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It was nearly midnight. It had been wickedly hot all day and the air was thick and heavy. The doors to the balcony were open but only the faintest of breezes caressed the sheer white curtains as he stepped out into the darkness.

“One last cigarette,” he announced.

She was sitting curled on a comfy armchair wearing just a short housecoat. Her legs were folded beneath her and there was a magazine open in her lap. She watched him as he crossed to the railing and saw that his gait was a little stilted and awkward. After he lit his cigarette and took the first puff he shifted his weight several times from one foot to the other almost painfully. She smiled.

“Almost ready?” she asked.

“More than ready,” he replied, taking another pull from his smoke. There was an empty glass beside the chair where he had been sitting and she glanced at it. She smiled mischievously.

“Sure you don’t want just one more beer?”

She heard him almost choke on his cigarette and laughed as he goggled at her. ‘Fuck no… I’m about ready to explode as it is,” he told her. He took another drag and tilted his head towards the inner recesses of her apartment. “Go… get ready,” he said. “I’ll be along in a minute.”

She was suddenly solemn now. The moment was upon them and she felt a flutter of anticipation deep her in her belly as she tossed the magazine to the floor and arose. She gave him a final, almost nervous smile, and turned for the bathroom.

A few moments later, he took his final puff and flicked the butt carelessly over the railing. He closed the balcony door behind him and then walked quickly to her bedroom where he stripped, throwing his clothes on the bed. He was almost fully erect now, his cock heavy and full as he knocked softly on the bathroom door.

“Come in,” she told him.

He entered and saw that she was still wearing her housecoat. Her panties, however, were now lying atop the toilet tank and she had let down her hair so that the soft brown tresses hung loosely over her shoulders. There were three towels layered atop one another on the floor in front of the bath and a tube of lubricant was sitting on the bath rim, the top already removed. The lights around the vanity were out, leaving only the light above the door still shining, and the room was bathed in a soft, shadowy glow. She looked beautiful and incredibly sexy in the dim lighting and, despite the intense pressure in his bladder, he felt a pleasurable throbbing in his swollen cock.

She slipped the housecoat from her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, and his eyes took in her perfect, honey-colored nipples before falling to the furry triangle between her legs. His cock twitched excitedly and she smiled, stepping forward to press her hand gently against the curve of his lower belly. He moaned, both from the softness of her touch and the almost excruciating need to pee. She looked down and saw that the shiny head of his erection was peeping through the stretched opening of his foreskin.

“Poor, casino şirketleri poor boy,” she murmured. “I hope you can last just a bit longer… I really want you to take your time in preparing me…”

She turned now and he felt a wave of almost unbearable passion course through him. She was really quite narrow-waisted, and her upper thighs were slender, but she had the most deliciously feminine flare to her hips that enhanced the luscious spread of her bottom. The soft cheeks were full and fleshy but still firm, with a gloriously curvaceous outward thrust and a taut overhang.

God, he loved that ass!

She stepped on to the towels now and slowly, almost reverently, lowered herself to her knees and rested her hands on the rim of the tub. For a moment she held her pose, rather like a prisoner at the execution block, and then she bent forward. The tub was partially sunken, the rim a mere eight inches above the floor, and, in that position, here derriere thrust upward towards him. In the dim light, the opened crevice still hid its mysteries in a velvet shadow, but he could see a tangle of bush protruding sexily between the smooth columns of her thighs.

“I’m ready,” she whispered.

He knelt behind her, edging his way between her spread ankles and gently grasped the sides of her smooth bottom with both hands as he bent towards her. Lovingly, he nuzzled the sweet crevice with his nose and kissed her, lightly at first, beginning at the top of her crack and then working downward. She stiffened slightly, sighing at the exquisite softness of his touch, and the sound of her increasing arousal excited him all the more.

Slowly, savoring the moment, he spread her open, exposing the recesses of her luscious crack. Her bottom was a work of art in and of itself, but her lovely asshole was a masterpiece and he grunted in pleasure at the sight. He had seen many female bottoms in his time but none could compare to what was before him right now. Many women had tiny, almost inconsequential openings… tight little apertures with faint creases, but hers was bold and glorious. It was a riot of rich tans and pinks, darkening towards the center, and the deep crenellations formed a near spiral of darkly etched beauty. Like the awesome power a hurricane viewed from space it hypnotized and bewitched him. Again he bent to her and began to circle the delicious aperture with his tongue.

“Oh God, yes,” she gasped. “I love it when you do that… I love it when you put your mouth to my bottom.”

He moaned in mounting excitement and pressed the flat of his tongue hard against her anus before wriggling the tip into the center. At once, she bucked her hips and he was suddenly inside her. It never ceased to amaze him the way that her anal muscles could pull him inside and he thrust deeper, twisting and probing as he fucked her with his eager mouth.

He was dimly aware now that her right hand had slipped between her legs so she could play with herself. He would have loved to have continued casino firmaları tonguing her lovely hole but the pressure in his bladder was becoming insistent now and he knew he had to progress to the next part of their play. Almost reluctantly, he withdrew from the rich muskiness of her crevice and reached for the lubricant.

