Exhibitionist Over The Edge

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When my wife, Joy, and I were married fourteen years ago I found it absolutely impossible to believe that she had never masturbated. Not once in her entire life. I, myself, was an old stroke off master, having been practicing the fine art since I was as young as five. I knew how to do about anything autoerotic that would make me feel good and never was slow about getting myself off no matter when, where, or how. Joy, on the other hand, swore that she had never used a vibrator, dildo, carrot, cucumber, or ever her own fingers to manipulate herself to orgasm. Actually, she found it hard to achieve climax during regular intercourse. Even more of a reason to expect her to be a lifelong, closeted, clit stroker but she swore that was not the case. I was determined to introduce her to the wonderful world of self abuse because as far as I am concerned there is nothing more exciting, more beautiful than the sight of a woman masturbating toward a gut wrenching climax and nothing in the world matters at all except that little cum button nestled snugly inside her vulva. Joy was very reluctant when I first broached the subject of visiting one of the various adult novelty stores in our area and actually gave me the impression that she thought that anyone who would do that to them selves was in need of help and it was just not something she was interested in at all. After three months of nagging I finally convinced Joy to let me purchase one of the old style, hard plastic type vibrators and bring it into our bed one night. She seemed to think it was going to bite or shock her someway-somehow, but eventually I got to the point where I was rubbing it right up against her shaven pussy lips, then a little later I eased it on over to her swollen clitoris to pay some attention to that super sensitive area.

Little did I realize that at that moment I created a monster…

A climax craving, orgasm demanding, “why did I wait so fucking long for this!”, vibrator riding, dildo humping, butt plug stuffing, juice pouring pump bitch was born at that very second and has never, ever looked back!

After that night Joy was constantly wanting to purchase the latest devices from any available source at any price and I was more than happy to do my part to help her in her quest. Within six months she had at least one of every sex toy we could find and spent hours upon hours experimenting upon herself with them whether I was there to enjoy the festivities or not! She had her favorites-the ones that gave her the quickest, longest, or most intense orgasms and kept them separate for extensive practice sessions. Joy told me she had no idea it could be so fantastic to practically cum at her whim and me watching her, cheering her on, telling her how hot she looked only made her hotter and wetter. She soon learned that she enjoyed masturbating and getting herself off while I watched, and “audience” so to speak. We quickly began teasing and fantasizing with each other about getting someone to join us some night during one of her intense masturbation performances and let them see for themselves how fucking hot and wild she could get when her juices were pouring and her cunt was on fire. Neither of us cared if the visitor were male or female as long as they watched and got off on Joy’s “show”. It wasn’t long thereafter that Joy could stand the perverse temptation of showing off her “heat” no longer and decided to make our fantasy become her reality.

We couldn’t decide who to ask to join us since Joy is a business owner here in town and she was afraid loose lips might cut into her business profits and I was not much help either. I came up with several people but due to one reason or another they were not right for her “coming out performance”. I had stopped by the local news center one day to pick up our favorite porn magazines when the answer was there staring me in the face from the rack. A swinger’s magazine. Perfect! Strangers from out of town and people we most likely would never see again suited our desires to the tee. I brought the magazine home and Joy looked it over for a few hours ( working her juicy pussy with a big dildo and vibrator, of course ) to make her picks. She selected four men ( expecting only one or two to be able to actually make the meeting ) and I contacted them to see if they would be willing to come to our hometown for Joy’s little performance in the near future. We received responses from all four within two weeks and arrangements were made to meet us at the Waverly Hotel in downtown Atlanta a couple of weeks later. They all seemed friendly enough in their letter responses and when Joy and I spoke with them on the phone and it was explained to them there would be no sexual contact, only us men watching her as we masturbated for her ( and our! ) enjoyment. All four of the voyeurs were very enthusiastic about the prospect of milking themselves as my hot assed, big tittied woman abused herself right in front of all of them.

Needless to say, the following days were filled adana escort with masturbation and preparation. Being a big lover of lingerie and sexy outfits, Joy had a closet full of things to choose from when the day came for us to check into the Waverly. She carefully selected five of her hottest, sluttiest outfits and picked a wide selection of her favorite fuck toys to take with her. We got there a day ahead of time to settle in and get her ready. Joy was so excited over the outrageous stunt she was about to pull that her pussy constantly poured her sweet juice and the sexy, musky aroma of her excitement filled the room before I went to gather her new friends. Joy and I had decided that since she was so nervous about doing this it would be better if she was left alone to “ set the stage “ for two or three hours beforehand. All of us would simply and quietly enter the room and let events take their course. She was so worked up when I went downstairs she was shaking and quivering all over!

