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Everybody has a fantasy about a librarian, she had read. The article was in a magazine in a Dentist’s waiting room where she had gone for her six monthly check up. Her teeth were strong and healthy, and she had only two fillings in her life. Oral hygiene, in fact personal hygiene was very important to her.

Everybody has a fantasy about a librarian.

Do they? She was, indeed, a librarian and wondered about that. She had since observed men (and women) coming and going, watching to see if they were looking at her. Watching to see if they appeared attracted. But there were no signs that the statement was true.

Of course, Isabella didn’t consider herself attractive; she wore thick glasses, her forehead was too wide, and she hid it under her fringe. Her hair was…not quite blonde and she wore it relatively short. She wasn’t very tall; 5′ 5″. And she had a lisp. It wasn’t very noticeable – until she had a few drinks. What did she think was her most attractive feature? Possibly her bum? Her legs were OK – she ran three or four times a week and it kept them well toned. Her breasts weren’t very big, just a B cup, but at least she didn’t need too much support; they were firm.

She lacked confidence in herself. She didn’t believe any man (or woman – she admitted to herself that she was bi-curious) could be sexually attracted to her. As for anybody fantasising about her, personally? No, that simply wasn’t likely.

But that didn’t stop the librarian in her from fantasising about the possibility. While sitting at her desk, she would let her mind wander; she was able to work and function normally, while allowing her mind to dance free.

Her most common fantasy was about men and women appearing in the library naked. There was a thrill in imagining watching them bending over, naked, to select a book from a lower shelf. Or stretching on tip toes for the higher shelves. But she never imagined herself naked at the same time.

She wore clothing that was practical for her work. She wasn’t into power dressing or wearing severe suits, besides it could get quite warm in the library; in Winter the heating was on, in Summer the sun shone through the windows in the roof and walls. There were blinds to protect the books from fading, but this didn’t help to keep the library cool. They would not spend the money on air conditioning. So, her clothing was necessarily lightweight. She wore skirts by preference and short sleeved blouses. Her underwear was always sensible; white, unpadded bra, simple cotton panties. Tan tights in Winter, bare legs in Summer.

There was a range of people who came into the library from young children to pensioners on mobility scooters. She checked books in and out. There were also audio books and videos that were available, but these were mostly academic subjects and not popular films. Then, when it was quiet, she would wheel her trolley around, replacing the books and videos on the shelves in their correct places.


Bella (as she liked to be known), lived alone. She hadn’t had many boyfriends and her only sexual experiences had been at University. To be honest, they weren’t very satisfactory; both times she had drunk too much and both times her partner came far too quickly. The only way she had ever acquired satisfaction was with her own fingers. The flat where she lived was always clean and tidy and could almost have been an extension of the library. There were very few personal touches; just one picture in a frame of her late parents and another of her older brother who had emigrated. He was unmarried and gay. They kept in touch but rarely saw each other now.

Her daydreams were essentially harmless. Nobody knew, nor probably suspected even, that she harboured such thoughts. With such limited sexual experience, they were not what could be called particularly raunchy. This was about to change.

One day, she left her desk to replace some of the returned books. It had been a quiet day, indeed there couldn’t be more than four people in there at that moment. She wheeled the trolley along, gradually moving toward the far end of the shelving. She had one last book to replace, in the furthest section, but as she turned the corner, she came across a young couple kissing passionately. She was about to cough and announce her presence, but then noticed that the young man had pinned the woman against the reading desk that stood between the shelves. And then she saw where his right hand was. Or rather, where it appeared to be; it was pushed down inside the waistband of his girlfriend’s jeans, and the movements of his digits made it obvious that he was pleasuring her.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, suddenly overcome with an intense arousal.

The couple broke apart, the man withdrawing his hand. They looked at each other and burst into giggles before sauntering past her, heading towards the doorway. Bella couldn’t help but notice the pronounced bulge in the man’s jeans — and the wet patch associated with it. She felt giddy at the realisation that the girl must have brought him to climax, and she had interrupted him returning the favour.

