Favela Pt. 19

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Olivia licked her lips and smiled shyly as she caught Maithri’s dark eyes, her friend was smiling too, although there was no sign of embarrassment. Rather the girl grinned proudly seeming fresh from her conquest. This subtle interplay continued as the two women quietly prepared breakfast. It had been Olivia’s idea, she wanted to surprise her mother, after their early morning encounter.

Everything was basically ready, they’d made pancakes with some special freeze-dried fruit Olivia had been saving for a special occasion. They both sat down and waited patiently, Maithri scooted her chair a little closer and put her hand on Olivia’s leg. “What do you think is taking so long? Your mother is usually far more punctual than this.” She asked, sliding her hand sneakily up her friend’s thigh.

Olivia didn’t mind the attention, no matter what their arrangement, Maithri’s persistent fawning still made her feel like an indulgent older sister. Her thoughts shifted to Marcella, admittedly she was becoming curious herself, it wasn’t like her mom to hang around in her room after the sun came up. “Well I can tell you she definitely isn’t masturbating.” Olivia murmured sweetly.

Although a nagging doubt caused her to shift uneasily in her seat. Maithri seemed to take this as an invitation and suddenly her small brown hand was wrapped snugly around Olivia’s crotch. “Oh, is that because you took care of her yourself this morning, or because you made her promise not to touch herself?” Olivia snickered, at her own audacity, then snorted at her friend’s temerity.

Maithri squeezed Olivia’s vulva almost playfully, and to her chagrin it caused her to flush in more than one location. She started to wonder if maybe she shouldn’t have told Maithri everything she’d talked Marcella into. Apparently not particularly interested in her answer, Maithri looked into Olivia’s eyes as she gently rubbed her middle finger up and down her friend’s slit.

“I’m glad she’s… occupied. It means I have a little more time to have you all to myself.” She brought their faces together in an instant, and then they were kissing uncontrollably. Olivia couldn’t even understand what had come over her, she was kissing Maithri back just as ferociously. Perhaps it was the way the girl’s finger was toying with her clit.

Maithri hopped sideways into her lap and slowed down, her kisses becoming more tender and strategic. Olivia could feel the intense smoldering heat of her friend’s cunt pressing heavily into her tingling lap. She reached around with both arms and grabbed Maithri’s firm ass, pulling her closer and squeezing until the girl moaned into her mouth.

The sound of the tap and the free flow of water interrupted their wild moment. The eyes of both girls snapped open, Maithri actually squeaked, her body going stiff and her crotch going cold. Olivia felt a similarly chilling sensation, but there was something else too, an answering flash of anger. The serrated edge of her choleric reaction was slightly dulled by the sight of Marcella.

Her mom was dressed in a way that instantly reignited her flickering arousal. Standing with her back to them both, gazing out the kitchen window as she drank deeply from a glass of water, Marcella was wearing an elaborate full set of exotic lingerie. Snow white, delicate ephemeral lace, tiny pearl accents. The white thong went all the way up to her waist, sheer but somehow hiding everything important.

A white garter belt circled her upper hips, its four straps holding up pale silvery stockings. There was a matching topless bustier, and she was wearing a bra, but when she turned around it was revealed to be the balcony kind, and her breasts were basically fully exposed. Putting down her glass, she raised both her hands and cupped them lightly.

“What? This isn’t too much is it? I don’t think it breaks our rule. Technically I’m still only wearing panties.” She let her breasts drop, they gave one expressive quiver then lay still. She smiled winsomely and leaned elegantly against the counter, as though posing for a photo. She locked eyes with her daughter. “Do you like my lingerie? You’ve never seen it before, but this was the set I wore when I gave myself to your father, for the very first time.”

The room became so quiet that Olivia had to glance at the wall clock to make sure that time was still passing. Her mom ran her hands sensually up and down both her thighs, casually adjusting the tops of her stockings and the straps of her garter belt, aligning them perfectly. “Sorry if I interrupted. I can come back… in a bit.” Marcella murmured, turning slowly and starting to walk away.

“No, no! I’m glad you’re here. This is good, no, it’s better, this is exactly what you need.” Olivia grabbed her mother’s wrist and stopped her from slipping past their two conjoined chairs. “Stay… And watch us.” She breathed, feeling her pulse quicken and her head lighten. Maithri squealed again, although it was unclear if it gaziantep escort kız was caused by fear, excitement or just plain surprise.