“ Ready? “ I asked.

“ Yes! I think so…” She replied. Then laughed, “ Fuck it, I KNOW so! Go on. Let me get ready!”

As I closed the door I peeked back and saw her walking toward the suite’s big bathroom with both hands between her thighs, busy on her clit…

Even though all of the four studs she picked had said “ yes “ to her invitation, she still expected only one or two to show up. Me to, actually. But within thirty minutes of our selected time to meet I was sitting at a table with all four of them, having stiff drinks and getting acquainted. I told them I was cool with the entire set up and arrangement so they wouldn’t be uptight. Right at seven o’clock I stood and told them to follow me and lets all have some fun!

The key clicked, the door swung open onto the huge suite, and we all walked in. The lights were real low all except for the way Joy had directed the overheads to illuminate the king size bed she lay upon. No music, but the soft and steady buzz of a powerful electric vibrator could easily be heard. Chairs were set up in different positions all around the bed. Booze, assorted “ party favors “, and towels were in abundance. And Joy was obviously ready to perform for whoever may be watching! All of us just stood and stared at what was presented to us there upon the snow white cover of the bed…

Joy lay in the center of the bed in one of her hottest “ fuck me “ outfits, legs spread wide to offer an immediate view of her completely shaven pussy and the creamy flow of cunt milk that oozed from it to run down between her tanned ass cheeks. Her hot body was squeezed tightly into a canary yellow corset that shaped her waist even smaller and had only half-cups to support-not contain- her enormous 40dd tits. Those mouth watering mammoths were proudly on display with their big brown nipples and silver dollar sized aureole, slowly rising and heaving with each inhalation. The corset had four garter straps on each side and their snaps were secured to the reinforced tops of a pair of coffee colored stockings, pulling them far up on her thighs-within a few inches of her soaking wet crotch. Their color added to the deep tan Joy already had and glistened under the light with a seductive twinkling. Matching yellow, six inch, open-toed stilettos with ankle straps were on her feet and dug softly into the bed as Joy used them to steady herself to pump her cunt up and down on the vibrator busy between her lips. Blood red polish and lacquer coated her finger and toe nails and she wore a moderate amount of jewelry as accessories. Since this was to be a “ performance “, Joy had put on her make up a little on the slutty side to enhance it and looked super hot for her efforts! Full, flowing brunette hair spread out upon the pillow looked lovely. And her full, pouty lips slightly parted as she softly hissed breath in and out was the only other sound in the room beside her buzzing buddy. Joy’s eyes were shut and she took no visual notice of us, even though she knew we were in the room-watching…

Taking the lead, I decided to make the men more at ease by getting things started for us. I went to the chair I wanted and proceeded to remove all my clothing. All except the black latex thong I liked to wear when enjoying one of her cum shows. It fit tight in my ass cleft and had openings for my shaved balls to hang through and an opening for my cock, which was already swelling rapidly-both from being involved in this fantasy come reality and seeing my cum crazed wife exposing and abusing herself so easily in front of total strangers! Over the next several minutes all of our guests shed their clothing and assumed their viewing positions. Drinks in one fist-hard cocks in the other! I alternated between watching Joy work herself and watching her audience enjoy her straining efforts. It was a totally hot and unreal scene and I was delighted she had came up with this perverse idea!

Joy’s admirers paid me little mind as I eskişehir escort watched them…

Ranging in age from about thirty up to about fifty, all were what I knew she would consider handsome or good looking men. The youngest man’s name was Joey ( she and I both remember all their names. How could we ever forget them! ) and he eagerly stroked his hard member while ogling her tits and gooey cunt. The oldest, Mac, was a black dude and had a cock that would make Joy’s eyes bulge when she finally got to see it. She had only seen black meat in porn movies and always got miserably heated up over their massive cock sizes. Uncut and about eleven+ inches long, Mac’s wrist thick tool was very impressive indeed! His big, sperm laden balls hung heavily downward and actually swayed a couple of inches below the chairs cushioned bottom. Ricky and Carl were in their early forties and had no qualms about stroking meat to the hot bitch showing off in front of them. Both of these gentlemen partook heavily of the offered “ party favors “ and enjoyed themselves with a perverse gleam in their eyes. It was Ricky, sitting there with a fist full of stiff nine inch cock that really got things rolling when he began vocalizing his desires by instructing Joy in her masturbatory endeavors.

