Family Garden Ch. 28-29

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Chapter 28 – Pride goeth before Destruction

Somewhere over the Pacific – 10:30 am

The whine of jet engines resonating in her head was the first sensation Charlene felt as the black bag of unconsciousness was finally lifted from around her head. The vibration of the engines gave her the same sensation as hearing nails on a chalkboard or rubbing a stainless steel fork on her teeth. It was back arching, toe curling, and gave her the feeling of wanting to puke. She felt as if her skull were pressed directly against the exterior engine casing, and her stomach felt like it wanted to drop out of her vagina and explode!

Her vision was blurry, blinking her eyes to clear them was accompanied by piercing pain that felt like ice picks being driven through both her eyes and straight into her skull, and closing them did very little to blockout the throbbing headache that threatened to split her skull in half.

Her mouth was so dry. She tried to swallow but she found it difficult because of the collar pressing against her throat.

It was hard to breathe. All she wanted was to take a deep breath of air, but everytime she tried it felt like a vise was squeezing her chest and breasts until they were ready to pop.

She could feel her breasts swinging pendulously from her chest, God they had grown so much. They were so much heavier than they were when she was pregnant with Heather, of course she had been a 36B and after giving birth to Heather she was a 36F and then they shrank back down and settled at perky 36Ds. It was different this time, with Heather her breasts had grown in her last two months of pregnancy. This time she had been trying to put on weight in her breasts before she knew she was pregnant and now they had grown to 36Gs and she was barely two months along!

‘God! The straps of the harness around her chest, hips and thighs felt like they were cutting into her skin!’ That was another anomaly, she was already showing her pregnancy in the belly. That hadn’t happened with Heather. No one could even tell she was pregnant until she was five months along with her, but this time her belly was already bulging out a little and her once twenty-eight inch waist in February was now thirty-four inches!

As her eyes cleared so did her brain, her headache receding a little, and as it left her everything she heard and felt began to sharpen and make sense. Her head was hanging limp and she was looking through her long jet black hair at a small circle of neutral colored carpeting that kept moving back and forth. She felt something collide with the bottom of her ass cheeks and a thick cock penetrating her vagina and she realized the floor wasn’t moving, she was.

She was hanging suspended in the center of the cabin. Her collar was still hooked to the D-rings in the ceiling, only now, there were cables connected to rings on her chest, hips, and thigh harnesses. Her arms were spread eagle and held in place by cables hooked to rings in her wrist cuffs. Her ankles were clipped to her thighs, and her thighs were spread wide like an eagle’s tail feathers by a set of cables coming from the walls.

Her whole body spasmed when she awoke as Leon slapped her ass cheeks and sneered, “I see you have finally joined us again Lust. Captain Evans thought he had killed you. I told him not to worry though, you were very much alive…just choked out. He’s the one that helped me hang you up. Tell me, how do you like it?”

“It’s fine Master,” She croaked hoarsely, telling him what he wanted to hear, “I like it Master, please continue as you like!”

She could already feel a warm knot in her belly growing into a bonfire with every piston stroke of Leon’s fire poker shaped dick.

“Mmm…ahhhhhh,” She moaned and sighed as she concentrated on the bonfire in her womb spreading out filling her whole belly with warmth. She sighed some more as the warmth spread throughout the rest of her body, taking away pain and soreness, and goosing her skin that was covered in a thin glossy sheen of perspiration.

“Ahhhh…ahh…ahhh…,” She wailed as her orgasm constricted all her muscles and set her hips and ass to twerking furiously, her body struggling to participate in pleasuring herself!

“Good…good,” Leon cried, his laughter filling the whole cabin ominously, “Now that I have heard your wonderful shrieks, it is time for you to pay the pilot his bonus!”

“Bonus…Master,” She asked breathily as she let her head hang, her whole body relaxing in her restraints.

“Yes, for not hanging you during take off,” He purred, “But he is very potent, or so says his wife who is currently pregnant with their sixth child. Bunch of fucking breeders, but an excellent pilot. He managed to choke you out but not break your lovely little neck. So, you will fuck him with your mouth and swallow everything he gives you!”

“Yes Master,” She groaned, she really didn’t want to blow this guy, there was no telling what he might have…

Hands gathered up her hair into a high ponytail, and then her head Beşiktaş Escort was pulled up until she was looking at an ebony cock. The head, the shaft, the shaved scrotum with testicles that looked to be the size of small oranges inside, were all completely porcelain black. It was long and thick, and she worried that it wouldn’t fit in her mouth or that it might get stuck in her throat!

