Ex-Sister Inlaw

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Amber looked out the window of her bedroom and worried. It was pouring outside and she knew her car would not get her all the way to work and back. In fact, she took that awful job just to get cash quick to fix the damn thing. Her shoulder length red hair and her deep green eyes clearly had an effect men. Amber knew since she was young that her looks attracted a lot of male attention. She just ignored them. She was getting out of this town and maybe become a big time model.

Amber stared again at the downpour and wondered if she should just stay home. No. She was close to having enough cash to leave, so she took out the black silk short-shorts, the pink cut off t-shirt that said “The Playful Pussy” and grabbed the knee-high black silk socks and threw them into her backpack. The piece of shit stalled twice, and Amber made a point to count the mailboxes she saw as she drove towards Dallas. At least there seemed to be four or five families living along the drive – she’d be able to get help if the car died .

The car finally died. Amber couldn’t get it to start up again. Meanwhile the rain was still pouring down in sheets. It was hard to see too far down the road. Should she stay and sleep in the car till morning? No, she decided to call me her sister’s ex-husband, Her sister and I have been divorced for six years. I sent a tow truck to bring her car to a garage in Dallas and sent my limo to pick her up.

Amber ran for the front door, while I admired her sweet young titties bounce up and down as she ran towards me.. I put a hand on my hardening cock and smiled a slippery smile. For the first time Amber felt the tiniest sense of fear. She kept her arms clutched around her chest as she reached the front door house.

“Come in?” I said Come in and warm up it has been a long time since we have seen each other.” I said. Amber walked into their living room “I’ll go get you a towel. Stand over there on the rug in front of the sink. I’ll be right back.” I said. Before she knew it, I grabbed Amber and threw her on the table. “The Playful Pussy? You work there do you?” I asked..”Please, don’t! I’m not one of the dancers. I’m new. I just wait tables!” yelled Amber.

I was picking her up now and sitting her down on the table in front of me. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down revealing a rock-hard thick cock pulsing with anticipation. With one forceful shove, I pushed Amber back onto the table with her legs still dangling over the edge. My hands were so big and so strong that I managed to Sex hikayeleri rip the short-shorts right off of Amber with one big yank.
“No panties.I laughed. “Help me! Somebody help me please!” Amber yelled at the top of her lungs.
I backhanded Amber’s face and for a few seconds the room went dark and her head felt light and dizzy. She became fully alert when a powerful thrust from my enormous rod entered her tight virgin pussy. Amber screamed in pain” OMG! AAAAAAHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH!, . “Well, waddaya know? You are a virgin!” I smiled . “What a nice surprise!”

I grabbed Amber by the throat and held her down on the table. With my other hand I tore off her t-shirt to reveal her wet pink breasts and her nipples, hard from cold and fear. All she had left on now was her black knee-high socks and her white sneakers. I leaned over the table and began to lick and suck her nipples. I moved my free hand down Amber’s stomach and to her left thigh. I began to stroke and rub along the inside of her thigh then my hand reached for her vagina and began to part her soft cunt lips.

“You know this doesn’t have to be a bad first time,” I whispered . “I can show you how to like it.” I began to stroke her clit and finger her cunt at the same time. Amber could barely breathe through my vice-like grip on her throat and all she could think about was the terror and pain of that first painful thrust from my enormous rod.

As I loosened my grip on her throat, I began to rub and play with her clit as I bent over her and sucked on her nipples – first one, then the other. I made circular motions with my tongue all along the outside of her left nipple and then took the entire nipple in my mouth and sucked hard. Amber suddenly felt a tingle along her spine and warm sensation growing in her crotch. How could this be? How could she feel so good suddenly?

“You are getting wet,” I said with a heavy pant to my breath. “It’s just a matter of time now.” I moved one then two fingers into her cunt – in and out to the rhythm of my tongue swirls over her nipples. Amber let out a soft quiet moan “ohhhh…mmmmm”. I smiled wide and with that, I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and grabbed the bulbous head of my penis, aiming for her moist opening.
Slowly I moved the tip of my cock into Amber’s wet, hot cunt. Instead of a scream, Amber took a quick breath in and held it. I bent down to her and kissed her roughly, forcing my tongue deep into her mouth, consuming the breath she just took with my kiss. As I pulled away Sikiş hikayeleri from her mouth, I pushed my shaft in and out, coating it with her juices. She groaned .”Ohhhhhh… Ohhh. Ohhh. Uuhhh. Uuhhh. Ohhh! OHHH! UUHHH!” with fear and a throbbing desire she never knew.

