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I stood in the shower watching the water fall off my body, looking down as the water went into the drain all I could think about was what a slut I had become and how much it both made me ashamed and at the same time turned me on. Just thinking about it made my dick hard, just thinking about the fact that not even a week ago I had never sucked a dick, I had never taken a good hard fucking, I was a proud straight man who had never taken a dick in the ass but all that changed a couple days ago when I was in the shower after a late football game at school. I was in the shower at school, all my friends had gone home and I thought I was the only one left; I always waited for everyone else to get out of the shower before I got in because I never wanted to be around a bunch of naked men. I had taken my clothes off and stood in the open shower while I was washing my hair I thought I heard footsteps coming up from behind me, I quickly washed the soap out of my hair and looked behind me only to see my coach, who I believed was looking at my ass before I turned around.

“Um hi coach Anderson…i…I thought I was the only one still here.” He just looked at me, his eyes looked up and down my body, it sent chills down my spine, I started to notice that his cock was moving in his shorts I became extremely nervous. It was the same look I always gave to Rose, the head cheerleader when I was looking at her sexy ass, and then I realized that he had just looked at my ass the same way; I decided it was time for me to get out of there before something happened.

I was still looking at him when he looked down at my dick, at that point I turned around and looked at the wall I knew he was looking at my ass I could feel him looking at me, “Well coach I have to go home now…so I’ll see you…” before I could finish what I was saying Coach Anderson cut me off in the middle of my sentence.

“WAIT a second Max.” he said it with so much authority I stopped in my tracks, “you haven’t even washed your body yet, how old are you max?” I didn’t know what to say I was still looking at the wall my entire body was shaking and for some reason I noticed when I looked Fatih Escort down I was rock hard, why did the thought of this man looking at my ass wanting to see me wash my body turn me on? I was afraid to think about it, I knew I liked girls so why did I want him to touch my ass I felt ashamed, and extremely kinky, ” I…just turned eighteen last week Mr. Anderson.” I said with a cracking voice, trying to swallow the lust that was in my throat.

The coach walked up right behind me and stretched out his arm over my shoulder and grabbed the bar of soap that was lying on the soap holder on the wall, “Here boy let me help you wash your body, what else are coaches for if they can’t help there sweet little football players right max?”

I looked over my shoulder and saw him soaping up his hands with the bar of soap, his hands were so soapy that soap bubbles were starting to form on his hands, he placed the soap bar back on the holder on the wall of the shower, his right arm was over my shoulder while all of a sudden his left soapy hand slapped me hard on the ass and started to rub my ass check. “It’s ok max, I see that little hard on your trying to hide there, it’s ok to like it, it doesn’t make you gay It just makes you a filthy little slut, my girlfriend has been out of town for a week now and I really miss her boy.

I have always liked your ass so I thought I’d give it a shot, then when I saw your little hard on I knew you wanted this dick.” My entire body jumped, I didn’t know what to say, he was right though I loved the feel of his hand on my ass, what was wrong with me, “Coach I don’t know about this…I’m straight and I really like girls, I have never even had sex Mr. Anderson I think we should just forget about this and go home.”

Coach Anderson laughed a little has be still had his left hand on my ass and his right hand reached around to my hard dick and grabbed on to it he started to stroke it hard and fast, I felt so good I couldn’t help but put my head back and moan.

“If you tell me boy, right now that you want to stop I’ll stop and go home right now, but if you tell me you want to keep going Fatih Escort Bayan you better know you’re going to get fucked and you’re going to get fucked hard bitch, so what do you want?, you want to be a little bitch and go home, or do you want to be a good little girl and suck coach’s dick?, if you don’t you will always wonder what it would have been like to experiment and if you go now you will never know what could have happened.”

He was right if I went home now I’d never know I had to do it I needed to know, “I’ll suck your dick coach I’ll be your little bitch fuck just please don’t stop jerking me off please sir.” Coach stopped jerking me off and slapped my ass hard, “you don’t give me the orders boy, I’m in charge here, now get your little ass on your hands and knees and take my shorts off with your mouth, don’t use your hands bitch.”

I quickly feel to my hands and knees and crawled over to coach, I put the top of his shorts in my mouth and pulled them down with my teeth, he was not wearing any underwear and his hard dick hit me in the face as I pulled his shorts down to his ankles.

He kicked his shorts away and looked down at me, his dark blue eyes looked threw my soul and his rock hard dick smelled musty but looked so good, he had a massive frame he was about two hundred and twenty pounds and in his early thirties, I only weight about one hundred seventy pounds and my frame was small, I knew he could break me in half if he wanted to and it made me hard just thinking about it, he put his hand on the back of my head and moved my face toward his hard dick. I opened my mouth and for the first time tasted the salty pre cum of another man, his dick was now inside my mouth and I felt the hard muscle in my mouth has he shoved my head all the way to the end of his dick.

I started to choke a little bit, I tried to pull away but he put his other hand on the back of my head and forced my head to bob back and forth on his dick, I couldn’t believe it, he was throat fucking me. ” Yea bitch fucking chock on my dick, look at you, big bad football player on his hands and knees sucking my dick, your just Escort Fatih a bitch.” He pulled his dick out of my mouth.

Kiss it boy, I looked up at him and moved my head in and gave him a quick peak on the head of his cock, “not like that boy kiss it like you would kiss your girlfriend, make out with my dick, come on princess.” I looked at his dick and closed my eyes I moved in to the head of his dick and started to make out with his dickhead, my tough licking his head and my lips sucking just a little.

“That’s a good boy, see I told you that you would like this dick didn’t I sweetie.”

“Yes sir, you did I love this dick I really like it a lot coach thank you.” I was trying to sweet talk him into Cuming before he began to take an interest in my ass.

I looked up and had a cell phone recording me, he had recorded me making out with his dick while I had my eyes closed, he always keep his cell phone clipped to the back of his shirt I had forgotten about it. “Please Mr. Anderson don’t show that to anyone please sir I’ll do anything just please don’t.”

“Don’t worry boy as long as you keep me happy, no one ever has to see this video, and I promise you after I fuck you I’ll delete it, today though you are not going to get fucked but you are going to become a bukkake queen, now open up.” I opened my mouth once again and start to suck his dick, I bobed my head up and down his cock licking and sucking as I went up and down his shaft, I felt his balls start to tighten on my chin and knew he was about to cum, his hand pulled my hair hard and pulled my head off his cock, just as his dick popped out of my mouth he started to jerk off and after not even a second he came all over my face and hair.

“o yea bitch o fuck yea take it, take all my cum, fuck.”

I felt the warm seaman all over my face and hair and I felt like a slut, I felt dirty and used, and I wanted to jerk off, “Sir can I please cum now.” He looked down at me and laughed ” Yea boy jerk one off then get a shower and go home he bent down and slapped my ass he then walked over picked up his shorts and walked out of the showers.

I felt the cum on my face and jerked off like crazy, I had just sucked a dick and been treated like a cock slut and I loved it, the thought that I was jerking off with another man’s cum on my face drove me over the edge, it was only a few second before I shot my wad all over the ground.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32