting down on the floor in front of her.

She was seriously involved in a conversation with her father and was paying no attention to me. This could not have worked out any better for me. I unzipped her left boot first then slowly pulled it off. I then unzipped her right boot and slowly pulled it off as well and then pushed in the ring box inside the right boot.

“Does that feel better?”, I asked innocently.

“Yes baby, thanks so much.”, she replied.

I picked up the boots and went to sit them down on the side of the love seat when Lexie was sitting. I leaned over and set the boot down but picked up the right one putting my hand inside the boot. Lexie stopped talking and watch watching me. I dropped the boot to the floor so I could bend down to one knee.

“No wonder your foot hurts, there is something inside of this boot.”, I stated.

“Something is inside the boot?”, Lexie asked.

“Yep, hold on…. I almost have it.”, acting like it was stuck.

I pulled the red ring box out of the right boot and extended my hand towards Lexie. She looked puzzled and slowly took the box from my hand. She slowly opened the box and never since I had known Lexie Thomas had I seen her eyes grow that large.

“Lexie Thomas, will you marry me?”, I asked.

“Oh my God, Chris……. Oh God……. Chris….”, she stuttered with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Um Lex…… is that a yes?”, I laughed.

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine slowly pushing her tongue between my lips. After thirty seconds or so, I began to feel self-conscious with her entire family watching us. So, I finally pulled away looking into her eyes, they were glowing.

“Uh Chris, I not one hundred percent sure but I think that might have been a yes.”, Pops said from behind me.

Everyone in the room howled with laughter at his comment. Lexie leaned in and kissed me again only much shorter this time.

“Yes baby, I will marry you.”, she said softly.

I took the box from her hand and removed the ring. I then carefully slipped the ring on her finger as she held her hand out in front of her. She just kept looking at the ring.

“My God Chris, this had to be very expensive.”, Lexie exclaimed.

“I don’t remember how much it was……”, I replied.

“Baby, I don’t believe you.”, Lexie giggled.

She got up and walked around the room showing everyone the ring. Maw Maw was stunned by the ring telling Lexie she was a very fortunate young woman.

“Just how big is that diamond?”, Maw Maw.

“I’m not sure Maw Maw. When I saw it…… I knew that was the one.”, I replied.

“The stone is a three-carat diamond, and the setting is twenty carat white gold.’, Jennifer remarked.

Everyone looked at Jennifer wondering how the hell would she know that just by looking at the ring once. I knew Jennifer had blabbed inadvertently so I just shrugged my shoulders at her.

“Wait a minute here……… mom did you go with Chris to pick out the ring?”, Lexie asked.

“Guilty as charged Lexie. Chris asked me if I would go with him since he very a bit overwhelmed.”, Jennifer replied.

“So, you picked out the ring?”, Lexie asked, looking over at me.

“Oh, hell no……. I would never have picked out a ring like that. Chris picked that out by himself.” Jennifer admitted.

We spent another hour and a half or so by her parents before heading home for the night. I could see Lexie every now and then hold up her hand admiring her ring. I pretended not to notice but for some reason Lexie was very quiet. I guess the ring was a shock, but I was not quite sure what she was thinking.

We got home and I hit the shower right away then headed for the bed. It had been a very long day for the both of us. Lexie went into the shower after I did then came out about twenty minutes later. I immediately perked up when I saw the white lace tank top and panties that she had on. This was new, I had never seen her in this before. She walked around and climbed into bed than pushed my way until she was up against me. She laid her head on my chest and put her arm around my waist.

“Chris, I love the ring…. It’s beautiful.”, she said softly.

“I’m glad you like it. When I saw it…. I knew it was the right one.”, I answered.

“What did my mom say when she saw it.”, Lexie asked.

“She basically said I was retarded because she saw the price tag.”, I replied.

“Tell me the price.”, she demanded.

“Why what difference does it make?”, I asked.

“Tell me dammit.”, she giggled.

