Female Gigantism Can’t Stop Love

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A lot of people say they want to be tall, especially men, and a few women. Trust me, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. My name is Alexandra DesChamps Nimbakade and I suffer from Gigantism. Women with gigantism aren’t as rare as people think. I’m seven feet two inches tall, and it’s only thanks to a special hormonal treatment that I stopped growing. I thank heaven for that. I have long black hair, brown eyes and light bronze skin. I was born in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, to a French Canadian mother and Ojibwe Indian father.

My parents, Rebecca DesChamps and Alexander Nimbakade ( it means hunger in the Ojibwe language ) are both of average height so we’re not sure where my great height comes from. I study business administration at the University of Calgary and these days, life is alright. Things are finally getting back to normal, whatever normal is for people like me. I look forward to graduating from my program at the end of year. After graduating from university I want to travel. I’ve got a longing to see the world, to go far and experience new things. I’ve lived my whole life in the province of Alberta and although I love it, I know there’s more to the world than what I know.

What do I mean by that? I am twenty two years old and would you believe it if I were to tell you that I’ve never had sex? Yes indeed. I’ve been somewhat busy with numerous medical treatments, trips around the world to meet with strange doctors, and things of that nature. Sex kind of took a backseat to these more urgent matters. People have died from gigantism. It’s simply not natural for a person to keep growing indefinitely. Eventually their bodies give out and they perish. I’ve seen it happen to quite a few men and women from around the world who suffer from this condition. That’s why I felt like I gained a new lease on life when the hormonal treatments worked and I stopped growing. Now I can finally live my life!

The University of Calgary is a fascinating place, and most of the students and professors who know me are friendly and easygoing. It’s one of the few places urfa escort in this world where I feel accepted. I am a proud member of the Native Students Association, which includes Metis, Aboriginals and others. As the daughter of a white woman who married a Native man, I am considered different by the other members of the Association but they accept me. I am also a member of the Women In Business and Technology Club, which promotes the development and success of women in typically male-dominated fields like business management, computer science and engineering. As you can imagine, I keep busy. Oh, and I’m also fairly active in my church, First Hope Baptist Church. The pastor, Bernard Jones, is a very decent and affable man. He emigrated to the province of Alberta from the island of Jamaica in the 1980s, married a white lady named Heather Covington and had two sons by her, Jonathan and Thomas. Pastor Jones is one of the best people I know. I never thought that a person who didn’t suffer from female gigantism could understand my plight but this stocky, silver-haired, dark-skinned man from the Caribbean understood all too well how society treated anyone different. As a black man in redneck Alberta, life isn’t always kind to him.

I’ve got a major crush on the good pastor’s eldest son, Thomas. You’ve got to see him. The guy is beyond hot. Six feet seven inches tall, broad-shouldered and muscular, this biracial hunk with caramel skin, wavy black hair and green eyes plays on the men’s rugby squad for our university. Tall, sexy and intelligent, he’s always had women flocking to him. Even at our church, the girls are always chasing him. Thomas and I have been friends for years. We’ve got a lot in common, underneath it all. We’re both the offspring of minority men who married white women, and we are also visible minorities in Alberta, one of the toughest regions of Canada.

Seriously, if you’re not white and you want to live in Alberta, prepare yourself for a fight. The everyday racism you’ll get from the locals is no joke. balıkesir escort This land isn’t for the weak or the faint of heart. Enter at your own risk. People think Alberta is all liberal and friendly now that a Muslim guy got elected Mayor of the City of Calgary. As if! Trust me, not much has changed in western Canadians attitudes toward non-whites living in their midst. I still get “red woman” jokes while walking around downtown Calgary. What does that tell you?

Anyhow, sorry if I got a bit distracted. Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yes, I was telling you about my friendship with Thomas Jones, the handsome son of my church pastor. I’ve had a crush on him since high school, and in his eyes I’m the awkward, tall and tomboyish gal next door. I know I’m not like the curvy, dark-skinned chicks with big butts whom he often dates. But I still got feelings for him. One night, we were shooting hoops in his driveway when I kind of blurted out my feelings. I’ve loved you ever since we first met, I told Thomas, staring at him intensely. Thomas looked at me, stunned. Are you serious? he asked, a strange look on his face. Yes, I said, trembling slightly.

Thomas looked at me and smiled. Suddenly he grabbed me in those strong arms of his, and I could not move away even if I tried. Then he kissed me. I kissed him back passionately, wrapping my arms around his strong, muscular torso. I love you too tall chick, he whispered into my ear. Thomas and I looked at each in the dark, smiling like idiots. I want you, I said breathlessly. Thomas smiled and asked me if I was sure. I nodded. Hand in hand we went into his parents basement, the same place where we used to wrestle and play video games when we were younger. Thomas sat me down on the couch, and undressed.

I feasted my eyes on the tall, handsome ebony stud’s body as he got naked. Yummy, I said, watching his muscular, dark-skinned body glistening and rippling like only a black man’s sexy body can. You’re hot, I said. Thomas smiled, then began undressing me. Off came trabzon escort my tank top, followed by my shorts. And the boxers I wore underneath. I’m a die-hard tomboy. No panties for me. Thomas laughed when he saw my boxers. He wasn’t laughing when I spread my super-long and sexy legs, revealing my hairy cunt. I want to lick it, he said. Come and get it, I teased. Thomas knelt before me and began licking my pussy. He slid his fingers inside of me, twisting them around and sending waves of pleasure deep within me. That’s so good, I whispered.

Thomas continued pleasuring me, sticking his fingers into my cunt while teasing my clitoris with his tongue. Next, he caressed my breasts, fiddling with the areolas and pinching them, which caused me to shudder. I was tingling all over, and dying to get fucked. Make love to me, I said, a bit too eagerly. Thomas didn’t need to be told twice. The handsome caramel-skinned ebony stud rubbed his long and thick, uncircumcised dick against my cunt. Ready for me? Thomas asked, looking me in the eyes. I nodded, and wrapped my arms around him. Spreading my legs wide, I gave him the green light. With a swift thrust Thomas slid his hard dick into my pussy, and I was a virgin no more. At last, my sexy lover and I were one. I felt his hard dick throbbing inside my pussy. What an awesome feeling! I arched my back, held tightly onto him and cried out.

Much later, after making love for hours, Thomas and I lay side by side on the carpeted floor of his parents basement. That was fantastic, I said, smiling. Thomas took my hand in his and brought it to his lips. You’re beautiful my tall angel, he said with a smile. I snuggled closer to him, resting my head on his hairy chest. I’m a tall, strong woman of Amazonian proportions and I still like to feel safe in my man’s arms. It’s a chick thing. I’ve wanted you for years, Thomas admitted. Now you have me, I said. I looked at him, my beautiful caramel prince. The young man I’ve loved since forever. I know that this is sudden and I’m still young and inexperienced but he’s the one I want to be with. Of course, I can’t tell him that. Guys don’t react too well when a chick acts all love-obsessed after sex. If he loves me, he’ll claim me. If he doesn’t, oh well. Good night Allie, Thomas said, kissing my forehead as he pulled some really old sheets over our naked bodies. Good night Tommy Jay, I said, closing my eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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