Fantasy of an Eighteen Year Old Salesgirl

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I walk in the swim suit store feeling a little horny… in fact I have been horny all day, but tried to think of something else. And trying on swimsuits, like trying on lingerie, has a certain erotic appeal to it. Especially when you look in the mirror and you like what you see…

So I was browsing around… looking at bikinis, imagining you pinching my nipples over the top of a particular one, or fingering my soaking wet cunt under the bottom of another one… and i was really starting to enjoy myself… when this gorgeous 18 year old salesgirl comes along and asks me if i needed anything. she had blonde long hair, was very tanned, and was wearing a white tank top over tiny perky tits… without a bra… and her delicious ass was perfectly molded by a stretchy pair of black shorts…

i could only imagine how her sweet young cunt looked like under there…. So I smiled at her and said….”I’m sorry I was a little lost in my thoughts”… hoping to God that she wouldn’t notice how flushed i was or how fast i was breathing. She smiled a big knowing smile and told me ” don’t worry, i know exactly what you mean”…Wow!!! she was checking me out! She could hardly take her eyes off my tits and i was starting to get hot for another reason…I picked a few bikinis to try on and then, as we were walking towards the dressing room, she reminded me with a playful smile, to remember NOT to take off my panties when I would try on swimsuits! I told her “my panties are so small, I doubt that they will show at all anyway!”

Her jaw almost dropped at this comment and she needed a few seconds before she could say what she wanted to say next… “these bikinis can sure be tricky to put on… would you like for me to slip in there and help you?” I couldn’t believe that this hot little 18 year old thing was actually hitting bursa evi olan escort on me! I guess the fact that I actually look so sexually content really attracts people to me… So i told her (before she changed her mind!!!!) that is was a wonderful idea. ” I always have trouble with those back things…” I said to her. So we both walk in the dressing room.

As soon as the door is locked she starts tongue kissing me passionately. She said that I looked so fucking horny earlier as i was looking at swimsuits that it drove her absolutely crazy. That 18 year old mouth was sucking on my tongue, licking my lips, even nibbling on them. And i was certainly returning the favor…I couldnt get enough of her sweet young mouth, and i was getting ready to enjoy more of her…I had to get my hands on those perky little tits…and as we continue to taste each other’s mouths, I moved my hands on her tits, rubbing the hard little nipples with my thumbs…pinching them through her top, “ohhhhhh” she was moaning… “you are making me so hot”

I broke the kiss and removed my top and bra and I helped her remover hers. We resumed kissing and this time we rubbed our tits together… my big tits against her young perky tits… small pink nipple against big red nipple… “you are a little bitch in heat aren’t you?” i told her… “seducing an older customer like me… you like behaving like a young little slut don’t you?” I pushed down on her shoulders and she got the message really quickly… she was to eat my sopping wet cunt.

I couldn’t believe that I was going to have my cunt licked by this hot 18 year old… in a dressing room of all places!! I rested my back against the wall and put one foot up on the little bench on which you can sit, and I told her… ” come on you nasty little slut… altıparmak escort lick me!!!” I tightly held her young blonde head against my cunt and grinded on her face while she was eagerly lapping away. Then I instructed her to suck on my clit and shove three fingers inside my now totally drenched hole. she furiously finger fucked me as she nibbled on my engorged clit… the little whore was obviously used to eating women’s cunts… and that became even more obvious, when two fingers from her other hand crept slowly near my asshole… “oh yeah you little cunt sucking whore… finger my asshole”…

I had just remembered that i had my strap on in my purse, as i had just been to the store to buy it…I was going to fuck that sweet little thing who was just about to make me cum, with her mouth around my clit, a few fingers in my cunt and a few more in my tight ass… Oh yes i would fuck her shit hole…that thought combined to what she was doing to me made me cum so hard in her mouth that it was actually dripping on her sexy young tits…. I pulled her away from me and i sat her down on the bench… she was quite a sight… her hair messy, her face glistening with my juices, and picking up the cum from her breasts with her fingers sucking on them. I told her “leave some for me sweet girl… I love to taste my own cum and it would give me an excuse to lick your little tits…” I licked my way down from her neck to her tits… licked the leftover cum, then I roughly started to suck on her left nipple while i was twisting the other one with my fingers.

I was totally out of control… she was so fucking hot… so young, so beautiful, and I’m sure she was very wet for me just about now… so I let go of her right nipple and moved my way down to her sweet cunt… she was moaning gemlik escort so loudly that i had to tell to shut up if she didn’t want us to get caught! I shoved two fingers in her tight little hole… it was completely overflowed… but it was so so tight…and she was completely shaved and soooo soft…. I then lowered my head to suck on her clit… I was going to eat an 18 year old cunt… I chewed on it and twirled my tongue around it…as i was finger fucking her… she came in seconds, but i kept at it… and I told her to slip her ass towards me… she was biting her fist, shaking her head left and right… I licked a finger on my right hand and shoved it up her tight puckered brown ass hole. She drew a deep breath and tensed all of a sudden. I asked her… “is this the first time anyone will enter your asshole?” she says “yes… other than myself”

“I was going to fuck your pretty tight little ass with the strap-on I have in my purse… but I think we will run out of time…I will finger fuck it for now, but I would like to make you an offer…” she seemed very interested. “tell me what it is”, she said … “well I would love to do you with my boyfriend… I would love for him to be the first to fuck your slutty little virgin asshole… he was the first to fuck mine and I have been totally addicted since then… we have been looking for a the perfect girl to fuck together and I think you’re it… what do you say?”

She was so turned on that she came once again on my fingers… “oh fuck yes… I would love to do it with the two of you… and if you’re walking around stores feeling and looking horny for him the way you looked earlier, I can only imagine how good he is…but for now just finger fuck my ass hole and make me cum again”…So I gladly obliged, and my one finger was a very tight fit… and as she was squirting on my fingers in her third orgasm, I came myself one more time, thinking of your big hard cock stretching that tight young shit hole, as I am eagerly licking her cunt from under… we exchanged phone numbers and two weeks later she was flying to NY to meet us…. but that’s another story…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32