Family Discovery

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1.01 Sara and Sean, Discovery:
1.02 Sara and Sean, A Guided Mating:
1.03 Sara and Prince:
1.04 Sean, Preparation:
1.05 Sean and Prince:
1.06 Amanda and Sara:
1.07 Amanda and Rapture:

1.01 Sara and Sean, Discovery:

It was Saturday and Amanda was getting ready to go the hospital where she works in the morning as a volunteer aid in the rehabilitation center. She fed the Golden’s and let them outside into the back yard to play until she returned. The six month old puppy was named Prince and the year old Golden was called Rapture. Amanda had renamed it from Duke, for obvious reasons.

After she had left, Sara and Sean, her fourteen year old twins, got up, and had breakfast. Both were sitting on the sectional and the precocious Sara was watching her brother playing a video game on the television. Like previous Saturdays, she was wearing only a robe and her brother was dressed in his underwear. As usual, Sara was visualizing what a penis might look like.

In a few minutes, Sean decided to take a break and asked Sara if she wanted to play a game. Sara smiled as Sean stood up and saw the small bulge in his underwear. Her promiscuous nature rose to the surface and Sean saw his sister staring at him.

“What ..”

Sara asked,

“Have you ever wondered why we are different .. down there?”

Sean blushed slightly and nodded his head.

Sara motioned for him to Sean to come closer to her and she whispered,

“If you show me yours .. I will show you mine.”

Sara smiled when she saw the blush deepen.

Sean just stood there not knowing if or how he should respond.

Sara sensed her brother’s hesitancy and told him to come closer to her and she reached out and grasped the elastic waist band of her brother’s underwear. Sean froze at his sister’s sudden move and before he could react, Sara had pulled his underwear down his thighs and onto his feet. She looked wide eyed at her brother’s two and half inch flaccid penis. Sean quickly used his hands to cover his genitals but after some reassuring words, he slowly dropped them to his sides.

Sara’s heart beat faster as she looked intently at her first penis and the testicles that swayed below it. She looked up into Sean’s dazed face and asked,

“Can I touch it?”

Sean felt a strange tinglyness spreading into his penis and in almost a whisper said yes.

Sara reach out with her right and lifted his penis, cradling it within her fingers. A soft pant escaped Sean’s mouth at the contact and the tingling sensations intensified. Sara couldn’t believe how nice the penis felt as it lay in her fingers with its soft heaviness. She closed her fingers around it with a gentle tugging and squeezing action and another gasp was heard from Sean. Sara looked in awe as it slowly stirred and he cringed, not being able to stop it. He had, on occasion, woken up in the morning with an erection and this was the last thing that he wanted his sister to see. He made an attempt to pull away but Sara’s left hand grasped his hip, pulling him further inward between her robe covered thighs.

Her fingers continued their discovering of the rising penis. His own fingers didn’t feel as good as Sara’s fingers and he closed his eyes as new and wonderful sensations flooded into his mind. Sara watched intently as the small tube of flesh grew hard within her massaging fingers and smiled up into Sean’s face as she wrapped her hand around her brother’s four inch erection. She saw Sean’s testicles and her left hand moved from his hip and lifted them with a slow massaging action. Her mind reeled at the heaviness and softness of her brother’s balls. Sean began moaning as Sara’s hands squeezed their way up and down his hardness and caressed his bloating balls.

Suddenly Sara stopped and sat back on the sectional staring with excited eyes at her accomplishment. She saw her brother’s hips jerking his erection in the air. He was so close to ‘something’ happening and he looked at Sara wondering why she had stopped.

Sean finally calmed a bit and the shock of being erect in front of his sister was gone.

“Ok, now show me yours.”

It was then that both of them realized that they were not alone. Their mother had returned early and was standing at the doorway watching them. Sara and Sean were so focused on each other that they did not see her watching what they were doing. An embarrassed Sara was about to jump up from cushion when her smiling mother motioned for her to stay as she was. For the Amanda, the opportunity she had been waiting for had arrived.

“If you’re going to learn about sex, then it should be done properly, with a little guidance.

Amanda paused for a few moments and then said,

“Well Sara, fair is fair, it is time to show Sean your treasures.”

The embarrassment left Sara’s face and she stood up facing her brother. Amanda sat down on the end of the sectional and watched as her kids renewed their discovery of each other. Sara undid the sash to her robe and let it fall to floor. Sean wasn’t prepared for the nakedness that was displayed in front of his youthful eyes. He saw a small pink tip showing itself at the top of small crease between his sister’s thighs and his erection twitched in the air. Neither knew why they felt this way and neither wanted it to stop.

Sara sat back on the edge of the cushion and spread her thighs apart. Amanda saw that Sean was wondering what to do and she told her son to kneel down in front of his sister. An excited Sean quickly did so. Sara began pointing and explaining to Sean the points of interest of her sex and Amanda smiled as she watched Sean’s learning eyes. For some reason, his small erection began to feel harder as his sister described her clitoris, inner lips and vaginal opening.

She pointed to a small set of lips within the crease and whispered,

“Mom says that’s where you put your penis in me and then it begins to spurt.”

Amanda smiled and nodded her head, she hadn’t exactly said Sean would do it, but it was close enough.

Sean shook his head not understanding. Amanda knew that Sean had not yet masturbated and he wasn’t sure of what Sara was talking about. Sara had him stand up and move closer toward her. Her eyes became totally focused on her brother’s erection and she licked her lips when she saw a small drop of clear fluid oozing from the gland.

Sara reached out and lifted Sean’s erection by putting a finger under the sensitive gland of his erection. Her left hand reached down and massaged Sean’s testicles causing him to gasp and his hips jerked forward. Her pressing finger followed the wild contortions of her brother’s erection. The louder his moans became the more excited Sara became, she knew she was going to make her brother’s penis begin spurting and wanted to see what it looked like. The drop of fluid at the head of his penis had now become a drool and she leaned inward, sucking up Sean’s delicious nectar with her tongue.

The sensations became too much for Sean’s young mind and Sara felt his straining hardness begin to jerk against her swirling finger and then a loud cry was heard as Sean began ejaculating for the first time. It came in short bursting gushes and Sara closed her suctioning mouth over the spewing gland. With an ecstatic moan, Sean grasped his sister’s head as his hips bucked his spurting boyhood her thirsty mouth. Sara’s taste buds exploded and her mouth and cheeks intensified their suctioning action to get more of her brothers thick essence.

When Sean’s hands loosened their grip on her head, Sara pulled back and watched with amazement as Sean’s member slowly softened. She saw a long rivulet of semen dangling from his penis and picked it with a finger.

“This is what I meant when your penis spurts.

Amanda sighed when she saw her son experiencing his first ejaculation. She could almost taste it.

Sean just looked at his sister who had just given him feelings of joy that he didn’t know his body could give him. He smiled and nodded. He looked down between Sara’s spread thighs and saw that the pink tip of her clitoris had protruded a little further outward and thought to himself,

‘If Sara can use her mouth and tongue on him, then he should do the same thing to her.’

Amanda watched as Sean again kneeled down in front of his sister and put his hands on her thighs and pushed them further apart. He saw the folds of her young labia flare open and looked intently at his sister’s sex. Sara saw his head dip inward and her breath quickened with anticipation. Suddenly, an unexpected jolt of joy exploded outward from her clitoris. Sean’s tongue had pushed onto the pink tip and began swirling it around in ecstatic circles. She squealed with joy and grasped her brother’s head tightly as her clitoris exploded with sensations that she had never felt before. The excited organ leapt out of its protective hood and Sara bucked upward as her hands pulled her brother’s devouring mouth into her sex.

His right hand left her sister’s thigh and molded itself onto her labia. While he suckled on his sister’s rigid clitoris, Sean slipped two fingers between the folds and nestled them into her clasping inner lips with ecstatic caresses and probes. Sara’s mind was being flooded with overwhelming sensations as Sean’s lips, tongue and fingers explored her excited sex.

Sean nudged two fingers into Sara’s clenching entrance and with a hiss of joy, her hips bucked her exploding sex onto her brother’s twisting fingers. Sean was elated with the response and slipped a third finger into Sara’s eager vagina. As with Sean, Sara’s mind was not able to cope with the ecstatic sensations that her clitoris and vagina were giving her and she arched up from the cushion as her first orgasm exploded across her body.

Sean withdrew his mouth and fingers and Sara slumped back onto the sectional gasping and panting. The two siblings looked at each other, knowing that they had opened the door to something new and exciting. Sean stood up and Sara held out her arms to him. They looked at each other with deeply flushed faces and Amanda knew what was going to happen next.

She stood up and said,

“There is a better place for this, Sara, bring your brother into your bedroom.”

The two aroused siblings followed their mother into Sara’s bedroom.

1.02 Sara and Sean, A Guided Mating:

When they reached the bed, Amanda told Sara to sit down on it and lay back with with her feet resting on the floor. Sara quickly did what her mother told her to do, her eyes never left her brother’s twitching erection nor his swaying testicles.

Amanda guided Sean so he stood between his sister’s spread thighs. Sara smiled as she looked at his flushed face that was filled with need and desire. She reached out with her arms and Sean leaned over his sister and Sara reached up and pulled his face closer to her face until their lips touched. A surprised Sean felt his sister’s tongue slip into his mouth and a low moan was heard as he experienced his first passionate kiss. As they kissed, Sean’s small erect nipples pressed onto Sara’s breasts and her excited nipples. Their kiss intensified as their nipples teased and tantalized each other. Sara felt Sean’s hips snuggle closer into the junction of her thighs and his throbbing thickness pressed between her swelling folds, pushing them further apart. As it nestled inward, his erection made contact with the protruding clitoris and she moaned into her brother’s mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..”

