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I wanted to depart from my current situations and relate a story that began with the marriage to my first wife. As I mentioned her in my first attempts at writing so I won’t go back in to that just yet. Her middle name is Jackie so that’s what I will call her here. I do this purely for the fun of a different name.

Anyway, Jackie and I met late one night while I was a Rookie Patrol Officer. She had had a flat tire on a country back road and I received a dispatch that someone was attempting to flag down passersby. I rolled up on her car a bit after midnight and she was standing there with her hands on her hips looking totally dejected.

Thinking she was going to be a helpless damsel in distress, I got out of the Cruiser and asked her if she was having troubles. She smirked and said that she had a blowout and couldn’t get the flat off. I chuckled and asked her if she was using the lug wrench thinking, the whole time she wouldn’t know what that was.

Again, she smirked and said to me, “smart ass, I do know what a lug wrench is and no I have not tried using it because it is not in the car.” I apologized for stereotyping and pulled the 4 way from my trunk and asked her if I could change the tire for her. She looked puzzled at first but, realizing that I was genuinely offering to help her, she smiled and thanked me.

As I squatted down, I could see that she was standing behind me watching. I suggested she move over to where she would be beside me since it was late and her car was not completely off the road. She quickly moved over beside me muttering that she was so tired and wasn’t thinking. I smiled at her and since it had started to rain, I offered her my rain coat. She readily accepted it and I suggested that she would be more comfortable inside the car, either hers or mine. She chuckled and asked me if I wanted her to get in to the back of my car.

Not knowing exactly what she was referring to, I said that she would probably be more comfortable in hers. She wrinkled her nose and turned to get in to passenger side of her car. She immediately rolled her ankle on the loose road gravel and fell hard on to her butt in the now growing mud.

I stopped working on the tire change and helped her to her feet but saw that she had twisted her ankle. It wasn’t bad but painful none the less. I opened the driver’s door so she would sit while I did a cursory examination of her ankle. It was already beginning to swell some so, I had her lie back and prop her foot up on the armrest while I finished the tire change.

It only took me a couple minutes to finish and when I opened the door, I saw her skirt had slid up well past her thighs. Glancing I also saw that she was not wearing any underwear of any kind. Quickly averting my eyes to make contact with hers, she smiled and said, “Sorry about that Officer, I wasn’t expecting to be lying back on my car seat flashing a hunk of an Officer tonight.” I thanked her for that compliment and said that she was mighty lucky to have been on a semi busy roadway even if it was way out in the boonies.

We talked a few minutes while I rechecked her ankle and seeing that the swelling was advancing, I asked her if I could call her an ambulance or if I could drive her to the hospital. She declined both saying that she would just go on home and get off her feet for the night. I asked her if I could follow her home to make sure she got in OK. To my surprise, she readily agreed to that since it was so late and her house would be dark when she got there.

So, I followed her to her house and watched as she went up the steps and just as she opened the front door, her ankle rolled again and down she went landing again right on her butt. I jumped out of the Cruiser and ran up to help her up. As I picked her up, she was very unsteady on her feet so I lifted bursa escort her up completely in to my arms and asked her where I could take her. She said, “please take me to bed.”

I snapped my head toward hers and even in the semi darkness, I could see that she was blushing beyond red. I chuckled and said, “I understand what you meant and no problems.” So, I carried her to her bed and gently laid her down. I asked where I could find the ice so that I could make her an ice pack.

After giving me directions to the kitchen, I left and was gone only a couple minutes. As I walked back in to the bedroom with the ice pack in my hands, there she was almost totally naked below the waist. She let out a muffled scream and grabbed for the bed sheet. I wheeled around and apologized trying to not reveal that I had gotten and instant hard on.

After a couple seconds she said, that I could turn around now and as I turned I saw her still blushing but covered with the sheet. She was so cute with that sheet pulled all the way up under her chin. I grinned and said, “here is your mice am.” We both broke out in a raucous laughter at my verbal faux pas. After the laughter subsided, I said that I needed to get going back on the street. With that she thanked me and I got back on the road. All together I had been out of service about thirty minutes.

