Fay’s Dirty Discoveries Ch. 06

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Hi everyone. This is part six of an ongoing tale, and gets messier than the first parts. Check those out if you want, or enjoy on its own.


As it turned out, Nadia wasn’t even there in the morning — there was simply a note, apologising to Fay for not being able to continue with her “teachings” but assuring her she’d be back from wherever she’d gone by the weekend. Fay wasn’t sure if she was pleased or disappointed, but she sure that she needed some time off work.

One quick call to the office, using her best, husky, feeble voice, and she’d secured the week off. Leaving the curtains drawn, Fay dressed only in her dirty panties, leaving her wobbling, 32FF boobs unfettered made her feel naughty. In fact, skiving from work, wearing grotty, piss-stained knickers and wandering about with her boobs on show all made her feel very naughty. However, she’d been caned twice in the last two days, and her chubby little bottom needed a rest.

Being as she’d got out of bed early enough to speak to Nadia and still get to work, Fay decided that she may as well go back to bed for a while. Stopping by the kitchen, she drank a large glass of orange juice and ate a quick bowl of bran flakes, and then went back to bed, climbing into the musty duvet still wearing her knickers. She nestled down into the soft pillow, the odour of stale pee surrounding her, and slowly dozed off, idle thoughts of how bad she was being floating around her mind.

Two hours later, Fay slowly awoke, and instantly knew why. Last night’s wine, a night’s sleep, half a pint of orange juice and another nap all went inevitably to one place — her bladder. Her whole midsection ached and her tummy felt like a rock, she was so bloated. On top of that, a sharper, throbbing pain reminded her that her bowels were uncomfortably full and expecting some relief. So far had Fay travelled down a dirty path in the last few days that her mind never even toyed with the idea of going to the toilet.

Clambering out of bed, doubled over with the twin need in her middle, she grabbed some faded, denim jeans and a tight, grey vest, and pulled the clothes on, her breasts almost bulging out of the top. She almost lost control when she buttoned the jeans, a small spurt of pee escaping into her gusset, but she regained control. Slipping some white pumps on her feet, she looked at herself in her closet mirror — a pretty, voluptuous redhead, slightly slutty looking with no bra, but still, fresh-faced and respectable. Not at all a dirty, dirty whore.

Another cramp made her double over, and she knew that soon she’d have an actual accident, so she needed to decide what Antep Bayan Escort she wanted to do before it was out of her hands. But what did she want to do? Her instinct was something naughty, something deliciously wrong. Squeezing her thighs together, she considered going outside — after all, she’d walked home after the visit to the sex shop in pee-stained socks. But no, at least most people would have to look twice to notice — piss-wet jeans would be very obvious and embarrassing. The thought turned her on more than she’d have believed possible three days ago — shameful, embarrassing and humiliating was exactly what she wanted! However, a final cramp told her she had no time to leave the apartment, as a stronger spurt of pee escaped her lips, trickling into the crotch of her smelly panties.

Forced to make a snap decision, Fay decided on the naughtiest and dirtiest thing in easy reach — and, round thighs clenched together, shuffled into Nadia’s room. Flinging back the duvet, she climbed awkwardly onto the bed and stood up, putting a hand on the wall to steady herself. She relaxed, and, for a moment, nothing happened. Then, with a shudder, her bladder took the hint and capitulated. Fay moaned aloud with a mixture of relief and pleasure as a torrent of hot pee flooded her panties and poured down her denim-clad legs, rushing down her inner thighs, flowing around the backs of her knees where her legs were slightly bent and then trickling down her lovely calves to fill her pumps and trickle in a steady series of drips into Nadia’s bed. Fay’s mind was a blank as she surrendered herself to the wonderful feelings, her heavy breasts feeling extra sensitive, her pink nipples stiff as they rubbed against the material of her vest.

Still more piss gushed from her. Her panties were, once more, soaked front and back, but the feeling was different in jeans. When she’d wet herself the first time her socks had got wet, and the second time the pee had pooled around her bottom in bed, but the heavier, wetter feel of her pissy jeans was turning her on even more — and when she caught sight of her reflection in Nadia’s mirror she almost came. The pee-stains glistened down her legs and it was incredibly obvious that she’d wet herself, the dark patches fanning out from her crotch and down her legs being all anyone would need to see to know that the beautiful 22-year old had gone to the toilet in her pants, more like a 2-year old. Fay curled her toes in her pumps, delighting in the fact that her feet were wet with her own pee, and caressed the crotch of her jeans, pressing against her swollen pussy as the final few jets of urine soaked her clothes. She cupped herself, giggling as the pee bubbled through her jeans and onto her fingers. She wiped her wet hand across the front of her vest, wetting the material right where her left nipple poked visibly, then did the same on the right. Looking down, a flush of shame and worry flashed across her mind when she noted that she was standing in the centre of a visible, wet patch in the middle of Nadia’s bed, but the concern was quickly blanked out by the thought that this would give Nadia a great reason to really punish Fay, whenever she returned home. Fay was considering how she might get the punishment and rubbing more urgently at the front of her wet jeans when a sharp pain in her gut reminded her that it wasn’t just a pee that she’d needed when she decided to get dressed instead of going to the bathroom like a good girl.