Amanda whispered instructions into her son’s ear and he broke the kiss. His hands began massaging Sara’s breasts. The exploring fingers slowly worked their way over the young mounds and began to caress and swirl his sister’s stiffening nipples. At the same time he started planting light suckling kisses on her neck and shoulders. The suckling lips left her shoulder and trekked downward toward her right breast. Sara held her breath as the lips came nearer and nearer to their destination. She felt a warm, moist breath bathe her right nipple and then the Sean’s mouth descended onto it. His lips and tongue began to suckle the erect nipple and Sara gasped as she pushed her breast into her brother’s devouring mouth.

“Oh Sean .. that feels so good ..”

His mother whispered,

“She has two of them.”

Sean’s mouth slipped off of Sara’s right breast and suckled its way over to her left breast. The massaging and kneading hands switched to her right breast. Sara’s moans became louder as Sean’s lips and hands paid loving homage to both of her breasts and erect nipples. Amanda smiled when she saw her daughter grasp her brother’s head and push her breasts into his sucking mouth and swirling tongue.

“Oh God .. Yes ..Yes ..”

Amanda whispered again,

“It is time to move downward Sean.”

He lifted his head and he slipped downward over his sister’s body and knelt on the floor between her spread thighs. Amanda saw his erection straining into the air as his excited eyes feasted on his sister’s treasured sex. Sean put his hands on Sara’s thighs and began a gentle massaging and kneading action along his sister’s inner thighs from her knees to almost touching the folds of her labia and Sara squirmed her hips in attempt to get his hands to move onto her sex. Finally Sean’s hands molded themselves around his sister’s swollen folds and Sara gasped at the ecstatic contact. Both of Sean’s thumbs pressed and swirled around his sister’s extended, pink clitoris and she moaned, grinding her sex into her brother’s massaging hands.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Amanda smiled, Sean was doing exactly what she had told him to do. She got up and sat down on the bed, leaning close to Sara’s head.

“Lift your feet up from the floor and put them on the edge of the bed.”

In a daze, Sara lifted her feet onto bed. Amanda gently pushed her daughter’s feet apart. Sara looked between her bent and spread legs and watched as her mother guided her brother’s head toward her sex.

slowly .. slowly .. and then ..

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Sara threw her head back and moaned loudly as Sean’s moist, hot lips closed over her labia. His face disappeared from her view as he planted wet suckling kisses on the swollen, engorged furrow and his tongue began stroking at the quivering opening to her vagina. Amanda’s instructions were detailed and Sean was following them to the letter. His mouth was guided toward his sister’s rigid clitoris and Sara squealed as his lips and tongue sucked and suckled on her the excited organ of joy. Sean’s mouth then trekked downward drawing the warm soft folds deep into his devouring mouth. His probing tongue slipped into the moist crease and began an ecstatic exploration from the clasping inner lips to the rippling clitoris. Sounds of joy spewed from his sister’s lips as Sean’s darting tongue caressed and licked the excited entrance to her womanhood, then returned to suck on her straining organ. Sara arched her sex upward and her hands grasped Sean’s head, not wanting that pleasure giving mouth and tongue to break contact with her enflamed sex.

More instructions were whispered into Sean’s ear.

His right hand left Sara’s hip and the fingers began teasing her clasping inner lips. He nudged a single finger inward twisting and turning causing Sara to gurgle with joy as her suckled clitoris and vagina exploded with jolts of ecstasy. Another finger slipped inward, followed by another.

Judging from how easily Sean’s fingers were slipping into Sara’s vagina, Amanda knew that her daughter’s Hymen was not there. She now guided his fingers toward his sister’s ‘sweet’ spot and when Sara arched up wailing, the mother knew Sean had found it. He intensified his massaging action over the excited tissues and Sara’s hips bucked upward and froze. Her mouth opened but no sound was heard, her eyes snapped open and saw only bright flashes of orgasmic lights. Her hands fisted and her toes curled as her clitoris and convulsing vagina unleashed her first orgasm.

The hold on her mind was released and Sara screamed in orgasmic joy.


Sara slumped onto the bed gasping and panting as ecstatic aftershocks rippled throughout her body. She reached up and wrapped her arms tightly around her brother and held him close to her shaking body.

The siblings kissed deeply and passionately.

Sara could feel Sean’s four inch erection throbbing against her abdomen. She reached between their bodies and began massaging the wonderful, thick tube of flesh. Her fingers swirled around the slick oozing gland and Sean moaned as his ‘manhood’ jerked within the squeezing hands.

Amanda talked to them both,

“That was good Sean, you should always bring the girl to an orgasm with your mouth and fingers before you penetrate her. Now it is time to put your penis in that special place that your sister has between her legs.”

Sean smiled and stood up. His engorged hardness throbbed and jerked in front of his sister’s eager eyes. Amanda offered a suggestion and Sean grasped Sara’s legs behind the knees and positioned them back against her shoulders. Sean saw his sister’s enflamed, wet sex rise up and become totally open and accessible to his excited eyes. He pressed inward and his straining hardness teased the flared, slick folds of her labia. She put her hands on her brother’s hips and pleaded,

“Now Sean .. now ..”

Sean was desperate and began a series of awkward probes into and out off Sara’s twitching labia. Amanda calmed him, reached in, and took her son’s erection in her fingers and guided it so it nestled into Sara’s clasping inner lips. Sean moaned as the throbbing head of his erection was kissed and caressed.

Amanda whispered,

“Push slowly inward using your hips.”

Sean did as his mother instructed and Sara leaned up on her elbows and watched and felt her brother nudge his erection into her womanhood. He gasped as the treasured opening stretched over his excited gland and his rigid penis slipped into his sister’s welcoming passage. The sensations were not like anything she had ever felt before or expected. A wonderful sense of fullness was filling her sexual being and her frantic plea had turned into a loud hiss of ecstasy as her brother slowly slipped into her vaginal passage.

1/2″ .. 1.0″ .. 1.5″

The pulsing gland nestled briefly onto the tissues of her ‘G’ spot and Sara squealed in joy. The reflexive clenching of her vaginal muscles clamped around Sean’s erection and it jerked wildly as ecstatic explosions rippled across his loins.

2.0″ .. 2.5″ .. 3.0″

Three inches of hard, thick joy had pushed and stretched its way into Sara’s enflamed passage. She gurgled and drooled as Sean’s manhood pushed further inward, inch by glorious inch

3.5″ .. 4.00″

“Oh .. Sean .. I love it .. I love it ..”

Amanda smiled as Sean slipped further and further into his sister’s ‘special’ place. She could see the ecstatic sensations on his face as he sank deeper into daughter’s clenching vagina as they both lost their virginities. She didn’t want Sean to ejaculate too quickly and whispered instructions into his ear.

Sean pulled partially out and slipped back inward. His rhythm was slow, allowing him to get used to the incredible sensations that a female’s vaginal passage can give a male. Sara moaned as Sean’s thrusts became longer and deeper. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs locked themselves around his lower back. Sean gasped and his lunges quickened when he felt Sara’s vaginal muscles began clenching and milking his straining hardness.

Loud slurping sounds accompanied Sean’s pistoning strokes as he buried himself deep into his sister’s body, again and again and again. Her thick juices were now spurting out past her stretched and flared folds. Suddenly Sara bucked upward skewering her enflamed sex on her brother’s erection. Her vaginal muscles went into deep contractions and she wailed as her second orgasm exploded across her body.


When the long and intense orgasm finally ebbed, Sara slumped back down on the bed gasping for air. As she did, Sean’s erection accidentally slipped from her stretched passage with a soft slurping sound and jerked in the air above her abdomen.

Sara groaned as the wonderful thickness slipped out of her body.

Amanda quickly reached between their bodies and guided Sean’s straining hardness back into her daughter’s seething passage. Thankful moans were heard from both sister and brother. With a low guttural moan, Sean again sunk into the depths of his sister’s sexual being.

Sean couldn’t believe the incredible tightness that surrounded his throbbing member. He leaned over his sister’s euphoric body and lowered his mouth toward Sara’s mouth. The open lips pressed together and this time it was Sean that aggressively kissed his sister. Their kiss was wild, frantic and ecstatic. Sean flexed his deeply imbedded erection and Sara gurgled with joy into his mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..”

Sean broke the kiss and Sara’s hips began to grind her sex around his impaling hardness. Sean slowly withdrew until his engorged head was again being kissed by those wonderful inner lips and then he plunged back into her enflamed vagina. He withdrew again and began a rhythmic stroking action. Full in, full out, part way in, part way out. Sara was thrown into a sexual frenzy and her hips became a blur as she began counter thrusting with a sense of urgency.

Suddenly Sara’s mind was exploding with orgasmic jolts of ecstasy. Her vaginal muscles clenched franticly around Sean’s plunging hardness. She arched up and froze as her third orgasm came crashing down on her body. Sean felt an intense, ecstatic pressure building at the base of his erection. His balls churned, his prostate throbbed and an intense tingling sensation gripped the head of his erection and his ejaculation surged forcefully up his hyper-excited manhood. The liquid joy swirled around the flexing head and jettisoned outward into his sister’s milking passage.


Her legs flew upward and outward in a wide ‘V’ kicking wildly in the air. Her eyes flew open when the incredible liquid pressure from her brother’s massive ejaculations flooded into her spasming womanhood. She arched up and froze as her final orgasm was unleashed. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flooded her mind and eyes. Her toes curled and her hands fisted tightly.


Sara’s sensory system went into overload and she lost consciousness for a a few seconds. Both continued to buck and jerk as the ecstatic aftershocks rippled throughout their bodies.

Amanda looked at her son in amazement. His sexual control was far beyond that of a fourteen year Porno hikayeleri old .. must have got it from his late father. She smiled as she saw Sara swirling Sean’s slick softness on her abdomen and thought to herself, he is going to be huge when he matures.