“Eleven thousand.”, I finally said.

“You paid eleven thousand dollars?”, she asked.

“Yes, I did. So, did you give the wedding date any thought?”, I inquired.

“How about July or August?”, she answered.

“That’s fine with me. By the way, I want to help out with the expenses so tell your mom and dad.”, I offered.

The next few months passed with Lexie and her mom, Jennifer preparing for the wedding. They have a million things to do according to Lexie and they were running around like crazy. In the middle of March everything was going according to plan. Jennifer, Lexie and I were all working out regularly at the gym and I was teaching more people than ever. I had to admit, Jennifer Thomas made more progress than any woman that I was training. She weighed in at about one thirty-five, but it was solid well-toned muscle. She turned a lot of heads as she moved around the gym. I could also see that she was now very confident with her appearance and proud to show it off.

The local church that Lexie’s parents attended was holding their annual Spring Fair. It was comprised of food, Kartal Escort Bayan drink, rides for the children, games for the children and bands that would play in the evening. The fair was held on Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday. Since there were two bands that Jennifer wanted to watch on Saturday night, we all made plans to go. I was bummed that Pops and Maw Maw could not attend but they could not stand on their feet for long periods of time.

Lexie was working until six that evening so she would meet us there that night. She was not sure if she would come directly from the station or go home and change first. Jennifer, Jim, and I arrived at the fair somewhere around five thirty. We parked the car, took the folding chairs out of the trunk and made our way to the stage area. We set up the chairs about four rows away from the stage in the middle. I stayed with the chairs as Jennifer and Jim walked around and looked at the food and amusements.

About thirty minutes later, they returned with shrimp sandwiches and three drinks. Jennifer handed me mine and she sat down next to me.

“Chris, I think you should know that Leo and Josh Klein are both here. I did not realize Josh was even out of prison. They are over there with two other guys.”, she said, nervously.

“I did not know he was out either. Don’t worry about it, just enjoy yourself. We will be fine.”, I replied.

By the time we finished eating, the first band was on stage and warming up. Jim made the mention he could use a beer. I told Jennifer that I would go get one for him. I got up and went to the back right corner of the lot where the beer booth was. I was walking back towards them when I saw Leo and Josh Klein, Darren Miller, and another guy I did not recognize standing in front of Jennifer. It seemed like they were trying to start trouble as usual. I walked up quickly and handed Jim his beer.

“Well, if it isn’t roid boy.”, Leo laughed.

“What’s up?”, I asked softly.

By now there was a large crowd assemble and several people were looking in our direction. Jennifer had her head down and Jim seemed a bit nervous.

“Not much, just asking this fine ass woman if she wanted to dance with me when the music started.”, Leo laughed.

I was listening to Leo, but I was watching Josh. He had this look in his eyes that told me he was thinking the wrong thing. His hands were clenched by his side.

“Leo, this is my future mother-in-law so watch the language, please.”, I replied.

“Oh man, this just keeps getting better.”, he growled.

“Leo, maybe it’s best that you guys just go across the lot and listen to the music from there. Everyone is here to have fun……. Please don’t mess it up.”, I asked.

By now, everyone in earshot was listening and watching assured that there would be more to come. I glanced around the lot to see if I could spot the police officer’s working security but did not immediately see one.

“Listen boy, I don’t take orders from you. I will do whatever I please.”, he snarled.

“That’s fine Leo, just do it somewhere else.”, I asked.

“Chris, please sit down and ignore him.”, Jennifer asked.

“Yea little boy…. Please sit down for mommy.”, Josh said, finally chiming in.

I had tried to be nice, but I had enough of the Klein’s bullshit. Especially Josh, even having the nerve to talk to me after killing my mother.

“Listen convict, if I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it. Now, I asked you to leave nicely, now I’m telling you.”, I said stepping back.

“Convict …. Fuck you.”, Josh Klein screamed.

“Try it little boy and I’ll finish what I should have done a long time ago.”, I said calmly.