“Open wide girl,” A deep gravelly voice growled above her.

Her head was snatched around by her hair until she feared her neck might break! She could feel Leon’s hands on her thighs, caressing her ass like he was petting his favorite dog, and he was slowly sawing in and out of her as the pilot pulled her head back painfully so that she could finally see his face…

The name tag above his left breast pocket read, C. Evans.

He was an older black man with wings of white hair on both sides of his head. He was maybe five feet ten inches tall, with a stout stature, a rounded belly from too much drink, too much food, and a sedentary occupation. She looked up to see a smiling man with a square face, chubby cheeks, with eyes as black as onyx and teeth as white as the moon. Even though he was not her type, she was thankful that he seemed clean, and smelled good, like Irish Spring and Old Spice.

She kept her deep brown eyes locked on his as he set the thick mushroom shaped dickhead on her plump bottom lip. His smile broadened as he slid his dick into her mouth. The flanges of his head slid along the sides and roof as his shaft scraped against her teeth. Flattening out her tongue, she licked the bottom of his cock and made room as his head slipped into her throat and cut off her ability to breathe. His head scraped the walls of her throat as her neck expanded grotesquely to fit his cock inside as he pushed the final few inches into her mouth. Her eyes watered and her lungs burned and her neck bulged all the way to her clavicle before he began his slow withdrawal. She gasped for air, exhaled, and then licked the ebony dickhead sliding the tip of her tongue down the urethra. She inhaled again, and in went the massive cock scraping the walls of her mouth and throat as she gurgled and choked and hummed!

He fucked her mouth well past any point of enjoyment for her. Leon fucked her pussy until he came, and then he left to go lie down on his bed for the rest of the flight, and left instructions for C. Evans to enjoy his little ‘Coconut’. After an hour of fucking her face, he withdrew with a mischievous grin, then sneered, “Sorry honey, I could have told you that you couldn’t make me cum with your mouth, but where’s the fun in that? Time to finish this up though!”

When his cock finally slid free of her lips, he let go of her hair and her head flopped down limp with exhaustion. She had no strength left, not in her mouth, not in her neck, not in all the rest of her body!

She tried to tell him, “Yes, by all means, finish up inside my pussy,” but her voice wasn’t working, all that came out was air!

She sighed in relief and relaxed when she felt his massive dickhead pressed against her pussylips and pushed inside her vagina. Oh God, he was so long and thick. He filled her up so much she could feel the spark of a new orgasm ignite and warm her womb by the power of that glorious cock inside her. She felt a brief moment of desire and loss when C. Evans withdrew his hot throbbing tool of sexual delight from her hot, sopping wet, velvet sheath!

“Ahhhh!” She managed to squawk in protest at the cool vacancy left in her vagina.

“Argh,” She grunted a second later as he pressed his dickhead against her tightly puckered little asshole and pushed down on his dick as he thrust forward, leaning into her body as his head popped into her rectum and he was sliding his entire length inside her!

Her mounting orgasm continued to build as he jackhammered her ass. He timed his thrusts with the swing of her body so that her ass and thighs reverberated with each mighty collision. Within a minute she felt the massive dick in her ass swell up even thicker, and then warmth as C. Evans came buckets and buckets and buckets inside her…


The Smit Home – 12:00 pm

“Stand up,” Jason commanded Louisiana as he snatched her leash hard enough that she nearly fell over.

He had ignored her for nearly three and a half hours. He had given her strict instructions that she couldn’t move, and she couldn’t piss herself. She had to hold it!

Now her ivory complexion seemed a bit green and she had one finger between the lips of her pussy pushing on her urethra as she tried to hold back the flood.

“Louisiana, do you need to urinate,” He asked like he would have a child.

“Yes Master,” She hissed through clenched teeth as her body began to visibly quake with her need.

“Yes what, Slave,” He asked, sounding thoroughly disgusted, and all of it was for himself!

“Yes Master,” She whined pitifully, “I need to urinate very much!”

“Okay Beylikdüzü Escort then, I will take you to urinate,” He answered as he looked at Mildred and Shannon for help.

