Faking It Ch. 01

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Warning : Contains pissing/golden shower scene

Five years ago

13 years old Priya was in chemistry class. The mousy Indian girl was very socially awkward and no one wanted to help her, mostly because the girl was the only non-white student in the class. But she did just fine on her own, even though the task was hard. Her father graduated from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the best medical school in India. He immigrated to the US and started his practice at John Hopkins before she was born, and has taught her all about science from a very young age. At times she struggled a bit, but that’s only a part of the learning process. Still Priya wished she had someone who would help her get through this. Doesn’t mean she got what she wanted though. Not by a long shot. The girl suddenly accidentally broke a test tube by dropping it in the sink at the back of the classroom.

The stick thin geek quickly hid amongst other students who were nearby, as their intimidating teacher Mrs Jones approached the back. There she found the broken test tube and glared at all of them. “Who broke the test tube?” the scary Mrs Jones demanded, making them all flinch. No one saw Priya, or else they would have ratted her out to the teacher instantly. “I asked you who broke it! Someone better step up and take responsibility soon, or no one is going home.” Shit. This happened to be the past period of school too. And knowing Mrs. Jones, she probably meant what she said.

Priya wanted to take responsibility for her own actions but her legs were just rooted to the ground. Sweat broke out across her brown skin as she tried to make herself move but failed. Then a voice piped up “Mrs Jones, it was me. I broke that test tube. I am so sorry that I didn’t tell you right away.” Turning to look at the source in surprise, Priya saw a cute boy named Luke. She knew she broke the thing. He most definitely did not, since there’s only one broken test tube, so why was he taking the blame for it?

Mrs Jones’ eyes softened. Luke always was her favorite student. How could he not be? He was always so cute and kind and ever so polite. “Well, Luke, since you accept blame for it, I will let you off the hook this time,” she said to him. He breathed a sigh of relief, relaxing a bit. “However, I must tell you that I’m very disappointed you didn’t notify me right away when you broke something. You of all people should know better than to keep quiet about something like that,” she berated him. “Everybody, pack up now. Once you are done you can go.”

Once the teacher had her back turned, Luke glanced sideway at her and gave her a little wink, before packing up his stuff and tidying his work station. Priya was mesmerised. The girl was, simply put, smitten by him. He knew it was her who broke the test tube but he still said it was him. Luke protected her. He put his own ass on the line to save her from the wrath of their notoriously tyrannical chemistry teacher, when the two of them weren’t friends yet. They were both geeks, but not friends. But from that moment on, Priya always secretly watched Luke from afar.

Present day.

The now 18 years old Priya rises with a yawn. Ever since that day, the 6 feet 4 girl has blossomed. Priya transformed from a nerdy little girl into an athletic beauty, having started playing volleyball a few years ago. She is now the captain and ace of her school’s team. Her face also became much prettier as her body became toned and muscular, yet still feminine with curves in all the right places. The Indian beauty cups her large, muscular ass and caresses her powerful thighs, feeling proud of herself for achieving and maintaining her perfect body shape.

Not only did she become a jock but she also became the most popular girl in school. Right now she is the most feared girl in her high school. Despite once being ostracised because of her race, Priya managed to rise and become the queen bee, ruling the school with a group of some close friends. Winning enough volleyball tournaments would get that done for you. She plays with the bush above her vagina, having never shaved her hairy cunt once in her entire life. Keeping the wild jungle makes her feel even more powerful than she already does, which is saying a lot.

The popular bombshell might ben the queen of her high school but she only bullies one person, and that, ironically, is the boy she loves. Right from the moment Luke took the fall for her, Priya never looked away from him. But she knows that if people know about her love for the boy, they would see her as weak and turn against her. The hottest girl in school can’t be seen courting a geek like him. No way. It would totally ruin her reputation and get her toppled from her throne. That can’t happen. She worked way too hard to acquire her league of minions.

So she is his bully now, as this is the only way she can be close to him without arousing anyone’s suspicions. Priya has been tormenting him for a year now ever since she became the most popular girl in their school. Her and Bayan Eskort her sidekicks Leslie and Bella, who are the only two people she ever told about her true feelings for Luke. She trusted them enough to tell them this since they were like her, having risen from the bottom of the hierarchy and straight to the top.