“ Fuck, man! This babe is really hot!” Rick said, looking my way.

I replied with a nod toward Joy, “ You like that, buddy? You like what she’s doing for us-for you?!”

“Oh, Yeah! I love to watch women get their pussies all worked up and make themselves cum!” He said more to her than to me. “ You look good, baby doll! Pump that pussy for us! “

Joy moaned softly and intensified her pumping motion. The lips of her totally soaked cunt spread outward and wrapped a little way around the rubber tip of the vibrator. Her swollen clitoris stood erect from underneath it’s hood and seemed to be bigger than I had ever seen it before. Her ass lifted off the bed each time she hunched upward and the juice she was pouring strung between her cheeks and the cover.

“ Oh, oh…oh, God “, She moaned and reached over to the assortment of toys she had placed close by on the bed. As if by magic Joy grabbed one of her favorite dildos and guided it toward her slit. Giving her vibe a moment to cool, she placed the head of the dildo between her lips and began penetrating her sex slowly. The dildo was ten inches long and shaped like a real cock. Soft rubber to fill all bends inside a tight pussy, no batteries, just cunt filling pink rubber. Joy’s pussy was ready and opened up for the head and three inches on the first thrust of her hips. She groaned, smiled decadently, and began fucking herself. Wet, hairless outer lips sucking it inward as her vulva stretched to accept its’ thickness.

“ Fuck yourself slow and deep, baby doll. Your pussy looks so good taking that big dick I can’t stand it! My cock is so hard it aches. Aches for you and your hot pussy! Show Ol’ Ricky how deep you can take that cock, baby doll. Take it deep for me! “

Joy grinned with her eyes still closed but looking toward Ricky’s voice. She whispered, “ You want to watch it get fucked deep in there? Just like you want to do it to my pussy? Watch now…watch my little pussy…”

Concentrating on her performance intently, Joy rotated her hips around and around to let the head of her dildo stretch the flesh inside her a little more. Then lifted both feet and legs up off the bed and buried the remaining length of rubber dick all the way up into her heaving belly.

“ Uuuunnnnggggghhhhhhhuuuuuhhhhhhhh! “ Joy grunted.” Could you fuck me that deep? Are you that big? “

“ Almost, baby doll. Almost. But I wouldn’t make you work for it. I’d just make you take it! All the way to my balls! “

“ Oh, fuck me…ohh, ooohhhhh…I think I’m gonna cum! You wanna see me cum? “ Joy hissed between clenched teeth.

I spoke to my woman for the first time, “ We all want to see you cum you hot bitch you! All of us! Show us how you work your cream out! Cum for us NOW! “

“ All of you! “ Joy gasped. “ How many are there…?” With that she opened her eyes to take in her audience and when she saw that all of her invitees had shown up she exploded! We all had raging hard-ons and were jerking them furiously in her honor. Precum oozed from our piss slits to form a foamy froth on our fists.

“ OH MY GOD!!! “ Joy squealed when she saw all the meat surrounding her. “OOOHHHHHH FUCKKKK!!! I’m CUMMING! I’m CUMMINGGGGGG!!! “

Her sexy body tightened as the first wave of orgasm ripped through her stomach and exploded in her stuffed cunt. Arching and bucking, pumping and hunching her back violently as the big rubber cock was repeatedly rammed deeply into and pulled back out of her sopping wet fuck slit, she groaned and squealed for over a full minute while showing us how hot this perverse experience was making her! Slowly her climax subsided and she eased the dildo out of her sakarya escort cunt. The inner walls of her pink pussy flesh stretched outward as if reluctant to give up its’ pleasure. But, true to form, my little masturbation junkie never missed a beat and selected her next toy to use upon herself.

