Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 22

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Joanna had managed to convince Martin that even though the wedding would be small, they should observe traditions and not see each other the night before the wedding. Martin was therefore in a busy town centre having a few drinks as he spoke to Joanna on the phone.

“It is really busy here and noisy, I wish you were here. Can you hear me?” he shouted into the phone.

“Uh… yes babe, can you …uh…hear me?” replied Joanna.

“What was that? I am struggling to hear you.”

“I am sitting on your father’s huge cock, God yes! Your dad is fucking me so hard! Did you hear that?” she giggled.

“Jo, what was that about my dad?”

“Ooooh, fuck me you stud.”

“Wait, I am outside now, that’s better. I can hear you now. What did you say about my dad?”

“I think you should call him, at least let him know what is happening. Maybe he can bless the wedding in his own special way?”

“I will call him but we are not meeting him, I don’t want him in our lives.”

“I know he’s fucked your girlfriends and even your wives…”

“We don’t need to discuss this do we Jo?”

“But honey… uhh, you wouldn’t let him do that to me would you?”

“Of course not honey.”

“Good, well phone him sweetie. Good boy, see you tomorrow.”

The line went dead.

Tentatively Martin called Richard’s number.

The phone answered:

“Uhhhhh, yes babe, you hottie, take my huge pole, let me feed it into your tight hole. Let me thrust up there and rotate it like this, does that feel good.”

Martin heard a woman groaning in pleasure and orgasm.

“Hello” Richard said.


“Martin, what a lovely coincidence, I am just here with … well with one of your favourite women.”

“I heard. Who?”

“That would be telling. Can you tell by her groans.”

Richard began pounding her. Martin listened but was thankfully unaware that it was his wife to be having a 15 inch cock re-shaping her pussy as he listened to her take a fearful drilling.

“I am getting married tomorrow and I am keeping Joanna away from you forever.”

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming on her face.”

The line went dead. Whose face? Whose face,Mrtin thought anxiously. His dad made it sound like he meant Joanna’s face, but he had never let them meet. Thank God.


Next morning and Joanna had arranged for a limo Antep Bayan Escort to take her and Martin to the service. The driver behind the darkened glass windows was Richard. He had fucked Joanna all night but this would be more fun.

Joanna was in her white wedding dress and looked stunning. As Martin got in, the car lurched and Joanna spilt the drink from the mini bar all over the seat.

“You look fantastic Jo.”

“Oh shit, thanks sweetie,” said Jo jumping out of the car and telling the driver he is an idiot.

“I can’t sit there, it is wet. Oh ok,” she said to the driver, “I will ride in the front. See you at the church sweetie,” she said to Martin slamming his door and jumping in the front.

Martin leaned forward but suddenly realised the sound proof shutters were up and he couldn’t be heard. It was a bit of a jerky journey but you have to sympathise with Richard. It is not easy to fuck your future daughter in law’s tight tanned arse over the wheel of the car whist driving it.

Joanna slurped and sucked at his large cock head before sitting on him and lowering her bare arse onto his huge prick. Joanna screamed:

“Fuck me you big dicked, horse cocked bastard. Tell me, does my arse milk you better than his other girls?”

Martin selected a straw to suck his drink but virtually poked himself in the eye with it as the car lurched whilst Richard forced ample cock meat into Jo’s pert tight rear.

Jo moaned as he fucked her:

“I wake in the morning and all I can think of is getting this huge thing into me as soon and as often as possible. He is an irrelevance and yet I am marrying him. Why do you have so much and he has a cocktail sausage?” she asked with a smile over her shoulder at her stud.

Richard responded by driving his dick into her faster and harder. He ran his hands over tanned smooth back which the dress left exposed and up through her soft hair. Her fit tight body milked his cock and as the car pulled up outside the church, Martin felt the big car undulating but didn’t realise the cause was his father fucking the shit out of Joanna just feet from him.

Richard started spurting his hot seed into her sexy arse as she cooed:

“I love the way your thick rubbery cock becomes as hard as steel for me. Ohhh yes, give me your cum. Do me. Fuck my sexy arse. I am yours.”