As I hit the main highway, I got another emergency call of a car accident and ironically it was on the very same road where she had blown her tire. I was on scene in about 40 seconds.

As the Ambulance sped off and the fire trucks began their slow methodical turn around, I noticed a set of headlights coming from the direction of Jackie’s house. Not thinking it was her, I stepped out in to the roadway to flag her to a stop so the fire trucks could clear the roadway and get back underway. As the car came to a stop, I waved at the unseen driver as a thank you for understanding. The car horn beeped a couple of quick blasts and I walked up to the driver’s door to recognize Jackie was the driver.

I asked her what she was doing out here after having taken a couple bad spills. She said that she had heard the sirens and since I had only been gone for a couple minutes she was afraid that something might have happened to me. With that she introduced herself formally and extended her hand. I did likewise and said that I was quite lucky to have had the pleasure of seeing a beautiful woman twice in the same night.

She grinned and said, that this was the first time that she had ever shined her monkey for a cop before. I grinned again and said that it was indeed a fine monkey. She smiled and asked me if I was one of those modern dudes who wanted their women shaved down there. I explained that I was an old fashioned kind of guy in that particular department and that I liked my women unshaven, all natural. She grinned and said that if her night continued at present pace, she would realize another first. I asked her what that would be.

She looked at me for a long moment and asked what time I got off duty. I told her that we worked crazy shifts and that I would be getting off at 4 am. She then glanced at her car clock and saw that it was 3:45. She looks back at me and said, “hmmm you get off in fifteen minutes and how far away is the station. I told her that we drive our Cruisers home so unless I had paperwork to turn in which I did tonight, I would stay on the street until I heard my oncoming shift logged in.

Tonight I had the quick incident report to do on her assistance and a full blown accident with injuries report that would typically take about an hour to complete. She then wanted to know how far it was from the Station back to her home. I replied that it would be about 45 minutes or so. She asked if I was married and I said not yet.

She bursa escort bayan then spread her legs wide so that I could see she was still not wearing any underwear and her pussy was beginning to glisten with her turn on juices. As I fixed my gaze on her beautiful inviting pussy, she simply said, “hurry back.” With that she slides back under the steering wheel, closes the car’s door and sped off back to her home.

I think I got the accident report done and filed faster than I have ever done and was out the door. I turned the Cruiser toward her house and was there in just a bit over 30 minutes. As I walked up to her door and reached to knock, she slyly and coyly opened the door just peeping around the edge and whispered, cum in.

As I stepped through the doorway, she quickly closed the door and set the deadbolt and asked how long before I had to go back on duty. I told her that I worked 24 on and 48 off this week. She grinned and stepped out to where I could see her. And boy did I see her! She was stark naked, with one hand on her already wet snatch rubbing it gently and with the other she reached for my hand and said to come on.

As we walked through the doorway of her bedroom, she limped over to the bed and getting on her knees, she said over her shoulder, “Skip the four play, I want that cock of yours all the way up my pussy.” I dropped my uniform pants to the floor and stepped up behind her. As I pressed the cock head up against her super wet twat, she pushed back, causing the bulging cock head to instantly slip inside her. She was blazing hot, wet beyond imagination and I swear her pussy began milking my cock almost instantly.

I pumped her pussy for ten solid minutes before either one of us even approached an orgasm. She kept saying that my cock felt so big and wonderful that she didn’t want to cum just yet and spoil it. Finally we reached the peak and I exploded the first of about a thousand gallons of cum in to that gorgeous woman’s delicious love tunnel. I fell in love with her right there and then. When she began to cum, she squealed and suddenly clamped her pussy muscles down around my cock and as she began cumming, her juices actually felt like hot water rushing over my cock and down my balls.

After she had relaxed a couple minutes she said she wanted to do a sixty nine if I didn’t have any problems tasting my own cum. I told her that I was a virgin in that department and that It would be my first time but hell yeah I was game. She smiled and laid on her back and spreading her legs said, “get up here stud and let me suck that cock clean and empty.” I complied instantly and within a couple minutes, she had me rock hard again and within another 4 minutes, I was squirting yet another load down her throat. She sucked me for all she had and swallowed almost every single drop.

