Erectile Dysfunction Pt. 03

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Rob is forced to meet one of the most testing challenges of his life when he finds his trusty old cock no longer functions as it did all through his married life. ED is a condition that will confront one in every six men in later life … the frustration that the equipment that served him so well just can’t get hard enough to perform penetrative sex any more.

As if what he is going through is not bad enough, he faces the psychological trauma that Evelyn, Rob’s wife of 36 years — describes the lack of a normal sex life for her as absolutely devastating. Attempting to restore ‘happy wife — happy life,’ Rob calls on a new golfing buddy, Terry to undertake the bedroom task that he can no longer do.

Despite being 5 years older than Rob, Terry’s erections are as strong as ever and he is able to resurrect Evelyn’s sexual lifestyle. But is it enough? How often should Rob risk calling in Terry’s help to maintain harmony in the marriage? That is the burning question as I conclude relating this true story of how one married couple handled — perhaps somewhat drastically — the cruel ED.

One word of caution, this story part includes a short passage — 1,900 words – of MF anal activity.

Evelyn resumes telling her story

Chapter Five

Only two days after Terry has quelled my urgent need to be sexually fulfilled for the first time, I am thinking of little else but having a repeat performance soon. Over Saturday dinner with my husband, I tried to nonchalantly suggest I spend an hour or two with my sexual benefactor on Sunday, so long as Rob and I have nothing planned. Although Rob is the one who came up with the original plan to call for Terry’s assist, my request for an encore does not go down well.

Chastened by his words, I recognise I’ve pushed Rob too far. Backing off, I discipline myself not to say another word all week … not that I won’t think of that wondrous erection every day. My sexual surrogate calls on Monday; he too is eager to go again. I have to admit I became over zealous. He understands and agrees to be patient. It is going to be hard for us both, we each drew a lot from our Thursday together.

The days tick by and I find myself needing to maintain my extreme self-control for a second week. By now, I am craving a repeat of Terry’s solid bedroom performance, every day recalling his firm erection filling my pleasure passage again and again for almost six hours. It doesn’t even need to be as long, I’d settle for shorter sessions if we could have them more often.

When Rob first approached Terry to help us, I clearly recall him suggesting that it may need to be weekly. I suspect that weekly was Rob’s original plan … in theory, but my thoughtless admission that Terry is thicker coupled with a glow — almost an aura — that hovered around me for days after, hasn’t helped my cause. Perhaps too bright and bubbly for my own good … Rob may be experiencing some jealousy and insecurities.

Rob doesn’t even bring up the subject of Terry and I fornicating for my sexual well-being until … it’s the Thursday night after golf — a whole two weeks to the day since Terry and I connected our bodies in heat. Rob arrives home and I finally hear him say the words that I have waited so patiently for, “Evelyn, how are you feeling these days – you know what I mean – do you think you’re ready for another visit with Terry?”

Oh boy, I was so ready, crawling up the wall type ready, but attempting to dispel any fears Rob may be harbouring that hot sex with Terry has become my be-all and end-all, I feign indifference, calmly saying, “Oh yes, maybe I should. That first time was two weeks ago now.”

“You sound like you don’t care.”

Oops, did I sound indifferent? Better rescue this before he assumes I’ve lost interest, “No Rob, I really do care…” then turn it back on him, “…but since you were all gung-ho about me coupling up with Terry to begin with, and you haven’t said a word since, I thought maybe you didn’t want me seeing him any more.”

“No Ev, I still think it’s a good plan, it’s just that I … err… um…”

“What is it Rob, say whatever is on your mind? We’ve always been able to talk all of our problems through.”

“Well, I don’t know if I didn’t think my plan through fully in the first place, or maybe I never expected to have quite the reaction I did when I saw you after your first day with him. Honey, my cock giving up working the way it did hit us both hard, but your distress was something else. I knew I had to come up with what turned out to be the Terry solution. I was hoping a few hours with him would make you feel recharged but that night I saw it was much more than that for you. You were almost dancing around the house … and humming. It was like you’d taken a lover, not just enjoyed a fuck or two with my buddy.”

I hadn’t realised my outward demeanour changed so much in that one day that I was projecting some inner glow that Rob has picked up on. When I think about it though, Terry filled Ankara travesti my body so well and I had orgasmed more frequently over a short period than I ever have in my life. I may have underestimated Rob’s perceptive powers … I will have to watch myself when I return after this next time.