Bella escort bayan stepped around the corner into the section so that she was out of sight and leaned back against the shelving. The sudden erotic encounter had made her short of breath and she could hear her heart thumping. Worse still, she could feel an urgent tingling in her pussy. She calmed her breathing and checked around the corner to make sure nobody was approaching. The urge was too great to ignore; her hand slid inside the waistband of her skirt and down into her panties. She was shocked at how wet she was. And then her fingers touched that sensitive little button.

Never, ever in her life had she masturbated away from her own bedroom. It was something private and personal and she liked to be in those familiar surroundings when she carried out her naughty little act.

The sparks that she felt coursing through her lower abdomen gave her no choice, she had to rub quickly and achieve satisfaction. Bella put her other hand to her face and bit on it to prevent sounds from escaping. Her legs would no longer support her weight and she slid to the floor; her knees splayed at an ungainly angle. Two fingers slid inside her vagina while her thumb continued to tease her clitoris. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before she felt the waves of orgasm rushing up through her whole body.

Maybe she passed out. Maybe it was for five seconds, or five minutes, or more. Whatever, she suddenly came to her senses, pulled her hand out, closed her legs and clambered to her feet using the shelving to help support her weight. Once stable, she took a couple of deep breaths, then grabbed the last remaining book and placed it in its correct slot, before wheeling the trolley back to her desk.

Bella had to endure squirming in sodden panties for the next hour until it was time to close the library for the day. The embarrassment she felt whenever she had to interact with customers and usher them out was almost unbearable. As soon as the last one had departed, she locked the door and rushed to the lavatory, where she immediately pulled her skirt up and pushed the white cotton panties down to her ankles. She took one foot out and then reached down to remove them from the other. Clutching the garment in her hand she sat down on the toilet and tried to calm down, tried to control her libido.

After a couple of minutes, she felt a bit more relaxed — enough to be able to pee. When finished she grabbed some tissue and reached between her legs to wipe herself dry. Her legs instinctively snapped together trapping her hand. Her pussy was still ultra-sensitive. It was no good, she would have to masturbate again!

Slowly, she was able to open her legs and remove her hand. She had never really looked at her pussy closely, but right now amongst the bushy, blonde curls, it looked puffy, red, and very, very wet. She traced her fingertip along the lips, avoiding her clitoris. It was as if her vagina had opened like a mouth and her finger was swallowed greedily. Her vagina fluttered, almost sucking at the digit. Bella slumped back and allowed her thumb to stroke her engorged clit, rubbing it in time with her wanking fingers. Slowly at first, but gaining in speed and intensity, it took longer this time, but the orgasm was equally as powerful as the earlier one.

She walked back to her desk on unsteady feet, panties balled in her hand, she could feel her nether lips sliding across one another, still coated in the juices that had being flowing freely. The cool breeze she could feel beneath her skirt, wafting around her thighs and cheeks as she walked wasn’t helping to contain her libido. She had never orgasmed twice in one day — let alone in the space of an hour. The journey back to her flat was a nightmare. She had become paranoid that people knew her guilty secret and were staring at her.

At home, Bella dried her pussy once more and donned a fresh pair of panties. She tried desperately to concentrate on anything but sex before retiring to bed for the night.


The next day, she seemed to have conquered her arousal from the day before. The librarian within her had taken back control. That is, until she unlocked the staff door into the library. At first, it was only a little twinge of excitement, that she supressed by walking swiftly up and down the rows of shelves, checking all was in order. But she stopped at that last row, her heart beating rapidly at the memory. There was, of course, nothing to see, but the images flooded her brain; both of the girl being fondled and her own descent into eroticism, sprawled upon the floor, frigging her pussy.

She had to sit down and calm herself before opening time.

Bella struggled to maintain her composure for the rest of the day, but succeeded (just) until she got home, where she ripped her panties in her rushed efforts to get to her cunt. It was wet. It was needy. It wanted a fucking, but all she had were her fingers and that simply wasn’t enough. She had been lying on her bed, franticly rubbing her clitoris, and pushing two fingers in and out. By now, crying in frustration, she needed the release adana escort that wouldn’t come. What she needed was a cock.