Thankfully, I had stepped back so I could see Leo Klein on my left side. I saw Leo’s right shoulder move back and I instantly knew a punch was coming. When you train and spar every day with a Master Instructor fighting becomes normal. There is no anticipation, no nervousness, no apprehension. There is only reaction and response.

I opened my right shoulder stepping back slightly causing his arm to pass in front of my face. I took my right arm and looped it over his and quickly under his shoulder. As I pulled him close to me, I slammed my forehead into the side of his head. I knew instantly I had struck his temple by the way his knees buckled. As he was falling to the floor, I hyperextended his arm to the rear damaging his shoulder. I released him as he fell to the ground and stepped back as Josh Klein moved toward me.

I quickly threw a right kick to his side in the kidney area. He winced in pain but kept coming. He threw a punch with his right hand which I moved, and it caught me on my shoulder. I stepped under the punch and wrapped my right arm around his neck picking him up off the ground. I then rotated my hips slamming him to the asphalt. I put one knee in his chest and pulled back to punch him when someone grabbed my arm and spun me around.

I was immediately struck above my left eye causing my head spin slightly. I knew I was cut instantly as the warm blood clouded my left eye. I turned completely around and faced Darren Miller. I think he had just realized that he fucked up. I moved at him quickly and landed a punch in the middle of his chest. He immediately doubled over the wind coming from his lung. I then slammed my knee into his face causing him to fall backwards. I was standing over him when I was grabbed from behind and taken down to the asphalt. I grabbed one of the arms and was about to apply force on the elbow when I heard the word “Police”. I released the arm and was face down on the ground. My hands were being forced behind my back, so I quit resisting. I felt the handcuffs snap on my wrists as people were screaming at the police officers. One of the officers had their knee in the middle of my back to keep me pinned down. I could see one of the officers was attempting to quiet the crowd. One older man was trying to tell the officer that I was not the aggressor, the other three on the ground were. I was finally stood up and walked over to one of the chairs and forced to sit down in it.

“What the hell happened here?”, he asked.

“Long story sir…… but the short of it is these three started it and I ended it.”, I replied.

I looked down and I had considerable blood on the front of my shirt, and I was sure on the side and front of my face. Darren Miller had gotten in a good shot although considering it was three guys, I was fine.

The officers took information from at least a dozen people including Jim and Jennifer Thomas. As luck would have it, Lexie arrived about the same time as the paramedics. She was still in uniform and came directly here when she heard the radio call. She knelt in front of the chair and looked into my eyes.

“Are you ok, baby?”, she asked, looking at my eye.

“I’m good, Lexie.”, I replied, smiling.

Lexie stood up and walked over to the now five police officers on the scene. Everyone there had formed a big circle around us and were discussing want had happened. Two sets of paramedics had arrived and were treating Leo and Josh Klein. Darren Miller was sitting on the ground applying a cold compress to his nose which was broken.

Leo Klein was still unconscious from the blow to the side of his head. Josh was sitting up, but the back of his head was split open during the impact with the ground. Somehow, even looking at all of this, I knew it was still not over.

Apparently, one of the officers had gone to his vehicle and did a check on all of us involved in this situation. He returned to the officer in charge and reported in.

“Sarge, the one still out here is on parole for B&E. This one is his brother and he’s on parole for criminal negligence resulting in a death and this last one here is on probation for obstruction of justice. This one here is clean.”, he remarked, pointing me out.

“That one there is Lexie Thomas’ fiancé and the one who helped Dugas a while back.”, the officer stated.

“Shit, you want me to uncuff him?”, the officer replied.

“Not yet.”, was his answer.

After Lexie had talked to the officers, she went over to her parents who told her exactly what had happened. After about five minutes, Lexie walked over and helped me get out of the chair. She walked behind me and opened the cuffs up and removing them from my wrist. Several people clapped as she did so. The sergeant walked over to Lexie quickly.