Priya strips off her nightdress and walks into the bathroom, naked. She stares at the reflection of her nude body in the mirror, admiring her own six pack abs and muscular thighs. Her pussy got wet from thinking about Luke and she thinks about rubbing one out before going to school, but then gets an even better idea. The exotic beauty quickly brushes her teeth and showers, putting on her short skirts and top right afterwards.

Having breakfast quickly, she then gets into the Aston Martin her dad bought for her and drives to school. Once she arrives, she tries to look for her friends. Many boys blatantly ogle her beautiful thighs but she ignores them. Priya only has eyes for Luke, who is probably reading by himself in the library right now. “There you are!” she cries out when Bella approaches her, along with Leslie. Both of them are tall blondes who are almost as tall as Priya, and are on the volleyball team.

“Hey, captain,” Leslie greets her, making Priya roll her eyes. She tells her that they don’t have to call her that except when they are playing against another school and then goes to take some stuff out of her locker. “So, any plans about how to torture pretty little Luke today?” Bella snickers as Leslie continues “Oh, come on. Just tell me. We both know you need to hurt him first before going home at the end of the day to masturbate. It makes you cum hard when you think about him crying, doesn’t it? Sadistic bitch.”

This makes Priya chuckle. “I’ll take it as a compliment,” she says. “Today I’m going to buy a nice chocolate milkshake and pour it out all over Luke’s head. How about that?” Bella and Leslie nod in agreement, excited by the thought. Priya herself could feel her panties growing moist, just from thinking about how adorable he would look when she bullies him. It always get her off fast when she fingers herself to the thought of his anguished, tear streaked face. Maybe she really is a sadistic bitch like Leslie said.

The three athletes head towards the cafe where Priya quickly buys a chocolate milkshake like she said she would. She then leads them to the library. Along the way, a couple of boys from the basketball team approach Priya. They both ask her out and she tells both of them that she isn’t interested. The two then walk away looking dejected, making Bella feel sorry for and decide that she will give them a mercy fuck each. Leslie giggles and calls her a slut for this, and Bella accepts the label with pride, not at all offended. It’s no secret that her pussy is open to anyone who wants it.

When they finally reach the library, the sporty girls find Luke sitting by himself at his usual table. “Are you sure I can’t fuck him once first?” Bella asks Priya timidly, making Priya glare at her. Priya is so possessive of Luke that once she became captain of the volleyball team, she ordered all the girls to secretly intimidate any girl who might be interested in him. Fortunately, they have only had to do that twice, since almost no one is interested in Luke, so no one found out about the order. “Okay, I was just kidding, Jeez, relax bitch.”

Priya then walks over to where Luke is. A lot of people in the library turn to watch the hottest girl in their school approach the dork, watching her. Luke looks up from his book in surprise and is about to move, but it’s too late. “Hey, wimp,” she says and upends the milkshake over his head and pours the sludge down all over his hair. Priya also pours some of it onto his shirt, ruining it as well, making him freeze in shock from feeling it on him. “You’re such a pathetic loser. No wonder you don’t have any friends. I mean, you couldn’t even stand up to a girl, for Christ’s sake! No one would want to hang out with a weakling like you.”

Luke’s eyes tear up and Priya has a mini orgasm looking at her secret love starting to cry. “Why are you doing this to me?” he whimpers, taking out a handkerchief and trying to wipe some of the shake off his hair, failing. “What did I ever do to you?” Bella and Leslie have to hold their tongue. They feel this nearly irresistible urge to tell Luke that seeing him suffer makes Priya orgasm really hard. “Can’t you just leave me alone? It was bad enough when you ripped up my homework and broke my glasses yesterday!”

“I like doing this to you because you are just a piece of garbage for me to torture. You’re worth even less than the dirt beneath my feet,” she says. “Speaking of which, if you don’t want me to have you beaten up by all my friends, then you will kiss each of my shoes and thank me for letting you do it.” He looks up at her, horrified. Leslie and Bella exchange amused glances. Neither of them expected this. The other students have already begun Anadolu Yakası Escort snickering from the moment Priya poured her milkshake on Luke’s head.