“You should have said something to me at the time Rob. I never knew it bothered you that way. I don’t see that having a few hours in bed with Terry changed me. Really, I think that being with him took me back to how it was with you all these years … it wasn’t all that different.”

“Possibly a little thicker, though?”

“Oh, for gods sake, give up on that, will you Rob?”

“Sorry, I know it shouldn’t, but it bugged me.”

“Yes, that’s obvious. Rob, you have to let it go. I guess that every guy is different in one way or another … I never had enough in my life to know.”

“I’ll try, Evelyn. Anyway, I thought I’d offer you another catch up with him.”

“Thank you Rob, that’s very nice of you to suggest it. So, you’ll be ok now if I have him again?”

“I think so. I’ve been watching you these past two weeks, you seem quite normal, not like you are pining for his cock. The same goes for Terry. We played a round together today and he asked after you, said he hadn’t heard from you since just after that last time. He sounded genuine about that. I did have a thought when you hadn’t said anything that maybe you and he were cooking up another meeting behind my back.”

“Rob, I wouldn’t do that. I can’t believe you’d even suggest it of me.”

“No, I know I shouldn’t honey, I just had a few suspicions after the first time. As I said, it did seem to change you.”

“Well darling, I can assure you it hasn’t. And to prove it, if you feel at all uneasy about it, I won’t ever go see him for some hard cock again.”

I held my breath, I’ve just made a big call. The last thing I want now is to give Terry up after only one day together. My first date with him exhilarated me, my whole body was abuzz from the excitement of such an incredible day of sex. I’ve reflected on it constantly since, trying to recreate every moment in my mind, attempting to count how many orgasms that wonderful man’s hard cock gave me. I lost count around seven, but I know there were many more than that. I let the Terry genie out of the box, now I’ll be devastated if I can’t have him again.

“No Ev, I want to see you happy, let’s continue with the arrangement. You call him up tomorrow and see when he’s available. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear from you.”

I bet he will. Although I’ve avoided calling Terry, I know from observing him on that first day that he drew as much as I did from our day in bed.

I took some time to get to sleep that night, in my mind I was already planning how a repeat day will work out. About ten on Friday morning, Rob asked, “Have you called Terry yet?”

“No, not yet.” Rob had been hovering nearby all morning. I would prefer to speak to Terry without Rob eavesdropping. Not that we wanted to talk any lovey-dovey stuff, I just preferred some privacy in case he chose to talk sexy in his wonderful voice.

“Ok, well I had a thought. If it’s ok with you two, can you make it for Wednesday. I’ve got meetings in town that day. I do think its best that I be occupied when you’re with him. It was handy I was playing golf last time, took my mind off you two having some fun. If he’s free that day, I can drop you off at his house on my way to town and he can bring you home after.”

Damn! It’s five more days until Wednesday, can I hold out that long? I guess I’ll have to! It’s been fourteen days, eighteen hours and thirty minutes since he left my bed last time … but who’s counting?

Interesting that Rob would suggest delivering me to Terry, I wonder if he regrets that I brought Terry into our marriage bed and this time wants us to fornicate away from our home. He did ask which bedroom we used that afternoon.

Terry’s reaction when I call makes our long wait to couple up again worthwhile. He sounds as excited as I am that we will be having another date. I feel compelled to tell him, “So keep your hand off it until Wednesday Terry, I want you hard and virile,” referring to his confessed penchant for masturbating most nights. See, that’s why I needed to talk to him on the phone in private.

The days dragged by slowly … isn’t that the way it is when you want something badly enough? Finally, Wednesday rolled around. The twentieth day since my one lone day in bed with Terry, making up for almost six months without penetration in my sex life. I was forced to get dressed with Rob walking in and out of our bedroom, so strange to pull on my new sexy lingerie ensemble in front of him — I’d shopped on Monday for a new sexier coloured set to replace old-fashioned black. “Is that new?” Rob questioned as he walked by me on his way to the shower, while I stood at the mirror admiring how it all looked.

Even weirder that Rob drove me to my Antalya travesti unusual date. We pull onto Terry’s driveway and I lean over to kiss my hubby on the cheek, conscious that in as few as sixty seconds, another man’s lips will be on mine and that kiss won’t be nearly as chaste as this one. Is Rob thinking that too?

