Finding Faith Ch. 03

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Chapter 03: Say something…

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It was five o’clock in the morning; Faith knew this because the buzzer from the alarm clock was blaring in competition with her cries. She was straddled over David’s thighs, her hands running through her hair as she attempted to gain some kind of control of what was happening to her body. They had spent the prior night exploring each other in ways Christopher Columbus never even dreamed about.

“It’s negative five below Celsius!” roared the excited radio personality.

David thrust up into Faith forcefully. She groaned as she ground back down in retaliation against him as hard as she could, matching him thrust for thrust. He was unwilling to let her take the lead and was digging his fingers roughly into her flesh. She leant down, momentarily loosening his grip around her hips, as she pushed against his shoulders trying to hold on.

“Don’t put those boots away,” the excited man continued to cry. “It’s nothing but snow in the forecast, coming up next in weather after these messages!”

David looked up into Faith’s face; it was pinched in a mask of pure pleasure. Her eyes were closed as she rolled on top of him. Her mouth was hanging open as she gasped repeatedly with each thrust, for air. Her breasts continued to sway in front of him, encouraging him to lean up and take a nibble.

“It’s the craziest sale ever!” screamed a new voice. “I’ve gone completely nuts! You wouldn’t believe how low the prices are -”

CRASH! Went the alarm clock from off of the nightstand, the plug had been knocked out of the wall.

Silence filled the room. David didn’t want to hear about sales, he placed his hands back on Faith’s grinding buttocks; he just wanted to hear her cum.

He pushed her down harder as he raised his hips from the mattress. “Don’t fight it,” he growled.

Faith opened her eyes and looked down at her lover; he had beads of sweat running down his face from his hairline, a look of fierce concentration on his face.

She bit her bottom lip as the tremors started. A gush of heat flushed her body. Her nipples; already hard squeezed painfully tighter, sending another lightening pulse of pleasure between her legs.

Dark azure eyes stared up intently into coffee-black eyes. Together they released a fury of passion that they had diligently created with their bodies through caresses and kisses, moans and whispers of forbidden needs.

As he felt the rushing warmth of her liquid heat he let go, twitching in his release. He swelled inside of her causing her to cry out as again as he climaxed, causing her to cum again.

Faith convulsed painfully around him as her body shuddered vehemently with her second orgasm. Unable to hold herself up she fell onto him, her nipples brushing his chest that was sprinkled lightly with dark hair.

She was trying to get a grip. She was shaking still in her aftermath, as she attempted to focus on what had just happened – what had been happening – since she entered his home.

It was early Friday morning and once she was able to control her brain and got it working again she would tell it to move her hands and legs and get as far from him and his stunning eyes, and his even sexier sexy body, and his amazingly sturdy hands and, and-.

Ok she just needed to stop thinking, period. His hand was running through her hair playing with the curls that started to form; due to the exurbanite amount of exercise and sweat they had produced throughout the night. His other hand was gently stroking her lower back, the heated contact of their two bodies lulling her off into the sweet abyss of sleep…


Faith jerked up with a start. She was alone in the bed. Oh -shit what time was it? She leapt frantically to her feet realizing with a start that she was still naked and- where the hell were her clothes? Grabbing the sheet covering the bed, she quickly yanked it around her. She looked down at her toga covered body, memories of college flooding her mind making her smile.

Ok, ok, let’s focus here, where was David? She stepped hesitantly out of the bedroom passing a bathroom on her right with it door hanging wide open. She peeked in. Heated steam from a previous shower caressed her face. She turned the corner back into the living room, where she spotted her clothes neatly folded in a pile on the leather couch ankara escort with a note left on top of it.

“David?” she called out. Her voice echoed throughout the house; no response. She carefully picked up the note and sighed.


There is breakfast on the stove and juice in the fridge.

I didn’t know if you liked coffee or tea so I made both. Also I washed you clothes, but unfortunately I don’t have any underwear to give you unless you want a pair of boxer shorts, they are in the bottom drawer of my dresser.

To lock the front door; just punch in the entry code on the wall panel beside the coat closet. It’s:4040

I will call you sometime today.


‘Well,’ she thought. ‘This is interesting.’ He would call her. Ha! She’d heard that one before. Hell she’d used it. “Eat and get out,” the note read.

Faith tossed it aside and as she reached for her shirt her eyes focused on the circular object hanging on the wall.

“Oh fuck!” she groaned. The time eagerly clicked away increasing her despair. It was 10:24 am and she was two and half hours late for work.


“Paul, I’m so sorry. My alarm didn’t go off and then my car wouldn’t start and -“

“Let me guess? A group of crazed singing Baptists swarmed you and wouldn’t let allow you into the building?” he smirked making a face.

“Um, n-no I just-“

“Then crying and screaming they shouted out, ‘the end is coming the end is coming, it’s time to repent!’ “

“Paul.” She said quietly.

“And then during the mass hysteria, you realized it was true! Jeebus was coming down from the sky in a swirl of clouds and singing angels!”