When she had finished sucking the remaining contents of his balls into her mouth and then fixed her lipstick, Richard unlocked the doors and Martin married Joanna whilst Richard’s cum oozed out of well fucked arse.

They returned to the limo and Jo was playing with her new hubby.

“Do you want to fuck me in the limo on the way to the hotel. How big is your cock honey? She opened the door as Martin got in and unzipped his trousers. Joana looked at the 3 inch stub which peeked between the zip.

“Oh I forgot,” she said, “the seat is wet, see you at the hotel. You look smaller than normal honey, is it shrinking?”

With that she slammed the door and jumped into the front. Richard locked the doors and his hands turned to his new daughter in law’s thighs.

His hands slid over her slender muscled thighs whilst she groped for his groin.

“He showed me what he has and I want this instead,” she groaned as her lips then stretched over his huge cock head.

Ten minutes later Richard felt his balls boiling with cum. All his plans went out of the window. He stopped the car in a quiet country lane. Martin sat in the car with the back doors locked whilst Joana got out and smiled innocently at Martin.

“Honey the car has broken down” she said pouting through the darkned glass as she called him on the phone. “The electrics have failed and you are locked in. Luckily my door opened wide for the driver. You are in a sound proof car but call me, we will go for help. Call your dad too.”

“Why, why on earth should I call him?”

“Let him know what a sexy girl you have married of course.” With that she turned and walked away from the car.

Twenty minutes later Martin decided that he should call his father as Jo had asked him to.

“Hi dad, I’m married.”

“I know son, I tracked down details of your wedding and came across to meet you. I just bumped into the lovely Joanna and she explained what had happened. Stuck in the car eh?”

“Hi Martin it’s Jo. You never said your dad was so handsome, but Richard I don’t think it is appropriate for you to be feeling my legs like that.”

“Dad get off her,” Martin shouted in panic.

“He says he has something to show me, something you don’t have. My God, he was right. You don’t have one of them.”

“Joanna, come and rescue me, it is our wedding night.”

“Mmmmm mmm, wow soo big Richard.”

“Joanna, Jo babe,” Martin cried. “Ignore him.”

“I don’t think so,” she giggled and clicked the phone off.


By morning Martin was wretched, he had urinated in the car and the smell was terrible. Just then the phone rang. It was Jo.

“Jo, are you ok, please come to me.”

“Watch honey, just watch.”

Martin looked out of the window and saw Jo still in her wedding dress walking towards the car. She stopped by Martin’s window, smiled although she could not see through the darkened glass and lowered herself to her knees. Next thing Martin knew his father appeared with his zip down and his monster throbbing in his hands.

Standing 3 or 4 feet from Joanna he started to wank his cock hard. It took only 5 or 10 seconds before the first rope of cum streaked through the air and splattered into Joanna’s face. More followed.

“No,” screamed Martin as his new wife took another shot of spunk across her lips and into her mouth.

Rope after rope left his big balls and that giant shiny rod and struck his sexy wife. She loved it. He loved doing it. Richard soaked her wedding dress in thick creamy cum and as he walked forward to press his spewing cock into her face he pressed a button which sent the darkened window of the limo down and they both looked at the shocked face pressed against the glass.

“I am going to enjoy having you as my sissy husband,” said Jo licking Richrd’s giant cock. Martin looked at it as it throbbed against her face, 15 inches of obscene man meat releasing yet more cum into the hair, face and mouth of his lovely Jo. Richard had been cumming for well over 2 minutes in thick bursts. He turned to his son and fired hot jism though the window into his son’s face.

“I seem to be firing more than ever” said Richard. “That is for hiding her from me. I enjoyed fucking her on the way to the church yesterday.”

“But Richard, I thought you wanted to keep this a secret from him,” said Jo.

“Oops, yes. Well I need to go. Welcome to the family Jo.”

“Thank you Richard, I will come with you.”

“Let me out Jo,” Martin cried.

Jo turned to him and smiled, her face dripping with a thick coating of sticky goo, she looked so pretty, so sexy:

“Oh honey, I don’t think so,” she giggled.

The last thing he saw as they walked out of sight was his father groping her firm arse and Joanna saying:

“Richard, you are still hard, God you are insatiable.”

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