Family Love Ch. 02

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Sameer and his mother, Veena, were in their SUV on the highway, the abrupt change in plan had thrown things in flux. Despite their best efforts there was no way to dissuade his father from the new plan. The point he had made were valid and they couldn’t really tell him the real reason why he and his mother were afraid to be alone for an extended period.

The previous day had been spent packing; his mother had already done most of her packing so it was just Sameer throwing his stuff in his suitcase. He had tried to talk to his mother about the previous night and the trip but had barely gotten a chance to have more than a few minutes with her, as she continued to avoid her son.

Now that they were alone in the car, the silence was defeating, from the moment they had left the house his mother had maintained a stony silence, if this was a preview of the rest of the trip, it was going to be one long, boring, and awkward couple of weeks.

“Are you planning to be silent the whole trip?” Sameer finally asked his mother.

“What? Sorry I was thinking about something, what did you say?” asked his mother.

“I said, are you going to stay quite the whole trip and not talk to me at all?” repeated Sameer.

“Of course not. I have just had a lot on my mind. I didn’t mean to ignore you.” replied Veena.

“Ok good. It’s just that we have barely talked since yesterday.” said Sameer.

“I know and I am sorry, if I made you feel neglected. It’s just that there has been a lot to process and this sudden change had required some last-minute adjustment.” replied Veena.

“I understand that, but still I couldn’t shake the feeling that you were avoiding me because of what happened at the movies.” said Sameer.

“Oh honey, I love you, I would never avoid you, no matter what. But you must understand that what happened was a shock to me, and it is not something a mother and son should be doing. I don’t blame you for anything. You are a young, virile man. It is I who should have been more careful about things.” said Veena.

Sameer realized that his mother was blaming herself for what had happened and it was guilt which was the cause of her avoiding him. He felt a wave of anger and sadness engulf him at seeing his mother pain.

“No. Stop it. Don’t blame yourself. I am a grown man and I am fully capable of controlling myself. What happened was both of us giving into temptation.” he said.

“But Sameer…” Veena tried to interject.

“No buts, if you are guilty then so am I.” said Sameer, forcefully, “We were both a little emotional and you were feeling low, plus the romantic movie. I too should have been aware of what I was doing. You are a beautiful, sexy woman and the mood got to us. Don’t blame yourself, it isn’t just your fault, it’s not like I don’t find you to be incredibly attractive.”

“You…find me attractive?” asked Veena.

Oh shit, thought Sameer. In his haste to put his mother at ease he realized that he had said too much. Well in for a penny in for a pound, he thought.

“I would have to be dead or gay not to.” he replied, “You are beautiful, everyone says so. Even my female friends can’t seem to stop talking about how gorgeous you are, not to mention my male friends, quite a few of them I have had to put in their place for their comments.”

“I had no idea.” said Veena.

“Look, what I am trying to say is that what happened the other night was not just your fault, we were both equally involved and the mood was right, and we both got kind of carried away.” replied Sameer.

Reaching over with his left hand he cradled his mother’s face, he looked over at her.

“So, stop beating yourself up about it. Please.” said Sameer.

“You are sweet. Okay, I will.” said Veena.

“Good.” said Sameer.

Turning her face into his hand, Veena softly kissed Sameer’s palm. The small action had the unintended consequence of being incredibly sexy, which once again led to Sameer recalling his mother’s exposed body in the cinema, he felt the blood rush to his cock.

“So, you find me attractive.” asked Veena.

Startled Sameer looked over to his mother, seeing the smile on her lips and the twinkle in her eyes.

“Oh God. I am never going to hear the end of this, am I?” he grumbled.

Veena burst out laughing at her son’s reaction, the sound of her laughter filling the car. Even her laugh is sexy, thought Sameer.

“I’m sorry.” said Veena, smiling.

The laughter broke the tension between them and the two them chatted as the miles passed. They stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch to stretch their legs and grab a snack. Soon they were back on the road.

“So, tell me, what is it about me you find so attractive.” asked Veena, out of the blue.

Sameer looked over to his mother in surprise, he thought they had moved passed this. Seeing the interest in her eyes, he also noticed that a couple of buttons of her kameez had also been undone since the morning.