Paul jumped up for where he was sitting and began flailing him arms around in a wide arc doing some sort of imitation of what he deemed to be a religious dance.

Faith was in her boss’s office attempting to explain why she was three and a half hours late for work. She stood, arms crossed, in front of his desk, staring at Paul, watching in amusement as he continued to dance.

Suddenly his swinging hips and arms came to an abrupt stop. Paul smiled wickedly at Faith and asked, “Is that about right?”

Apparently sense wasn’t something gifted to you with age. “Yeah sure Paul, that’s exactly what, happened.” She smirked, shaking her head. “After enduring five years of your rants and crazy stories you still have the ability to amaze me.”

They worked in a fashion office called Lee’s clothing. Lee happened to be an alias for Paul’s late wife Kelly, who in passing had left her thriving company is her husband’s over-enthusiastic and somewhat erratic hands.

After receiving her BA in fashion and design Faith, was quickly recruited by Kelly and started her internship for one of thee top clothing designers outside of Europe. Sadly Kelly was diagnosed with cancer just as Faith’s first year at the company came to an end.

Kelly fought painstakingly through her illness, more for Paul then herself. They had been married for eight years and despite-or maybe because – they had produced no children they were able to contribute unmercifully to their unbelievably thriving careers.

When Kelly finally died, Paul took control, leaving his business of Market Design to continue his wife’s legacy. Only, Paul was last person you would talk to about any kind of fashion and at the age of fifty-eight you would think that he would have adopted some kind of style. Unfortunately Faith secretly suspected that Paul started the male clothing line not only to expand the company, but to also ensure that he had something tasteful to wear.

“Well, whatever the reason may be you’re extremely lucky that the meeting was postponed by our investors.” He said, “Speaking of such it’s been moved to,” he looked down at the papers littering his desk, “uh-ah yes, one thirty.” “Now that’s in the pm Faith, Eastern Time,” smiled wiggling his bushy eyebrows. “Think you might join us?”

“I’ll be there,” she sighed. As she turned to walk away Paul called out, “Is everything alright?” “Because, if you need a sick day…” he trailed off.

“I’m fine Paul, I just had a hectic morning,” and night she thought to herself.

“Ok then, if you’re sure…”

Faith didn’t answer him, but turned and stepped out of the glass office instead. Another one of Kelly’s ideas, “So that everything çankaya escort is open and airy!” she had exclaimed. Mind you this was only in the case of her office and the boardroom. Everyone else was in favor of the much needed privacy they received from regular looking doors and walls. The staff had assured her they needed it this way in order for them to complete their endless assignments, tasks and answer the screaming cries of their always demanding phones.

Faith’s office was at the end of the hallway. She opened and then slammed the door in frustration. Don’t think about him. Oh why was this happening to her? And since when did she have sex with random strangers? Random kinky rough sex, again and again and again…get a hold of yourself girl. You usually don’t do things like last night. Oh so there was that one guy in South Beach… but it was everything but sex and she was twenty-one and on vacation!

Her phone came alive with a buzz and her assistant’s voice came over the speaker.

“A Mister Greene is on line three.”

She sat down at her desk and pushed the talk button. “Thank you Jess, but no calls.” She called into the phone.

The line went dead as Jess quickly clicked off to relay the message.

What’s going to happen if he doesn’t call? So it was only one night of incredible satisfying, rough and very dirty sex. Not just for her, but she was sure him as well, so hell, everybody wins. Who was she kidding anyway? It was just one time. People hooked up all the time and then never saw the person again.

Her chest began to hurt like someone was crushing her lungs making it hard to breathe. Who cared if she never saw him again or he never called? Not her, not this-.

“Faith,” said Jess through the two way intercom, “Mr. Greene, says it is imperative that he speaks with you. Something about a wallet?”

Oh my god, oh my god! It was him. What should she do?

Faith grabbed the phone and clicked the line-three call button. Raising the receiver to her ear she cleared her throat.

“Hello?” she gulped.

“So… what are you wearing?” said the low male voice on the other end of the line.


“The one and only. Are you wearing panties? Or are you being a bad girl again?” he murmured into the line.

Moisture flooded between the junction of Faith’s thighs. “How did you get this number?” she squeaked into the phone.

“I have my ways… and I stole your business card from your wallet.”


“Are you alone?”

“Why -yes I’m in my office.”

“Can anyone see you?”

“No, Dav-“

“Ummm, that’s good.”

Silence. Then the shuffle of clothing and then raspy breathing was all she could hear on the line.

“What are you doing?”

“Why, I’m stroking my cock right now, trying to have phone sex with you.”

Her nipples perked right up.

“So…are you going to play with me? Or am I doing this all by myself?” He asked, “Because hearing your voice is making me horny as hell.”

“Right now? I’m at work!”

