Evangeline Becomes a Woman

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This is a work of fiction. References to Erica Jackson are purely a product of the imagination of the author. Such references to or statements and actions made by this character should not be considered real references, actual conversations, or behaviors held by the real Erica Jackson.

Chapter One: Good Morning Lover

Sunday morning’s sun arose just like the millennia of days prior. It was an unusually cool morning in Las Vegas. My girlfriend Evangeline was lying in bed next to me. Evangeline is a transsexual who is undergoing male to female gender reassignment surgery tomorrow morning. She is an amazingly beautiful person, both inside and outside, and I love her dearly. My bedroom is on the second level of my condo, so I had a coffee station built in my bedroom so I wouldn’t need to go downstairs in the mornings. My bedroom leads out to what I call my balcony; it’s just a landing overlooking the lower level. I put a small table with two chairs just outside my bedroom door to enjoy my morning coffee.

I put a pod into the Keurig, pushed the button and got out the cream. A few minutes later I was sitting on my balcony enjoying my coffee. Evangeline appeared in the doorway topless but wearing sweat pants.

“Good Morning Lover,” I said, “were you dreaming last night?”

“Yes, how did you know?” Evangeline inquired.

“You were talking in your sleep, who is George?” I asked.

“Did I call out George? Really?” Evangeline asked.

“Yes, Who is that?” I began, “No, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“It’s okay. I trust you. The other day I told you I wasn’t going to tell you my name when I considered myself male. I was George. George Logan. Please keep that to yourself.” Evangeline admitted.

“Oh okay, your secret is safe with me. Do you know why you would call out your old name?” I asked.

“My shrink said I might do something like this. I guess subconsciously I was saying goodbye to George. Thank God. Good Riddens!”

“Like a divorce?” I queried.

“I was thinking more like a death, but a divorce is a better analogy.” Evangeline stated.

“What do you want to do today?” I asked.

“Can we go to the gym? I’ll be laid up for a week and won’t be able to work out. Then after a shower maybe we can go for a walk if it’s not too hot out today.” Evangeline asked.

“You know there is a gym in this building somewhere.” I explained.

“Really? Will Amy or Sheila be there? I really don’t want run into Sheila.” She said. Amy is my boss, Sheila is her wife and happens to be Evangeline’s boss. Both Evangeline and I are on vacation.

“Do you want me to call Erica? She might know Sheila’s routine. I think she’s still at the Bellagio with Sarah.” I inquired. Erica is Amy’s best friend and we all live in this building. They live the floor above me. Sarah is the contractor that did some work in my apartment before I moved in. I gave Sarah a voucher for 3 days at the Bellagio Casino that I won.

“Would you?” Evangeline asked

“Sure.” I picked up the phone and dialed.

“Hello.” Erica groggily said, I think I woke her up.

“Hi Erica, it’s Stephanie. Did I wake you? I forgot how early it is. I’m sorry.” I apologetically began.

“No, it’s okay Steph. I was just laying here. Hold on a minute.” She replied. “Okay.” I said

When Erica came back to the phone she said, “I got very little sleep last night. After rolling around the bed with Sarah until 4am, We were exhausted and fell to sleep. Sarah snores loudly. She woke me up at 4:30. I got up, watched TV but Even with the door closed it sounded like a chainsaw. I’m not spending another night with her.”

Trying to hold back the laughter I said, “I’m sorry Erica, if I knew I would have warned you.”

“Oh sure laugh it up girl! It’s not your fault Steph. Why did you call?” Erica inquired.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Evangeline and I want to use the gym here in the building. I need to know two things. First, where is the gym located? And, I don’t want to run into Sheila, I was wondering if you knew her routine” I inquired.

“The Fitness Center is on the 2nd floor and Sheila doesn’t work out on Sunday’s. She crashes.” Erica replied.

“Thank you Erica. Have fun with Snory.” I quipped.

“I’m leaving, I will leave her a note.” Erica stated.

“Well thank you anyway Erica.” I said.

“No prob Steph. Love you kisses.” The phone disconnected

Chapter Two: Workout! (From Evangeline’s Point of View)

“The gym…no the fitness center is on the second floor and Sheila doesn’t work out on Sunday.” Steph reported to me.

“Okay good. Steph, do you mind going to the Pharmacy for me while I go down to the fitness center? I need to pick up my HRT and I have a prescription for a bowel cleanser.” I asked.

“Which pharmacy?” Steph asked

“CVS over on Del Webb Blvd.” I replied.

Stephanie offered, “I’ll bring home breakfast.”