Doubt creased Fay’s brow, and she bit her lower lip as she questioned what her hot pussy and swollen nipples were telling her to do. Peeing your pants, and even the bed, and even your room-mate’s bed! — that was bad. But this, this would be so much worse. Could she really, deliberately, go all the way? Another spasm hit her, and a tear of pain leaked from her right eye. But, still, she was rubbing and pressing at her cunt through the peed in jeans and, still, she was making no move to get off Nadia’s bed and get to a toilet. She started treading lightly, like a cat kneading cushion, her feet squelching quietly in her piss-filled pumps, and more tears, of pain and shame, slowly ran down her pretty face as the pressure in her bowels became unbearable, wave after wave of urgent, desperate need crashing against years of toilet training and good behaviour. She could not believe that she’d become this dirty and perverted this quickly, but whilst her body desperately needed to dump its filthy load, her mind was equally resolute that she’d not be taking her jeans and panties down.

A moment later, and it was no longer a battle. With a throaty sob, Fay felt one last throb of pressure and then moaned aloud as her bottom cheeks spread as much as her jeans would allow and a soft, thick turd squeezed out of her, sliding stickliy past her cheeks and pressing against the back of her now disgracefully soiled knickers. Such was her need to go that the tightness of the space available was irrelevant. The first log squeezed across her left buttock as a second, much bigger piece of poo emerged, squashily filling the available space at the back of her bulging jeans. Fay was in a trance, lost in the sensations, and the undeniable pleasure that she was feeling. Sensing that it was about to get harder to finish, she quickly unfastened the top two buttons of her jeans, and was rewarded by a third and fourth large turd oozing into her panty seat. Her whole bottom was coated with the stinky, brown mess, although, freed from the tightness of her jeans, the majority now hung in a dirty bulge under her bottom, the weight of the shit making her the waistband of knickers dig into the flesh over her hips. The smell reached her, but she was way past being appalled by her actions, and simply revelled in this new, dirty detail. She was standing in her flat-mate’s bed and deliberately pissing and shitting in her knickers. What sort of girl did that?

Another, smaller lump of shit joined the obscene mess in her panties and, with a sigh, Fay realised that she was done. Only now, instead of a quick wipe and a flush of the loo like a normal girl would have, she was wearing her toilet. Closing her eyes, as if it would hide what she was doing, Fay reached behind herself and felt the fat pile of shit through her panties, testing the weight of the mess. Then, crying gently with joy and shame, she pressed the bulge gently against her bottom, feeling the poo mush against her cheeks and squeeze down, between her legs, towards her pussy. That was too much, and her hand flew to the front and down, inside her piss-wet, shit-filled knickers to rub and clasp her cunt, bringing herself to a shuddering orgasm in moments. The climax was so strong that red spots blurred her vision as she panted, trying to recover her composure.

Once she’d come back down, she knew she’d have to confront her situation. Or, could she carry on being naughty for a while? As was her new policy for making this sort of decision, she decided not to think it through, and immediately hauled her jeans back up as they’d sagged down her hips and re-buttoned them. This caused the warm, sticky poo in her panties to be squashed tightly against her full bottom, more creeping towards her pussy and some sliming up between her cheeks towards the top of her knickers. Turning her back to the mirror, all that was now visible (if you ignored the obvious pee stains) was a slight bulge under her bottom, the rest of the poo being moulded to her ass. Fay thought this a shame — she was hoping for more visible evidence that she’d shit her pants. Next time she’d wear something else…that thought did get through. Next time? Had she gone insane? No, not insane, she’d just finally discovered what she needed, and what she needed was the most depraved, disgusting and dirty sex that she could conceive of.

Climbing gingerly off Nadia’s soiled bed, acutely aware of her poo oozing against her bottom as she walked, Fay headed into the kitchen to get a drink of water.

To be continued…

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