Explorers Ch. 06

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The rest of the week went quickly. Although Lana and I went to several impromptu graduation parties, we never got a chance to do much making out, especially like we had done the afternoon we rented our graduation caps and gowns. The graduation ceremony went well. It was sort of an anti-climax after the rehearsals and walk-throughs earlier in the week.

Lana won a summer internship at the local evening newspaper and a journalism scholarship to the State University. Gene was awarded a full ride wrestling scholarship at the State University. Gayle, Lana’s girl friend, won a scholarship too. Chuck, Kenny and I were just happy to get our diplomas.

Gina and Dave, Kenny’s parents, hosted a big cookout and swim party on Saturday. All of our families were invited. It was a combination graduation party; celebration for Gene’s, Lana’s and Gayle’s scholarships; and a send off for Chuck. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I was surprised that my folks literally leaped into the water polo games. Marcia seemed to enjoy herself too. She hung out with Chuck’s “little” brother most of the afternoon.

Laura and Dan both wore rather modest swimsuits. Everyone commented on Laura’s tan. Dan and I were the only two people there who knew that very little of Laura’s skin was not tan. Kenny’s Mom, Gina, was a babe. I’d never seen her in a bathing suit before and she looked great. I was disappointed that Eva wasn’t there. She’d come down from school for Kenny’s graduation, but she’d left early that morning to go back to school. Dave said she was getting ready for finals week.

Sunday was spent with my family. Mom wanted to something different so we went for a drive in the nearby mountains. She had packed a great big picnic basket. We found a picnic area and, after getting the daily use permit, we settled in for the day. Mom surprised us by wearing shorts and a blouse. Dad changed into shorts after we settled in. Marcia said she wanted to tan her legs so she was wearing short shorts. She tied up her blouse so her midriff was bare. Dad said he didn’t see what that had to do with getting tan legs. Marcia kissed him and said, “Oh, Daddy.” He just beamed and didn’t say another word. I noticed that Marcia was getting to be a rather busty young woman, but then she was almost eighteen. I was wearing my usual cut off jeans and a t-shirt.

Before we sat down to eat, Mom and Dad gave me a package. My graduation gift was a really neat digital camera. I spent the rest of the day trying to learn how to use it. When we got home I was able to transfer the pictures of our picnic to the home computer. I told Mom, Dad and Marcia how much I appreciated the gift.

Monday dragged by. I did go around to several places and apply for a summer job. I wanted to work part-time and start as a part-time student at the community college. I figured that I better keep studying so I didn’t forget how. Tuesday morning also passed slowly until Kenny, Chuck, Gene, and I met for pizza and beers. Kenny suggested we go back to his place since his Dad was out of town on a business trip and his Mom went with him. We stopped on the way and picked up a case of cold beer.

When we got to Kenny’s place, we all sat around drinking beer until Kenny suggested we play some water polo. Chuck said he didn’t have a suit in his car. Kenny just laughed and said he could skinny dip with the rest of us. Chuck grinned as we all stripped off. We played a rough game that was more killer ball than water polo.

While we were sitting on the edge of the pool resting and sipping beer, Kenny looked at Chuck and Gene. “You know what I really want to do?”

Gene sat his beer down, “No. What?”

“I want to give you and Chuck good luck blowjobs.”

Chuck choked on his beer, “You what,” he spluttered.

“Hey, man. You’re going into twelve weeks of basic training. You won’t even see any women and you sure won’t be able to get blown. I doubt if you’ll even be able to sneak a jerk off.” Kenny licked his lips, “I figure the memory of this blowjob will have to last until you get home on leave.”

Chuck grinned, “I suppose so.” He looked at me, “Are you in on this, Gary?”

“Yeah, I’m game.”

We picked up our clothes and we followed Kenny to the rec room. Kenny told Gene and Chuck where to stand then he kneeled in front of them He started sucking Chuck’s cock then he switched to Gene’s. Kenny alternated sucking his two buddies. When he wasn’t sucking a cock, he was stroking it.

Gene got an uncomfortable look on his face when Chuck wrapped his hand around Gene’s cock. I got on my knees by Kenny. “Would you like some help?’ Kenny responded by pointing Gene’s cock at me.

Chuck continued to hold it, “Eat it, Gary.”

I slipped my tongue under Gene’s cockhead. His downward curved cock slid into my mouth and down my throat. I didn’t stop until my chin was pressing against his balls. I continued a swallowing action like I was swallowing food.

Gene grinned, “Shit, Gary. You’re my favorite cocksucker.”

Kenny protested, “Hey, what am I?”

Gene continued Bayrampaşa Escort to grin, “I can’t describe what Gary’s mouth is doing to my dick.”