They are now full on laughing at him as he gets down and bends to place his lips on Priya’s right shoe, kissing it. Then he moves over to kiss the Indian beauty’s left shoe, as the laughter grows increasingly loud. Once he is done, Luke stands up. “Can you please leave me alone now?” he begs her, making her frown. She knows that doing this might end up making Luke hate her but it is the only way. she can be close to him. Plus, it turns Priya on to see him suffer this way.

She grabs him by the collar of his shirt and yanks him over so they are face to face, the tips of their noses nearly touching. “Listen here, twerp. You don’t get any say in this. I’m going to keep making your life miserable just because it amuses me and I can do whatever I want but you can’t. I’m strong and you are weak, Luke. That is a concept you have to start getting used to really soon. Got that?” She then shoves him away and leaves with her friends, her round booty swaying as she goes.


In the period before lunch, Luke tries to avoid looking at Priya, who is in the same class as him. It is difficult to do so though, since she keeps glancing his way. When she catches him peeking at her, a smile breaks out across her beautiful face. Her brown skin glows as she smirks, making him blush and then turn away. Yes, he is cruel, but the girl is still a girl, and he is still an awkward boy who flushed every time a girl looks at him. I really need to do something about my complete lack of confidence, Luke tells himself, just like he already did several times before.

During lunch, he sits at his own table in an isolated corner of the cafeteria. No one wants to be friends with him. He is all by himself. The boy sighs as he eats and reads at the same time. Oryx and Crake is the only distraction Luke has from his mundane day to day existence. The book is good but he doesn’t like the sequels very much. He tried reading The Year of the Flood and MadAddam before and didn’t like them very much. It’s only the first book in the trilogy that the young nerd really likes. He has worn out the paperback novel by now.

Suddenly, he could see a pair of tanned thighs through his peripheral vision as someone wearing a revealing miniskirt approaches him from the side. Hands slam down on the table where Luke is sitting and he looks up in surprise. It is Leslie. “You’re going to follow me to the changing room,” the gorgeous blonde informs him in a superior tone, looking down on him. He might be the object of desire of the hottest girl in school but that doesn’t make him hot. To her, he is just a geek who should be grateful the captain of the volleyball team loves him, even though she expresses that love poorly.

Like tries desperately to stand up for himself. He doesn’t want to be pushed around for the remainder of his final year of high school. “No!” Luke yells at her, surprising both the tall girl and himself. “I’m not letting you three bully me again. I won’t go there with you.” He glares at her angrily. Leslie stares at him then tenses up her thigh muscles. Grabbing the back of his head, she then slams his face in her crotch, clamping her powerful thighs on either side of Luke’s head. She traps his face between her legs for a few seconds before letting go.

He takes several deep breaths, inhaling multiple lungfuls of air. She has briefly suffocated him and all he could do then was to take in whiffs of her pussy. Even through the skirt, he could tell she was horny, as her cunt leaked a lot of nectar and the smell of it was obvious. “If you don’t come with me right now I will take the plate and break it over your head,” she threatens the boy. Luke wheezes out, his throat burning after the temporary lack of air. He nods in reluctance. Leslie just smirks and then grabs his arm, yanking him up to his feet and dragging him after her towards the locker room, where the other girls are waiting.

When they get there, Leslie opens the door to show him that Bella and Priya are already inside. She then uses both hands to secure his right arm while Bella takes his left. They hold him still together while Kathy, a brunette who is also on the volleyball team with them, places her hands on the waistband of his pants. “What are you girls doing? Let go of me. Don’t take my pants off!” he cries out before Kathy proceeds to take his trousers off. She then removes his boxers as well, allowing Luke’s dick to flop out, his balls dangling behind them.

Priya takes her phone out and then starts taking full body photos of Luke with his dick in view. “Looks kind of small to me. In fact, I think it is very small,” the Indian athlete remarks to the boy she’s been in love with for so many years. “How are you ever going to be able to please anyone with that tiny cock? No, it is too small to be called a cock. I’ll call it a pee pee instead.” They all burst out Pendik Escort into laughter at the sight of his tear streaked face as he starts to sob. “Go on, little bitch. Cry like a girl because you look more like one than a boy should.”

