Filming My First Lesbian Foursome

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Several weeks after filming my girlfriend Gina having her first all-girl threesome with Emily and Olga, they called us saying they had another lesbian friend Nicola who wanted a foursome with them and Gina. Nicola sent us a nude photo of herself, a gorgeous redhead and I could not wait for her to come with Emily and Olga.

Gina was hesitant at their request, though, worried they would try to take her away from me if they enjoyed the sex too much, but I assured her that would not occur, as they know of our situation and I have always wanted to watch an all-girl foursome. She asked if I did not like our foursome with two bisexual women a month before and I said I did, but that was different from seeing four hot ladies having sex. Gina agreed and after paying in full, the three women arrived and discussed how the scene would go with her as I set up the camera.

When they were ready they undressed fully and went to our bedroom with me. When I said the camera was recording, Gina leaned on a wall facing it while Nicola knelt on the floor behind her to kiss her soft ass. Olga lay on the floor with her knees bent and head between Nicola’s thighs licking her pussy. Emily lay down with her head between Olga’s orhangazi escort legs doing the same to her. Gina held the wall moaning with her eyes shut as I filmed her expression, then moved down the women’s bodies getting shots of Olga’s breasts and Emily’s ass. The latter was soft and round and I was tempted to kiss and lick it until I remembered Emily only loved having sex with women.

Nicola sat on our bed and Emily lay on the floor, bending her knees. Gina sat on Emily’s face and put hers between Nicola’s legs to lick her pussy as Emily licked Gina’s. Olga went in-between Emily’s legs to suck her pussy. Gina grabbed Nicola’s breasts as she held her head panting in joy. I filmed her face then down the women’s bodies, focusing on Emily’s breasts. I moved the camera to Olga as she put her ass up, still going down on Emily. I got a close up shot of her ass and imagined kissing, licking and feeling it.

She lay face-up on the floor. Nicola got on all fours with her head between her legs to suck her pussy. Emily did the same behind Nicola to kiss her butt. Gina sat behind Emily to kiss hers. The women each lay facedown on the floor one under another. Emily kissed Nicola’s buttocks, nilüfer escort Nicola kissed Olga’s and Olga kissed Gina’s. Emily was quite strong, able to have four women atop her without feeling crushed or having breathing problems as I focused my camera on Gina as she touched her breasts and pussy while panting.

They went on all fours one behind the other with Nicola kissing Emily’s buttocks, Olga kissing Nicola’s and Gina kissing Olga’s. Emily held her breasts yelling in joy as I moved my camera from her face to Gina’s ass, which I so wanted to kiss and lick. Emily and Olga faced and kissed each other as Gina and Nicola got atop them, respectively with their legs on their head to kiss their buttocks and lick their anuses. I filmed them doing that, then moved to get shots of Nicola’s and Gina’s round asses, wishing I could kiss and spank them.

Nicola laid face-up as Gina sat on her face to let her suck her vagina. Emily put her head between Nicola’s legs to lick her vagina as Olga sat behind Emily to kiss her buttocks. I got nice close-up shots of Gina panting as Nicola grabbed her breasts and the others giving pleasure. Olga went to Gina as they kissed each other’s lips and breasts. Gina türbanlı escort got in the 69 position atop Nicola to suck her pussy with Emily as Olga and Nicola kissed Gina’s buttocks and licked her pussy, respectively. Olga lay on the floor as Gina lay facedown with her head between her legs to lick her pussy.

Emily lay atop Gina facing the opposite direction to kiss her butt. Nicola sat on Olga’s face to let her suck her vagina. She held her breasts and orgasmed, then lay down so that her and Olga’s breasts were on each other’s faces as they kissed them. Nicola moved down to kiss Emily’s buttocks, as Olga sucked her pussy. Gina went face-up with her knees bent as she and Emily sucked each other’s vaginas. Olga and Nicola did the same. Nicola and Emily lay their heads on Olga’s and Gina’s vaginas, respectively and Gina and Olga spanked and felt Nicola’s and Emily’s asses. They all fingered each other’s vaginas and anuses screaming until they cummed on each other’s faces.

After they licked the cum I asked them how did they taste. They said it tasted well meaning they did a great job giving each other pleasure. They asked if I liked taping the foursome and I said I did. They asked if there was any particular part I liked and I said no. When the time came for Emily, Olga, and Nicola to leave, they all got dressed with Gina and thanked us for our services, promising to come back for more soon. Gina and I then showered together very exhausted from the scene.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32