“W-what?” Marcella’s voice hitched. “What do you mean?” She asked, uncertainly. Olivia felt her body flooding with the full return of her confidence, this was perfect in so many ways. Her arm suddenly felt like the literal arm of a mountain gorilla, she pulled Marcella stumbling the rest of the way forward until her leg bumped into the chair closest to her and Maithri.

“Sit.” She commanded. Her mom looking a little scared, slumped down into it, Olivia was still holding onto her wrist. She loosened her grip and softened her expression, trying to set her mom more at ease. “You remember just the other day mamãe, you were talking about how much trouble you were having controlling yourself around us?” After a moment of contemplation Marcella nodded.

“Think about it. What better way for you to learn proper self control than being right here, right next to us, while we’re… doing it.” She smiled at Maithri when she said the final two words. Maithri grinned back, her trepidation seeming to have transformed into something else. Olivia could not help but admire her friend’s truly unflappable cosmopolitan outlook. “And,” She continued. “The best part is that I’ll be right here, to keep an eye on you the whole time, to make sure that you don’t touch yourself.”

Marcella looked stunned, her mouth cracked open dumbly, she sat in silence for several seconds, then closed it with a snap.

Olivia got up, sloughing off her friend and scooted her chair to the side, then she carefully turned Maithri’s chair forward, until it bumped up against her own. Now their two chairs were touching and facing. Marcella’s chair still sat off to the side, forming a vague triangle, with just enough space for her to sit and spectate.

Because the fronts of their chairs were touching both girls were forced to sit with their legs on either side, it wasn’t exactly comfortable but it was plenty explicit. Olivia rocked herself forward to the edge of her chair. Grinning maniacally Maithri copied her, and then suddenly there was a surprising amount of body contact.

Maithri’s breasts engulfed Olivia’s chest, threatening to keep them from getting any closer, their thighs were sandwiched together on both sides, like a couple of crabs vying for territory. Olivia could feel her friend’s heat welling up between her legs, commingling with her own, their cunts were practically touching. She craned her neck forward until their noses were bumping softly together.

“I love how flexible you are.” Olivia murmured, then using her serious voice. “You don’t mind do you, um… doing things, in front of my mother?” She looked over at Marcella as she mentioned her, locking onto her eyes and holding her gaze, Maithri’s lips brushed lightly against Olivia’s cheek, almost kissing, but not quite. Marcella looked slightly crazed, her cheeks burning, her legs smashed firmly together, arms crossed defensively.

Olivia reached out with her right hand and placed it lightly on her mother’s mid thigh; not too close to her crotch but not too far away either. Marcella visibly flinched, her legs appearing to clench and rub roughly together and then she seemed to finally relax. “Oh, mamãe, I’m sorry… I didn’t even think about your feelings, I got too caught up trying to help you with your… problem.”

She finished somewhat shyly, eyes retreating from her mother’s smoldering gaze and burning cheeks, turning back to Maithri; who was still so surprisingly close that she almost jumped. Marcella crossed her legs, dislodging her boarder, and folded her hands neatly in her lap. “If little Desi doesn’t mind, then I don’t have a problem with it.” She said, a bit brusquely. Olivia struggled not to smile.

Maithri, now the center of attention simply touched their lips lightly together and gave Olivia the most delicate and delicious kiss imaginable. “Filha my love,” She breathed afterwards, “I am yours, and you are mine, and there is nothing I would not do with you in front of the entire world.” She gave Olivia another kiss, a little longer and deeper this time.

“But, in front of your mother?” She scoffed, her face scrunching up cutely, on the verge of laughter. “I cannot imagine a greater honor. I will gladly show her all the ways I love to please you.” Maithri’s voice sounded so dirty it actually gave Olivia chills. Involuntarily she made an unexpected sound that was almost a whimper. Was this really happening? It was like a dream.

Marcella squirmed in her seat, her nipples looked painfully erect and Olivia could only speculate as to what was going on inside those ephemeral white lace panties. If her own were any indication, her mom’s big beautiful round backside was already sitting in a hot little puddle. These thoughts were all swept away however, as Maithri renewed the escort kız gaziantep assault on her lips. Both breathing hard, they pulled back simultaneously.

Olivia paused long enough to make eye contact with Marcella and say a few choice words. “Mamãe!” She snapped, mainly to get Marcella’s eyes back where they belonged. “I’m worried about your hands, they’re too close to your crotch.” She gestured coyly, as Maithri distractingly ran her fingers down the indention of Oliva’s lower back and dove underneath the waistband of her panties.