“Let’s get you ready,” he whispered.

There was a thick heaviness in the air now, a silence of anticipation broken only by her deep, measured breathing. He parted her bottom cheeks with his free hand and then touched the nozzle of the tube to her anus, squeezing gently. She started at the coldness of the thick, viscous gel and then he pushed inward ever so slightly, directing a gooey stream of the unguent well inside her. After a moment, he withdrew the tube and then squirted a liberal dollop onto the index and middle fingers of his left hand, using the other to rub downward, coating each digit thickly. Another squirt and he coated his remaining fingers and hand before setting the tube back on the tub rim. He paused and then pressed the tip of his index finger to her waiting hole.

“Oh my God,” she moaned. “I can’t wait for you to fill me…”

He teased her crenellated anal margin in slow, deliberate circles and when he pressed the tip against the center once again she was ready for him. As with his probing tongue, her practiced sphincter gripped him, almost sucking him inward and in a trice his entire finger was buried inside her. He twisted it, stroking her internally and, when he pulled back, she gripped even tighter, almost resisting his attempt to withdraw. When only the first joint was still inside her, he un-crooked his middle finger and maneuvered it against the other.

“Oh fuck…” she grunted. Her hips were rigid and he now slipped both digits inside, going all the way in to slide back and forth. She took each thrust and then, with a final lunge, he withdrew entirely, formed his hand into a point, thumb opposed to the beak-like arrow formed by his fingers, and pressed again.

“More…” she whimpered. “Give it all to me…”

There was no quick thrust this time. He had to wriggle and squirm his way into her, working the joints and knuckles slowly inward. She began to gasp loudly when the full width of his palm had stretched her as wide as she could go and, a moment later, his whole hand was buried to the wrist. He paused and then formed a fist, feeling the pliant softness of her insides caress him like hot velvet, and then her gasps became moans. He knew this was painful – she had told him so before – but he also knew that the pain excited and pleasured her to a greater degree and he continued to inch his way in.

“Fuck… you’re in so deep,” she said, her voice strained and tight.

A good three inches of his forearm were inside her and this was now as far as he dared to go. He slowly flexed the muscles of his hand, making his fist bulge and relax, and then he began to withdraw, pausing when she was, again, stretched open as güvenilir casino far as possible. He placed his other hand atop her rump.

“Okay… hold yourself open,” he told her. “Gape for me.”

He slipped his hand out in one quick motion and, incredibly, her anus stayed nearly as widely stretched as it had been when encircling his wrist. The crenellations had disappeared and the dark tan ring now encircled a rich crimson cavern that darkened to a velvet blackness deep inside her. The sight entranced and excited him and his cock twitched in readiness for what was to happen next.

He shuffled forward on his knees slightly so that his erection was poised at the crevice of her lovely ass and then he gripped the tip and drew back his foreskin. His corona, slick and shiny, was swollen to bursting and a glistening bead of pre-cum formed at the meatus, hanging briefly like a viscous dewdrop before dripping to the towel beneath them. He leaned inward, almost shivering in anticipation, and guided his throbbing erection into the very center of her waiting hole.

Amazingly, the gape of her anal muscles was so wide that the tip of his cock was able to enter without touching the sides. When he pressed forward, one inch, then two, the sensitive head suddenly touched the hot, satiny flesh inside and they both started at the incredible sensation. Again his cock twitched and he gritted his teeth, resisting the urge to go deeper.

“Yes… Do it to me,” she begged him, hoarsely. “Piss inside me… Piss inside my ass…”

He grasped the cheeks of her buttocks, steadying himself and the tensed in readiness. For few agonizing moments nothing happened and then his bladder suddenly let go with a sensation of instant relief. The first jet immediately filled the cavern of her rectum, bathing his swollen member and the flood spilled out. He willed himself to stop, his abdomen taut with the effort and then, suddenly, the visible pool of yellow liquid vanished into her as though she had sucked it inside herself. He paused, and then leaned forward once again.

His pulsing cock now slid all the way into the depths of her bottom and the sensation of the fleshy hotness gripping his head and shaft made him almost faint with pleasure. When he was buried, his pubic bone pressed tightly against her gaping asshole, he let himself go again, shooting his stream into her in a powerful jet.

“Oh Fuck… Oh fuck, that’s so HOT” she gasped. Her hand was now rubbing back and forth furiously between her legs now and when her orgasm burst, just as his flow dwindled to nothing, he started to thrust himself back and forth, fucking her bottom with passionate abandon. The hot piss inside her was forced outward with each thrust, soaking the both of them, until the power of her spending caused her asshole to snap shut around his shaft, gripping him tightly and making him cum.

“Oh God,” he shouted. “Oh, holy god…” He his whole body jerked as he spewed his load into her and then they collapsed, shaking as the last waves of ecstasy coursed through them. For a moment, they lay gasping and then he slowly withdrew. She struggled upward and then, half-turning, kissed him full on the mouth.

“Wash me … then take me to bed,” she said to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32