“What is she doing? We just got past this. Is she really interested to know Girne Escort or just pushing my buttons?” thought Sameer, giving the idea a couple of seconds, deciding to give back as well and see what his mother was up to, he started to push things farther and see how far she was willing to go.

“Well, you have, hands down, one of the best bodies I have ever seen. I mean Hollywood and Bollywood actresses actually need Photoshop to look as good as you do.” said Sameer, stopping to see his mother’s reaction.

“Really, you think I have a great body.” asked Veena, as she spoke, she turned to face her son, turning more of her body towards her son. Sameer silently swallowed as he saw seatbelt dig in between her breasts, making them more prominent.

“Umm…yes.” he muttered, really hoping this was the end of the conversation, his mother’s reminder of her body was affecting him in ways that he did not like, the smell and taste of her body came unbidden to his mind and he felt himself getting hard.

“What about my body do you find most attractive and why?” asked Veena, noticing her son’s discomfort and needling him a little more.

Sameer groaned at the question; his mother was obviously not going to drop it. Seeing the glint in her eyes he realized that his mother was trying to make him uncomfortable. Well, he could do the same.

“Where to start? Your ass is just perfect, especially when you are wearing those skin tight yoga pants, they are so firm, there is hardly any jiggle in it when you walk. I imagine that it would feel like holding a taut football, but softer and hotter.” said Sameer, looking over to his mother to see her reaction.

“Hmm…go one, what else?” she asked, her voice a little husky.

“You have the most amazing breasts, they are neither too big or too small, they are perfect on your body. The way they slope down but are still perky. Your nipples always seem to be a little aroused. The way they felt in my mouth and their taste is heavenly” continued Sameer, his voice rising in excitement as he recalled the night at the movies.

“Please go on.” said Veena, her voice now a low moan.

Sameer, looked at his mother and could clearly see the excitement in her face, he noticed how his mother was rubbing her legs together.

“You have the most amazing, long and tapering legs but strong and firm. The little gap they have at the top seem to act like a pointer to your crotch. Makes you wonder what it would taste like.” said Sameer, his voice now husky with desire, his cock almost fully a

“Oh my, you have really thought about my body a lot.” moaned Veena.

“But you know what is the sexiest thing about you? The way you moan when you are aroused. It just goes directly to my cock.” said Sameer.

No longer able to resist he rubbed his hard on.

Veena watched wide eyed as her son rubbed his hard dick.

“You want to feel it?” asked Sameer, seeing his mother’s eyes glued to the crotch of his jeans.

Veena shook her head, but her hand reached out on its own.

Sameer removed his hand off his cock and let his mother’s hand took its place.

“Unhh…” moaned Sameer as he felt his mother’s hand come to rest on his cock.

They drove on for a few more minutes, when Veena tried to move her hand off her son’s cock, Sameer reached down, grabbing her wrist he put her hand back in his lap.

“No. You started this, you wanted this. Now you keep your hand where it is.” said Sameer forcefully, his voice commanding.

Veena, shuddered at the forcefulness of Sameer’s voice and felt herself get a little wetter as her son nearly ordered her to continue holding his cock.

Putting his hand over his mother’s, Sameer squeezed on it, indicating that she should do the same. Veena felt the pressure and took over. As they drove on, she continued to run her hand over her son’s hard cock, softly squeezing from time to time. The erotic nature of what she was doing aroused her incredibly but she could do no more than squeeze her legs together to put some pressure on her heated cunt.

“You are getting wet, aren’t you?” asked Sameer, seeing how his mother was squeezing her legs.

“No… no.” Veena tried to deny his words.

“Stop denying how you feel, here let me.” said Sameer.

Reaching over Sameer pushed his hand between his mother’s thighs and cupped her crotch.

“Ohhh…unhh…Sameer…what are you doing?” moaned Veena, her sexy moan only serving to arouse her son more.

“Giving you what you want.” said Sameer.

Cupping his mother crotch Sameer started to squeeze and release, Veena felt pleasure travel from her hot, steamy pussy and spread all over her body, her face flushed and her nipples engorged rubbing into the fabric of her bra, the pain and pleasure overwhelming her.

Veena tried to remove her son’s hand from her over heating cunt, but Sameer was too strong, she took her hand off his hot, hard dick to try and pry his hand off her cunt.