Neither one gave it though. They just passively watched as he led her by them. They had suggested he walk very slowly to Mildred’s upstairs master bathroom, and that is what he did. By the time they arrived, little squeaks and moans were coming from her with every step. He led her all the way to the toilet, choking up on the leash as he turned, he saw tears coursing down her cheeks as she bit her bottom lip and a part of him wanted to puke because of what he was doing!

“For God’s sake sit down woman,” He growled in aggravation, then remembered to add, “but do not urinate yet!”

Mildred had been adamant that having the ability to relieve her need so achingly close but commanded not to would be excruciating for her, and he as her new Master, a complete stranger, his caresses on her body would never be as overwhelmingly erotic as they were right now. It would be foundational to cementing him in her psyche as Master, in both pain and pleasure.

“Sit up straight,” He commanded as he slowly knelt in front of her.

Keeping her leash wound tight in his left hand, he pulled her in for a salty kiss as he caressed her cheek with his right hand. She sighed shakily into his mouth as he let his hand migrate from her cheek, down her dainty neck to her chest. Her breathing became heavy as he suckled her bottom lip and slipped his hand over her left breast. He nuzzled her nose and pinched her pink nipple before he kissed her again and moved his hand to her right breast cupping it.

She began whimpering as he withdrew from kissing her and watched in awe as he moved his hand down her chest to her soft belly. He felt her quiver as he caressed the soft transparent hairs on her skin. He rubbed a slow circle around her navel before he moved down, running his fingers through her thick triangular patch of long silky black pubic hair decorating her pubic mound.

“Nnnnn,” She whimpered as she opened her thighs wider for him as he slid his hand over the soft ivory skin of her mound, caressing the soft skin of her outer labia.

Like a soft breeze blowing across her skin, his fingers moved back until he felt the hot wet teardrop shaped end of her pussy slit. Continuing to push back, he bent his middle finger up and inside her as the rest of his fingers slid over the soft inner curves of her ass cheeks. Her whole body convulsed as he pushed his finger all the way inside her until he could rub circles around her cervix.

Her eyes rolled up into her head, and he could hear her grinding her teeth as she fought her desperate urge to urinate. Slowly he withdrew, but as he did he let his middle finger trail down her vulva. She was so wet as he delicately massaged her inner labia while following her pink valley to her urethra. Once there, he massaged circles around it until she was shaking with need!

“Eyeaaahhhh,” She whined, her whole body jumping as he began slowly tapping her urethra.

He watched her face the entire time, judging her pain…and her pleasure. Taking her to the very edge of her endurance. He looked at the furrow of her brow, the squint of her pleading eyes, the tears flowing down her cheeks, the pained grimace of her mouth beseeching him to please let her urinate. He watched as her eyes crossed and she began to swoon. He moved his finger to her clitoris and began massaging it, “Okay you may now urinate.”

She slumped forward and kissed him as she released her need as the air moved around his fingers as a stream of hot urine gushed mere centimeters from his fingertips as he massaged her clit…

“Thank you,” She purred in relief as she began to shake once again and she squirted cream from her vagina and a clear liquid from her urethra as she orgasmed, sighing, “Thank…you…Massstttteeeerrrrr!”


High School Lunchroom – 1:00 pm

Heather sat with her friends eating lunch. It was a chicken and spinach salad with milk and water today. Across the table from her was Reagan, her best friend since

kindergarten. On Reagan’s left was Willow and on her right her boyfriend Lauren. Sitting on Heather’s right was David and on her left L’Oréal.

“So how are you feeling today,” Reagan asked her.

Reagan was everything Heather was not; outgoing, charming, had a voice like a 1-900-phone sex girl, and was as white as it was humanly possible to be. Reagan was so white that if she had come with her to Panama City Beach and laid out on the white beaches, she would have disappeared. Her skin was flawless as well, not one freckle on her whole body even her lips and the areola around her nipples were barely pink. The only color the girl had was her deep chocolate brown eyes and hair.

Another thing she coveted about her friend was her build. Reagan was five feet four inches tall, her stature was slim-petite, Beyoğlu Escort with small 32 B-cup breasts, a tiny 22 inch waist, and trim 36 inch hips. She even had a nice if small round booty!

“Can’t you tell,” Lauren chirped as he used his fork to point to her nearly devoured plate of food. Reagan’s boyfriend Lauren was the long and lanky sort with a bush of wild carrot red hair.

