Fire and Ice

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Fire and Ice

By Alex Barton

There were two things Polina truly detested: her own name and the harp. She owed both to her fearsome mother. As soon as Polina showed an aptitude for music her mother insisted she should attend the Moscow Conservatoire to learn the piano. Once Polina had reached a high enough standard, her mother then announced flatly to her father, “Sergey, our daughter must now learn to play the harp.”

Though Polina never expressed even the slightest respect towards her mother, she had to obey and put aside all thoughts of a career outside music. She longed to be an interpreter so she could travel abroad but her father, whom she adored, unexpectedly took her mother’s side and said, “I’m sorry, Polina, but it is necessary if you are to graduate at the top of your class and bring honor to your family.”

Sometimes Polina wondered if her parents were more interested in the academic prizes she gained than her personal happiness and prospects for the future. But she reluctantly entered the Moscow Conservatoire, string department, harp class. The good thing was, she didn’t have to carry the harp herself, and as far as home study was concerned a whole room was allotted to her in their spacious five-room apartment. Her father was an important figure in the Ministry of Oil and Gas so he could easily afford a second–hand instrument for her to practice on.

A tall, very beautiful 19-year-old, Polina’s red hair was so thick and lustrous it resembled copper wire. She inherited from her mother not only her gorgeous hair but also her emerald-green eyes and skin as white and smooth as thick milk. Around her chiseled nose there was a scattering of freckles. In the spring any skin she exposed to the sun gradually covered with the pretty dots, drawing the eyes of men, one of whom had the nerve to tell her how beautiful he thought her freckles looked on the smooth lush slopes of her full breasts.

A week into her first lessons on the harp Polina closed the door of the string department practice room in the Conservatory and walked down the big marble staircase. Her cousin, Kostya Rabinovitz, was already waiting for her behind one of the columns in the entrance hall. He was holding his oboe case.

Polina had been seeing Kostya illicitly for a little over two months. She knew her mother would never allow her to date a cousin, considering it incest even though he was a year older than Polina and had a responsible job with Melodiya, the state-owned record company. So far Polina had done no more than heavy petting with Kostya, though the last time she agreed to go to the apartment he shared with his widowed mother she did masturbate him through his pants, just to relieve the desire he claimed Polina had created in his balls.

And now, as Polina walked towards him, she could see Kostya had that same hungry look and she guessed he was bursting to tell her his mother was on duty that evening at the hospital where she worked and they could go to his place to ‘have tea and cakes’.

She saw Kostya’s bashful eyes blink a couple of times behind the lenses of his tortoiseshell glasses. He was no hunk but he had a nice, kind face and a mass of blond hair Polina loved to run her fingers through when they were snuggled up and kissing on his sofa. As a musician Polina put a lot of store in the sensations she gained through her long, tapering fingers and Kostya’s hair gave her a warm, sexy thrill when she stroked it.

“If you’d like we could go to my place for a while,” Kostya said after he’d given her a chaste peck on the cheek. As Polina expected he added, “Mother’s on duty so there’ll be nobody home tonight.”

“Well… I don’t know — ” Polina said slowly, pouting prettily while she pretended to mull over Kostya’s suggestion. She loved teasing him and could see from the way he was watching her intently how desperately he wanted her to agree. “Oh alright, let’s go,” she said, enjoying the way his face lit up. “I saw a book by Bulgakov in your apartment, I’ll borrow it for a couple of weeks.”


Almost as soon as Kostya had brought in the tray of tea and cakes he sat next to Polina on the large, comfortable sofa and slid his arm round her shoulders, pulling her close so he could kiss her deeply and passionately, his desire obvious from the way he started to stroke her large breasts under the tight-fitting red pullover she was wearing. It was a little too soon and Polina sighed patiently and gently pushed his hand away.

“Kostya, please, I’ve only just got here!”

Kostya reluctantly took his hand away and started to suck gently on the tip of her tongue. But he soon became bolder and put one of her hands on his erection, which bulged thick and hard under his pants. A little shy, Polina hid her face in his shoulder while he quickly slid down his zipper.

Suddenly Polina’s hand was filled with the throbbing flesh of Kostya’s manhood. Glancing down furtively she saw it properly at last and was pleasantly Malatya Escort surprised at how well-endowed Kostya was. The purple glans stuck up above her curled-up fist by at least three inches and she had difficulty getting her fingers round the thick base. Her cousin might not be a muscular hunk but he had a gloriously large cock.