1.03 Sara and Prince:

Amanda told Sara and Sean that she would make lunch for them while they showered. Soon all were enjoying the much needed refreshments. Sean asked where the dogs were and Amanda went to the back door and called them in. Both Rapture and the younger Prince wagged their tales as the met everyone and then they darted into Sara’s bedroom with their noses sniffing in the air. Sara and Sean were puzzled but Amanda wasn’t. She knew they could smell the scent of sex that still lingered in the air.

Amanda began thinking about Prince and Sara .. perhaps even Sean. No, they were too young .. or were they .. after all, it was what she had planned for. She knew Sean would have to prepared. Prince is just a puppy but bred and trained for her purposes. They continued to eat and Sara saw that her mother was in deep thought.

Sara broke into her thoughts by asking her mother why they had rushed into her bedroom. After an awkward moment of silence, Amanda told her kids that Rapture had been trained, since he was a puppy, on how to .. how to .. take care of a woman’s needs. Prince went through the same training process. They went into the bedroom because the scent of your sex was still on the bed.

Having said that, Amanda breathed a sigh of relief for getting it out in the open and sat back waiting for the barrage of questions. Sara and Sean were dumbfounded. There was silence and then Sara asked,

“You .. you and Rapture and Prince .. together.”

Amanda said,

“Not Prince .. just Rapture. Prince will be going back to his trainer when he turns one year old.”

Soon a sparkle filled Sara’s eyes and asked,

“Then Prince was meant for us, Sean and I.”

Amada hated it when Sara figured out things so quickly.

In a soft voice she said,


Sean said,

“I am not exactly sure what Prince can do for me.”

Amanda stiffened a little and said,

“You will have to prepared and that’s all I want to say about it now.”

Sara got up from the table and knelt down in front of Prince. As she rubbed its ears, she told him that he looked a lot older than six months. She then smiled at her mother and told her that she wanted to find out for herself what it would be like to have sex with Prince. A stunned Sean didn’t know what to say.

Amanda asked Sara if she was absolutely sure that she wanted to do this.

Sara nodded her head and smiled.

Amanda opened the back door and put Rapture outside.

“We don’t want him to get excited and push Prince away.”

Prince saw the three of them go into Sara’s bedroom and he stood in the doorway watching them. Amanda told Sara to remove her robe, and sit on her knees and lower legs beside the bed. When she was ready, she should call for Prince to come to her.

Sara handed her mother the robe and lowered her body onto her knees. Amanda motioned for Sara to spread her thighs a little wider. Sean couldn’t believe what his sister was going to do.

With an apprehensive voice Sara said,

“Come to me Prince.”

All saw Prince walk toward Sara and stand in front of her kneeling body. Sara looked at Prince and her eyes opened wide, watching with fascination as the dog’s loving eyes swept over her nakedness. And then, Prince moved closer and its long, wide tongue shot out onto the smooth skin of her tense abdomen.

Sara gasped at the delicious contact and she became speechless as her eyes became fixed on the wonderful tongue that was lapping the tenseness away from her body. Her mind loved what the ‘Puppy’ was doing and a soft sigh escaped her mouth.

“Ohhhhh .. Prince .. “

Then, his long, damp tongue licked heatedly upward over the rippling flesh of her abdomen, working higher and higher until the delicious swipes were lapping the rounded undersides of her firm young breasts. Tenderly, Prince’s tongue swept up and over them toward her stiffening nipples. Prince’s swirling tongue soon had Sara’s nipples standing up like bullets, first one and then the other, sending waves of pleasure rippling across her chest.

Amanda and Sean saw Sara’s eyes close as the sigh turned into a moan.

Abruptly, Prince’s warm, wet tongue left her breasts and began lapping its way down across her abdomen toward the junction of her thighs. As if in a trance, Sara watched as Prince’s nose dipped toward her flared labia. As he sniffed at the rising scent of her arousal, his tail began wagging excitedly.

Sean and Amanda watched the tongue slip further out of Prince’s mouth and saw the tip curl around Sara’s protruding organ of joy then swirl it ecstatic circles. Sara’s hips bucked outward and upward and she threw her head back, wailing at the incredible contact. The loving tongue stayed attached to the excited organ despite Sara’s wild contortions.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Suddenly, Prince’s tongue left her rigid clitoris and slipped between the flared folds and began a delicious exploration, up and down the wet, pink crease. Sara gasped as her loins were gripped with intense sensations as the tongue burrowed deeper into labia. His thick appendage was spreading through the swollen folds with long relentless sweeps, splaying the tender folds wider apart. The trained tip, ecstatically traced Sara’s excited inner lips and she gasped and moaned as her hips pushed her sex hungrily at the lapping tongue.

“Ohhh .. Goddd ..”

Prince knew it was time to explore the wonderful source of Sara’s oozing wetness. He curled his thick tongue and slipped inward, into Sara’s enflamed vagina. Sara thrust her swollen sex against Prince’s snout and the curled invader pushed deeper into her convulsing passage. She gasped and wailed and her body jerked with deep spasms. Her dazed and stunned body slumped back against the side of the bed for support and she began pushing and grinding her enflamed sex with aroused abandonment. Her flailing hands grabbed the back of her bent knees and drew them back to her chest, spreading them as wide as she could. Prince’s swirling and flexing tongue pushed into her cervix and caressed the flowering portal to her womb.

“Ahhhhhh … Deeper .. Ohhhhhhh .. Godddd ..”

Prince now began a total assault on Sara’s withering sex. He pulled his tongue out of fiery vagina and slipped it up and down her swollen furrow. It curled around the rigid organ and then returned into her convulsing sheath. The ecstatic cycle was repeated again and again and again. As his relentless assault continued and the sounds from Sara’s mouth became incoherent as her body was thrown into a sexual frenzy. Her glassy orgasmic eyes saw nothing but white ecstatic flashes. Her mind blocked out everything except the orgasmic sensations from Princes magic tongue. Her labia, clitoris and vagina became the core of her sexual universe.

Sara hissed in orgasmic agony. That tongue had brought her to the climatic edge and was keeping her there. Sara’s orgasmic eyes looked down and saw the incredible tongue spreading her swollen folds as it plunged deep into raging vagina. Her thick vaginal juices gushed outward and flowed down her thighs. She gazed at her wide split labia and saw it was flushed to near redness.

Again Prince pushed her body to the orgasmic edge and this time did not stop. Sara’s knew she was going to finally orgasm.

In nothing short of delirium, Sara’s vagina spasmed as Prince buried his phallus like tongue another inch deeper, caressing her super-sensitive cervix. Orgasmic explosions started deep within her cervix and rippled outward past her flared labia and onto her engorged organ of joy. She convulsed and spasmed, her hands fisted tightly and her toes curled.

Sara’s breath came in deep gasping heaves as her orgasm struck her entire body.


Sara’s hips arched high off the floor pushing her back into the side of the bed. Her hands intensified their hold on knees and thrust her exploding sex into her canine Lover. Her eyes and mouth were wide open as her body went into an orgasmic freeze. Suddenly the bedroom was filled with another orgasmic wail.


Sara’s body went into sensory overload and she lost consciousness. She continued to buck and jerk with multiple orgasmic shocks. Prince withdrew his massive tongue with a loud slurping sound. He backed away and sat down, gazing at Sara’s unconscious and flushed body. He knew the main event was yet to happen.

Amanda went to the bathroom and got some wet wash cloths and towels. Sara slowly awoke as Amanda was cleaning her sex. She moaned as more aftershocks rippled across her body.

She looked at her mother and smiled,

“Oh Mother .. That was absolutely incredible! I never wanted it to end ..”

Amanda smiled knowingly,

“You will find out, like I did with Rapture, that the best is yet to come. Prince was just warming you up, I suggest you rest for a few minutes.”

Sara looked at Prince, and the two exchanged loving glances. Amanda looked at Sean and saw the ‘tent’ in robe.

‘Yes .. she will have to prepare him for Prince.’

Amanda turned back to her daughter,

“OK, Sara, turnover and onto your knees and lower legs .. that’s it.. now rest you head and upper shoulders on the edge of the bed. Good .. now grasp the cover tightly with each hand .. you are going to need something to hang onto.”

There was a tightness in Sara’s quivering belly. She felt her breasts swaying under her body and her hips pushing her raised buttocks and sex rearward.

Amanda whispered softly,

“One last thing Sara honey, Spread your thighs wider ..”

Sara did so and the vulnerability of her exposed sex, sent shivers of excitement across her loins.

Amanda whispered,

That looks very appealing .. It is your call Sara.”

Sara looked behind her and saw Prince looking back at her. His loving long tongue hung out of his mouth.

Sara in a nervous whisper but loud enough to be heard said,

“Come Prince .. Come to me!”

Sara turned her head back and rested it on the bed.

Sara waited .. waited .. and then heard the soft panting and then she felt the warm breath on her buttocks.

Sara closed her eyes when she felt Prince’s long, lapping tongue reacquire the protruding folds that pushed outward like a beacon between the cheeks of her spread buttocks. She moaned at the electrifying contact, immediately, feverish impulses of arousal stabbed wildly through her labia and vagina, then up into her into breasts and erect nipples.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh ..”

His hot, tongue slipped forward wetly caressing her swelling labia on its way to her hardening clitoris. The slippery appendage push between the swollen lips causing the folds to spread apart. The exploring tip swept back and forth within the wet furrow. It traced the eager opening to her treasure and then slipped up and curled around the engorged of Joy. Back and forth, again and again the magic tongue caressed and fondled her flaring sex as her rejuvenated arousal soared.