I pulled his cock out of my mouth. “Too bad you aren’t a sucker, Gene. Then I could teach you.” I swallowed his cock to the root.

“There it goes again. Jeez, that feels good. I’ll tell you what, Gary.”

Again I pulled his cock out of my mouth, “What?” And again I swallowed him completely.

“I’ll suck your dick if you can do to Kenny what you’re doing to me.”

I almost chocked on Gene’s cock.

Chuck looked at Gene. Kenny had stopped blowing Chuck. “Are you serious, Gene? You’ll suck Gary’s cock if Gary deep throats Kenny’s cock.”

“Hell, yes, I’m serious. But I don’t think I’ll become a cocksucker like you guys since I don’t think Gary can get all of Kenny’s dick in his mouth. Kenny’s dick is thicker that mine and at least three inches longer.”

I pulled Gene’s cock from my mouth. “I swallow all of Kenny’s cock and you’ll suck mine?”


“If I swallow Kenny’s cock you suck my cock and I get to fuck your ass.”

“Uhh, I don’t . . .”

“Oh, come on, Gene. You ass will feel good when it’s filled with Gary’s dick.”

“Well, o.k. I still don’t think you can do it.”

Chuck laughed, “I hope you have some kneepads and lube handy, Gene. I think Gary can do it and I think we’ll get to see you suck your first dick and then watch as Gary cornholes you for his first time.”

Gene grinned weakly.

Kenny put a blanket over a couch. He lay down and got comfortable. Chuck stood at the end of the couch and Gene moved around so he was leaning over the back of it. I stood next to the couch and looked down at Kenny. His cock lay long and hard against his stomach. Once I was on my knees beside the couch, it took me a few minutes to adjust my position. I wanted to be able to line up my mouth and throat in order to take advantage of the slight curve in Kenny’s cock.

Coach had been teaching me deep throat techniques. I knew I wouldn’t learn without practice so Coach and I practiced each time we were together. Kenny’s cock wasn’t as thick as Coach’s, but it was longer. I had never been able to swallow all of Coach’s cock but I was confident that I would be able to eat all of Kenny’s man meat. I began by licking my way up and down and around his cock shaft in order to make it slick with saliva.

Once I was satisfied that I had licked and thoroughly wet all of his cock shaft, I wrapped my lips around the cockhead. I really wanted to just stop there and suck, kiss and tease that delicious bulb of flesh until Kenny flooded my mouth with warm cum. But I also wanted to see Gene become a cocksucker. I really wanted to slip my cock into his virgin mouth and get his oral cherry.

I’d pump my mouth up and down Kenny’s cock. Each time I would swallow a little more. If it got too difficult, I’d take a break and rewet his cock shaft then go back to swallowing it. Chuck was encouraging me and Gene was making disparaging remarks. I’d measure my progress by wrapping my fingers around the shaft when I would back off.

It looked like there were about two inches to go. I carefully and liberally lubricated those last two inches with lots of spit and saliva. I looked up at Gene, “Get your kneepads on. I’m going to make it.” Again, I wrapped my lips around that succulent cockhead.

‘Remember what Coach said,’ I thought to myself, ‘Don’t think about how big the cock is or how much there is left to swallow, but relax and visualize your nose nestled against your partner’s balls. Enjoy the feel and taste of that special cock as it slips through your mouth and down your throat. Anticipate the thrill or satisfaction or whatever you want to call it, for both you and your partner, when you become a deep throat cocksucker.’

I was so focused on swallowing Kenny’s cock that I realized I’d done it when I heard Gene say, “Oh, shit!” And I heard Chuck laughing. I also felt Kenny’s pubic hair against my chin and tickling my nose. I lifted his ball sac and pressed his balls against my nose.

To prove that it wasn’t a fluke, I backed all the way off of Kenny’s cock then slowly pushed my mouth back down the full length of it. After doing this three or four times, I found I was enjoying the feel of that long hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I decided to blow Kenny to completion so I began to pick up the pace. I was using my mouth to jack him off.

Kenny humped his hips. I backed off until just his cockhead was between my lips. After he filled my mouth with cum, I pushed down to his cock root. When I pulled back the cum flowed out of my mouth and coated his cock shaft. I continued to pump my mouth up and down as long as Kenny continued to squirt cum.

When he finished, I licked his cock clean. I got off my knees and sat on the floor with my back against the couch. Cum was dripping off my chin. I wiped it and my lips.

Gene came over. He shook my hand, “Gary; you’re a cocksucker first class. Bayrampaşa Escort Well, I’m ready whenever you are.” Chuck was still laughing, “Man, you’re probably the best cocksucker in town!” Obviously, Chuck had never had his cock sucked by Lana’s Mom, Laura.