That was when she saw her neatly laid out dressing table through the tears. Lying there was her hairbrush, with its four-inch-long handle, and measuring an inch in diameter. She tried to ignore the obvious phallic similarities but failed to do so. Rolling off the bed she almost fell to the ground as her weakened knees gave out. She crawled the short distance, grabbed the brush, turned it in her hand and pushed it deep into her pussy. That was enough. It was as if the whole of her existence was centred around that one small area of her body. She fell to the floor jerking with the spasms that wracked her.


Day by day the feelings got worse. Each evening she had yet another almighty orgasm when she got home. Eventually, she had to relent and began to pay a visit to the toilet during the day as well. Her libido was spiralling out of control. In bed, at night, she began to confuse fantasy with reality.


Bella awoke one morning, still feeling aroused from the night before. She showered and dried herself off before walking back into the bedroom. On the bed, she had already laid out her clothes for the warm day ahead; a floral, button-fronted dress and the usual plain white underwear.

She looked at the material of the dress and, curious whether it might be a little transparent, slipped it on first. Standing in front of the mirror, she quickly buttoned up the garment and then peered closely. No, she couldn’t see anything through the material, although her nipples were now standing proud and obvious. She was just about to remove the dress to don her underwear when she noticed the time. She was going to be late! Without even thinking about it she rushed to grab her bag and shoes and headed out of the front door. As she walked the short distance to work; she luxuriated in the feelings that being naked underneath the dress engendered. No longer was she paranoid about other people knowing.

That day, a group of four good-looking young men came in. They approached her desk and as she looked up one of them spoke.

“Hi, we’re doing a study project and although we can get a lot of the information we need online, we want to see specific books and refer to them in the document. It’s no good quoting somebody else, unless we can see the written words ourselves in their original context and then list the references.”

“Professor Jackson led us to understand that your section on the English Civil War is pretty good?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied, taking off her glasses and displaying her green-blue eyes. “That section is now right at the back. It was a collection donated to us several years ago and we decided to keep it separated from the rest of the history section. We have books going back over two hundred years, but we keep them in locked cases. They can’t be taken out of the library, and we insist that you wear gloves to handle them. There’s a table and four chairs, so I would prefer it if you kept any books there while you work.”

“Gloves?” he replied. “Er, we hadn’t thought about that.”

“Well, that’s OK, we can supply them for you. It ensures that they are clean and free from harmful substances. But I’ll have to check your student IDs first and record the access in our diary.”

Daniel, Dave, Eric and Sid in turn produced their IDs. Curiously, she noted that all of them were nineteen or twenty. She wrote their details in the logbook.

“Great! When can we see the books?” asked the young man.

“If you head on down there, I’ll be with you in a couple of minutes. I just need to help these customers.” She nodded at the two people standing in line behind them.

Five minutes later Bella appeared carrying four pairs of cotton gloves.

“Gentlemen, I hope I can trust you to treat these editions with the respect that they deserve? You’ll only be able to use them up until 4pm, as I will need to lock them away ahead of closing time at five. Is that OK?”

All four made sounds of agreement.

Bella was carrying the keys and she unlocked the two cases.

“Have you got Thurlow’s Protestant Renewal and the Rise of Denominations?” asked Dave.

She scanned the books for a moment. Bella recalled almost everything that the library had but couldn’t necessarily pick out one of these rare books instantly. A few seconds went by.

“Ha!” she exclaimed. “Here it is!”

She bent over and grabbed the step stool. Behind her the group couldn’t help but notice her thin waist and shapely arse and the way that the dress material hung between her cheeks — nor the fact that it appeared she did not display panty lines, not even those of a thong. Each of them had already noted her apparent lack of a bra. Sid mouthed to the others, “No underwear?” There were raised eyebrows all round.

Without a second thought, Bella placed the stool and stepped up on it; the skirt parting to reveal a glimpse of creamy thigh. The book was at the very top and – being petite – to reach it she had to adıyaman escort stand on tiptoes and stretch her arms up. The dress rose markedly as a result.

Triumphant at her successful retrieval of the book, she turned back around and stepped down off the stool. This time, as the dress had yet to settle back around her hips, she showed a much greater expanse of her leg — almost too much.