Sara gasped out with impassioned joy, trying to inch her thighs even farther apart and widen the pulsating pink furrow for that exploring tongue. Her hips pushed back and ground with abandonment in tight circles. His long, curled tongue thrust lovingly through the swollen flesh and began tracing the eager, oozing lips that clenched hungrily as though they were trying to grab and pull it inward.

Her enflamed sex wanted more .. needed more .. Her mind begged for penetration.

Prince stopped and pulled his head up from between Sara’s thighs and in one motion pushed up and over Sara’s kneeling body. His front paws rested on the bed beside her hands. As he settled forward his massive erection pushed lengthwise along her slick, flared, folds. The rubbery thickness pressed up against her engorged clitoris.

Sara moaned loudly as ecstatic sensations bolted across her loins. She bent her head down under shoulders and was just barely was able to see Prince’s massive, deep red erection throb between her welcoming folds. Sara gasped at the breathtaking sight of her Lover’s glistening hardness.

“Oh God .. it is sooooo beautiful ..”

Sara returned her head to the bed and deep gasps of anticipation came from her wide open mouth. She began to slide her swollen folds along the pulsing thickness. Prince waited patiently as Sara’s gripping folds stroked back and forth over the length his engorged member. Soon, Prince was rewarded when the sweeping motion centered Sara’s eager and clasping inner lips over its thick gland. Sara felt that wonderful hardness nudge so nicely inward and her excited entrance slipped deliciously around the thick head. Sara gasped and Prince whined as she thrust back and Prince lunged forward.

They coupled instantly and Sara wailed in ecstasy as her spasming vagina was totally filled with six inches of throbbing, hard thickness. Her vaginal muscles stretched wider and wider as Prince burrowed into the depths of her sexual being.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Her mind reeled with ecstatic sensations that her body had never felt before as Prince began to thrust into her with deep penetrating strokes. Her body began to counter thrust and she grasped the covers tightly for support as her hips ground rearward and circled onto her magnificent Lover. Her head and shoulders were being pushed into the bed as Prince’s thrusts plunged full length into enraged vaginal passage. Her body, heaved and bucked as she ground back against her canine Lover as the massive tube of hard flesh showered her body with raw joy. Her young vaginal muscles kissed, clenched and milked the pulsating thickness as it sunk deep into her body throwing her into a sexual frenzy.

The unmistakable spasms of her impending orgasm rippled through Sara’s passion filled body. The orgasmic spirals coiled through her enflamed loins and spread outward across her body. The intense sensations became an intoxication, a drug that her body craved for more and more. Her mind was spinning within a vortex of ecstatic sensations as her head thrashed back and forth with loud incoherent sounds.

Her mind exploded when the most incredible warm, liquid pressure caused her vaginal passage and cervix to ecstatically balloon as Prince began its forceful ejaculation into her seething sex.

He now plunged his spewing hardness inward with wild abandonment and Sara began screaming as her body was catapulted over her orgasmic edge. Her saturated mind was now totaling centered on her enraged sex. Small ecstatic explosions started deep within her spasming vagina, reaching outward to her labia, clitoris and exploding nipples. Bright flashes of orgasmic light flooded Sara’s mind and eyes. Her mouth opened wide but no sound was heard, her eyes opened wide but she saw nothing. All the orgasmic sensations melded together as her climatic orgasm was unleashed.


Sara awoke to a series of aftershocks that rumbled throughout her body like a freight train. Her head and shoulders slumped onto the edge of the bed, gasping and panting.

Slowly Prince withdrew his deflating erection from Sara’s reluctant vagina and Sara moaned in disappointment as the wonderful fullness left her body. Torrents of ejaculant and orgasmic juices gushed from the gaping hole before it slowly returned to its normal.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Amanda helped Sara turn around and sit on the floor with her back resting against the bed. Prince sat down beside her and she reached out and rubbed his ears as her body slowly came down from her orgasmic high.

Amanda saw that the ‘tent’ in Sean’s robe hadn’t got any smaller and a moist spot at the tip was spreading outward. She told Sean to go into her bedroom and wait for her. She told Sara to shower and stay with Prince until Sean was ready.

1.04 Sean, Preparation:

Amanda joined her son and smiled at him,

“We have to get you ready for Prince.”

Sean was getting nervous, what did his mother mean by ‘ready’?

She told Sean to remove his robe and follow her into the bathroom. His erection had softened and lay over his testicles. Amanda removed a fleet enema box from the vanity and told him to lean forward onto the vanity with his legs spread apart. Sean suddenly realized that his rectum was going to be used by Prince and shook his head.

“I don’t want to do this.”

Amanda said,

“Sean, I promise you that you will as much pleasure from Prince that your sister received. It is important that you be thoroughly clean in ‘there’. A reluctant Sean grasped the edge of the vanity and spread his feet apart. His mother inserted the nozzle into his rectum and he groaned as Amanda squeezed the liquid contents into his colon. While Sean groaned with the mounting need to evacuate, Amanda got the shower ready. She smiled when she saw her son’s rising penis, knowing he had a sensitive prostate. In about two minutes, Sean could not bear it anymore and sat down on the toilet.

After his shower, Amanda led Sean back into bedroom and removed an eight inch suppository package labeled “Male Rectal Enhancer” from the cabinet. Sean then saw his mother press a button beside a light switch and looked wide eyed as a portion of a wall slid to left and gym-like mattress with a support rail was lowered down onto the floor. Three feet in front of it was a large mirror that extended from the floor to half way up the wall.

Amanda looked at the mattress and memories of her late husband filled her mind. He was the one that had renovated bedroom so the mattress and the Mounting Frame each had their place within the wall. She missed him and at the same time was thankful that Rapture was with her. Sean starred at the mattress, rail and mirror with mounting apprehensions. She went to the bottom of the mirror and pulled out a black plastic cover and pulled it to the edge of the mattress.

Amanda said,

“Kneel down on the mattress and grasp the support rail.”

“Now spread your legs wide .. good ..”

Amanda picked up the sealed suppository and opened it and withdrew the long chemical laden, glycerin suppository. One end was rounded and the other end had had an indented ring around it. She knelt down behind Sean and whispered,

“Hunch down a little Sean.”

Sean lowered his hips and low gasp escaped his mouth when he felt a warm, slippery thickness press against his rectal entrance. The tingly sensations seeped onto his anus and spread inward. The tight sphincter opening immediately loosened and Amanda nudged the 8″ x 1/2 inch thick suppository deep into Sean’s rectal sheath.

An unexpected moan of pleasure was heard as the suppository slipped over his prostate on it’s delicious trek inward. Amanda inserted the entire 8″ length deep into Sean’s rectum. The lips of his anus settled into the indented ring, holding the embedded suppository deep into his colon.

Amanda leaned back on her knees and waited.

The suppository began to liquefy and Sean’s rectal lining quickly absorbed the enhancing liquid. The loosened anal opening swelled and deliciously formed around the oval ‘end’. Sean couldn’t believe the sensations that he was feeling and he moaned excitedly and ground his hips in circles as new sexually sensitive nerve endings formed all along his rectal sheath to a depth of 8″. At the same time a set of sexual nerve endings were attached to his rectal opening. Sean was not prepared for the ecstatic sensations that gripped his rectal area and he moaned and ground his hips back and forth as his rectal ‘womanhood’ was formed and connected into his sexual sensory system. Amanda watched as her son’s penis soared to full erection and began jerking wildly below his abdomen.

“Ohhhhhhhhh ..”

Her eyes locked onto the excited gland of Sean’s straining hardness and smiled when she saw a long string of precum dangling down from the excited gland. His hips began to push his erection forward in the air toward the mirror as a deep need to ejaculate filled his mind. The feelings intensified and his rectal sheath started to spasm and his anal lips clenched against the ‘end’ of the suppository.

“Motherrrrrr ..”

Sean’s excitement escalated when looked at the mirror and saw his glistening member jerking and drooling under his body. The suppository was now fully dissolved and the ‘end’ fell away, exposing his swollen anal lips to Amanda’s eyes. The liquefied suppository was absorbed into Sean’s prostate enhancing its properties. His semen production would be triple that of a normal male and his sexual rejuvenation would be rapid.

Amanda smiled when he saw Sean’s frantic, thrusting hips.

Sean made an attempt to grasp his erection with both hands but Amanda stopped him and said,

“Let it happen naturally Sean.”

Sean’s entire body was saturated with new sensations of sexual feelings. His small male nipples stood up like thick erasers on pencils. He lunged his engorged member forward toward the mirror and then thrust his spasming rectal opening rearward, desperately looking for something, anything .. to penetrate it .. anything to satisfy the sheath’s growing needs.

“Oh God .. Oh God ..”

His rectal sheath began a series of ecstatic clenches and spasms. The ripples of joy flowed outward toward his excited and clasping anal lips. Sean felt his ejaculation form within his enhanced prostate and the delicious sensations spread to his bloating testicles and then flowed into the base of his engorged erection. He gripped the support rail tightly as his hips shot forward and froze. The ecstatic pressure caused his gland to swell and twitch as the huge stream surged upward toward it. The liquid joy swirled deliciously around the excited head and erupted out of the puckering opening and spewed through the air, splattering forcefully on the black plastic cover on the floor in front of the mirror.


As he ejaculated, his rectal sheath exploded with joy and the thick enhancing liquid spewed out past his enflamed anus. Amanda reached between her son’s spread thighs and lifted his churning testicles. Sean threw his up and wailed again as a second, more forceful stream of semen jettisoned from his straining manhood.


Sean leaned forward and rested his head and shoulders on the rail gasping and panting as delicious aftershocks rippled across his body. His erection slowly softened and his rectal sheath and swollen anal lips returned to their normal state. His ‘womanhood’ would reform Sex hikayeleri only if his anal area was stimulated.