I step out of our car, calling back, “Have a nice day darling.”

His words in reply sound so ironic, “You too honey!”

‘Oh, I will … I surely will,’ I think, walking from our car toward Terry’s front door. Turning to look back, I see Rob step out of our car too. “You don’t have to come in darling, I’ll be fine.”

“Oh, I thought I’d say hi to Terry,” calls Rob, haven’t seen him in a week.”

“No, don’t bother, I’ll pass on your best wishes. I’m fine Rob, I’m a big girl now.”

Approaching Terry’s front door, it opens wide … there he is, my sexual surrogate, stepping out into the sunlight to greet me, resplendent in dressing gown and slippers. Has he just come from his bed and is about to take me back to it? My eyes flick back and forth between my two men, nervous. Will they come together to shake hands?

Terry reaches me as I stand between the car and his house, embarrassingly his arm wraps around my shoulders possessively, pulling me firmly against his robed body, as if to say ‘Bugger off, she’s mine for the next few hours.’ I look back nervously at Rob.

“Bye you two, have fun,” Rob calls to us as if he is seeing us off to the movies.

“We sure will,” Terry calls to his golfing buddy, his words dripping with innuendo. I remain mute, firmly held against him by his hand on my shoulder. I feel a sadness to watch my husband slip back behind the wheel and reverse our car onto the street, leaving me behind to be serviced by his friend, because he can’t.

My husband now out of sight, I turn to admire the man who holds me tightly to him on his driveway, my eyes inevitably drawn down to — and catching sight of – the extreme tenting of his gown, “My god, I hope Rob didn’t spot that.”

“Ha ha, you like it, it’s all yours.”

“Oh Terry, you know I do. It’s not that Rob doesn’t know what’s happening here today, I just don’t want to throw it in his face. If he’d seen the shape of that, thick as it is – and he’s not able — well, I’d be embarrassed.”

“I’m sorry for Rob, Evelyn, but it is what it is. He has this problem, whether you two like it or not … and I am the size and shape I am, and I won’t apologise for that.”

“I’m sorry, you’re right. It all just makes me sad.”

“Sounds like you need cheering up then. Come on, let’s go.”

My lover steers me into his house, closing the door behind us. Appreciating the quiet privacy inside Terry’s home, I take immediate advantage, slipping my hand into the folds of his gown, grasping a hold of this solid core of masculinity, “Oh my god Terry, I’ve missed this.” I am no longer the shy and nervous woman I was that first time.

“Just how I like it Terry, ready to perform in an instant.” I give it a couple of tugs, pre-cum bubbles ooze from the tip onto my palm.

“Can I get you a drink?” he offers.

“Maybe later, after you’ve given me my first good pounding of the day with this.” I give it another firm pull. “Take me to your bed darling.”

I release his hard cock, linking my arm in his. Together, we stroll down the hallway and into his bedroom, stopping beside his bed where Terry turns to face me. Greedily, I reach out and pull on the cord that holds his gown together. It parts to allow me to see the front of him, nude beneath from head to toes, his wonderful cock horizontal and pointing at me. “Very cheeky of you to wear your gown outside. I knew you’d be naked underneath the minute I saw you … I bet Rob thought so too.”

“I did it for you honey, thought you’d like me this way. No time wasted on shedding clothes.”

“That’s very practical … for you. You’re gonna need patience with me … I’m guessing you’ll want to take my time once you’ve seen my latest purchases.”

“Have you been out shopping again?”

“Just for you!” I turn my back to him, “Can you get the zipper in back please?” I hear the whisper sound of the dress zip, feel the back fall open.

“Already I love the colour … very modern. Oh, let me see more. Quick, take this off.”

Terry begins to yank my dress down over my hips. I help and in no time, it is a roll of material around my feet.

“Evelyn, turn around, I have to see all of this.”

I twirl and he wolf-whistles.

Similar garments to last time … low-cut bra, for now hidden by a matching camisole. Every garment in colour-coordinated dark maroon. High-cut panties that reveal an expanse of bare hips but conceal more smooth bum skin than previous. Garter belt and stockings again.

I insist he sit up against the backboard of his bed. I stand alongside and begin a little striptease for Terry. His reaction is priceless … typically horny male, irrespective İstanbul travesti of his age. It certainly justifies my Monday shopping trip to buy the very latest sexy lingerie.

