Erika Blossoms Ch. 05

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Note: This is chapter five of a very long story. 28 chapters so far. It is wide ranging and will eventually touch on interracial sex, dom women, lesbian sex, true love, revenge and much, much more. I hope you enjoy it.


CHAPTER FIVE – Sunday Afternoon and Night

When I got back home, I was a little disappointed to find that Jana wasn’t there, but kind of relieved too. I had to work tomorrow and needed some ‘me’ time to decompress from the crazy weekend.

I checked my phone for a message. Sure enough, there was one from Jana.

“Sorry. Gotta split. Guilted into going to see the fam for Easter. Sheesh. Talk later. ILY”

I slipped out of my church dress and into some sweats and a t-shirt. I decided to go for a walk instead of sitting down in front of the computer or TV.

It was a perfect spring afternoon. I thought about what Daddy and Jana had told me. Do I really not know what I want? What do I want?

Daddy was right. I want the kind of relationship that he and mom had – what I can remember of it anyway. They were always laughing is what I remember most. My dad owns a successful auto repair business and mom was a teacher.

The long walk was nice. I had walked for hours. It cleared my head. I resolved to spend some the time it takes to decide what I want from life. I refuse to be a sheep. I also decided that I was going to begin the process of breaking up with ‘my boyfriend’. Somehow.

Back at the apartment, I made myself a salad for supper, made sure I had clean clothes for work the next day and settled in for the night.

I was watching a mindless movie on tv – thinking mostly – when my phone rang. It was the boyfriend.

“What are you doing?” his voice low.

“Just watching TV.”

“You want to come over?”

“I think I’m going to stay home tonight.”

“Can I come over there?”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

“Twenty minutes.” I detected a note of excitement in his voice.

I considered whether to put on some different clothes or not and decided not to.

The boyfriend showed up soon enough. He brought a dozen roses with him. Grocery store roses, but still, appreciated.

He was dressed differently than his normal weekend attire. He was wearing khaki’s, a shirt with a collar and a blazer.


He sat down on the couch next to me. Close. He had an eager look on his face.

Considering what we had done two nights previous, I suppose it was understandable.

I had found his stash of pantyhose fetish porn, and we had lived out those fantasies for an evening and the next morning. I’ll admit, it was a lot of fun.

He began to nuzzle up with me, his face against my neck. He had shaved. His breathing was quick and shallow. He reached for my leg.

“Slow down, cowboy.” I grumped. “I need to get these roses in some water.”

He backed off.

I was trying to decide if I wanted to have sex with him tonight. I could feel my libido telling me I need a good hard fucking. The blazer and the roses were a good start, but I was going to make him work for it.

I decided that if he did everything right, it was definitely maybe. I made a mental list with two columns in my head.

“I really liked Friday night.” he said. Eager. Like a puppy.

“I did too.” I said honestly. “What did you like best about it?”

“Everything.” he said. “Let’s do it again” he blurted out.

Too eager and too clumsy. An X in the minus column.

I looked over at him. His eyes were bright with excitement.

“Hmmmm… I haven’t decided yet.” I teased. “But tell me, specifically, what did you like best?”

“I liked seeing your incredible legs and sexy ass covered with pantyhose. Your legs are amazing to begin with, but covered in pantyhose… Oh my God.”

“I’m not wearing pantyhose right now.” I said. I was looking for ‘being dominated by you’ I thought to myself. Another X in the minus column.

“Ummm… I brought you some.”

“Really!?” I said, genuinely surprised and pleased. Put that one in the plus column.

He beamed. “I sure did.” He was more animated and excited than I’ve ever seen him.

“Let me see them.”

“Hold on!” He went out the front door, and out to his car. He didn’t presume – plus column.

After a moment, he came back in with a pretty gift bag from Cupid’s Curiosities, a local lingerie/sex toy shop. He handed the bag to me while bowing from the waist.

A gift bag with a pretty bow – plus column. My libido was tapping her foot impatiently.

I pulled the bow open and pulled out a hosiery package.

They were a very sheer white, with a delicate little flower pattern stitched in. They were almost classy, in a slutty kind of way. They were also fairly expensive (he forgot to take the price tag off – minus column) and very high quality. These are definitely not grocery store pantyhose – plus column.

“Oh my. These are very nice.” I said.