As I lapped her pussy and probed her inner lips her juices and mine having mixed now tasted like nectar. I brought her to an intense second orgasm that flooded down her pussy, down her ass and puddled up around her asshole. Without thinking about where or what I was headed for, I chased her cum right to her dark passage. The instant my tongue hit her dark hole she jumped and squealed and tightened her legs around my head. Sensing that I had hit on something new and exciting, I kept lapping her nethers from her clit to her backdoor entrance.

After a few minutes of tonguing in this uncharted territory, I felt her relaxing her entrance and I quickly darted my tongue as deeply as I could up her blazing hot passageway. When my tongue darted inside her, she literally bucked her ass off the bed and screamed with utter blissful abandon. I slipped my tongue in and out of her ass for a couple minutes, bringing her to mind blowing climaxes more in number than three.

After her fourth or escort bursa fifth blast, I moved out from her backdoor and laid on my back. In an instant, she was straddling me with my cock head pressed up against her back hole. She was so slick and wet that she slid her virgin ass down my virgin dick and began to hump me up and down back and forth until I exploded my own cum deep deep up her ass. When she felt my cum squirting inside her, she let loose another flood of her own. When we both had finished unloading what seemed like a gallon of cum in and on each other, we both collapsed on the bed.

After resting for a couple hours, we got up to shower. While in the shower together she dropped to her knees and sucked my lifeless cock back to superior posture. Then turning around, she bent over and said, “now shove that big missile of yours up my pussy so hard that I want to feel it in my throat.” I did as she demanded and within about 5 or 6 thrusts, she was cumming in buckets one more time. I exploded yet again and just how much cum I unloaded in her I have no idea because, when I awoke I was lying on the bathroom floor with Jackie riding my cock buried deep up her ass one more time.

We changed positions several times that round and since I had already cum so many times, I had nothing left so we just plain old fucked each other silly.

When we finished and climbed back in the shower to rinse ourselves off again, I said to her that I was now officially in love with her. She hugged me and said that her mom would be so proud of her. I grinned and said, I couldn’t wait to meet her. With that she said, “then how about now?” I must have had a stupid look on my face because she burst out laughing and opened the shower door for me to see her mom standing in the bathroom doorway with a video camera with the little red light on and a huge grin on her face. I simply said, “hi mom!” She licked her lips and asked Jackie, “well when you are through with him, can I take him for a while?”

Jackie yelled playfully, “MOM!” I haven’t even broken him in yet and here you are wanting to fuck him yourself. With that her mom burst out laughing and without missing a beat, she said that she would just wait and be patient. She turned to walk out of the bathroom and as she did so, she seductively started rubbing her pussy with one hand as she swung the camera on to her own exhibition.

I turned back to Jax as I had begun to call her but, before I could utter a syllable, she said that she and her mom had been swapping lovers for several years now. She went on to say that she would bet that if we stayed together that her mom would have fucked me raw more than once before the year was out. This being September, I was intrigued to put it mildly.

About a month after that first night, we moved in together and within another month we were making plans to get married. ‘Mom’ had something in mind as a wedding present that I had never heard of before but was elated to receive.

On the night of my Bachelor’s party, my buddies at work had hired a pair of strippers who would do anything the Groom to be would request. As I sat there watching the show put on by these very nubile women, I felt a pair of hands come snaking around my neck. I turned to see my soon to be Mother in Law standing right behind me dressed in the most seductive ‘come hither’ dress that I have seen.

I turned in my chair to get a better look at her and there she was totally bra-less, with her blouse opened down to her navel with her rather large melons swinging back and forth with her every move. I asked her what she was doing there and she replied that Jax had suggested that she come and seduce me and screw me silly before I got married. Before the night was over, we had done it all. Right side up, upside down, front door, back door, sixty nine all done in blazing time.

I can cum about 4 times in a night but ‘mom’ knew a thing or two about prolonging it for the man but also how to get him to unload several times more. But alas that’s all a story for next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32