My new-found confidence surprises me. Unlike that first day, I have no qualms this time, happy to let him see my 58-year-old body naked, strutting around nude in front of him, even daring to bend over to lewdly expose my pussy and arse crack. What a difference a day makes, so proud of my body now — encouraged by his succession of compliments last time — happier to accept them now.

Since he is already sitting up at the top of his bed, once I am stark naked, I slide over to him, sitting astride his thighs for us to indulge in our first passionate kiss of the day. I offer up my breasts for him to devour, and he does that with relish, suckling on each nipple thoroughly. And when we both mutually feel we’ve enjoyed sufficient foreplay, I only need to lift up, position my vaginal opening over the smooth round knob of his cock and slide down onto his hard erection. I ride him to orgasms just like last time … two for me and one for Terry.

The pattern of our day is quite similar to our first. I enjoy Terry and his perpetual erection just as much and in similar positions to previous. He licks my anal ring again and again attempts to persuade me to try anal sex. I am polite but firm in declining.

The temptations his perpetually hard cock presents, combining with the long 20 days between our sexual couplings, causes me to linger longer than I intend, so by the time he drives me home, it is after four. Rob has not set any time limits in his plan. Our car is on the driveway … he is home already.

“Should I come in, thank Rob for another great day?” asks Terry as I lean over to give him a perfunctory chaste kiss on the cheek, conscious that Rob might be watching.

“NO, I’d rather you didn’t!”

I wave him away and enter my house to face my husband. Even before a hello, his first words are, “You’re late.” He sounds pissed … I guess my exuberance to be fucked so extensively and solidly by Terry again has exceeded his largess in granting me a sexual benefactor. I’ve lingered for one more exhilarating fuck and three additional orgasms too many … it might cost me.

“Oh, I … err, I, um, didn’t know there was a time limit.”

“Honey, agreed that we never set one but I’d have thought you could have got all that you claim you need in under six hours.”

Rob had so unexpectedly granted me such freedom and I have abused his generosity. His only question this time after cooling down from how late I was, “Did it go alright?” I meekly nod, chastised by his attitude. Neither of us have much to say through dinner. He retires to bed quite early, leaving me watching TV until nearly 1am.

Will my exceeding a time limit that I never knew existed cause Rob to cancel the deal with Terry? Although forced to only have him on an occasional basis, I have enjoyed getting my bit (Terry and his hard cock) on the side as if it is normal … I have to accept it isn’t normal for most married couples. If I get another chance, I will need to be more circumspect.

I’ve had a happy and fulfilling marriage with Rob. Adopting restraint was something I didn’t have to do all that much, but again, for several more weeks, I exercise it a lot. I never mention a single word about Terry to Rob. However, I manage to get free time to talk to my surrogate lover on the phone several times a week. I implore him not stir Rob in any way when they get together for golf. Each time we talk and I listen to that resonant voice on the phone, I experience such a powerful pulsing in my pubic region that I can’t quell. I must have him again soon.

I endure another barren three-plus weeks since my second date with Terry but when Rob arrives home from his golf game on a Thursday evening, he has a surprise, “You know honey, after today’s game, the guys were talking about how hot this weekend is going to be. Before I left the club, Terry took me aside to suggest we might like to go to his house for a day in the pool.”

“Oh, any others coming?”

“I don’t know, he never said, but he did ask without the others hearing, so I doubt he’s inviting them.”

I agreed to go, happy to have an opportunity open up to see Terry again, but realising it could be frustrating … seeing him in only his swimmers but unable to touch.

Chapter Six

We arrive at Terry’s house around 1pm on Saturday, a hot day as forecast and perfect for swimming. I have been quite naughty … rushing out to shop on Friday to buy a new bikini, selecting the skimpiest one I have ever owned. Just as well I still work out a few days a week and have a flat stomach. Two triangles up top that barely cover my ample C cup breasts and a reverse triangle below — at least in the front – to conceal my pubis, while from behind, each smooth round arse cheek is completely exposed with the bikini string held captive between the cheeks.

What’s more, the saleswoman warned me that the material is virtually transparent once wet. What could have possessed me — a mature 58-year-old woman – to wear a costume like this? I haven’t experienced Terry’s wonderful thick one in 3 weeks and I am horny as hell? See, that’s why.

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