Amanda helped a stunned Sean up from the mattress and walked him into the bathroom where she washed and cleaned his penis, balls and rectal area. When finished, she had him stand by the foot of the bed and went to get Prince and Sara.

Sara and Prince entered her mother’s bedroom and her eyes opened wide when she saw the mattress and its support rail. She then saw the thick splatters of semen highlighted by the black cover and smiled knowing her brother had enjoyed his preparation.

Prince saw Sean’s nakedness and sat down in the doorway smiling as only Goldens can smile. Amanda told Sean to kneel down in front of the bed with his back resting against it..

“Now spread your knees apart.”

Sara smiled when she saw her brother’s penis and balls swaying in the air between his spread thighs, something that Prince also picked up on.

Amanda positioned two chairs so she and Sara would have an unobstructed view of Sean. Finally she adjusted the ceilings lights so Sean and the mattress were bathed in a soft, warm glow.

When everything was ready, Amanda said,

“Call for Prince when you are ready.”

1.05 Sean and Prince:

Sean took a deep breath and said,

“Come to me Prince.”

Prince got up from its hind legs and slowly padded his way toward a prepared Sean. As if knowing what to do, Prince dipped its head between Sean’s thighs and its long tongue darted toward his exposed anal opening. Sean gasped as the curled tongue nestled into his anal lips with an exquisite caressing action. The exploring tip nudged slightly inward and the gasp turned into a long moan as Sean’s ‘womanhood’ formed.

Prince raised its head past Sean’s stirring penis and began licking his neck and shoulders. The long lapping tongue slipped downward onto Sean’s chest and the curled tongue began sucking on his small erect nipples. With an excited gasp, Sean thrust his chest outward in a back and forth shifting motion as Prince’s incredible tongue adorned his male nipples.

Sean’s body rippled with pleasure and he leaned back against the bed pushing his hips outward as his penis soared to full erection. The wonderful tongue worked its way downward onto his rippling abdomen and Sean began panting with anticipation. Prince saw Sean’s excited member and dipped his head. The tongue extended outward and made a long slow sweep from his balls onto the sensitive underside of his hardness and then wrapped itself around the aching gland with an ecstatic massaging action. With one delicious swipe, Sean’s arousal vaulted and he squealed in joy, thrusting his engorged hardness into the curled sides of the lapping tongue.

The magic tongue swirled and squeezed Sean’s throbbing member. Sean threw his head back and let the ecstatic sensations flow and ripple across his body. His breath started coming in gasps and pants as his orgasm built. The tongue wrapped itself around his straining hardness and glided up down with a joyous squeezing and milking action. Sean moaned and began thrusting into the loving ‘glove’ as a sense of urgency gripped his erection. Prince’s masturbating tongue never lost contact as Sean’s hips bucked and jerked his manhood in all directions.

Sean lunged up and froze. His thick load of semen blew up his jumping member and gushed into the curled folds of the thirsty tongue.


Sean fell back against the bed, his erection continued to spew and spurt. Prince followed and began licking up all the pools of semen that had splattered onto his abdomen and thighs.

Amanda knelt down beside Sean and smiled,

“That was the fasted ejaculation that I have ever seen, Prince is not good .. he is very good!”

Sean looked at his mother, his stunned mind could only nod his head.

Prince, as if on cue, stepped back.

In about a minute, Sean’s body came down from his orgasmic high. His erection softened and swayed between his spread thighs. Strings of semen dangled down to the floor as his aftershocks rippled across his groin

Amanda helped Sean stand up and walked him to the mattress. She guided him so he got down on ‘all fours’ and crawled toward the support rail. When his hands grasped the rail, Amanda spread his kneeling legs apart. Sara had moved the chairs so they would have a good view of Sean and they would also see the mirror. Amanda motioned for Prince to come forward and she sat down beside Sara.

Sean felt the warm breath of Prince bathing his buttocks. He was just about to look behind him when that wonderful tongue slipped under his balls and cradled his flaccid, slick penis with gentle squeezes and massages. He moaned softly as his rectum quivered and his penis stirred within the confines of the curled tongue. Prince’s tongue began to flex, it loosened and then it tightened. Sean groaned as the loving tongue coaxed, caressed and manipulated the stirring tube of flesh. Soon Sean was lunging his rejuvenated erection within the curled folds of the lapping appendage. Much to the disappointment of Sean, the tongue left his hardness and the tip slipped between the cheeks of his spread buttocks and nestled into his rippling anal lips. The contact was electric and Sean gasped loudly as his ‘womanhood’ reformed. Sean’s body welcomed the return of his Lover.

Prince now used the thick tip to trace and caress the enhanced entrance to his rectal sheath. It slipped around the puckering opening with delicious swipes, poking and nudging at the eager entrance. Sean squirmed and pushed his hips rearward in an attempt to get it to slip deeply inside of him.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Prince sensed it was time for the ‘great event’ and lifted the front of its body upward and leaned over Sean’s kneeling body. Its paws gently rested on Sean’s back, just below his shoulders. He felt a heavy, throbbing mass move against the inside of his right thigh and had just enough movement with head to see Prince’s six inch erection. Sean gasped at the incredible sight and his rectum started spasming in anticipation. He felt the throbbing mass inch upward along his thigh and then he moaned when he felt the flexing head massage the base of his erection and then delicious slip along the underside of his throbbing member. The two glands nestled together and long strings of precum drooled from the excited head of his erection.

Sean felt exquisite sensations throughout his groin as the throbbing organ slipped back, bouncing upward toward Sean’s waiting and receptive rectal opening. He felt the lips of his puckering entrance kiss and caress the thick head as it nudged against it. He pushed back and felt the entrance widen and with a slight slurping sound the first inch slip into his rectal sheath causing ripples joy to spread throughout his body.

“Oh God .. Yes .. Yes ..”

Sean gasped as his swollen anal lips stretched and formed around the flexing head of Prince’s erection. His gasp turned into a moan as the portal to his ‘womanhood’ was breached and two inches of pulsing thickness slipped its way into his receptive rectal sheath. Prince began short reversing strokes with his partially embedded hardness and Sean moaned as new found pleasures rippled throughout ‘womanhood’. His anal lips and rectal muscles began clenching around the of the engorged organ trying to draw it further inward.


The sensations were not like anything Sean had ever felt before or expected. He felt the most incredible stretching of his rectal sheath and a wonderful sense of fullness. The enhanced sexual lining of his rectal passage was exploding with ripples of intense pleasure.


The flexing, thick ‘head’ nestled onto his excited prostate and Sean squealed in joy. His erection jerked wildly as ecstatic explosions rumbled across his body and his mind. Sean wanted more, he begged for more.


Sean gurgled and drooled as the dog’s engorged erection slipped inward, inch by glorious inch. Sean wailed as his sheath was fully penetrated and his clasping rectal muscles began massaging Prince’s long, thick hardness. . “Ohhhh .. Mother .. I love it ..”

The union of canine and male was complete and Sean’s virginity had been taken.

The dog started a rhythmic thrusting motion and Sean quickly fell in sync with its strokes. In, out, fast and slow. His erection throbbed and jerked below his body and his rigid nipples felt like bullets. Sean’s engorged manhood began drooling copious amounts of preseminal fluid. All feelings of nervousness and apprehensions quickly faded and were replaced with excited gasps and pants.

“Ahh .. Ahh .. Ahh ..”

With every inward and outward stroke, Sean felt the warm throbbing hardness rippling over his swollen sweet spot. As his prostate was being massaged, delicious jolts of joy rippled across his straining erection and into his churning testicles. Prince began driving its flexing member deep into Sean’s eager and excited rectal sheath. He instinctively began pushing rearward, grinding his enflamed sex against the dog’s heavenly thrusts. His face became flushed with pleasure and squeals of joy escaped his mouth.

Sean couldn’t believe how much he was enjoying this. The dog’s long thrusts were causing his swollen prostate to send ecstatic jolts of pleasure cascading across his body and his throbbing head of his erection felt as though if it was going to burst. His mother and sister smiled and watched with intense stares at Sean’s wildly jerking manhood. They knew from his deep gasps and pants that he was about to experience his first rectal orgasm.

Sean felt the ecstatic contractions of his rectal muscles and the intense spasming of his prostate. The sensations raced toward his balls, erection and bullet-like nipples. The exquisite pressure surged up his granite-like organ toward his highly agitated crown. The liquid joy seemed to stall as it swirled around the hyper-sensitive gland and then explode outward through the puckering opening and spewing toward the mirror. The thick stream splattered heavily onto the black cover.


Prince’s joyous whines were heard as Sean’s rectal contractions clenched and milked its plunging erection. With a deep whine, Prince thrust dee0ply inward and froze, unleashing massive amounts of its ejaculant into Sean’s milking passage. Sean felt the ecstatic pressure of warm liquid flooding into his ‘womanhood’. Prince never stopped its deep thrusts and Sean squealed in joy as the dog’s slippery, semen was used as a stimulating lubricant over his exploding prostate.

A second orgasmic wail escaped his mouth as his dual orgasms were unleashed. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across his mind and eyes, his hands fisted and his toes curled as the second ‘hands free’ ejaculation began jettisoning out of the spasming head of his bucking erection.


Sean’s body could not absorb any more ecstatic sensations and he slumped unconsciously onto the support rail.

He slowly recovered as wonderful aftershocks rippled across his body. Prince’s thrusts slowed to soft strokes and soon its deflating penis slipped out of Sean’s body with a loud slurping sound.

Sean moaned as the wonderful thickness left his body.

“Ohhhhh ..”

