Fantasy Man

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At First Sight

Walking down the gallery of my new flat I love it even though I have no furniture. It is a beautifully designed building, expensive but I don’t care I have a two year lease and I’m going to study and get my degree and then the rest of the money under the terms of my parents divorce and yeah.

The gallery joins the private part of this huge place with the public part if ya like, the kitchen and dining room and so on with the lounge room sort of off the gallery and then the private end the bedrooms and bathroom and so on. Three bedrooms well one is mine of course and one will be a study no idea what I will do with the other one I certainly don’t want to share I love my new place all mine.

So I have been to the toilet and now I am going to the kitchen to get a drink of water and then I will have a shower and get dressed and go and get some furniture I don’t want to spend another night in a sleeping bag on the floor as nice looking wooden floorboards as it is. Then I realise oops. I haven’t drawn the curtains on the gallery windows and they are almost full length and I look out across a space maybe six metres and there you are sitting at a table in your gallery drinking coffee I suppose it is and smoking this makes me want a cigarette and I don’t have any. I stop and look across at you and wave.

You are beautiful no more than twenty I would guess I saw you moving in late yesterday afternoon I suppose your furniture is arriving today did you sleep on the floor. Is it ok if I look at you I’m forty seven but I am only looking I do not leer I am admiring your beauty it just as well we are both on the first floor-top one-of this two storey building otherwise anyone above me could see what I can see. You are beautiful. White undies from here I can see them tight on you and a blue singlet thin material aren’t you cold my eyes strain for a sign of your nipples but I am too far away I guess. I can see tighter material at the end of your breasts and the white undies high cut you are beautiful. You stop and look over at me I’m sorry but wait you wave at me. I wave back.

You wave back and I am glad I wonder how old you are I am nineteen just a little while ago and I look more closely at you can you be the one I wonder you are not leering I like that if you were I would have run to the kitchen out of your view, then closed the curtains no you look nice from here I turn my back to the window so you can see the way the material of my undies hugs my bum I am tempted to wiggle it at you what if you think I am a slut so fucking what I know I am not only five guys that’s not many not nowadays so I don’t care if you do think that you will soon see that I am not I give my bum just a little murder under the friday night lights izle wiggle and turn back around and I am smiling and I wave again.

Why did you do that? I mean it was a beautiful thing to do you have a beautiful arse but why did you wiggle it surely you are not flirting with me no can’t be you are teasing me but I don’t care you are beautiful and fresh looking. You wave again so I smile and wave back again.

I turn back to the window put my hands on it there is a tightness deep in my belly and a pain there I can feel a bit of trembling deep in me I think should I do this can I trust you I decide yes I can I make these sort of decisions sometimes. I turn and face you and put my hands on the band of my undies and push down with my right hand now you can see my pubes they are pale light brown sort of colour I trim them but I like them I look over you are looking that is good I smile and stand for a second or two like that the crotch of my undies is still high enough up that you can’t see any lower than my mound but don’t worry I am going to show you all of me I know you will like and appreciate that I feel a little heat flash deep between my thighs I have never been an exhibitionist but you are my fantasy man and this is turning me on is it turning you on too I hope so.

Wow what are you doing it is twenty feet between us I know I am an architect and I designed this building you have pushed your undies down and I can see your mound little trimmed hairs oh my this is beautiful but why.

Now I am going where I have never been I want to do this so I dare myself to do it which I must now it is often the only way I can beat all my fears I dare myself to strip naked in front of you I am glad no-one else can see but I am more glad that you can.

I bend over and push my undies down to my knees as my face is closer to my cunt I love that word it is all the opposite to my oh so proper upbringing it is almost as if I can smell my arousal I know what cunt smells like I have put my tongue into several but I won’t tell you that not yet I look closely over at you and smile you are looking at me in a nice way would you like me to be closer.

My breathing almost hurts as you push your undies to your feet I can see the space between your thighs now I can see the hairs thicker above your clit and between your thighs I can see the lower side of the cheeks of your arse as you bend down I wish I was closer but that will never be I have no idea why you are doing this for me but I love it.

I turn my back on you and wiggle my bare bum at you just a little wiggle I laugh softly murf the surf jewels jesus and mayhem in the usa izle this is really hot doing this do you like my bum now you can see it all.

Such a beautiful cute little bum your arse crack is lovely your arse so tight so firm the crease under your cheeks ohhhhh my cock hurts I want to kiss your bum crack how stupid am I being you are so beautiful.

