Fiona puts on a show – Chapter 3

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Fiona’s second show was so wild with the woman guest getting involved.

I got to work and again Teena asked how my weekend was. She asked whether I had a date Saturday night. Of course I couldn’t tell her what I was doing and, no, I didn’t have a date. She said she hadn’t had a date also and said weekends were so boring. I just took it as office banter. Later in morning Mrs Walden called me into her office. “Saturday was so wild” she said “our guest was glowing when she left. You outdid yourself honey”. I smiled “well I enjoyed it too” I said “I hope she comes again”. Mrs Walden continued “the place I got Goldie from has rung me and we talked. The man in charge, Adrian, asked if I was interested in joining forces. He read my ad and wants a meeting. If you are interested I would like you to join us”. I said I would so she arranged for him to come to the office on Wednesday.

Wednesday arrived at Adrian arrived at 2pm. He went into the meeting room with Mr and Mrs Walden. I followed. We sat around the table with coffee while Mrs Walden and Adrian did most of the talking. I studied Adrian. He was quite tall, handsome with longish hair. He spoke very well so he was articulate. His business, I learned, was dog breeding but I soon realised he had a side business. That was providing trained dogs for a very *********** cliental. Mrs Walden had already told me she got Goldie from him. At one point Mrs Walden told him that I was well versed in dog intimacy. He looked at me and smiled broadly. “I am sure she would be a valuable asset” he said of me.

After the meeting broke up Mrs Walden again called me into her office. “Adrian wants to join forces and put on shows with us” she said “he has several dogs in training and we would audition the dogs for escort bursa prospective clients. If you are ok with that I can tell him we will attend his business on Saturday. He even mentioned offering you a part-time job at weekends, if you are interested”. I immediately said yes. I back to my desk and Teena come up. “He was nice looking” she said “what was that all about”. Of course I wasn’t about to tell her. “Oh just a new client checking out the company. I was just there to take notes” I said, lying through my teeth.

On Friday Teena was again being friendly. “Doing anything tonight?” she asked. “No, same old same old” I said “having dinner and watching TV”. “Sounds pretty boring” she replied “we could go out for a drink tonight if you like”. I hesitated. “Or tomorrow night” she added. As Saturday wasn’t convenient, for obvious reasons, I said “no, tonight will be fine. I just have to ring home”. I rang mum and said I was going out for a drink with a workmate after work. “That is great honey. I am glad you are making friends. I will put your dinner aside and you can heat it up when you get home”. The company always knocked off right on 5pm and Teena said she knew just the place to go. We walked down the street to this little bar and went inside. “Hello Teena, what would and your girlfriend like to drink?” I was shocked. Not only because the waitress knew Teena but also she thought I was her girlfriend. It suddenly struck me. Teena was gay and she trying to find out if I was too.

“Sorry Fiona” she said, obviously embarrassed. “About what?” I asked her. “About that girlfriend comments” she said, her face now bright red. I laughed. “I wasn’t upset” I said “I haven’t been called a girlfriend for years”. She looked at me and then she gorukle escort laughed too. Situation defused. I looked around and there only women in the place. It was obviously a gay place. Strangely I felt fine. I guess those sessions with Mrs Walden were having an effect. We sat and chatted about work and life in general. I realised that she was fun to be with. I made a note that if I ever found myself getting lesbian urges I would be up for some time with Teena. “Thank you for inviting me out” I said “we should do it again sometime”. Teena looked a little surprised. “Yes, I guess we could” she said. Back home wanted to know how it went. “She is very nice” I said “we had a drink or two and talked”. I didn’t mention about the rest of it. Mum would have fainted.

Saturday morning I told mum that I might have a part-time job helping a client of the company who had a dog breeding operation. “The usual helper on Saturdays had resigned” I said. “That’s nice dear” she said “just don’t get bitten. Dogs can be unpredictable”. I told her not to worry. The guy said his dogs are very well trained. I smiled at my little joke. I said I was going to get the bus and headed off. I was actually meeting Mrs Walden in the next street. She had told me to bring both masks. I wondered, was she going to join me for the performance. Surely not.

We reached the place and Adrian met us. “I am expected several clients today. Some just want to see the dogs perform before buying them and some just want to look. He took us into the house and we had a coffee while he told us the day’s events. “I have a small barn set up that is usually used for people to bring their bitches to be impregnated” he exclaimed “of course it is also used for your show today. There is bursa sınırsız escort bayan a small room to the side where you can change. You can go in there from the outside, unseen, and wait until we are ready”. He seemed to be talking to both Mrs Walden and me. So she was going to be part of the show. It was going to be so exciting. Maybe she and I could also put of a show later, after the dogs had had their way with us.

We heard a car enter the drive. “Quick” he said “disappear while I stall these people”. Mrs Walden and I headed for the small room he had mentioned. I noticed Mrs Walden knew exactly where to go. She had obviously been here before when she got Goldie. But maybe more times? I was curious. We went into the room. There was a wardrobe to hang our clothes and a small bathroom with a shower. It was a very good set up. Mrs Walden showed me the main room with benches for our “audience” to sit and a couple of low benches with small mattresses in front of each one. It had a dirt floor so mattresses to kneel on were very welcome. We went back into the small room and waited. We could hear voices. We quickly undresses and I gave Mrs Walden the cat mask. I put my dog mask on. Mrs Walden and I looked at each other. We embraced. “This will be so much fun” she said.

A couple of minutes later Mrs Walden and I walked out into the main room. I looked around to see two couples and one guy on his own. “These ladies are going to show how well trained my dogs are” Adrian said “I think you will see that these ladies are so happy to play bitches and show you the joys of dog sex”. Three dogs were in the room and they began to circle us. There was a black Labrador, a Rottweiler and a Great Dane. “I want the Great Dane honey” Mrs Walden whispered “I have had him before and loved it”. I looked at the Lab and figured he was trained just like Goldie. I patted him on the head and he immediately went for my crutch. I stood with my legs spread wide. The fun had begun.

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