He beamed at me. He was still standing in front of me like an eager puppy. It was kind of cute. It seems we’ve found what makes him porno come alive.

“I love you, Erika.” he said. “Friday night was a dream come true and I’m glad that you weren’t too freaked out about it.”

“That’s sweet of you to say. You know that I’m no prude, and I had fun too.” I said. “It looks like we’re about to have some more fun.” I added. “Let me go and freshen up a bit.”

My libido had made its decision it seems.

I went into the bedroom with my package. I pulled off my sweats and t-shirt and then my panties. Standing there naked, I pondered what to put on with my new pantyhose.

I looked into the gift bag, along with the hosiery package, there was a receipt.

I inspected it: 6 pair of hose, a tube of Ass-troglide, a urethane dildo, a vibrator and an item called “harness.” Total bill, nearly $300!

Oh my. What have I unleashed?

I pulled the pantyhose over my long legs. They felt amazing. Very sheer and silky smooth. Much better than the grocery store brand. I stood and looked in the mirror. Damn, they looked amazing too. The sheer white was definitely a good choice and the little flowers were an elegant, girly touch. Definitely in the plus column.

I walked over to my closet to pick something out and thought, “OK, let’s go all in and see where it goes.”

I pulled out my slinkiest, thinnest cocktail dress, a spaghetti strapped, form fitting, mini dress in shimmering soft smoky green silk that fit me like a smack in the mouth. Honestly, it was little more than a piece of expensively cut silk with a couple of thin straps at the shoulder.

I’ve had it for a while but have never had the nerve or occasion to wear it out anywhere. It was one that Jana had talked me into buying. I silently thanked her.

I pulled it over my head and let is slide over my hips. It felt decadent. Without a bra, my nipples were front and center.

Then I reached into my closet and pulled out my tallest heels, a pair of patent leather Monolo’s (another gift from Jana), three and a half inches tall. I slipped them on.

I walked back over to the mirror and took a look. My ponytail had to go. I pulled the scrunchie off and let my long brown hair fall down over my shoulders. Now my face looked naked.

I went into the bathroom and got busy. I applied my makeup with a heavier than usual hand – a little slutty even.

I stepped back to have a look in the mirror. And then I had a naughty thought. Back to the bedroom to get my phone, I took a picture of myself in the full-length mirror on my closet door.

I sent the photo in a text message to Jana with this message. “BF is here. About to have some fun with him. Any ideas?”

Before I could even get out the bedroom door, she texted back, “OMG! You look AMAZING! Ideas coming soon.”

Finally ready – it had taken 30 minutes – I decided he had waited long enough. I took my phone and the receipt I had found in the gift bag.

One last check in the mirror and I barely recognized myself. I looked good and felt good. I turned and strode into the living room. I rounded the corner and stood in front of him, feet set wide, hands on my hips, head held high.

His jaw literally dropped open.

I stood still, waiting for him to speak.

About a minute passed before he could say anything as he drank me in with his eyes. He finally croaked out “You look like a movie star.”

This pleased me.

I spotted the grocery store flowers he had brought, sitting on the table next to the couch. I walked slowly toward him, rolling my hips just a little. I bent over at the waist and put my face in front of his, as if to kiss him. He closed his eyes expectantly.

I looked down at his lap. His khaki’s had a little tent. “I need to put these in some water.” I whispered in his ear.

I picked up the flowers and turned toward the kitchen. I strolled into the kitchen and made a big show of looking for a vase. I looked in the space under the sink, by bending at the waist, my legs spread wide. I looked in the high pantry above the stove, lifting one leg slightly and bending the knee. Reaching way up with an exaggerated stretch, I pulled one down. I could feel his eyes on me.

I moved to the sink and filled the vase with water and the flowers, taking my sweet time cutting the stems, pulling off leaves, arranging them just right. I put them on the table when I was done, stood back and admired my work. Every movement, every stance, calculated to show off my body.

I walked back to the couch and stood in front of him. I bent over at the waist again and whispered in his ear, “Thank you for the flowers. They’re lovely.” I gave his ear a little nip with my teeth.

I stood and ran my hands up my sides, across my tummy and over my breasts, then I turned around and arched my back.

“I love the pantyhose, they are gorgeous. How do they look to you?” I asked him, looking over my shoulder.