Soft moans and sighs were heard as Prince’s long, wide tongue began lapping up the remnants of Sean’s orgasm and ejaculations. The sighs turned into a moan when the lapping tongue began an exquisite cleansing of his drooling, flaccid penis

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Amanda helped Sean stand up and motioned to Sara to walk her brother to the shower. She was starring at the incredible pools of semen on the black cover, her mind couldn’t believe that a her brother had that much essence in his body. Her vagina rippled with need and her mouth watered with anticipation.

Amanda discarded the black cover and then returned the mattress into the wall. She ran her hand over another part of the wall and thought of Rapture.

Amanda, Sara and Sean spent the rest of the afternoon beside their pool. Amanda had changed into her bikini and for the first time, Sara was scrutinizing her mother’s body with delicious thoughts. She knew her mother worked out regularly and wondered how her body looked like without the bikini.

Amanda had spent the better part of the day watching Sara and Sean orgasming repeatedly. Her needs had built to the point where she was about to head into the house and embrace Rapture when she saw the intense stare from Sara. Her mind was a whirlwind of possibilities. Just thinking about how she could teach her daughter to please a female caused arousal to soar.

Even Amanda was a little surprised at the words that came out of mouth,

“Sara honey, how about you and I return to my bedroom?”

Sara, on the other hand, was hoping she would hear something like that. She smiled and nodded her head. She told Sean that they would be back in a while.

1.06 Amanda and Sara:

They entered the backdoor and a trail of bikini tops and bottoms showed the way to Amanda’s bedroom. The first thing that Amanda did was put a bottle of massaging lubricant on the floor beside the bed and then got a small pamphlet from the nightstand that was a pictorial overview of lesbian lovemaking. Sara got excited at just seeing the pictures and focused on those that displayed ‘fisting’. While Sara looked and learned, Amanda pulled the covers and top sheet down to the bottom of the bed. She then dimmed the lights so the bed so it was bathed in a soft warm glow and switched ‘on’ soft romantic mood music through the bedroom’s speaker system.

Amanda whispered,

“I want this moment to be special. Just you and I, alone, together.”

Sara put down the pamphlet and snuggled into her mother’s arms. Being much shorter than her mother, Sara’s head was at her breast level and she looked at the firm breasts and already erect nipples with rising excitement. Amanda smiled down at her daughter and lifted her up. Sara wrapped her arms around Amanda’s neck and her legs around her waist. As they kissed, their breasts pressed together and their nipples teased each other. Sara moaned softly into her mother’s mouth when Amanda shifted her abdomen against Sara’s expanding clitoris. The kiss lasted all the way to the bed and Amanda laid her daughter onto it with her legs bent over the edge. Both looked at each with the flush of desire.

Amanda whispered,

“I will take care of you first.”

She slipped off of Sara’s body onto her knees in front of Sara’s bent legs and pulled her feet up onto the bed and spread them wide apart. As she looked at her daughter’s flared sex she smiled at Sara and said,

“I am sort of jealous of Sean, he saw your treasures first.”

Sara giggled,

“But I don’t have to explain what everything is.”

Amanda moved forward between Sara’s spread thighs and leaned over her daughter’s body. Her hands moved to Sara’s breasts and began a slow massaging and kneading action. Her head lowered and again their slightly parted lips came together. Amanda ran her tongue back and forth between the lips and then it slipped it into her daughter’s mouth. Sara moaned softly and her body trembled with her rising passion.

While Amanda kneaded and teased Sara’s breasts and nipples, their tongues danced and played with each other. Sara moaned into mother’s mouth as the finger’s pressed and swirled around her excited nipples.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..”

Amanda broke the kiss and started to plant light butterfly-like kisses over Sara’s face and neck. Sara purred as delightful sensations followed Amanda’s wonderful suckling lips. Amanda put her hands on Sara’s shoulders and started a slow soothing, massaging action.

Amanda whispered Sara’s ear,

“Sara, honey .. Just close your eyes and relax .. Enjoy the sensations that only a mother can give her daughter.”

Sara sighed and closed her eyes, Amanda’s hands were so soft and gentle.

The hands slowly worked their way down to Sara’s breasts and cupped them. Her massaging hands slipped up to Sara’s nipples and tantalizingly played with the pink buds. All the while, Amanda planted soft butterfly kisses along Sara’s neck and shoulders. Her fingers slipped deliciously around the nipples, pushing and pressing and then back to kneading the young mounds. Sara began pushing her excited breasts into her mother’s loving hands.

“Ohhh .. that feels so good ..”

Sara’s breathing became quicker and deeper.

Amanda’s suckling mouth moved downward from Sara’s neck. Sara knew where it was headed and pants became faster. She felt a warm, moist breath bathe her right nipple and then the suckling lips descended on the stiff bud. As the lips suckled, the tongue slipped deliciously over and around the excited nipple. Wonderful sensations radiated all around Sara’s Breast. She gasped at the ecstatic contact and thrust her breasts upward into her mother’s suckling mouth and kneading hands.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Amanda’s mouth suckled it’s way over to Sara’s left breast and found the erect nipple waiting for her sucking lips and swirling tongue. Again Sara arched up and gasped at the delicious sensations. Both of Amanda’s hands now started a massaging action down Sara’s body toward the junction of thighs. Sara’s swelling labia fluttered as the knowing hands approached her inner thighs. The hands stopped at but not touching Sara’s folds and then started back up toward Sara’s breasts. She found the bullet nipples twitching and eagerly awaiting her returning hands and mouth and lips.

Sara’s hard clitoris had extended itself further out of its protective hood and her swollen labia oozed with her early wetness. Sara’s body now moved wherever Amanda’s hands moved and she moaned with mounting arousal.

“Ohhhhhhhh .. Motherrrrrr ..”

Amanda repeated the massaging process over and over again. Each time her hands came closer and closer to touching Sara’s enflamed labia. Her kisses flowed from neck to both shoulders as her fingers slipped and tantalized Sara’s engorged nipples. Amanda felt Sara’s breathing become rapid and Amanda smiled as Sara’s head thrashed from side to side and her hips moved her sex in tight circles. Sara moaned loudly and thrust her breasts hard into Amanda’s hands and mouth.

“Please .. Mom .. Please ..”

Amanda slipped down off of Sara’s body and kneeled down in front of her thrashing sex and leaned inward. Sara lost sight of her mother’s face and then felt her warm, moist breath bathe her hard, excited clitoris. She held her breath as her sex rippled with anticipation. Amanda extended her tongue and it slipped over the highly sensitive pink tip with an ecstatic swirling and pressing action. Amanda’s suckling lips drew the engorged organ into her mouth. Sara’s hands shot down to her Amanda’s head and her hips bucked upward pushing her enflamed sex into her mother’s loving mouth.

Sara squealed with joy at the ecstatic contact as her hands pulled the devouring mouth onto her exploding organ of joy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

While Amanda’s lips and tongue suckled on her exploding clitoris, her finger nudged inward past the excited inner lips. It twisted and turned as slipped into her eager opening. Another finger joined the first and both were now stroking into Sara’s highly excited vaginal passage.

“Oh God .. Oh God ..”

Amanda’s sucking mouth and thrusting fingers catapulted Sara into a sexual frenzy. Her vaginal muscles clenched around the lunging fingers and her clitoris was sending jolts of joy cascading throughout her body. She felt the long twisting fingers circle around the lining of her vagina as though they were looking for something. One of her fingers found the rough, bean shaped area of her ‘sweet’ spot and Amanda began to massage and caress the hyper sensitive tissues causing Sara to wail ecstatically as her hips arched above the bed. The other finger joined in on the manipulation of her excited ‘G’ spot and Sara’s body exploded and began convulsing uncontrollably as her first orgasm was unleashed.


Amanda didn’t stop her massaging fingers or the deep sucking of Sara’s organ of joy. Amanda knew she could coax another orgasm from Sara’s flailing body. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights saturated Sara’s mind and eyes. Her thick vaginal juices gushed outward past the stroking fingers drenching her thighs, the bed and the floor.

Suddenly, Sara broke out of the orgasmic freeze and her wail echoed around the room.


Her body had absorbed all the ecstatic sensations that it could and Sara slumped back onto the bed unconscious. Her body continued to buck and jerk in the throes of her orgasm. Amanda withdrew her mouth and fingers, and shortly Sara awoke moaning as the ecstatic aftershocks rippled across her body.

She looked down her body and saw the smiling face of her mother.

“Now it is my turn.”

Sara got off the bed. Amanda saw the wetness of Sara’s orgasms on the sheet and sat down on the bottom of the bed. Sara picked up the bottle of massaging lubricant and followed her.

She knelt down on the floor in front of her mother’s bent legs and rubbed her hands warmly along Amanda’s inner thighs. Amanda brought her feet up onto the bed and spread her thighs apart presenting her sex to her daughter’s adorning eyes.

Sara picked up the bottle and began pouring the contents all over Amanda’s body. She started at her mother’s left breast, over to her right breast, down to her abdomen and right thigh, then over to her left thigh. She finished it with a glistening coating to her mother’s flared labia.

Amanda gasped as the warm scented oil spread outward on contact with her body.

Sara started spreading the oil all around Amanda’s breasts and nipples. Amanda closed her eyes as the slippery hands massaged and kneaded her firm breasts and erect nipples. Sara lowered her head and sucked the engorged nipple of her mother’s right breast into her mouth. She had waited all day for this moment and a soft moan escaped her mouth as the sensations rippled down into clitoris and vagina.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Sara started downward, spreading and kneading the warm oil over Amanda’s lower chest and abdomen working her hands on either side of Amanda’s body. Her hands finally met at Amanda’s swollen labia and her slippery hands kneaded the swelling folds. She saw her mother’s extended clitoris and her slick thumbs pressed and swirled the engorged organ of joy in ecstatic circles.