I cleared my throat, “I don’t know about that, but that was fun! I wish I’d brought my camera.”

Kenny rolled over; “You can suck my dick any time you want to.”

“You might change your mind after you see how Gene sucks mine.” I pushed myself up and sat on the couch. “I’m ready, Gene.” While deep throating and blowing Kenny, I’d given myself a tremendous hard-on. It was just now starting to go down.

Gene got on his knees between mine. He surprised me by lifting my cock and kissing and licking my balls. He also licked his way up and down my cock shaft before running the tip of his tongue all over it.

“That’s all right, Gene.”

He looked up, “Well; I’ve watched you guys suck each other’s dicks and I’ve had mine sucked enough to know what feels good.”

Kenny and Chuck grinned and applauded as Gene took my cockhead into his mouth and closed his lips around the shaft. I couldn’t help but grin as he pushed his mouth down my cock. He stopped when my cockhead reached the back of his mouth. I had to moan when Gene pulled back with a hard vacuum suck. He kept the cockhead in his mouth as he breathed through his nose.

Gene swabbed and sucked my cockhead for a minute or so before he pushed his way down the cock shaft. He managed to eat a little more of my dick. This was followed by the hard vacuum suck and then a series of pumping actions.

“That’s good, Gene. Don’t make me cum because I want to shoot my load into your ass.”

He took my cock out of his mouth, licked the head several times then grinned, “Let’s do it.”

“Before Gene gets butt fucked let’s get in a daisy chain and take turns sucking each other.”

Kenny was already lying on the floor, “That’s a great idea, Chuck.”

I lay down and Gene continued to suck me. Kenny grasped Gene’s dick, “I’ll take this.”

Chuck fed his tasty cock into my mouth before he adjusted his position so he could suck on Kenny. I cradled and fondled his large nuts as I sucked away. All that could be heard was a lot of slurping and sucking. After a few minutes we changed positions. I moved down to suck Gene, Kenny sucked me, Chuck sucked Kenny, and Gene ate his second cock as he sucked on Chuck.

Chuck moved around to suck Gene’s dick, Gene filled his mouth with Kenny’s nine-inch tool. I sucked Chuck again and Kenny sucked me. We switched a couple more times just to assure that everyone got their fill of each other’s cocks.

While we were resting, Gene commented, “You know, in school we were called the four musketeers because we hung out together so much.”

Kenny laughed, “We’re really the four cocksuckteers. Suck one, suck all.”

“Do you have any lotion handy, Kenny?”

Kenny pulled an exercise mat into the center of the room and then he found some silky slick lotion. He applied it to my cock while Chuck help Gene lube his butt. Gene got on his hands and knees on the mat. Kenny had really pumped up my hard-on. I got on my knees behind Gene. I pressed my cockhead against his butt hole. Gene pushed back and I pushed forward.

My slippery cock eased into his tight ass. I gave him some long slow strokes then pressed my pelvis against his ass cheeks. I reached under him and found his cock. I wet my hand with his pre-cum and jacked him a little as I fucked him. Kenny lay down in front of Gene so he could suck on Kenny. Chuck fed Kenny his meat.

Watching my buddy’s suck each other was a turn on. I stopped jerking Gene’s dick and began some serious butt fucking. My cock felt like a finger in a tight glove. The cum was boiling in my balls as I buried myself deep in Gene’s ass. It felt like I blew a quart of cum into his ass.

“My turn.” Kenny got to his feet and brought out a straight chair. He sat on it and Gene backed up. Kenny held his cock up. Chuck guided Gene was he sat on Kenny’s cock. He groaned as the nine-inch cock filled his ass. When he was seated, I got on my knees to suck Gene’s cock a little then I sat back and watched as Chuck steadied Gene as he half stood and rode up and down Kenny’s cock. Kenny soon popped his rocks and creamed Gene’s ass.

After some rest, Chuck arranged Gene over the arm of the couch. He mounted Gene and began to work his asshole over with a fast hard fuck. Gene’s ass was so full of lube and cum that Chuck’s cock made squishing noises as he pumped away. It didn’t take Chuck long to empty his nuts and add his cum to the two loads that were already in Gene’s ass.

When Chuck finished, Gene lay there. I rubbed his shoulders. “Let me lube up and, if you want, my ass is yours for however long you want to fuck me. Someone give me a hand and grease my ass.”

“I’ll do it.” Chick grabbed the bottle of lotion and I lay over the arm of the couch. Kenny was using his talented mouth to get Gene ready.

Gene Escort Bayrampaşa stepped behind me. I took a deep breath then slowly exhaled as he pushed his cockhead through my muscle ring. Because of the curve of his cock, the fuck from Gene felt different. One thing that I liked was the way he rotated his hips.