“Reagan, slap your boy before I do,” She retorted cattily, while her mouth was still full of chicken and spinach.

“Jerk,” Reagan purred as she elbowed him playfully.

“Whaaa…,” Lauren asked, his voice high and innocent.

“So, prom is coming up in a couple of weeks,” Willow said out of the blue changing the subject.

“Yeah,” Reagan purred as she hip bumped Lauren, “Got my date right here! What about you, Willow? Got someone… interesting as your date?”

Willow was five feet six inches tall, with sultry eyes, a plump come and kiss me mouth, and natural honey blonde hair. She always wore as little as possible, today being a halter top that showed off her 34 double-D breasts, 24 inch waist, and flat as a board belly. A loose gold hip chain around her 36 inch hips, ultra low rise skin tight blue jeans that hugged every curve of her bubble butt and thick thighs. Aside from her incredible beauty she flirted with everyone, guys and girls, students and teachers. It was rumored that she had slept with most of the football team and coaches, and seduced more than a few substitute teachers. The latest being a twenty-six year old college grad, Miss Bell, who was a spitting image of the twenty-one year old Katherine Heigl from ‘WB’s Roswell’.

“Yep, I was actually contemplating asking Miss Bell to be my date,” Willow answered.

“Wow,” David guffawed while Lauren snickered, “Well, I guess we all could see that coming!”

David liked her, but he wasn’t her type and she had told him so, nevertheless he was ever hopeful. He pushed glasses that hid his blue eyes up onto his nose, he wore blonde hair a little shaggy which didn’t compliment his very Norwegian features, and was also a little shorter than her and stocky.

“Heather,” David started to say before being interrupted as Michael, her homeroom groper, walked up to their table.

“Hello Heather,” Michael said with a nervous smile.

“Hello Michael,” She answered, her voice guarded as she looked at the forkful of chicken and spinach halfway to her mouth before she looked up at Michael and put the fork of food in her mouth.

“I um…I wanted to ask you to be my date to the prom,” Michael said in a rush once he got started.

She stopped chewing her food and stared at the boy. This guy had been groping her since the seventh grade. He never gave a reason, he never apologized, and he never even asked her to be his girlfriend. All he did was grab her ass or her breasts, and smile when she reacted to his assaults!

“Why the fuck would I want to go with you,” She growled around her mouth full of salad, “All you’ve done since the seventh grade is sexually assault and disrespect me!”

“I know,” Michael answered, his tone sincere, “That is also why I’m here, to apologize. To say, I’m sorry for being such an ass these last six years. Also, if I may explain my behavior…”

She was mildly curious, so she nodded, “Proceed.”

Michael smiled confidently, feeling his lies seemed sincere enough that they were working, he continued, “The reason I behaved the way I have is because I like you… a lot… but that doesn’t excuse my behavior. It was appalling and I realize that now. I was a coward, and I should have done this a long time ago.”

“Done what,” L’Oréal asked her voice deadpan, not buying any of his bullshit.

L’Oréal was a five foot tall spitfire that looked like Jada Pinkett Smith, even down to the measurements. L’Oréal was a 32 C-cup with a 24 inch waist and 35 inch hips. She wore her black hair in two long braids that started at her temples and curled over her ears. Her eyes were a remarkable hazel green and her mouth was beautiful and plump. At the moment though they were twisted into a sneer.

“You sound like you’re full of shit,” L’Oréal growled as she waved her fork in Michael’s direction, “Looking to make peace so you can maybe score some of that fine pussy before the end of the school year and your freak ass never sees Heather again!”

Michael looked like he was chewing on nails, then he took a breath and recovered himself before he begged off, “I can see I have come at a bad time. Heather I hope you accept my apology… and I hope you will give my request some thought.”

Michael turned and walked back across the promenade and sat with his friends. Heather watched him for the rest of lunch, trying to read his mannerisms and attitude, to see if she could see if he was sincere, or like L’Oréal said, “full of shit”.


Anchorage, Alaska – 3:00 pm

Charlene rubbed at the soreness she felt in her shoulders and hips for the hundredth time as she walked up the stairs of a palatial cabin. A cabin for the rich or famous, it was beautiful! She hadn’t been paying attention when Leon told her the history of the house or the woodland preserve it was backed up against. What she did know was, even covered in snow and still mostly brown with little buds of new growth trying to peek through, this place was majestic.

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