Amanda bucked up gasping and panting.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

As Amanda thrust her Sikiş hikayeleri hips up, Sara fingers dipped between the folds, pushing them further apart and began caressing her mother’s wet inner lips. Sara’s thumbs moved back up to Amanda’s clitoris and pushed back on the clitoral hood causing the rigid organ to stand out in front of her eyes like a bright pink beacon. Sara’s open mouth leaned inward and Amanda squealed in joy as her daughter sucked on clitoris as if it was an erection. At the same time Sara slipped three fingers into Amanda’s eager vaginal opening with an ecstatic twisting action. Amanda’s hips arched above the bed grinding her seething sex into her daughter’s mouth and hands. Sara’s searching fingers sought out and found her mother’s excited ‘G’ spot and Amanda screeched as the ultra-sensitive tissues exploded with joy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Slowly, almost teasingly, Sara withdrew her twisting fingers causing Amanda to wail in agony as her body was pulled back from its orgasmic edge.

“NOOOO .. SARA ..”

Sara smiled into mother’s tormented face and opened the bottle of lubricant. She had remembered the pictures in the pamphlet and poured a liberal amount of the slick lubricant onto her right hand and lower wrist. Sara held up her glistening hand so her mother could see it. Amanda’s entire body was screaming,

‘Yes, Yes, Yes, Now .. do it now ..’

Sara saw the juices drooling from her mother’s clenching opening and thought to herself,

“I came out of there, now I am going back in.”

Sara looked over Amanda’s body and smiled at her as she slowly slipped the tips of her grouped fingers between the swollen folds and pressed them against the eager opening. Sara then nudged them inward twisting and turning.

Amanda felt a great pressure as her vagina stretched and then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the hand and wrist slipped inward. Her excited entrance quickly stretched over the advancing wrist and Amanda gasped at the delicious fullness. Slowly Sara’s hand slipped further inward and her mother gurgled in joy as the wrist, hand and fingers were soon twisting ecstatically within her enflamed vaginal passage. Her hips ground hungrily as the sensations raced throughout her sex. Amanda’s mind and body wanted it all, needed it all and she thrust upward screaming in ecstasy as she impaled herself deeply onto on her daughter’s lower forearm.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Sara waited a few seconds and then withdrew her wrist and squirmed it back inward. She varied her thrusts from fast to slow, all in and all out, part way in and part way out. Amanda’s stretched vaginal muscles clamped around the incredible penetrator as it bored into her sexual being. Jolts of pure joy saturated her mind, her breath came in deep gasping pants and her head thrashed back and forth as waves of joy cascaded across her body.

“Oh God .. Oh God .. SARA ..”

Her body was flooded with continuous bolts of ecstasy as Sara’s explored her hot, wet vaginal sheath. Sara leaned her head inward and again sucked her mother’s straining organ of joy into her suctioning mouth. Her mother’s body bucked upward and jerked wildly as all the sensations merged into each other.

Sara started her final series of masterful strokes. Amanda’s mind could no longer control her body’s actions. She lay there and let the orgasmic pressure cooker build to the exploding point. Sara’s thrusts and lunges again varied from all the way in, all the way out, part way in, part way out, fast and slow. Amanda’s vaginal fluids gushed out past her swollen lips and flowed down the cheeks of her buttocks drenching the sheet. Her hands clenched into fists her toes curled up tightly. Small orgasmic waves rippled up and down her body from her head to her toes as Sara lunged relentlessly into the depths of her vagina.

“Ahh .. Ahh .. Ahh ..”

Amanda knew she was approaching her orgasmic trip point .. and it came. Sara felt her mother’s vaginal muscles clench tightly around her stroking hand and wrist. Amanda hips thrust upward, burying her daughters arm deep into her exploding sex and wailed as her climatic orgasm was unleashed.


Amanda’s body was so saturated with orgasmic ecstasy that it was unable absorb anymore and she lost consciousness, slumping down onto the bed. Her body continued to buck and jerk as her internal orgasms continued. Slowly the contortions of her body ebbed and she regained consciousness, moaning as the the aftershocks rippled throughout her body.

She could feel the wonderful fullness still imbedded deep within her vagina. Sara smiled at her mother’s satisfied and fulfilled face and slowly withdrew her hand, wrist and lower forearm, it was accompanied by a loud slurping sound.

Amanda moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Torrents of vaginal fluids gushed out past the gaping entrance as it slowly returned to normal. Sara leaned over Amanda’s body. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed deeply and passionately.

They showered, changed the sheet on the bed and then returned to the pool. Sean didn’t have to asked what they did in the house, the looks on their faces said it all. They stayed by the pool swimming and playing with Prince and Rapture. Both Sean and Sara noticed how Rapture would occasionally nudge its nose between their mother’s thighs and the adorning look that their mother would give him.

It was nearing 6:00 and they decided to have dinner. As they ate, Sara casually asked her mother if there were any more ‘things’ in her bedroom that she wanted to talk about. Amanda was caught off guard and almost choked on her food. She thought of the Mounting Frame but wasn’t sure whether her kids should know about that.

Sean said,

“We saw Rapture trying to get your attention and just wondered.”

A smiling Sara, knowing they were backing their mother into a corner, asked

“Why did you name it Rapture?”

With a sigh of resignation, Amada explained how their father had renovated the bedroom. A Mounting Frame was added when they acquired ‘Duke’, now Rapture. When Rapture becomes excited his incredible penis becomes eight inches long by three inches thick. It is almost impossible to kneel on the floor while having sex with him so the Frame was built to .. to .. hold my body so my thrashing actions wouldn’t break the sexual contact. After the first experience with Duke, I renamed him to Rapture.

Sara and Sean just looked at their mother as she talked to them. When she finished she saw how they were looking at her and said,

“No .. No .. Put those thoughts out of your minds.”

Sean said,

“That would explain the barely inaudible sounds coming through my bedroom wall. All this time Ithought it was your television.”

Sara smiled and nodded her head,

“Come on Mom, this had been a day of openness and discovery, you have to show us what Rapture is capable of doing.”

Amanda couldn’t believe that she was being talked into this and with a sigh of resignation she stood up from the table and led Sara and Sean into the her bedroom.

1.07 Amanda and Rapture:

Amanda told Sara to put Prince in her bedroom and close the door. Rapture followed them into Amanda’s bedroom and sat beside the bed as if it was following a routine. They all undressed and Amanda pressed a button on the wall Sara and Sean watched as a portion of the wall moved to left and the Mounting Frame was lowered down onto the floor and pushed outward six feet from the opening. A mirror was then lowered filling the open space in the wall. Finally, the ceiling lights were automatically turned on. The front support rail is six inches wide and padded with openings for the hands at each end. The bottom side rails had six inch wide padded ledges to support the lower legs, with foot supports for the feet.

Sara and Sean positioned their chairs beside the Frame and sat down. Amanda, with mounting excitement walked into the Frame. She knelt down with her lower legs on the padded ledges and put her feet against the foot rests. She then reached out and grasped the hand grips on the front rail. A slight whirring sound was heard and the Frame was adjusted to her kneeling body so she was in a comfortable position. Straps curled around her wrist and ankles. She smiled, remembering how scared she was the first time she entered the Frame.

She looked at the large mirror in front of her and saw her spread thighs and swaying breasts. Sara watched the Frame positioning her mother and got up from her chair and walked around it. She saw her mother’s raised buttocks with her sex prominently being displayed between her spread cheeks. For the first time Amanda felt a twinge of embarrassment knowing that Sara and Sean were looking intently at her restrained nakedness. In the mirror, she saw Rapture’s smiling face looking back at her. The embarrassment quickly faded and was replaced with with the flush of arousal.

She looked behind her at Rapture and said softly,

“Ok Rapture .. Come to me ..”

Her heart beat faster as she watched her four legged Lover pad its way toward her. It stopped beside her and pushed its head through the side of the Frame under swaying breasts. Amanda sighed as the wonderful tongue lifted and curled itself around her right breast with an exquisite kneading action and then she gasped as the tip of its tongue slipped around the stiffening nipple with a delicious swirling action. Rapture withdrew and moved behind Amanda with its head pointing toward the junction of her spread thighs. Its long tongue flattened and formed over her labia, slipping forward and backward over the swelling folds. The tongue pressed onto the thickening clitoral hood and its tip moved onto the protruding clitoris with exquisite licks and swirls. A loud gasp was heard from Amanda as her clitoris leapt out of its protective cover into the warmness of Rapture’s suckling appendage. Rapture began quick licks up and down Amanda’s womanhood and her hips jerked rearward trying to get its tongue to return its focus to her rigid organ of joy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

Rapture withdrew from Amanda’s body and she moaned with disappointment.

It walked to the front of the Frame and she smiled at her Lover, knowing what was going to happen next. It jumped up and placed its paws on the rail beside her hands. She could see an inch of thick, dark, pinkness protruding from the dog’s fur lined sheath and she stared at it longingly.

Rapture shuffled forward on its hind legs so Amanda’s mouth was just few inches from the dog’s glistening gland. Amanda’s arousal soared as she saw the thickness expand out of the sheath and the pulsing head neared her face. As the hardness expanded, Amanda opened her mouth and Rapture used her warm, moist breath to guide its erection toward the opening that it craved for. He pressed his throbbing gland between the parted lips and it slowly sunk into a cavern of delicious warmth.

As Amanda’s mouth, lips and tongue adorned the wonderful thickness, Sara and Sean heard a muffled moan from their mother.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..”

Her mouth closed around the dog’s thick member and began to deeply suck and suckle in it. The dog whined and hunched forward lunging its excited erection deep into Amanda’s mouth and throat. As the massive shaft filled her mouth and throat, Amanda instinctively tried to pull her head away to prevent herself from choking on it. The dog followed her frantic movements keeping its imbedded erection firmly within her stretched throat. In a few seconds, Amanda got used to the fullness and resumed her deep throating actions.