“Fantastic!” he said eagerly.

I turned and walked across the room to where I had put my phone down, really shaking it this time. I picked up the phone anime porno and launched the camera app.

“Smile!” I said, and took his picture before it registered what I was doing.

I walked back to him, handed him the phone and said, “Now you do me.”

I backed up a few steps and threw my hip way out, lowered my chin and posed.

I heard the phone shutter sound, ‘click’.

I moved and posed again, this time pulling up the hem of my dress a little.


Repose. Hands under my breasts.


Looking over my shoulder.


Bent over at the waist from the front.


Bent over at the waist from behind.

The posing and the clicking went on for several minutes. I had a lot of fun pretending to be a girl you would want to take sexy pictures of. Nothing too risqué even though it was my phone, they have a way of escaping onto the internet.

But even so, I couldn’t resist one last picture.

“Listen very carefully, I don’t want my face in this picture, so frame it carefully.” I told him.

I noticed a little wet spot on his trousers where his cock was pitching its tent.

I reached up and pulled the straps of my dress off my shoulders and let it slip to the floor and carefully stepped out of it.

I posed as seductively as I knew how. I turned just a bit, threw my hip out a little, one knee bent, one shoulder up, chest high and proud, one hand flat against my tummy and the other at my side with my hand flat against my thigh.

“Take my picture.”


I spun around and bent to pick up my dress. I draped it across the armchair and walked over to where he was sitting. I had already made a big wet spot in the crotch of my pantyhose and could feel my pussy lips sliding against each other, and the nylon rubbing my hard, exposed clit. It won’t take much to make me cum, I thought to myself. Just walking around in these pantyhose is an erotic experience.

I reached out and took my phone and walked over to the table where I had left the receipt and picked it up.

I closed the phone app and launched the texting app. Several messages from Jana were waiting.

I walked over to the armchair, sat down in it sideways and draped my legs across the arm, with my back to the other arm. I pulled the silk dress off the back of the chair and draped it lightly across my breasts.

I busied myself with my phone, ignoring the boyfriend.

Jana’s text read: “you look SO amazing in that pic. wish it was me instead of the BF.”

The second one read: “cant stop looking at the pic. it’s giving me THE VAPORS.”

The third one: “idea. send him home and I’ll come over.”

I quickly scrolled through the pics we had just taken. And while the lighting was bad, and some of them were out of focus, I hardly recognized myself in them. They looked like personal phone pics of some fabulous celebrity or famous supermodel. And the last one looked like something from a girly magazine.

I sent the last pic to Jana in a text with this message: “I have an idea too. Get ready to come over. Dress sexy. Will text soon.” I had remembered the last video I had seen on his computer – the one with two pantyhose girls.

Almost immediately, I got a return text: “that pic killed me. I’m dead.”

Followed by: “getting dressed. coming over. refuse to wait.”

I texted back: “good idea. don’t come in until I text. BF is about to stroke out.” I giggled at my pun.

“Ummm… What are you doing?” he finally asks.

“Texting with Jana.”

“Uh… Aren’t we going to, uh, have some fun?” A note of concern in his voice.

“You can start without me, I’m fine.” Not looking at him. I put the phone down.

But I did start to put on a little show. I put one of my long legs in the air and ran my fingertips up and down.

“These pantyhose are really very nice. Where did you get them?”

“Cupid’s Curiosities” he said. “Why are you texting her?”

“She’s my best friend, silly.” I looked over at him. He looked wary.

“You told her, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did. You wouldn’t expect me not to tell my best girlfriend about the best orgasm I’ve ever had, would you?” I smiled at him.

Looking a little relieved, he said, “Well, I suppose not…”

With my leg still in the air, I reached up and started fondling my breasts through the silk dress, pinching my hard nipples. I let the silk fall a little as I raised my other leg straight into the air.

“Aren’t you going to get started?” I asked.

“Well, I thought we would… you know, do it together.”

I turned in the chair and stood up. Holding the silk dress between my outstretched hands, I pulled it back and forth across my breasts. The silky friction on my straining nipples was exquisite.

I heard my phone buzz that a new text had arrived. I turned and picked it up. I bent at the waist and put my elbows down in the chair seat to read it. My feet wide, he had a clear view of my pantyhose covered ass.