I now turn and face you again naked from the waist down I smile and wave at you again you nearly drop your lighter in your rush to wave back I giggle I have the urge to masturbate now I wonder if you would like to watch me do that but not now I want to be close to you when I do that I want you to smell me I can feel the wetness between my thighs I just stand there so that you don’t have to rush your look at my mound and the little hairs.

My cock feels painful pushing against my bathrobe as I look at you, you are standing there quite still not minding at all that I am looking at you. Your thighs are so trim and fresh looking you have light tan lines but then again it is the middle of winter right now but I can make out the shape of your bikini from what I can see I look trying to photograph forever in my mind this sight of your beautiful little mound. And the tops and insides of your thighs the gateway to your private places who am I fooling I will never get there.

From the floor to the windows there is about half a metre of really nice wood panelling, that matches the floorboards. I decide to tease my little fantasy man and I kneel down now you can’t see my bush are you angry if you are then you are not my fantasy man, then I get up on my knees and lift my singlet up over my head, showing you my breasts. They are smallish pointing straight out at you my nipples pale pinky point out at you I can’t tell if they are erect from the cold or from my horniness whatever they are aching from horniness I want to touch them I want you to touch them would you like that.

Your breasts are beautiful they point straight out at me firm and high I am glad I do not really like large boobs but yours are perfect I squirm just a little I feel like I am going to come but I know that would not be right not while you are watching in my cupboard I have a few packets of woman’s undies when you are gone I will go to my room and wank into a pair of them thinking of you and then I will come and I will feel ashamed. Where have you gone?

Teasing you I lie down on the floor for a moment enjoying the pain of the coldness of the polished wood the discomfort it is really cold actually, I don’t think I can do my dad the bounty hunter izle this much longer the pain of the cold floor I rub my bum on it the urge to touch myself is so strong are you feeling that too do you want to wank I want to watch you do that I open my legs you can’t see what I am doing at the moment I open my legs lift my knees I imagine I have called you the door is unlocked I lie on the floor my thighs open waiting for you waiting as you come in the door and see me lying here you can see the moisture at the opening of my cunt and you come in and you fuck me and it is perfect as I know it will be when we actually do it. A slight quiver runs through my body I didn’t come exactly but the thought of it all has given me what I call my mini-come I did that once in a theatre the movie was so boring I fantasised and I came without even touching myself I was imagining Drew Barrymore was kneeling between my thighs licking me another tremble runs through me as I think all this and I sigh and sit up you can see my face now does it look slightly flushed I see the happiness in your eyes that you can see me again. I smile at you again and wave.

For a moment I wondered where you had gone. You are sitting up now, I can see your pretty face and you are smiling I wave back when you wave at me what did you do while you were out of sight for a moment I saw your knees lift please don’t tell me you wanked if you want fingers on you and in me please let them be mine, I am just being so silly now, you are teasing me, and for a moment I am angry at you, why are you doing this, are you really just a little tease.

I stand up now, and turn and face you, showing you all of me fully naked the front of me, why did you look annoyed just then? I suppose you think I am just teasing yeah sure like I am in the habit of doing strip shows for guys I don’t even know. I wiggle my hips. I want a cigarette. I put my fingers to my lips and make a smoking gesture, then point to you.

I can see all of you naked there now, fuck you are so beautiful, your breasts firm pointing out at me, cute little belly, then it moulds away to your mound and the promises of your slit as it disappears between your thighs. You are making the smoking gesture. Do you want one I signal, holding the packet out to your window.

I nod, yes, and I point in the direction of the hallway, your door would be somewhere there, then I point to myself, then in the direction of the door.

Shit you want to come over. My heart races and my belly is jumping, I nod yes of course you can. This is amazing, you have shown me your body and now you want to come into my apartment. Just for a cigarette, I remind myself. Of course, but even so. Now I cannot see you, you have run back down the gallery to where I know the bedrooms are. I will stay as I am, waiting for your knock.

I run into my room, leaving my undies and singlet there on the gallery floor. Quickly I pull on a pair of faded blue jeans and an orange pullover. I rush out of my apartment, I don’t want you to have time to get dressed. I walk really fast through the little foyer thing, this is your door, I knock, my breathing is fast, I am so, so horny. Soon I will know if you really are my fantasy man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32