Bella laughs the loudest. She watches as Kathy reaches out to grab the boy’s balls and squeezes him. Just seconds later, Priya stomps over to slap Kathy’s hand away roughly. Kathy looks at her in confusion, while Bella and Leslie exchange knowing grins. “Why can’t I just grope him? I have a crush on Luke, you know? That’s why I agreed to this.” Hearing it makes Leslie wince, as she fears that Priya might lose her shit and smack Kathy or kick her in the kidney. But she doesn’t do either of those.

Priya knows she can’t let Kathy find out the real reason, since Kathy could feel jealous and spread rumors. So she just says “His genitals are below us. We are only using them as blackmail material. They serve no other purpose.” Then the best volleyball player in their school looks Luke in the eyes and says “Hear that? Your cock and balls mean nothing to me. If you disobey me I will stamp on them and crush them under my stilettos.” She lifts her powerful leg up and sets her left foot on a bench. The hemline of her miniskirt hikes up and she shows off her muscular thigh.

Luke cries as he stands there, his four inches cock exposed before the girls’ eyes, totally humiliated. With his arms held tightly by two girls who are both stronger than him, he can not escape. All he can do is plead with her. Speaking to Priya in the sweetest tone he could muster, he says “Please just let me go. I never did a bad thing to you or any of your friends. Can you please stop making my life hell?” Hearing that she is making his life hell hurts Priya but she masks her feelings, not wanting to reveal weakness in front of the boy. One day she will ask him to be her boyfriend but today she just wants to torture him first.

“I can stop but I don’t want to, so I am not going to stop,” she says simply. Her gorgeous face is now sneering at him as she hides how she truly loves the boy. “I enjoy ruining your life way too much to give up. You are just entertainment to me. Whatever I tell you to, you will do it for me. If you don’t obey me, I’ll send the pictures of your dick to all the girls in our class, along with whatever colleges you are applying to. Maybe I’ll even send them to your mom and dad.” Her eyes gleam in a way that makes him think she will really do it.

He looks at her through his teary eyes and says “I’ll do what you want. Please, don’t send them to anyone.” Priya nods and then walks up to him and slides one of her strong legs up between his balls. She rubs her powerful thigh on Luke’s balls, grinding up into his sack as he moans lightly. Feeling her leg on his private areas is making Luke stiffen unwillingly. He looks away with shame on his face as he gets hard, his cock now filled with blood. This is the worst thing that could happen right now, or so he thinks.

“Good boy,” Priya mutters. She then says “Now get down on your knees.” He quickly follows her instruction, and she turns around. Bending over at the waist in a graceful motion, Priya slides her skirt down her legs to her ankles. She proudly reveals her muscular ass and thighs to the stunned boy. “Kiss each of my asscheeks and then eat out my asshole,” the athlete commands him. Luke gasps in shock. “Do what I say or else people are going to see and laugh at your small dick.” He sobs at being so debased and then kisses her muscular asscheeks, first the left and then the right, before spreading them apart and looking at her dirty asshole.

The volleyball captain giggles after hearing her beloved cry and rams her buttocks backwards into his face. He tentatively licks her anus and starts kissing it tentatively. To Luke’s shame, his cock is getting hard from being degraded. “Make out with my asshole. French kiss it.” He forces himself to obey her, sucking her nasty sphincter and sliding his tongue inside, through her tight asshole, deep into her ass. With his tongue now buried inside the sporty girl’s ass, he starts sucking her asshole in earnest, hoping that she would be satisfied enough to let him go soon.

She moans in pleasure, delighted that the love of her life has buried his cute tongue inside her thick ass. This is just perfect. Priya smirks when a twisted idea occurs to her. The girl clenches her abdominal muscles and, without giving any warning, farts into Luke’s mouth. He gags violently and pulls his lips away from her asshole immediately, his tongue following out of the orifice as she and her friends all start laughing at him again. “What did you do that for?” he angrily demands, watching the four girls continue to cackle.

“Oh my god!” Bella chokes on her own laughter, unable to contain it as she and Leslie continue breaking into new fits of giggles. “I can’t believe you really did that! That was so cool.” Leslie nods in agreement and they take turns with high diving Priya. All four girls in the room sneer at the very indignant Luke. Priya puts her skirt back on and then yanks him to his feet. His lips tremble as he tries not to cry in front of them. He doesn’t want to give these bitches the satisfaction. Not after what they have already done to him.

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