“ You all came to watch me! “ Joy said in half amazement. Looking around at the group surrounding her bed she took her time in savoring the sight of each man and the tool he fisted for her. “ God, this makes me so fucking hot! What a bunch of beautiful cocks! “ Joy’s gaze lingered upon Mac’s gigantic tool for quite some time and while doing so she began inserting the butt plug she had selected inside her tight, tender, super lubed asshole. Pulling her legs backward so far that her knees were almost even with her ears, Joy craned her head forward to observe the anal penetration. One hand grasped an ass cheek and the other put the plugs tip against her relaxed and slightly bulging sphincter.

“ Watch this, guys. Watch how easily she takes this up her ass. She gets even more turned on when she has her ass full. Don’t you, you little slut? “ I told my fellow jackers.

Loving to be talked to seriously nasty and perverted made Joy get even more brazen and she pushed the first three inches up her ass very slowly. “ Oohhh! Ummmm! Yeah! Yeah! I’m acting like a slut so I guess that’s what I am! You guys like that though, don’t you? “ She slowly fucked the three inches of rubber in and out of her stretching sphincter to loosen up and we could see pink ass flesh beginning to bulge from up inside her.

Joey spoke for the first time, “ I love it , you bitchin’ slut! You ass slut! You got me just about to shoot watchin’ you fuck that butt hole like that! Take it deeper…Take it all up that hot ass for me! “

Joy grunted and pushed and the butt plug moved forward, stretching her ass muscle wide as it penetrated deeply and completely-all the way in until her tortured sphincter clamped shut around the base. She twisted the handle until it was running up and down her crack and used both hands to hold her cheeks far apart. We jacked and watched her squeeze, flex, and suck the thick plug with her ass muscles until it was positioned perfectly inside her bowels. Then she reached for another toy…

“ Get real close, guys. I want you close enough to see my pussy twitch and smell what comes out of me! Come closer! “

We all pulled our chairs as close as possible and leaned in until our faces were only three or four feet away from her. She turned on her left side and hiked her right leg up to display everything and held it there with her right arm. Grabbing her electric vibe once more she started clit flogging her obscenely swollen, blood engorged, totally unhooded clitoris. Remaining directly on it and pumping in a fucking motion with her hips told me exactly what she was about to do to herself.

“ Watch this shit, men! You won’t believe this! Watch what she does! “ I told them.

We all continued stroking ourselves to her obscene performance and soon my new friends were treated to a sight I still found hard to believe whenever I saw her do it. With the big butt plug firmly embedded in her ass, filling and stretching her sphincter and bowels full, Joy began a brutal assault directly on her clitoris. Fucking back and forth, back and forth, she concentrated all the buzzing power it could provide no where but on her clit for several minutes. Her asshole would alternately flex and bulge, flex and bulge, as if trying to spit out the ass invader but it was locked in too tightly. Her strained silence gave way to low whimpers at first then gradually grew into whorish moans of painful pleasure. Sweat popped out on her forehead and between her gigantic breasts in the deep cleavage separating them. Releasing her uplifted leg momentarily she reached for one of her hooked ’G” spot vibrators and masterfully fucked its’ length inside her heaving belly. I could tell exactly when she hit pay dirt because her eyes opened wide and bulged!

“ That’s it! I’m on it! I’m on it! OhfuckingoddamnamightyI’monit!!! “ Joy was incoherent as the intense pleasure / pain wracked her tortured clitoris. “ I’mcumming nowIcan’tstopithereitis ooooohhhhhhhggggoooooodddddddd!!!! “

Within seconds she released her grip on the “ G “ spot vibrator and grabbed her leg once again. The first hard spasms of her spasming cunt expelled it and a thick, gooey, milky glob of cunt juice flooded out behind it. Her hips were rapidly fucking back and forth to pound her clit into the vibe unmercifully. Then it happened! A deep gutteral grunt came from her throat and her crotch arched forward and froze in place. A long rope of fuck milk erupted from inside her and squirted a foot or so to splatter the coverlet she lay upon. Every two seconds she would jerk that way and another eruption would spurt out, all thick and musky smelling. Within moments all the studs enjoying what I found out later to be the first female ejaculation they had ever witnessed let it be known she had pushed them over the edge and were ready to have their first orgasm of the weekend. Phrases such as: “ God damn, bitch! You’re making me shoot! “ “ Fuck me I’m cumin’ to! “Here’s my big load for you, baby doll! “ Son-of-a BITCH you’re fuckin’ so HOT!!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32