Thankfully Kostya didn’t notice her curiosity, he just assumed she was hesitant and covered her hand with his to encourage her to slide her fingers back and forth, masturbating him with the oily precum that had seeped from the head of his cock and dripped down the shaft. Polina loved feeling his silky foreskin gradually cover the excited glans then slowly slide back, squeezing more semen from the tip. She liked the sight of her beautiful hand with its slender wrist and long, elegant fingers curled round Kostya’s cock, her well-groomed pianist’s fingers with polished, rose-colored nails slowly, sensuously masturbating the thick heavy penis of her cousin.

Polina could see Kostya was almost overwhelmed by the pleasure he was experiencing, and it was a struggle for him to speak. “You know,” he said in a voice hoarse with lust, “I read an interesting book recently. You once told me your mother insisted you stay a virgin until your wedding day. Well in Latin America girls mature rapidly, and they are forbidden to lose their innocence. They are all Catholics you know, but they want to have sex. So they make love another way — ” Kostya paused for a moment and then said, “You know, like gay guys…”

He stopped short, and the room was filled with awkward silence. Polina’s face turned bright red, she lowered her gaze and started to jerk her hand in rapid, irregular movements.

“Hey, not so rough, it hurts!” Kostya cried.

Whatever Kostya might have expected, Polina wasn’t shocked by his words, she had hoped sooner or later her cousin would suggest it, having seen through her look of innocence and protests that she do what her mother demanded and remain a virgin. Both were just an artful cover, nothing more.

What Kostya did not know was Suren Agamyanovich, Polina’s piano teacher at the Conservatory, had introduced her to the intense pleasure of being fucked in the ass soon after she started studying with him. He had seduced her artfully and slowly over several weeks and finally, when he had brought her to submission, made her lie face down on the piano stool, the front of her dress pulled down to expose her breasts and her panties bunched round her ankles while he stripped naked and then braced himself with his hands on either side of the stool.

Polina had shuddered in ecstasy as her tutor pushed his well–greased cock into her curvy bottom and then raised and lowered his body, thrusting back and forth in her tightly clasping asshole, his energy seemingly inexhaustible as he repeatedly climaxed, paused for a moment and then started again. She would have been happily enjoying his attentions still if she hadn’t found out he was doing the same thing to all his female pupils.

“I couldn’t do that!” Polina said, careful to sound shocked.

“But Polina, sweetheart, I won’t hurt you, I promise! I’ll be very careful!”

Polina stood up. “Well, alright,” she said, hesitantly. “But you have to promise you will never tell anyone what I let you do!”

She thought Kostya looked a little ridiculous with his pathetic manner and hugely erect cock. The two didn’t quite go together somehow.

The thick lenses of his glasses reflected the bright light of the desk lamp as he said, desperation in his voice, “I won’t tell anyone, honestly!”

Polina went on demanding reassurance. “How do I know?” she said. “What if you go around telling everyone I am a pervert? That I am easy? That I would do anything a man could ask?” She waited for a moment, sensing if she continued to protest Kostya might give up. “Are you absolutely sure people can make love that way?” She knew only too well what the answer was: all the girls Suren Agamyanovich had so artfully seduced agreed with her that, once they had experienced anal sex, they really enjoyed making love that way.

“Darling, I told you, I read about it in a book!”

“Alright then,” Polina said finally. “Turn around while I get undressed.”

She knew it was silly to make Kostya turn around now she had consented to him fucking her in the ass. But she still felt a little struggle between shame and lust going on in her mind.

Kostya obediently turned to face the wall and Polina unbuttoned her skirt and pushed it down her long, slender legs. She stepped out of it and then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her pantyhose and pushed them and her tiny panties off her hips leaving her naked below the waist. She still had her tight-fitting pullover on but, after a brief hesitation, took it off. Her large soft breasts were supported by a black, lacy bra she decided to keep on. Ever since they had started to fill out Polina had been self-conscious about her breasts, thinking them too Malatya Escort Bayan big.

“Alright,” she said and Kostya turned back to her. He sat stock-still, an awed expression on his face. He pressed his glasses onto the bridge of his nose with his index finger and opened his mouth slightly.