“Good.” I replied then went in the bedroom put Casibom on a tee shirt, took a bottle of water out of the refrig. “Can you unlock the door?” I asked.

“When you come back upstairs I will scan you finger print in the system so you can get out whenever you want.” Steph escorted me down to the door and put her thumb on the pad next to the door. The deadbolt slid back and I gave Steph a kiss and went downstairs

When I got down to the fitness center it was empty. I started with the treadmill. About five minutes into my workout Erica walked in.

“Hiya Evangeline, where’s Steph?” Erica asked.

“She had to run a few errands.” I replied.

“Too bad, well I guess it’s just us.” Erica said and smiled.

Erica was wearing shorts and a cut off tee shirt that cut just below her breasts. Her flat midriff was bare and her naval was pierced. Erica has an ass that most men, and women just can’t miss. She started doing squats facing me and I could tell that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I asked, “Do you have any other piercings?”

“Just my ears, some women get there nipples and/or clitoris pierced. I can’t imagine the pain. I’m chicken. Do you have any piercings or tattoos?” Erica asked.

“No just my ears. I said as I finished my run and got off the treadmill. The next piece of equipment I wanted to use was a Bowflex on the other side of the room. The only way to get to it was to pass Erica in a very tight isle. Erica and I are about the same height 5′ 7”. I made a mistake and passed Erica facing her instead of my back to her. After three years of hiding my secret, I made a rookie mistake. Our bodies rubbed up against each other as we passed by each other. I felt Erica’s hand purposefully rubbed against my crotch.

“OH MY GOD!!” Erica stopped and put her hand down the front of my sweat pants. “I didn’t expect this!” She said holding my penis in her hand.

“Erica, please don’t say anything to Sheila, please! I’m having to reassignment surgery in the morning. This penis is no more.” I pleaded.

“Girl you had us all fooled.” Erica said and she used her free hand and slid it up under my Tee shirt. “Are these real, the feel natural.” She said as she pulled up the shirt feeling my breasts.

“They are real and natural.” I said. The effect of Erica holding my penis caused an erection.

“I always wanted to be fucked by a tranny. It’s a bi girl’s fantasy, a cock and tits.” Erica said.

“Lock the door.” I said. To myself I said, ‘what the hell.’

Erica went over to locked the door and close the blinds. I took off my tee shirt and dropped my pants to the floor. I then lay back on the Bowflex bench penis at full attention. Erica dropped her shorts to the floor and climbed on top. She guided me slowly into her and she started riding the penis the full length of the shaft.

“That feels great Erica.” I said staring up at a beautiful woman with mocha skin and milk chocolate areola. I reached up and rubbed her tits as she pulled off the half tee shirt. Erica moaned with pleasure as we both enjoyed this for a few minutes.

Erica dismounted and pulled me up to my feet and guided me to switched places. Erica pulled her feet up to her head, opening her pussy wide. I slipped my penis into her eager wet pussy with ease and started pumping hard and fast. Erica was near orgasm as I pulled out and started linking her clit. Erica squirted all over my face. Erica pulled me to her. “I never squirted before.” she whispered, licking her cum off of my face.

When she was done I wet a towel with water from a bottle and wiped my face. “You’re not done yet.”

I instructed Erica to get on all fours. Erica complied and I entered her from behind, fucking her doggy style. “You said you wanted to be fucked by a tranny, I’m gonna fuck you good!” Erica couldn’t believe it. After 15 minutes in this position I pulled out and put my cock against her anus.

Erica mildly objected, “I’ve never do an… oh god!” it was too late the head of my cock had entered her rosebud. It was tight but felt great.

“If you’re uncomfortable or if it hurts too much I will stop.” I said as I slipped the entire 6 inch length erection into her. This surprised me .

“No, don’t stop!” She said as I withdrew a little and went back in again. I could feel her sphincter muscles contracting against the base of my shift.

“This is my first anal.” She whispered.

“Mine too.” I said, “I’m going to…” I shot my load in Erica’s ass. “Now we’re done.” I said.

Erica remained bent over the bench; she could feel the hot cum oozing out of her anus. “Could you get me a towel hun?”

“Sure, I’m sorry.” I said as I wiped the ejaculate from her ass. What a fine ass it is, much like Stephanie’s, the cheeks start to separate just above the anus, so when she bends over you have a full view of the anus and vagina.

Erica stood up and we kissed Erica passionately. “Let’s say we go up to my place and go again?” Erica asked as she started rubbing my now limp 4 inch cock.

“No. Stephanie Casibom Giriş is probably back by now. See me in four weeks and you can lick my pussy.” I said.

“I can’t wait.” Erica said with her devilish smile.