“P-put them down by your sides.” She nearly yelped, as her friend’s fingers narrowly avoided dipping into her asshole. “I-if you don’t, Maithri and I are going to have to t-tie you up.”

Her mom smirked uncertainly at this remark, but then shook her head as though clearing her mind and slowly forced her hands down to her sides; her fingers were balled into cute little fists. “Do you think she will be able to control herself?” Olivia simpered rhetorically, raising her arms and wrapping them around Maithri’s neck, ignoring her mother as she hoisted one leg up over her friend’s thigh.

Maithri made a sound that was half grunt half moan, as their vulvas ground roughly together. “Lift your leg over mine.” Olivia murmured, nudging her friend’s right leg with her knee. Maithri’s eyes glimmered with recognition, she could see what Olivia had in mind. Gracefully she lifted and looped her leg over Olivia’s left.

Both girls grinned as their hips tilted naturally in opposite directions, their lower bodies docking snugly together with a satisfying yet inaudible squish.

“M-maybe you should… tie me up?” Marcella rasped, her fists were trembling, but still Olivia refused to look in her mom’s direction, content to observe her peripherally while she focused on maintaining eye contact with Maithri. Olivia moved her arms to her friend’s front and eagerly did her best to grab a boob in each hand, but she only managed to squeeze the bulk of the girl’s obscene bust into a single delicious mass. “Jesus your tits are huge.” She panted at Maithri.

Then to her mother: “Can’t you see I’ve got my hands full at the moment?” She growled, feeling a touch of genuine annoyance as her friend’s absurd breasts threatened to escape her woefully inadequate grasp. Maithri just giggled, craning her neck forward so that she could kiss Olivia on the lips. Olivia stiffened when she felt the girl’s tongue slide into her mouth, but quickly she riposted by grabbing and pinching both of Maithri’s nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

Maithri in turn, determined not to be outdone started rhythmically rubbing their cunts together. In seconds Olivia found herself becoming lightheaded, her pussy throbbed and burned, Maithri was panting too, but didn’t slow down. Leaning in she did her best to murmur into Olivia’s ear. “What if I was a Sombra right now?”

In her distracted state it took Olivia a few seconds to remember and recognize the silly code name they had come up with for Marcella, ‘a Sombra’, or Shadow. She’d almost forgotten it in the midst of everything that had happened. “What would you do to me, Filha?” Maithri was grinning crazily, her eyes scrunching up almost mockingly as she rolled her hips even more roughly than before, nearly bucking her friend out of her lap.

Olivia was close to coming, from pure physical stimulation alone. Something in her liminal state snapped, Maithri squealed with deranged delight as Olivia grabbed her forcefully by the waist and twisted her crazily sideways towards her mother. A flailing Maithri sprawled headfirst in Marcella’s lap the girl was probably only saved by her fast reflexes and exceptional dexterity.

Marcella yelped in alarm, but Maithri had already grasped her firmly by the waist and wasn’t letting go. Glancing up defiantly she stuck out her tongue for a split second before plunging her face back down between Marcella’s thighs. Olivia had seen it all, and her mother hadn’t, but that didn’t matter because she was all but lost in the fantasy induced by her friend’s highly suggestive question.

Maithri’s words along with her ruthless scissoring had trapped Olivia in a kind of lucid dream, picturing Marcella in Maithri’s place wedged securely between her legs, entirely at her mercy, their spasming cunts kissing through the thin sopping-wet fabric of their underwear. Even now Olivia could feel Maithri’s hot mound mashing into her labia, pushing them apart, but now she was the one on top, and in control.

Without really thinking, she started grinding, both arms wrapped around one of Maithri’s legs, clutching it to her chest like a shipwreck survivor clinging to a piece of driftwood. The girl was somehow artfully sprawled across all three chairs, with her head still buried stubbornly in Marcella’s lap. “I… Uh… What am I supposed to do here?” Olivia’s mother asked shrilly.

“Hold onto gaziantep escort kızlar her!” Olivia yelled, feeling guilty almost immediately for her harsh tone, yet unable to break their sudden consequential eye contact. Olivia hadn’t stopped moving and although it was muffled, Maithri had started to moan. Marcella ran her hands down the girl’s rippling back, but there was nothing really for her to grab onto, so she just ended up looking like she was stroking Maithri’s ribs.