“There,” she said, moving to the desk. “Now, gloves on boys. Remember what I said?”

They all dived for the gloves and quickly donned them. She then indicated to Dave (the one who had asked for the book) to sit at the table. When he had done as asked, she moved the book in front of him and then with her own gloved hands leant across him to open the tome to the first pages. Her breast almost brushed Dave’s cheek and he got a wonderful view of her cleavage and her wonderfully mobile breasts, swinging gently as she moved.

“There, happy now?” Bella asked.

“Yes, thanks Miss er….”

“Jackson. But…that makes me feel old, so perhaps you should call me Bella.”

She was thrilled to be amongst a group of such good-looking males. Yes, she was more than a little excited, but even more so when she noticed that Dave seemed to be trying to hide something with his arm across his lap. It was impossible to turn each page without carefully using both hands, so when he did so, he hoped that he wasn’t revealing his erection.

But Bella had noticed and deliberately stood close to him. Both to get a better view and to pretend she was observing what he was looking at. Her closeness merely served to make matters worse, and his cock became rigid.

The others were standing to one side and behind Bella. By now, each one had concluded that she was incredibly sexy. When she had taken off those glasses her green-blue eyes had seemed to mesmerise them. Then, with the swaying breasts and hips she had captured their attention fully.

Unaware of all this, Bella felt she had better step away from Dave now. She turned round to the others and said, “Are there any other books you boys need?”

Sid had been hoping that she would ask. While enjoying the view of her rump as she bent over to assist Dave, he had taken the opportunity to glance up to the top shelf and look for another book title there.

“Well,” he began. “You’ve clearly got a really good collection here, but I don’t for one moment imagine that you could possibly have Three Kingdoms Torn Asunder?”

“By Bale?” she replied smugly. “Just wait there.”

Bella knew this one was on the top shelf and scanned for its position. Once located, she moved the step stool along to beneath it and then climbed up again. The tome was heavy, so she couldn’t steady herself with one hand while reaching. The book slid out easily, but its weight unbalanced her.

Sid had stepped up close to Bella in the hope of getting a better view as she reached upwards. Once again, the hem of her dress had ridden up and he appreciated his cleverness. Just then he realised that Bella was falling backwards. Almost as an instinctive reaction and without thought his hands came up and he caught her about the waist, lowering her gently until she was standing on solid ground. Only then did he notice her cheeks poking out from beneath the dress. She collapsed back against him, still holding tight to the valuable book.

Breathlessly she thanked him for saving her.

“Oh! I thought I was going to break my neck! Thank you, you’re my knight in shining armour!”

Then noticing how high her hem was, she tugged the dress down. Sid’s hands were still holding her, but he didn’t let go as the material slipped downwards, ostensibly making sure that she was able to stand. The reality was that he was enjoying holding her pressed against his now rigid cock.

It took some moments for this to register with Bella. Another one with an erection? What was the matter with them? She stepped to the side to break his grip and tried to act as if she hadn’t noticed that Sir Galahad had hidden a lance in his jeans.

Bella laid the book down on the table next to where Dave was sitting and motioned to Sid to take his chair. Then she proceeded to reach across him while opening the heavy cover. It was almost too much for him to bear and he could only croak his thanks — when what he really wanted to do was slide his hand up the back of her leg, beneath her skirt until he reached her buttock. There to slip between her firm cheeks and find her (he imagined) warm, wet pussy.

Warm, wet, and quivering was indeed the condition of Bella’s pussy. And she wasn’t unaware of it. It was time to take a trip to the lavatory. She turned to head that way.

“Oh! Wait,” said Dan. “We also need Civil War and Regicide?”

This time the book was on the bottom shelf. It was smaller than the first two. Hence being in the lower height shelf. Bella got down on her hands and knees to reach for the book — just as Dan had hoped, allowing him a stunning view of her cleavage, leaving him with no further doubts that she was bra-less. But when she went to stand, she raised her left knee until she was able to plant her foot on the ground. The dress fell open and, just for a fraction of a second, he could see all the way up to her pussy. Now he would be able to tell his friends that she definitely was not wearing underwear.

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