“Hold on here Thomas. We got three here who are headed to the emergency room. We have to sort this out.”, he ordered.

“Skelly, you have statements from a dozen witnesses including my parents. You know what happened. These guys won’t quit and sooner or later someone is going to get killed. I live with Chris, if you want him just call me.”, Lexie ordered.

“Fair enough, but if the captain loses his shit, it’s on you Thomas.”, he replied.

Since I had driven to the fair in my car with her parents, Jim said he would drive my car home. Lexie wanted me to ride with her, but I knew I was able to drive. But deciding not to upset Lexie any further I just went along with her decision. We had just pulled out of the parking lot when Lexie began the interrogation that I knew was coming.

“No other way you maybe could have handled that?”, she asked.

“Nope….”, I replied quickly.

“You really enjoy fighting, don’t you?”, Lexie asked.

“I don’t dislike it…… especially when it comes to that group.”, I answered.

“So, this is going to be a lifelong thing, I guess.”, she replied.

“I’m not sure…… I guess unless they stop.”, I responded.

“Or someone dies……”, she stated.

“Fuck em, he was talking about your mother. The asshole had the nerve to talk to me after killing my mother.”, I commented.

Just at that time, we pulled into the driveway and parked. We got out just as Jim and Jennifer pulled in behind us. We all went in together and I went straight to the shower. I cleaned myself up and then dressed and went back to the living room. Lexie and her parents were on the sofas talking.

“Let me see your eye, Chris.”, Lexie demanded.

I walked across the room and sat next to Lexie facing her. She moved the skin around a bit with a worried look on her face.

“You need stitches……”, she said.

“I have butterfly stitches in my gym bag, I can use them.”, I answered.

“Chris, I have to say something to you.”, Jim Thomas stated.

“Sure, go ahead.”, I replied.

“I have been in a few scrapes in my life……. mostly in my military years. But I have never seen anyone fight like you just did. You went through those guys like they were nothing. And I appreciate you taking up for my wife.”, he stated.

“That’s just years and years of training with good people.”, I replied.

“Dad don’t encourage him.”, Lexie Escort Kartal scolded.

“Lexie, you were not there. Chris tried his best to talk his way out of it. And the older brother threw the first punch.”, Jim responded.

“Regardless, this will end up in court…… I hope you know that.”, Lexie warned.

Lexie drove her parent’s home and returned about an hour later. She didn’t bring the altercation back up, but I knew that was not the end of it. A few minutes later we ate and watched television for a bit. We were just about to go to bed when the doorbell rang. Lexie got up and went to the door to find out who was there. I heard a male voice talking with Lexie. Eventually they came into the living room where I was sitting.

“Chris, these are detectives from the second district. This is Rick Gautreaux and his partner, Alex Diaz. Guys, this is my fiancé, Chris Williams.’, she said softly.

I got up and shook their hands and sat back down. They sat down as well, one on the love seat and the other to my left.

“Chris, the reason we are here is to talk to you about what happened earlier today.”, Detective Gautreaux stated.

“Don’t you have enough witnesses?”, Lexie asked.

“We want to hear Chris’ side of the story, Lexie.”, he replied.

“Not much to really tell but I will try. I was getting Lexie’s dad a beer and on the way back I saw them in front of her mom and dad. As soon as I approached, they started their bullshit. Leo Klein told me he wanted to dance with this fine ass woman in front of him. He was referring to Lexie’s mom. I asked him to refrain from the language and of course he refused.”, I started.

“Is that when you hit him?”, Detective Gautreaux asked.

“Nope. At that point his brother Josh, the one who killed my mother started talking. I saw him take an aggressive posture, so I stepped back slightly just in time to see the punch coming from Leo Klein. I side stepped the punch, lock him in an armbar and headbutted him in the ear area. He then fell to the ground. Just about that time, his brother Leo rushed me. I kicked him once then undercut him slamming him to the ground.”, I continued.