“No, leave your hand where it is.” ordered Magosa Escort Sameer, Veena found herself obeying despite herself, “Just enjoy yourself.”

Luckily the traffic on the highway was sparse and Sameer managed to keep his concentration on the road. For the next hour the they drove like this, Sameer’s hand in his mother’s crotch as he massaged her crotch sometime soft and sometimes hard, while his mother ran her hand over his iron hard cock. The car filled with their soft moans.

“Let’s stop here for a few minutes and have some tea also.” said Sameer, taking his hand from between his mother’s leg.

Veena, moaned softly in disappointment when her son took his hand out of her crotch. Sameer smiled at her, noticing that his mother was still holding his cock. Veena slowly drew her hand away from her son’s crotch, her face flushed. She could feel her wet panties and the heat of her son’s cock even through his jeans was still on her hand as Sameer pulled the car into the rest stop.

“I am going to use the washroom.” said Veena, as she headed towards the women’s bathroom.

Sameer watched his mother walk away, paying close attention to her swaying ass. Veena turned around and caught her son looking. But instead of being embarrassed he grinned and winked at her. Veena felt her face flush, Sameer was acting very bold. She may have allowed things to go too far, even as she wondered where things were going, she also felt a thrill at being the object of desire for a virile young man, even if he was her son. Putting a little extra sway in her hips for Sameer’s benefit she went to the washroom.

Sameer saw the extra swing in his mother’s walk and smiled. She was feeling horny, so was he, he was also scared about where things were going. In the car he had been especially bold and forceful, something he was surprised by as much as his mother. The heat and arousal were making him more assertive. But now that he had a chance to clear his head, he wondered how he and his mother were going to spend the rest of the drive or how they were going to act with each other.

As the attendant was filling the SUV with gas, Sameer got a crazy idea in his head. Taking out his phone he opened the chat app and pulled up his mother’s number.

S: Are you still in the bathroom?

V: Yes.

S: Are you alone?

V: Yes, why?

S: Loose the panties and the bra!

Sameer waited to hear his mother’s reply, it took a few seconds for his mother to respond.

V: WHAT???

S: You heard me, I want you to take off your bra and panties. I want to know that you are completely naked under your clothes.

V: Sameer, that is asking for too much.

S: I want you to know and feel how sexy you are. NOW DO IT!

Once again Sameer waited with bated breath, as he wondered if his forceful demeanor with his mother was going to win out again. Veena did not reply to his last message, after waiting for a few seconds Sameer concluded that he had pushed things too far and waited for his mother to come out scold him on his forwardness. Sighing in disappointment he paid for the fuel and drove up to the restaurant.

Sameer looked over the seating area set aside for the restaurants, with its combination of different travelers, truck drivers, who sat mostly under the open air on beds (charpoys), eating basic food from the smaller restaurant, in the main area there was a large air-conditioned hall which was preferred by families, businessmen and other couples traveling the same route.

Taking a table under a shade on the patio that ran the length of the air-conditioned hall and slightly away from the crowd he waited for his mother to join him.


Veena, was starting at herself in the mirror. Still trying to process what had happened in the car. For well over an hour Sameer, her son, had openly fondled her pussy, while she had done the same to his cock. It was a wonder that neither of them had exploded into screaming orgasms, but somehow neither one had allowed the other to reach that point. The downside was that now she was incredibly horny, more than she could ever remember in her life. She was sure that her panties were probably wet from her arousal.

Splashing some cold water on her face, she tried to cool herself down and get a hold of her emotions. Things had escalated dangerously. If they kept this up, they may cross all boundaries of propriety. Taking deep breaths, she tried to calm herself down. That is when her phone pinged indicating a message had arrived. Digging into her purse she took out the phone and saw it was a message from Sameer.

S: Are you still in the bathroom?

V: Yes.

S: Are you alone?

Why was he asking that? she wondered.

V: Yes, why?

S: Loose the panties and bra!

Veena sucked in a breath at the idea. The forcefulness in her son’s message coming through. Where has this Sameer come from? she thought.

V: WHAT???

S: You heard me, I want you to take off your bra and panties. I want Kıbrıs Escort to know that you are completely naked under your clothes.

The idea of going naked under her clothes was strangely attractive and intriguing. What would I feel like to just have nothing under her shalwar kameez?