Watching her mother’s ineffectual groping from the corner of her eye, Olivia suddenly had a flash of dirty inspiration. Pointing with her finger towards Maithri’s ass, without letting go of her friend’s leg, she hissed at her mother. “There’s a perfectly good handle right in front of you. Grab onto her panties!” Marcella’s fingers twitched and she briefly pulled back her arms, but Olivia raised her eyebrows and gave her mom a ‘what are you waiting for?’ expression.

Closing one eye and grimacing girlishly Marcella snaked out her trembling fingers and took hold of Maithri’s waistband. The girl was wearing very thick and comfy looking fuchsia-colored bloomers, she’d picked them out especially because they reminded her of what she used to wear when she was still a princess.

They weren’t especially sexy or provocative, but they did have a certain ethnic appeal. They covered most of her ass, but were only tight because of her voluptuous child bearing hips. Despite her apparent reluctance, Marcella didn’t hold back, she took two generous fistfuls, completely engulfing the sturdy elastic hem. “Good girl.” Olivia gasped, feeling her crotch quivering with pre-orgasmic precarity. “Now, pullll them.” She groaned.

Maithri squealed into Marcella’s lap and squirmed theatrically as the older woman dragged her panties inexorably up her lower back. Maithri kicked her feet frantically despite Olivia’s ferocious grip. Inevitably the entire back of her bloomers slipped into her ass crack, giving the appearance of an unflattering fluorescent-pink thong.

In the front, between her legs, something almost as interesting was happening, the crotch had been stretched until it dug deeply into her cunt, tormenting her delicate inner folds, while rubbing roughly against her throbbing clit. Olivia could feel it too, given how closely smashed together they were. She could now feel Maithri’s freshly exposed, slippery, swollen labia touching her wet inner thighs, and she could feel the coarse rope of Maithri’s bloomers trying to work its way between her flimsy defenses as well.

She focused solely on her mother, determined to make Marcella watch every subtle shift in expression, every intricate reaction that surfaced on her face, as she made ruthless love to Maithri’s distressed mound.

“Say you’re my whore.” She grunted, pulling and squeezing Maithri’s leg to emphasize her command. She stared directly into Marcella’s wide eyes as she rolled her hips. She noted bemusedly that her mom’s lips started silently mouthing something, but she was interrupted by Maithri’s gasping voice coming from below.

“I’m your whore!” She squealed. Her legs kicking once again. It was clearly a token gesture as it didn’t help her escape, instead they became further entwined. Olivia grinned and did her best to act like she was talking directly to her mother.

“Yes, you’re my whore. You belong to me. I own your body, and your mind. You are minha cadela!” Marcella’s face was so red Olivia imagined she could feel the heat from it over a meter away. Her mouth was cracked open, it looked like she was drooling a little down her chin. “Say you’re my bitch.” Olivia growled, digging her nails into Maithri’s thigh until the girl squealed.

Once again, Marcella’s mouth moved silently, it was subtle but unmistakable, she was answering her daughter, perhaps subliminally. “Yes! Yes, I’m your bitch!” Maithri screamed, her entire body convulsing wildly. She was coming so hard, Olivia could barely hold on. The friction and wetness was too much, she started coming too, but unlike her friend she rode it out, determined to stay in control.

Gasping, panting, writhing on top of her girlfriend as orgasm after orgasm rippled through her aching belly. Olivia willed her eyes to remain open, shrugging off the darkness that gathered around the edges of her vision, threatening to overwhelm her. “No!” She whined. “I won’t let you!” She shook her head wildly, attempting to shake off the dizziness, the drowsiness, the delirium. She refused to black out.

Unexpectedly Marcella responded, mistaking the subject of the remark. “I won’t! I promise. Look at me, I’m insanely turned on right now, but I won’t touch myself.” She paused, glancing down, blushing. “U-unless you… tell me I can?” She looked up again, her eyes tearing up, they were shining with conviction tinged by only the slightest touch of desperate hope.

Maithri lifted up her head for a moment, turning it sideways and still breathing hard. “She is not joking.” The girl said between deep breaths. “It is so wet down there Olivia.” She indicated the shadowy space between Marcella’s thighs with a tilt of her big curly head. Olivia smirked, as if she’d had any doubts. “I feel bad for her.” Maithri finished a bit guiltily. Olivia’s mom merely continued blushing and refused to meet her daughter’s eyes.

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