Polina knew she could make even high fashion models envious. She had long, milk-white legs that were thin at the ankle yet full at the thigh. Above her hips her waist curved inwards and then flared into the full globes of her breasts that strained against the black lace of her bra. Her flat belly descended to a delta of naturally red curls that covered the tightly closed slit of her sex.

It hardly seemed possible but Polina could see Kostya’s prick swell even bigger and harder as he stared at her. For a moment she was felt a twinge of concern it might be painful when he entered her ass but then she consoled herself with the thought the pleasure would be even greater.

She walked over and knelt next to Kostya so her arms were over the back of the sofa and her beautiful ass was only inches from his face. “You promised not to hurt me,” she said softly.

“If you feel any pain, I’ll quit at once,” he said.

Polina watched as Kostya jumped down from the sofa and dragged off his trousers, then hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt and cast it aside. Totally naked, he got into position on his knees behind her and Polina stared at him over her shoulder, licking her lips in excited anticipation.

Hesitantly, Kostya put a palm on the curvy cheeks of Polina’s behind. Between the globes her pink rosette twitched slightly as Kostya touched it with a fingertip. The knot of muscle contracted at his touch then blossomed back as Polina made herself relax in the way Suren Agamyanovich had taught her.

She sensed Kostya was beginning to doubt if his penis could breach the tight orifice. So she took the initiative and suddenly sat back sideways on the sofa. “Oh Kostya,” she said in a pitiful voice. “I’m so afraid!”

Highly aroused, his cock quivering with the blood pumping through it, Kostya stared at her.

“I’m afraid it will hurt! I’ve never done it this way and you’re so big!” Polina hid her face in her hands, partly to make Kostya even more determined and partly to hide her embarrassment when she remembered how Suren Agamyanovich would drive her totally crazy when he sodomized her, plowing his thick prick into her asshole while gently massaging her clitoris with his index finger.

“Alright, I don’t want to hurt you,” Kostya said, the disappointment audible in his voice. “Maybe you can do it orally, I mean, take me in your mouth,” he murmured.

Polina knew she had overreached herself. “No!” she cried. “Not now — maybe later — after you’ve done what you want to do so much…”

Kostya smiled thankfully. “Shall we try it then?” he said.

Like a skilled chess player, Polina moved to take back the advantage. “Alright, but only this one time! Never again. Deal?”

“Deal,” said Kostya gratefully.

Once again Polina knelt on her hands and knees, resting her head on the back of the sofa, her breasts mounded against the soft leather which felt delightful against her sensitive nipples. She looked round and watched as Kostya stroked her beautiful buttocks and then took hold of his cock and positioned it against the rosebud of her anal sphincter. At first gently, then stronger and stronger, he began to push the swollen slippery glans against the opening. Despite Polina willing herself to relax, Kostya’s prick refused to enter her asshole by even by a millimeter.

For the first time, Polina hesitated. In her handbag she had a tube of lube that Suren Agamyanovich had given her. She remembered the words of her piano tutor: “A beautiful woman should always carry two things: a fiery red lipstick and lube for when she wishes to experience the ecstasy of sodomy.” But if Polina told Kostya she carried the lube he would know she had enjoyed anal sex before and she had tricked him. There was no way he would be prepared to keep the secret he had assfucked her if his male pride was offended.

In the meanwhile, Polina felt Kostya rub some wetness around her anal orifice and she guessed it was his saliva. Almost without breathing, he pressed his index finger into her rectum. The digit was quickly swallowed by the hot and soft muscle, and she felt Kostya work his finger around, trying to make her sphincter relax and open to take his prick.

He dribbled some more spit on to the dark red helmet of his penis. This time, it seemed to Polina he penetrated her a little but it was too slow for her to gain any pleasure. She moaned softly, almost inaudibly.

“Does it hurt?” Kostya asked anxiously.

“A little,” Polina confessed. And then she thought of something.

“You know, I bought some oil for the pedals on my harp,” she said. “They’re old and stiff and need lubricating. Would that be any good?”

“That would be great,” Kostya said as he got off Escort Malatya the sofa to find her handbag and Polina could hear the excitement in his voice.

Polina rummaged through her handbag and passed him the tube. He scooped out a thick dollop and then started to stroke it over her anus, wet with his saliva. It felt very sensuous and Polina could feel her cream dripping from her pussylips in response to the stimulation of her asshole.