“About that time, I was swung around and punched by Darren Miller. I punched him in the chest and then put a knee in his face. He went down and I got on top ready to hit him again when the police officers took me down.”, I ended.

“So, all three came at you first?’, Gautreaux asked.

“Yes, they did.”, I replied.

“Rick, what the fuck is going on……………… I know you have at least a dozen witnesses.”, Lexie asked.

“It’s more complicated than that, Lexie. Chris here now has a reputation as being a lethal fighter. He trains in two different disciplines. In short, maybe he should avoid altercations like this.”, he replied.

“How do you avoid someone attacking you?”, I asked.

“Well, here’s my problem Mr. Williams. Right now, Leo Klein is fighting for his life with a serious brain injury. He is currently in a coma. Josh Klein has a concussion, and it took over forty stitches to close his head up. Darren Miller has several broken ribs and a broken noise. If Leo Klein dies, we may have a big problem.”, he stated.

Lexie looked over at me with a look I had never seen before. I don’t know if it was fear or extreme nervousness.

“So, his brother kills my mother. Darren Miller helped cover it up. Josh Klein gets less than two years and Miller walks with probation. Then about a year ago, Leo Klein caves my head in with a baseball bat and never gets arrested. But I get attacked by three of them and I’m the problem?”, I asked.

“I’m not talking about the past, Mr. Williams.”, he answered, seeming upset.

“No, God forbid they have to answer for the past.”, I replied.

“Look, we can go down to the station and finish this interview if you want.”, Detective Gautreaux stated.

“No, this interview is over. Please leave my home.”, I asked.

At that point, Detective Diaz rose to his feet facing me reaching his hand inside of his jacket. I knew he was going for his gun, so I stood as well. Ever since my mother died it seemed no one wanted to hear the truth. Detective Diaz stood there with his hand on his weapon, but it was still holstered.

“Am I under arrest?”, I asked.

“No, not yet.”, Detective Diaz said in an angry tone.

“Then please do as I asked and leave.”, I commanded.

“Or what?”, Diaz asked.

I just had to laugh at this guy playing the bad cop. You are talking to someone one moment and the next you’re going for your weapon. I looked over at Detective Gautreaux who seemed very uneasy.

“Is this guy for real?”, I laughed.

“Chris, take it easy…… it’s part of the job.”, Lexie said, nervously.

“My suggestion is you take your hand of that gun?”, I advised.

“Or what?”, he repeated.

“You’re in my house questioning me when you have at least a dozen eye witnesses to what happened. Then you’re take a posture with your hand on your weapon threatening me. Let me give you some advice…… don’t do it.”, I answered.

Detective Gautreaux walked over and faced his partner talking to him in whispers. Whatever he told him, he did remove his hand from his pistol and relax. One look at Lexie and I knew she was pissed but at who?

“That’s all for now, Mr. Williams. If we need to talk again you can come to the precinct.”, Gautreaux stated, the two of them walking out.

They were no sooner in their car and out of the driveway when I realized who exactly Lexie was pissed at. She didn’t waste much time.

“I can’t believe you acted that way.”, Lexie stated.

“What way?”, I replied.

“You threatened a police office.”, she said loudly.

“Wait a minute, Lexie. He comes into my home to ask me questions he damn well knows the answer to. Then he faces me and put his hand on his weapon. Fortunately, he didn’t pull it because I would have made him eat it.”, I replied.

“Chris, I can’t deal with this shit anymore. I’m always sitting around waiting for the next fight you’re going to get into. I’m a police officer and this reflects on me. I already hear shit at the precinct about this situation.”, she shot back.

“What situation might that be?”, I asked.

“About all the fucking fights.”, she said, almost shouting.

“Lexie, in all of those altercations not once was at fault. I never started any of that shit, all I did was finished it. So now you’re blaming me?”, I asked.

“No what I’m saying is I can’t be associated with it. I’m sorry Chris, I am really but this isn’t going to work for me.”, Lexie said, removing her engagement ring from her finger.