“Oh, man, I like the way you’re cranking my ass.” Gene laughed and ‘cranked’ faster.

Kenny lay over the other arm of the couch and Chuck began to fuck him. He looked at Gene. “Race you.” Gene picked up his pace and soon all you could hear was panting and grunting and skin slapping together. Gene was fucking me hard, deep and fast. The upholstery on the couch was slick so it was hard to brace myself.

Kenny was having the same problem so we stretched our arms out across the couch and braced each other with our hands. The pace really picked up then. Gene didn’t do anything fancy. He just pounded my ass as hard and as fast as he could.

Chuck went “Gahhh! then lay over Kenny’s back. Gene continued to give me a fast and furious fuck. He gasped, “I’m right behind you, buddy!” and I felt his warm load of cum flood my ass. Gene slowly stroked in and out of my ass as we cooled down. Finally, he lay over my back. He was sweating hard. “How was that?”

“Super! Just super! Does anyone else want a piece of me?”

“Sure. Why not?” Kenny stood. “You’re going to have to move, Gene. I can’t fuck Gary through your ass.”

Gene pushed himself upright. “Why don’t you try?” His cock pulled out of my ass with a plop. Kenny didn’t waste time. I felt his hand on my hip then his hard cock sliding up my stretched slick ass.

I looked over my shoulder, “Take me for a fun drive, Sir.” Kenny just grinned as he humped away. I tightened and loosened my sphincter muscle as he stroked his cock in and out.

“Gawd, I like that, Gary. You’re a better fuck than my girlfriend. Suck dick better, too.”

“Thanks. Just keep working your cock in my ass.”

“O.K. Here I cum.” He pressed his pelvis against my butt. I felt his cock twitching deep inside me. When he finished, he pulled his cock out and wiped it across my ass. I could feel cum running down my legs.

“How about you, Chuck? Why don’t you fuck me too?”

“I’ve got time for a quickie, then I have to go.”

“Well, just cum then go.” Chuck stepped up behind me. His thick cock slipped in easily. My ass was so slick that I think I could have stuck a ball bat up it with no problem. Chuck pumped steadily. I squeezed as tight as I could and in a few minutes I felt the warmth of more cum. Chuck pulled out as soon as he finished. “That was very workman like. Don’t you want to be fucked?”

“I’d like to, but I’d better not. I’ve got a service physical this week and I don’t think the doctors would like seeing an asshole that had been recently fucked.”

Gene made noises about leaving too. They cleaned up and dressed and left. Kenny and I had a couple of beers then I lay on my back while he gave me another good fuck. I did him again then we showered. Before leaving to go home, I deep throated his nine-inch cock just to show that the earlier deep throating wasn’t an accident.

It was late afternoon when I stepped outside. I’d spent at least three or four hours sucking and fucking my three best buddies. The house was quiet when I let myself in. Mom and Dad were watching TV and Marcia was out with friends. I fixed a couple of sandwiches and a glass of milk and sat down to watch TV.

“I’m sorry, Mom, I should have called to tell I wasn’t going to be home for dinner.”

“That’s O.K., Gary. I knew you were with friends and not watching the time. There’s some mail for you on the hall table. It looks like a number of graduation cards.”

“I think I’ll finish this, watch some TV with you and then go to bed. I can look at the cards in the morning.”

I took the mail with me as I went upstairs. I was tired. I hadn’t sucked and fucked for so long for some time. One envelope didn’t have a name in the return address, just a box number. I opened it. It was from Eva and it contained a floppy disk. The note said to open the ‘read me file’ first then open the other files. All of the other items were graduation congratulatory cards from relatives. Several contained checks or cash. I’d need to write some thank you notes.

By mid-morning the house was empty and quiet. Mom and Dad were at work and Marcia was with some of her girl friends. I had written several thank you notes. I got a soft drink and turned on the family computer. I put the disk from Eva in the floppy drive. I opened the read me file.

“Hi, Gary. Congratulations on your graduation. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay for the celebration, but I do want to celebrate with you when I’m home for the summer. I enjoyed our afternoon conversation. I hope you enjoyed it too. I’m looking forward to seeing if you and Kenny are able to do what I suggested. Enjoy the pictures. Lot of Kisses, Eva.”

The first picture was of Eva. It was captioned. She was sitting on her bed. She was nude. She had her legs spread wide and she was spreading her pussy lips. The caption read ‘Your dick could be here if. . .’ In the second picture, Eva was on her knees and she was sucking on a realistic looking penis dildo. The caption read, ‘. . .if I can watch Kenny do this to you.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32