I kissed her neck, her ear, and licked her breasts. They were no longer cold from the rain. Her breasts and her crotch were on fire and her hips began to move without her permission. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Suddenly, I began to ram harder, past the virgin barrier – harder and harder with each thrust. Amber gasped with both pain and pleasure” OMG! AAAAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAAHHHHHhhhh!”.

I stopped kissing her breasts and stood straight up against the table. I grabbed Amber’s hips and began slammin into her hard and fast.The table began to rock and jolt with each thrust. The handcuffs beneath Amber made a grinding sound beneath her with each stroke. Suddenly, Amber’s pleasure was replaced with pain again ” OMG! AAAAAAAHHHHH! STOP PLEASE! AAAAAAHHHHHhhhh!” and she tried to move her hips to cushion the blows from my hot cock.
” omg! stop! no more! aaaaaahhhhh! ooooohhhhh! aaaaahhhh!,” she whimpered under her breath.
“Oh yes, a lot more!” I groaned .

I began to grunt with each thrust; harder and harder deeper I went, slamming Amber’s virgin pussy into womanhood as it begans to bleed. Each time I slammed into Amber’s vagina, Amber let out a yelp” ohhhhhhhhhh! aaaahhhhhhhhh!” like a little puppy and shook her head back and forth. My penis was enormous and she felt pain and pressure in her entire crotch, as if she were completely filled by my large hard cock, impaled on a man’s penis. Finally my grip on her hips tightened and with one last enormous thrust I cried, “Yeeeesss,” and released my hot load deep inside her vagina.

It seemed to Amber that my release went on forever. That last thrust nearly made Amber lose consciousness. Her cunt was full of semen as I collapsed down onto her soft breasts. She laid on the table rocking her head slowly from side to side barely alert and moaning, “No. My God, no.” I stood up, breathing hard and pulled my penis out of her battered cunt. Cum and blood began to spill down Amber’s thighs. She began to cry softly. She didn’t move. Her legs were still splayed over the end of the table; her wet knee high socks still clinging to her legs. Her hands were going numb in the cuffs under her back.

I reached for one of her arms behind her back and spun her around to face Erotik hikaye the table. I leaned in close to her and put my lips right next to her right ear and hissed, “You ain’t never gonna forget getting fucked like this.” With that, I bent her over the table .With my feet I kicked Amber’s legs wide apart and aimed the tip of my shaft for her asshole. “I’ve waited too long for my turn to fuck your small tight virgin ass. I’m not gonna be nice.” I shoved the tip of my penis into Amber’s virgin asshole as hard as I could.

“AHHHHHH, “OMG! STOP! AAAAAAHHHH!” ” AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!.” ” hollered Amber. Her ass felt like it had been stabbed with a machete. She couldn’t believe this was happening. This wasn’t possible! It couldn’t be. With what little she knew of sex she at least knew this wasn’t it…at least that’s what she thought.”OMG! STOP! AAAAAAHHHH!” “STOP! YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” screamed Amber, “You’re going to kill me!” I laughed aloud, “You sure will feel like it!”

“How do you like getting fucked in the ass?” I asked . I pushed inch-by-inch, harder and harder until my entire cock filled her anal canal and my balls slapped against her burning cunt with each thrust, WAP! WAP! WAP! “Stop! Please, oh God, please stop!” pleaded Amber through the tears.

Waves of burning pain kept coming with every thrust. Her sphincter was being torn and battered. Now, I took my entire penis out of her ass only to brutally shove the full length back in with every thrust. She let out terrible yells ” AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!.” and groans ” ooooohhhhh! aaaaahhhhh! ” , like an animal being slaughtered. Her hole was raw and exposed. Blood covered my penis and her ass, providing an evil lubricant for my pleasure.

Suddenly, I grabbed Amber around the waist and picked her entire backside off the table. The full length of my shaft disappeared deep into her and I let out a groan ” aaaaaahhhh! aaaaaahhhhhh! ” of intense pleasure. Amber shut her eyes tight and held her breath in an attempt to stop the attack in her mind. Her muscles inside her ass involuntarily loosened against my thrust to accommodate the size of my enormous member in her tight canal.

Amber felt my saliva dripping down from my gaping mouth onto her backside. She could feel my legs shake slightly as I filled her asshole with my cum. When the final drop of my hot load had been deposited, I let go and let her fall back to the table, right down onto her naked stomach.

“God damn, what a fuck! You were worth the wait! ” I shouted as I stepped away from the table and pulled up my pants.I went to the bathroom to clean up.With the wind knocked out of her, Amber slumped off the table and onto the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32