The text arap porno said “I’m on my way.”

I heard the boyfriend stand up and unzip his pants. I didn’t look.

“This is going to be so much fun.” I texted back.

I could hear him getting undressed behind me, as I gently rolled my hips from side to side. It was a ridiculously uncomfortable position, but I was sure of the effect it was having on him.

I turned and looked over at my shoulder. He was standing there naked, looking unsure of what to do next.

I ran one hand along the curve of my ass and down my thigh, and then along the inside of my thigh and up to my pussy.

I heard him mutter “goddam” under his breath.

“You like?”


“Why aren’t you showing me then?”

“What do you want me to do?”

I stood and turned around and then squatted down so that my ass was resting on my heels and my back was against the chair.

“Come over here.”

He walked over, his dick leading the way under his slightly pudgy belly.


He stood between my legs, his cock right in front of my face. I reached up and rubbed a drop of pre-cum across the head of his dick with the tip of my finger. His dick twitched.

“I want you to show me how much you appreciate what I’m doing for you, indulging your kinky little perversion. You have to do everything I say, or this stops right now. It stops forever. Do you understand?”

The gauntlet? Thrown. The power? All mine.

“Anything. Just tell me. Please.” He was pleading.

This pleased me. I pinched both nipples and pulled them out obscenely.

I reached up and took his dick in my hand. I pulled him closer and leaned in. Holding his dick by the base, I put it in front my mouth with my mouth wide open. I breathed out a hot breath across his head. He moaned. I pulled back.

I stood up, still holding his dick. I pressed myself against him. He was unsteady on his feet, trembling.

“These pantyhose please me so much, I might just let you put your little dick in my mouth. Would you like that?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Would you like if it I took your little dick in my mouth and sucked you off?”


“Would you like to shoot your little dick all over my face like I was some cheap slut?”


“I might even let you put your little dick in my tight little pussy. Would you like that?”

“yes.” he whispered. He leaned in and tried to kiss me. I turned my head.

“Would you like to fuck my tight pussy with that little dick, and shoot your cum inside me like a dirty whore?”

“oh God yes.”

Wearing the 3 inch heels, I towered over him. It made me feel dominant, powerful. I pushed his dick between my pantyhose covered thighs, grabbed his hips and started to pull and push them, so that his cock was dry humping my thighs. The angle of his cock pushed his dick head against my pussy. It felt fabulous.

He was moaning and tried to reach up and grab my breasts.

I pushed him away and slapped his dick very hard. His whole body jerked, surprised.


His whole body sagged. I stepped back into him and pushed my tits against his chest. I reached down and slid his dick back between my thighs.

“If you please me, I might even let you fuck my tiny virgin asshole like a dirty slut. Would you like that?”

“yes.” The barest whisper.

“I’ve never given my asshole to anyone before. Would you like to be the first man to buttfuck me like a dirty assfucking whore?”

I had him by the hips again and was pushing and pulling his dick in and out between my pantyhose cover thighs very slowly.

“yes.” He was breathing hard now.

“Would you like to shove your little dick in my dirty asshole? Fuck my virgin ass and make me a dirty assed cock slut? Is that what you’d like to do with your little dick? Fuck me in the ass and fill my virgin asshole with your sperm? Is that what you want?”

“yes. Oh god yes.”

“If you want all of those things, I am prepared to let you do it. But there are some conditions that must be met.”


“Very strict conditions.”

“Yes.” he said more firmly.

“And if these conditions are not met, there will be serious consequences.”

“Yes.” He sounded eager again.

“You may not touch me unless I specifically tell you to touch me. Is that understood?”

“Yes.” Firmly.

“You may not touch yourself unless specifically instructed to do so. Is that understood?”


“You may not cum unless specifically instructed to do so. Is that also understood?”


“You are to obey my every word without question and without exception. Do you understand?”


“Ok, it is my belief that we now have a firm understanding. I expect you to be a man of your word. Remember, if you do not please me, this goes away. Forever. Do you understand and agree to all of this?”

“Yes.” he said firmly, looking directly into my eyes.

“Go into my bedroom and close the door. Turn down the bed and get in. I will be with you when I am ready.”

He left. I heard the door close behind him.

I checked my phone. Several texts from Jana. The last one from about 10 minutes previous that said, “I’m here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32