“Don’t forget your cock,” she said, trying to hide her excited anticipation.

Kostya obeyed without a word and daubed more lubricant on his stiffly erect penis.

He put the tube down and once again pressed his slick cock against the tiny ring of Polina’s anus. This time his bulging glans slid inside easily.

“Oh!” Polina cried at the sudden stretching. But the pain quickly vanished as the shaft of Kostya’s thick, hard cock penetrated her hot, tight rectum.

Kostya started to breathe noisily through his mouth, and Polina felt his cock jerk in her back passage. He wasn’t as practiced at sodomy as Suren Agamyanovich and almost immediately she felt him thrust deeply and then a fountain of sperm erupted from his penis buried to the hilt in her asshole.

“Damn, is that all?” she thought, feeling the convulsive jerks of Kostya’s ejaculating member. However, after a minute-long pause, Kostya started to move his cock in her anus again, his erection as long and hard as it had been before his abundant ejaculation.

Delighted at Kostya’s powers of recovery as he started sodomizing her again, Polina swayed a little back and forth in unison with his regular rhythm. She reached between her legs and found the swollen bud of her clitoris standing proud of its hood. Stealthily, so Kostya would not notice and try to do it for her, she started to stroke the stiff little organ with delicious, circular movements.

Her rectum overflowing with Kostya’s semen, Polina blushed as an obscene, loud squishing noise could be heard as Kostya vigorously sodomized her, the sound added to by the creaking of the old sofa in time with his thrusts. The sheer force with which he drove his prick deep into her asshole made Polina groan with delight and a big, hot sun of pleasure started to grow in her belly.

The warm glow spread rapidly, and she began to cry out, adding new notes to the noise of Kostya’s cock squishing back and forth in her slippery asshole. Then the sun burst into flames and Polina came, her whole body jerking, the contractions almost pushing Kostya’s penis from her rectum. He couldn’t help reacting to the delicious contractions of her back passage and climaxed, his body shivering with lust as he emptied his balls for the second time deep into Polina’s beautiful behind.

“That was wonderful,” Kostya said when he got his breath back.

“Mmm, yes, it was,” Polina said and started to giggle at the rude noise that came from her anus as Kostya slowly extracted his member from her distended opening. She could feel a rivulet of semen escape the dark hole and she longed to whisper to Kostya he should lick her clean if he wanted, as she always wanted Suren Agamyanovich to do.

Polina straightened her legs and slid down until she was lying stretched out on her front on the carpet. Kostya lay down beside her and started to stroke his hand sensuously up over the backs of her thighs, the curves of her buttocks and then up her long smooth back until he reached the clasp of her bra.

“Can I see your breasts, Polina? Kostya asked in a soft voice.

“They are too big. They embarrass me.”

“Let me see them, please, Polina!” Kostya begged.

“There you go again, cousin,” she said. “You are always asking me for something!” Polina made a face, her favorite expression of sulkiness and annoyance. “They are nothing special,” she said. “I think they are ugly.”

But she reached back and undid the bra clasp. Then she turned on her back and removed the bra from her chest.

“They are so beautiful!” Kostya exclaimed.

Polina knew that perfectly well. Her breasts resembled two big globes. The nipples were light pink and wide, almost two inches in diameter. Polina squeezed the mounds in her hands and a deep crevice appeared between them. She looked at Kostya playfully from under downcast eyelashes and said, “I read somewhere men enjoy putting their penis between a woman’s breasts,” she purred, nodding toward the deep cleavage between her breasts. “Perhaps you’d like to do that. To put that cock of yours which has been deep inside my ass between my breasts so I would have to lick it every time the head came close to my mouth. Would you like that, Kostya?”

Kostya swallowed with difficulty. “Oh god, Polina. If you would only let me do that…” he said with an intense longing in his voice.

Polina glanced at the clock ticking on the desk. “Oh dear, it’s ten already, Kostya darling,” she sighed. “I must run home.” She stood up quickly and started to dress, ignoring the look of disappointment on his face.

“Are you free tomorrow?” Kostya asked, reaching for his shirt.

“No, I’m sorry. But I’ll call you,” Polina said. She quickly daubed her lips with lipstick, arranged her rebellious hair and fluttered out the door, sending an air kiss of farewell to Kostya as she closed the door behind her.

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