I was stunned and at a loss for words as she crossed the room and extended her hand holding out the ring to me. I couldn’t move and became instantly nauseated.

“Lexie, I love you. Please don’t do this…… Please.”, I begged.

I can’t live like this, Chris……. You’re not going to change. I’m sorry but my mind is made up.”, she replied, setting the ring down on the coffee table.

“Lexie, please baby……”, I begged, once more.

“Sorry Chris, I’m going home. I will come back tomorrow and get my things.”, she replied.

She grabbed her keys and walked out of the door without saying another word. I can’t describe how I felt. There was a pain in my chest and a knot in my stomach. I walked to the window and watch her back out of my driveway. I watched her vehicle until the taillights disappeared into the darkness. I locked the door and walked back into my bedroom tears streaming from my eyes. I looked at the bed Lexie and I shared so many times and knew I could not sleep there tonight. I grabbed two pillows and went back down the hallway to the sofa and laid down there. It took me a while, but I eventually cried myself to sleep.

I woke up the following morning probably feeling worst then the night before. This was the second time Lexie bailed on me but deep down I knew it was for good. Lexie was the kind of woman that could not be forgotten so why even try? But I simply couldn’t wrap my head around how she could walk out on a love like ours. Do I just go on loving Lexie even though she is gone? Maybe hope she changes her mind? I had no idea what to do.

I dressed and left for the gym. I did not want to be there when Lexie came to get her things. I arrived at the gym and did my basic workout, then showered to get ready for my classes. I was in the office when Master Garcia came in for the day. One look at me and he knew something was terribly wrong.

“Chris…. You ok?”, he asked.

I explained to him what had happened, and he knew I had just asked Lexie to marry me. Master Garcia was more than my instructor, he was a good friend. Had been for a very long time. He gave me the usual pep talk but it didn’t help. Then out of the blue he made me an offer.

“Chris, I have been thinking lately. I am going to Brazil in two weeks. Maybe you go too. I think if you train in Ju Jit Su with what you know…., you maybe do MMA.”, he suggested.

“I don’t know Master…… I think I’m going to quit fighting.”, I replied.

“Why, because of girl?”, he answered.

“Yes, I guess so…… maybe if I give it up, she might come back.”, I responded.

“Chris listen to me……. You never start a fight. You get attack and defend. Nothing bad about that.”, he stated.

“She does not see it that way, Master.”, I answered.

“Then she wrong…… think about offer.”, he said, turning and walking out.

I stayed at the gym around seven that night and drove straight home. I went through the side door and back to the bedroom where I placed my bag on the chair. I opened the closet and saw that all of Lexie’s clothes were gone. After several minutes it appeared there were no belongings of Lexie remaining in the home. She had drove the second nail into my coffin. I took a quick shower and laid down in the bed. I was drifting off to sleep when my cell phone rang. It was Lexie’s mom, Jennifer.

“Hello.”, I said, answering the phone.

“Chris, oh my god……. I just found out.”, Jennifer gasped.

“I tried Jen, I begged her. She would not even talk to me.”, I replied.

“What happened?”, she quickly asked.

I explained that it was about the fight at the fair and then the two police officers arriving at my house. I explained in exact detail what had happened so Lexie could not spin it in her advantage.

“Chris, you were attacked. You did everything you could do to avoid it. She’s out of her fucking mind.”

“Apparently, I’m the bad guy Jen.”, I answered.

“Chris, Jim and I will talk to her.”, she offered.

“No please don’t Jen. She took my ring off her finger and walked out without even trying to talk things over. She never cried or showed any emotion. I cry every day and feel like my world is over. I just don’t think she cares for me that much. I don’t think I can do it again. I love her but she gives up on me too quick.”, I replied.

“Chris, please don’t say that……”, Jennifer begged.

“Sorry Jen, for now that’s the best I can do.”, I said, ending the conversation.

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