The dog’s oozing preseminal fluids began to affect her taste buds and she began to crave for more and more of Rapture’s delicious nectar. It was like an aphrodisiac and the sensations spread down to her rigid clitoris and spasming vagina. Her erect nipples tingled in the air under her swaying breasts and her clitoris jumped excitedly.

Rapture now began lunging its flexing member deep into Amanda’s stretched throat. Her tongue slipped around the tip of the dog’s throbbing hardness on its outward stroke and sucked up its drooling fluid like a straw. Her throat muscles began an inward rippling motion, pulling the wonderful thickness deeper and deeper into her suctioning mouth and throat. A low guttural moan filtered its way past the lunging organ that filled her wide open mouth.

Amanda couldn’t believe how good the dog’s drooling nectar tasted and her mouth and throat intensified its clasping, milking action in its desperate quest for the ultimate liquid essence .. the dog’s thick ejaculant. Her hips were grinding her enflamed sex in tight circles as if looking for something .. anything to penetrate it. The appreciative eyes of her two viewers were locked onto the frenzied contortions of their mother.

Amanda intensified her clenching actions on the dog’s straining hardness and its whines became growls of intense pleasure as its lunges took on a sense of urgency. Amanda felt the deep spasming of the dog’s imbedded erection and knew it was just seconds away from ejaculating. Her mouth and throat increased their sucking and milking actions. The exquisite spasms of her own orgasm were building within her enflamed vaginal passage and her thick juices were drooling from her swollen folds.

Suddenly Rapture hunched forward and froze. Amanda almost fainted as the hot, thick essence gushed and spurted into her throat. The dog’s erupting erection pulled all the way out, flooding Amanda’s mouth with its delicious, spewing nectar and then plunged back into the depths of Amanda’s loving throat. Amanda groaned when her vaginal sheath and rigid clitoris exploded with joy as her ‘hands free’ orgasm was unleashed.


Rapture pulled out of Amanda’s gasping mouth. She closed her eyes as the ecstatic aftershocks flooded her body and her mouth and tongue savored the delicious remnants of the dog’s delicious nectar.

After placing a few licks on Amanda’s face, Rapture moved behind Amanda and sat down, its sniffing nose reacquired the strong scent of her sex. Amanda felt the large head sniffing up and down her wet, swollen crease and then felt its warm, wet, rubbery tongue begin lapping at her flared labia. Slivers of pleasure rippled within her swollen folds causing them to tremble with anticipation. Waves of excitement flooded her vaginal sheath and radiated upward toward her engorged clitoris. The slippery tongue dipped between the flared folds, pushing them further apart as it explored the warm, moist crease of her sex. The tip of the wonderful tongue glided upward onto her solid organ of joy and curled around the rigid appendage with an ecstatic squeezing action, causing Amanda to squeal in joy.

“Yes .. Yes .. Yes .. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

The tongue slipped back down and began caressing the excited entrance to her vagina. Her hips thrust rearward, forward and ground in tight circles. Her body had never felt such incredible sensations. The tip of the Rapture’s tongue eagerly sipped up Amanda’s drooling, thick vaginal juices like a straw. The canine slipped its tongue back to its mouth and then slid it all the way forward through the swollen lips of her labia. Amanda howled in pleasure, her head thrashed back and forth, her engorged organ jerked wildly and her vagina clenched and spasmed. Again the tongue curled around her extended clitoris with an ecstatic twisting and turning action. Orgasmic flashes of lights filled her eyes as her second orgasm exploded across her loins.


Rapture, as if on cue, stepped back.

In about thirty seconds, Amanda’s body came down from her orgasmic high. She slumped onto the supports of the Mounting Frame gasping and panting.

Rapture moved back in.

Its tongue gently caressed and fondled her oozing labia, sipping up the remnants of her orgasmic juices. She moaned as delicious aftershocks flooded her body. Rapture sensed Amanda’s sexual rejuvenation and again curled its tongue around the rigid pink organ that stood out like a beacon at the top of labia. That wonderful tongue once again started its incredible and ecstatic journey from vaginal opening to enflamed clitoris.

Rapture now concentrated on Amanda’s excited vaginal entrance. Its tongue teased the clasping entrance with delicious swipes and caresses. Amanda squirmed and pushed her hips rearward in a desperate attempt to get the loving appendage to slip into her seething sex.

Amanda moaned and pleaded as her body vaulted up the arousal ladder.

“Ohhhh!! Please!! .. Go in .. Go in .. Oh God ..”

Rapture sensed it was time for the ‘main event’.

Amanda felt a pulsing thickness against the inside of her right thigh. She had just enough movement with head to see the front four inches of her Lover’s massive erection. Thick, pulsing nubs were protruding from the surface of the engorged shaft and its precum drooled from flexing gland. Amanda gasped at the incredible sight that she had seen so many times before and her vagina spasmed and twitched with anticipation. In the mirror, Amanda saw the full 8.0″ x 3.00″ length and width of Rapture’s erection and the excited opening to womanhood opened and closed like a hungry mouth.

“Ohhhh!! You magnificent thing ..”

Amanda felt a slight furry pressure on her back as Rapture reared up and took the classic position for mounting. Its large paws reached all the way to the support rail and rested beside Amanda’s hands. At the same time, Amanda felt the throbbing mass slipping upward along her right thigh into the flared folds of her labia. Rapture’s heavy member pressed itself into the wet crease, pushing the folds further apart. Amanda couldn’t contain herself as her body flowed from one ecstatic sensation to another. Her hips ground up and down forcing the massive head inward as it explored her clasping furrow.

“Uhh .. Uhh .. Uhh ..”

As the head of the animal’s erection teasingly explored between the thick lips of her labia, her vaginal entrance quivered in eager anticipation. Amanda felt her inner lips kiss and caress the massive gland as it nudged against them. She pushed back and felt the entrance widen and a loud hiss of ecstasy escaped her wide open mouth as the massive thickness stretched her excited vaginal opening.


“Oh Godddddddddddddddddd ..”

Four inches of hard, thick joy pushed and stretched its way into her steamy passage. Amanda wanted more, she begged for more. She gurgled and drooled as Rapture’s thickness moved inward, inch by glorious inch. In a few seconds, Amanda felt the gates to her womb flare open to receive her long, thick Lover.


“Oh sweet Jesus .. I love it ..”

Sara looked wide eyed as the granite pillar burrowed into her mother’s sex as her fingers were busy calming her own excited sex. Sean’s eyes were also glued to his mother as his glistening manhood throbbed in the air.

Amanda felt the dog slowly slide its long, member outward and then slip it all the way inward. Then it withdrew part way, flex, wiggle and then lunge deeply back into the depths of her vagina. Her hips thrust rearward and ground in tight ecstatic circle. Rapture pulled back and Amanda’s clenching vagina franticly fought its withdrawal. It plunged back in and Amanda’s rearward thrust matched it. The rhythm was set, canine and female worked in unison to bring each other toward their respective climatic orgasms.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

The trained canine adjusted its position behind Amanda’s wide spread thighs. The angle of its penetration changed and the head now pressed against the upper lining of her vagina. It started a back and forth dragging motion until … something electric surged throughout her body. An intense wave of raw joy exploded throughout her vagina into excited clitoris and up to her rigid nipples.

Amanda raised her head up and wailed in ecstasy.


Prince had searched for and found Amanda’s enhanced ecstatic ‘G’ spot. It flexed again and again and Amanda squealed with joy. Rapture now plunged all the way into Amanda and then came back out. Once again it teased her magic spot. It was incredible. Amanda’s mind was overloaded with waves of pure ecstasy. The dog now started a methodical rhythm to its massive thrusts. Sometimes sliding all the way in, filling Amanda completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her sweet spot again.

“Ohhhhh .. Goddddd ..”

Amanda gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. She lewdly thrust back and ground hips in ecstatic circles. Her vaginal muscles desperately clenched around the pulsing nubs of the dog’s massive thickness in a desperate attempt not to break the ecstatic connection. Her hips were a blur as she matched her Lover, thrust for thrust.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ..”

Amanda saw nothing except white spots flash before her eyes. With every outward pull, her thick vaginal juices spewed past her swollen labia folds and down her bent thighs. Suddenly she felt the most incredible sensation she had ever felt. A hot bloating fullness was filling her vagina and cervix. She cried out in joy as Rapture started ejaculating deep inside her enraged passage. Its stroking erection never missed a beat. Strong waves of orgasmic explosions raced from her toes to her stunned mind. Her vaginal muscles clamped and clenched all along the length of Raptures erupting hardness unleashing Amanda’s body wide orgasm.


Amanda lost consciousness, the restraints prevented her from slumping down and losing sexual contact with the dog. Her hips continued to grind around Rapture’s lunging erection. In a few seconds, Amanda recovered. The dog was still spewing its thick essence and Amanda was propelled into a series of intense aftershocks.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

She lifted up and rested her head on the padded rail moaning and gasping. Slowly the dog withdrew its deflating member. It slid out with a delicious slurping sound and Amanda moaned as the wonderful fullness left her body. She closed her eyes and savored the ecstatic aftershocks that raced throughout her still spasming vagina. Suddenly, Amanda felt that wonderful tongue lapping her thighs and sex. Her Lover was cleaning her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..”

She looked at Sara and Sean. Sara’s labia and thighs were coated with her juices and Sean’s thighs and softening penis glistened with his pools of semen.

Rapture finally backed away, then walked in front of Amanda and kissed her face. It then padded back beside the bed and laid down on the floor. Amanda pressed a button on the right hand grip and the restraints were removed from her wrists and ankles. Sara and Sean helped their mother out from the Frame and all walked to the large walk-in shower.

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