I found my pants and pulled them up. I handed Erica her shorts, “Thanks.” she said

“You’re going to keep my secret right?” I asked.

“Of course I will. How long will you be in the hospital?” Erica asked.

“5 to 8 days.” I replied.

“Can I come see you?” Erica asked.

“Sure, I’ll be in Immersive Medical. Come alone, I can’t say this too often, I don’t want anyone knowing about this, okay?” I asked.

“No worries, I forgot it already.” Erica responded.

“It’s just that it might interfere with my plans.” I said.

“What are you planning?” Erica inquired.

“Stephanie doesn’t know this, I want it to be a surprise for her, okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Erica said.

I continued, “Sheila had a staff meeting last night. She’s moving ahead with full nude strippers in 2 months. This is a prelude to live sex shows. What she’s planning is starting with strippers only for two weeks. Then having the strippers start at 8pm when we open, have a sex show at midnight, 1am and 2am with strippers in between. She’s extending the hours to 3am.”

“Really? Wow!” Erica surprisingly said.

“I want to be a stripper on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and a Hostess on Friday and Saturday. I already let Sheila know my intentions. She said I’ll have to audition for the job, but I think that’s just an excuse for her to see me fully nude in private.” I continued as I pulled the tee shirt over my head.

Erica found her half tee and pulled it over her head and adjusted it. “I want to surprise Stephanie on my first night stripping so please keep this too yourself.” I requested.

Wiping cum from the floor and the Bowflex bench with a towel Erica asked, “So what do you know about exotic dancing? You know it not just getting on stage and taking off your clothes. A good stripper has to titillate too! When you’re ready, I can see what you have to offer.”

“Would you? Stephanie is right, you are the sweetest person. By the way, thanks for the fuck. It was a nice way to go out. Please don’t tell Stephanie. I know she’s a bit of a whore, but I’m not…yet!” I said with a sheepish smile.

“No, I should thank you; I was the one who wanted you to fuck me.” Erica stated.

“It was mutually beneficial. You didn’t have breakfast yet did you?” I asked.

“No.” Erica replied.

“Why don’t you join us?” I asked.

“That sounds good.” She said as she unlocked the door.

“By the way I’m going to have to tell Steph you know I’m a Transsexual” I stated.

“Ok. That was a great workout.” Erica said as we left.

Chapter Three: OMG! She knows! Maybe that’s a good thing.

When Evangeline returned from the Fitness Center I was surprised to see Erica behind her as she entered the apartment.

“Look who I found downstairs in the gym, I invited her to join us for breakfast.” Evangeline said, putting down her bag and went into the bathroom.

“Hiya Steph!” Erica greeted me kissing me on the lips.

“Hi Erica, this is a surprise. Sarah called looking for you. How was your workout?” I told her.

“I will call her after I use the bathroom. It was wonderful.” Erica said.

“If you really have to go you can use the bathroom upstairs.” I offered.

“No, I’m good.” she said. Evangeline came out of the bathroom and Erica went in.

“Steph, sit down. She knows that I’m a Transsexual.” Evangeline started as we sat.

“What? How?” I queried.

“You haven’t been in the gym yet. In order for to people to pass each other they need to squeeze by each other in very thin isles. I made the mistake of passing her facing her. She felt the penis.” Evangeline finished.

“How did she take it!” I asked.

“She’s actually cool with it.” Evangeline stated.

“If anyone would, I knew she would be.” I said.

“She said she won’t tell Sheila, but I don’t know.” Evangeline said.

“It’s not Sheila I’m worried about, it’s Amy. Amy is her bestie and usually what Amy knows then Sheila knows.” I replied.

Erica came out of the bathroom. “I just spoke to Sarah. She was upset that I left but she understood why I left. I’ll go back this afternoon.”

I started, “So Evangeline said you accidentally found out her transgender secret.”

“Yeah, image my surprise.” Erica said.

“She also mentioned that you said you won’t tell Sheila, I want you to take that info to your grave with you, don’t tell anyone okay?” I requested.

“Not even Amy?” She asked.

“Erica, no one. Not Amy, Sheila, Sarah, Beth, Charley, Walter, Nobody!” I said a little sternly. “Promise me!” Charley and Walter were our Doormen. Beth is a friend of ours and a local business woman.

“Okay Steph.” Erica said.

“I know you well enough to know I need you to actually tell me that you Casibom Güncel Giriş promise me that you won’t divulge this secret. Otherwise you can say ‘I never really promised, I just said okay.”

She smiled, “Okay Stephanie I promise I won’t divulge ANY of Evangeline’s secrets.” Erica promised.