“I know so am I.” He sighed, growing impatient. “Faith, tell me what you’re wearing…”

“I-I’m wearing a blouse,” said Faith. “David, I’m no good at this! Listen why don’t we just hang up and talk a little bit later, there are people walking all over the office and, and-“

“Can anyone see inside your office?”

“Not if I close the door, but-“

“Go lock your door. You do have a lock on your door?”

“I do, but-.”

“Go! I’m waiting,” he growled.

“Hold on a sec.” Faith hurriedly jumped out of her office chair and ran to the door. Flinging it open she yelled, “Jess? No calls or visitors!” and without waiting for a reply she quickly locked the door and ran back to her chair.

“I’m back,” she breathed.

“That’s good. I wish I was there in your office with you. I would push you onto your desk and make you remove your drenched panties. They are drenched aren’t they?”

Oh god Oh god, “Yes.”

“Are you touching them? How do you know? Touch them for me Faith are they wet?”

Sliding the phones into the curve of her neck Faith scooted up on her office chair so that her ass was just barely hanging over it and opened her legs. Immediately she got a whiff of her arousal. Slowly, she slid her hands over her thighs, inching up her business skirt demetevler escort up her legs. Then gently she reached in between her legs and cried out as her hand made contact with her drenched underwear.

“Yes, I’m wet…very wet.”

“What colour are your panties?”

“Red, dark red. Like the tie you tied me up with…” her voice trailed off as she strained to listen to the other end of the conversation, all the while grinding her crotch against the damp fabric, squeezing her thighs, and clenching her pussy muscles.

David was sitting at his desk door closed, zipper down and one hand flying. It was becoming difficult to breath.

“Take them off,” he moaned. “Quickly!”

“Ok, they’re coming off.” Faith said as she slid her panties down her legs.

“Are they off?”


“Good. I’m touching myself right now. Are you touching yourself?”


“Play with yourself Faith, rub your fingers on your cunt.” Faith braced one hand on the arm of her chair and placed the other one on her heated nether lips.

“Ohhhh.” She groaned.

“Are you touching yourself now?”


“How does that feel?”


“Talk to me Faith, tell me what you want.”

“I want you here.”


“I want you to-to replace my fingers.” She slipped one finger into her scorching pussy.

“With what Faith?”

“Your mouth, and then your tongue.”

“Oh god…”

“Are you touching yourself?” She was breathing heavily now; thrusting another two finger inside her.

“Oh, yeah baby. I’m thinking of you on that desk; legs spread wide, me licking your cunt, sucking on your clit and hearing your screams for more.” “My cock is hard and ready baby do you want it?” He was panting now. He was getting close; though it wasn’t his fault, she had been teasing his senses all morning.

“Yeah, I want it. David, I’m so wet.”

“Oh man. Take it baby, I’m sliding my cock into you filling you up. I want you to ride my dick.”

“Oh yes. Give it to me.”

“You like my cock huh? You like me fucking you with my cock?”

Oh boy. She was losing control and her chair and the hem of her skirt were getting soaked.

“Oh, you’re so tight Faith. I think I’m going to cum.” His hand was really flying now, the head of his cock disappearing in and out of his closed fisted hand. Pre-cum was oozing out of the tip of his dick lubricating his pulsating member which slid relentlessly.


“Oh yeah.”

“Cum for me baby.”

Moaning was the only response she received from him.

“Are you going to cum with me?” he panted. “Are you going to cum all over my cock?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming for you!”

Time stopped.

Faith flicked then squeezed her clit. Her body trembled. Then it shook again, then again as wave after deliciously wave hit her. Her fingers started moving rapidly, frantically trying to sustain the pulses of pleasure roving throughout her body. She bit down hard on her bottom lip trying not to cry out. The phone fell from the groove between her shoulder and neck.

David groaned out loud as he his cock twitched, and twitched, and twitched. His hips jerked attempting without solace to thrust unmercifully into the wailing pussy that it heard crying over the phone. He stopped to catch his breath and looked around his office. Cum was splattered all over his desk, gobs were hanging suspended on the edge slowly clawing the air in hopes of reaching the floor.

“Faith? You there?” he called.

Faith heard a muffled voice coming from the receiver on the floor. She had not realized that she had at anytime, dropped the phone.


“Hi yourself.”

“That was truly – I’ve never done that before.” She searched for the right words to describe the moment.

“I understand,” replied David. “Listen I’ve got to go I’ve got a couple of meetings to get to.”

“Oh ok.” Awkward silence. ‘That’s just great,’ she thought. ‘I can fuck him; I can go down on him. Have mind-blowing phone sex with him, but for the life of me I can’t hold a non-erotic conversation with him.’



“What do you we meet up sometime tonight?”

“My place or yours?” she smiled.

“I’ll call you later say around four and we’ll figure it out?”

“Sure, bye David.” She sighed.

“By Faith, see you tonight.”

And with a flick of their wrists, they both hung up.


To be continued: If you have any requests please email me or leave a comment. I’d love to hear them, because this story is not just for me it’s for you!

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