V: Sameer, that is asking for too much.

She waited for her son’s response.

S: I want you to know and feel how sexy you are. NOW DO IT!

Veena looked at the message for a few seconds. Her heart beat faster at the words, her son not only found her sexy but wanted her to feel the same. Thinking about the message and all that it implied she struggled with what to do.


Sameer waved to his mother catching her attention, customers were few at the time of the day but even then, he noticed quite a few head turn to watch his mother’s passage. He sighed at her sexy walk. Veena took her seat in front of Sameer with her back to the patio.

“I have ordered tea and snacks.” he informed her.

His mother nodded in agreement as she set her purse on the table. Sameer wanted to ask her about her panties and bra, but couldn’t decide how to broach the subject. Accepting that it was one request to far, he wondered how his mother would behave towards him now.

“This place is really nice.” observer Veena.

“Yeah, the new rest stops along the highway are better than the old ones, and with more families travelling by road it was needed.” agreed Sameer.

The waiter came and delivered their order. Veena took off her dupatta (long scarf) and put it to the side as she reached for her tea. Sameer who was about to sip his tea ran an appreciative look over his mother’s body, as his eyes passed over her breasts they stopped and the tea cup remained suspended in the air.

He could clearly see his mother’s nipples making two small tents on her kameez, as if she was without a bra or was especially aroused. Noticing his lack of movement, Veena looked at her son and gave him a shy smile even as she blushed.

She did it, she is not wearing her bra, did she also take of her panties? he wondered.

“Did you do as I asked?” said Sameer.

Veena nodded, looking down into her tea, blushing even more.

“How does it feel?” asked Sameer.

“It feels strange, I have never done anything like this, even at night I usually wear a bra & panties.” said Veena, “But it’s also freeing.”

“What did you do with the bra and panties?” asked Sameer.

When his mother indicated towards her purse, Sameer pulled it towards him and opened it. Seeing the white lacy bra, he pushed it to the side and took her panties in his hand, keeping it inside the purse so no one could see what he was doing, he felt the dampness on them.

“They are damp.” he observed.

“I got wet in the car with what we were doing.” said Veena, shyly.

“Hmmm…so what are you going to do about it the rest of the way?” asked Sameer.

Startled, Veena looked at her son. Seeing the look in his eyes she realized that he had more ideas for the rest of the drive.

“No matter we will figure something out.” said Sameer, smiling, “The weather at this time is really nice, I thought it would be much hotter this time of year.”

“Yeah, the cool breeze is really nice and the greenery, you don’t get to see that in Karachi at all.” agreed Veena.

“Yeah. Why don’t we take advantage of this breeze?” said Sameer, seeing his mother’s questioning look he continued, “Undo the buttons of your kameez.”

“Sameer! We are in public.” protested Veena.

“There is no one around who can see, your back is to the patio and I will let you know if someone comes, so please undo some and feel the breeze on your skin.”

Looking around fearfully, Veena wanted to say no but was also thrilled at the idea of doing something so bold. Taking a deep breath, she looked Sameer in the eye and started to slowly unbutton her kameez. Starting from the top she quickly unbuttoned the top two buttons. When she hesitated at the third one Sameer indicated that she should continue. Marshalling her courage, she slowly opened the third and fourth button quickly but kept the kameez close together.

His eyes shining Sameer looked at his mother’s red face, as she sat in front of him. Reaching across the table he softly moved her hand away from the kameez front, causing the neck line to gape open, exposing her skin to his eyes. The soft breeze further opening the kameez and he could see a parts of her breasts also.

“How does it feel?” he asked.

“It feels embarrassing.” said Veena.

“And?” asked Sameer.

“Exciting.” replied Veena, embarrassed at the admission that she enjoyed displaying herself like this in public, especially to her son.

“I always thought you were a lot bolder than you let on. I know your closet is full of clothes that are more daring but I have never seen you wear any. Why is that?” asked Sameer.

“It’s not something that women wear in our society.” said Veena.

“Maybe, but the social circles we move in, those kinds of clothes are pretty common. So, what is holding you back? If you like them and you look good in them, then why not wear them all the time?” asked Sameer.

“I don’t know. Your father may not like me wearing them.” said Veena, even to her own ears her excuse sounded weak.

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