“That should do it.” I said, “Wait, what other secrets does Evangeline have?”

Evangeline said, “A girl has to have some mystery about her. I’m sure you don’t tell me everything that you do.”

“You’re right, nor do you want me to.” I said.

“Oh really?” Evangeline questioned me. After an uncomfortable pause she said, “I’m going to let you off the hook, let’s eat.”

“As usual I got a lot of food, so I’m glad you’re here Erica. I got eggs, bacon, sausage and home fries. I got enough to feed an army.” I said.

“Good! I’m starved. We had an exhausting workout. I will eat this meal and a light lunch. After that I won’t eat” Evangeline started.

We sat down to eat. Everyone took whatever they wanted.

“Are you nervous?” Erica asked Evangeline.

“Hell yeah I’m nervous. But I look at the positive. I don’t need breast augmentation, facial feminization surgery, a tracheal shave, abdominoplasty or voice surgery.” continued Evangeline.

“What’s a tracheal shave?” i asked

“Adams Apple reduction.” She explained.

“So what are you having done?” Erica asked.

“Just the things in the crotch.” Evangeline replied, “Orchiectomy – removal of the gonads, Penectomy, Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty and a Clitoroplasty. All I know is I have to start the bowel prep tonight after 8 pm. I drink the first bottle of a colon cleanser called Prepoik and the next bottle in the morning. I’m hoping this won’t keep me up all night. When I get to the hospital they do an EKG, to check my heart and blood work.”

“For clarification, they remove your testicles and penis then they create a vagina, labia and clit is that right?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s right. You can go online to see the actual procedure. It’s an amazing procedure. The GRS procedure hours take about 5 hours. I’ll be in bed for a few days with a dilatator in my vagina and I’ll be hooked up to a pain medicine machine. I’ll most likely be out of it for a few days.” continued Evangeline.

“So I guess your my fuck buddy for a few days Erica.” I joked with a smile.

Evangeline punched me in the arm. “Bitch!” she said.

“What? Did you think I couldn’t smell the sex on the both of you?” I asked.

“Damn!” Erica said.

“There is a very distinctive odor to your semen Evangeline and I’m guessing you’re not wearing panties Erica, I love the smell of your pussy.”

“Damn!” Erica said.

“How do you know what her pussy smells like?” Evangeline asked.

“Before I met you, Erica’s was the very first pussy I ever licked.” I explained, “Hun, I love you and I don’t want you to be upset before your operation. Let’s drop this okay. I was just trying to be funny when I said Erica should be my fuck buddy. I love YOU!”

“Thank you, you’re right.” Evangeline said kissing me.

Changing the subject I said, “Erica, on Friday afternoon, I met with Rebecca. She agreed to do an augmentation. She also agreed I should be a 34C. Do you think Amy will give me another week soon to do this?” Rebecca is the plastic surgeon tha Amy recommened.

“Why don’t you call Rebecca and see if she can fit you in early next week?” Erica asked.

“I can’t, I have to take care of Evangeline that week.” I said

“I can help with Evangeline, if it’s okay with you Evangeline.” Erica said.

“You just want to see my new pussy!” Evangeline laughed.

“Yeah, there’s that.” Erica said with a big smile.

“But I know it will be difficult for you and it will be at least a week before Stephanie will feel up to going back to work, even then you won’t be able to do a lot of lifting or over reaching.” She said looking at me.

“Let me see how it goes with Amy.” I said to Erica, then to Evangeline, “Do you mind if we stop by the shop this morning?” We finished eating, cleaned things up and Erica left.

Chapter Four: Stephanie’s Rules for a happy life.

“So what was it like?” I asked Evangeline.

“What?” Evangeline said with a confused look.

“Fucking Erica!” I said.

“She’s tight. It felt good.” Evangeline responded.

“I’m glad you had that experience hun.” I said.

“We had anal sex too!” Evangeline was now boosting.

“Really? Erica told me privately she always put men off when they asked for anal.” I said.

“I know, she said I was her first. But to be honest I didn’t give her a chance to object. I was doing her doggy and I pulled out and inserted into her ass very quickly. We were both anal virgins.” Evangeline stated.

“Oh you’re a Sneaky Pete huh? Well, I’m happy for you hun.” I said and kissed her on the forehead.

“So you’re not jealous?” She asked.

“Evangeline why would I get jealous? First of all you and Erica are adults. Then, it’s your body, who am I to tell you who to fuck. Finally, we love each other. I trust you. I know you’re coming back to be with me no matter who you have sex with. As I will you, always! Shit babe, it’s only sex. ” I explained.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32