First Date

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At 9:07, you entered the bar dressed as I had told you. You are simply dressed in a blouse, pleated skirt that falls just above the knee, lace top thigh-high stockings, heels, and panties. You were seven minutes late and you will pay for it later. Finding a seat at the bar, with your back to the door you order a drink. Looking around the room, you quickly eye the men there, trying to decide if I am there. Not wanting to appear too bold, you quickly abandon the search and sit quietly sipping your drink. Before you know it a half an hour has slipped away and you wonder if you’ve been stood up.

“Meet me outside in 2 minutes,” you hear someone say behind you. Without turning around you nod your head. Exactly two minutes later you go outside into the parking lot.

“Come here,” I call to you from the shadows at the far end of the lot. Gathering your courage with a deep breath, you walk right up to me. Grabbing your arm, I turn you around quickly so that you are facing the hood of a car and I am behind you. Pushing you against the car, my hand presses on your upper back, forcing you to bend over the car’s hood as your skirt rides higher on your ass. My hand finds your stocking covered thigh and ever so slowly slides upwards under your skirt to your panty-covered pussy. Removing my hand from your back, I use my fingers to pull your damp panties to the side, exposing your already slick, pouty pussy lips. My fingers easily spread your lips as my other hand pushes a small oval object into your pussy. I move your panties back to recover your pussy before smoothing your skirt and having you stand. I tell you that you are now to go back inside, have another drink and that you will then dance while I watch.

Without looking back, you head straight back into the bar. A few moments later I enter the bar and am pleased to see that you have ordered a drink and found a spot on the dance floor. I watch as you move your body to the music. As the songs go on you dance yourself into a wild frenzy, taking the opportunity to cool down and enjoy your drink during the slow dances. Then, it takes a second or two but you realize what that small oval I had placed inside of you is. The vibrating bullet awakens as I switch on the remote control. No one around you can feel it or hear it. No one needs to. The speed is controlled by the remote that I have in my hand. You begin to understand that the more uninhibited you are the longer I let the egg vibrate. Between the drinks and the bullet, your head and your body continue to buzz.

Just as things are heating up, I walk to you and simply say, “Let’s go,” as I click off the bullet. Outside, I open the passenger door of my car and you climb inside. I lean across you and fasten your seatbelt before taking your hands and placing your palms high on the inside of your thighs at the top of your stockings. I tell you that you are not to move your hands or your fingers for any reason. I remind you that you are not to speak unless I directly ask you a question and that under no circumstances are you to scream. I ask if you understand and you simply nod your head. I climb into the driver seat and begin to pull on my leather driving gloves. Once on, I take jojobet my leather covered hand and slide the back of my fingers down your soft cheek and across your lips, I hear your breath catch in your throat as I click the bullet back on again.

It seems like it takes far too long to finally arrive at the room that I’ve prepared for us but we finally do arrive. As soon as we enter the room, the fun finally begins. I have you remove your blouse and your skirt before having you kneel at the foot of the bed. I then secure your hands into fur lined leather cuffs, attach them together and secure them to the top of the bed so that you are stretched over the top of the bed. In front of your face I place a rubber ball with leather straps attached to it as I tell you that you will have to wear this gag if I hear the slightest sound from you. Leaving it for you to look at, I remind you that you had agreed to be completely obedient to me but somehow you managed to show up seven minutes late and you were now to be punished for your tardiness.

It starts with the feel of the feather. I slowly drag the most exquisite feeling female ostrich feather over your back. The feeling is like nothing else as the soft, fine plume tickles your skin and begins to bring the blood to the surface of your skin. I ever so slowly drag the plume over every inch of your naked flesh from your wrists to your thighs. After several minutes, it’s time to change to a flogger. I start with my rabbit fur flogger. The thin strips of leopard rabbit fur excite your skin as the fur is dragged over your skin before being teasingly slapped along your back and thighs. Your skin feels so electrified as the blood continues to the surface of your skin.

Your anticipation heightens as I begin to work the deerskin flogger over your back and your thighs as the bullet inside continues to hum when I switch it on every so often. The deer leather straps drag across your naked back. The straps of my flogger caress your back, your arms, and your sides teasing you. Then those same teasing straps crash against your panty clad ass again and again. Eventually, I pull your panties into the crack of your ass, exposing your cheeks and putting just a tiny bit of pressure on your womanhood. Even at a full swing the softer than cashmere flogger is just a tease, a taste of what is to… cum. Accidentally, on purpose, the tips of the flogger occasionally find their way between your legs and just kiss your swollen covered lips sending shockwaves through your body.

Then just as one of those accidental strikes land between your legs you finally feel it. You finally feel what you have been so carefully prepared for. You finally feel the sting of my real leather flogger on your now sensitized skin. The shock of the intensity change causes you to gasp and I immediately stop to fit the gag into your mouth. Once secured, I proceed to work the serious flogger over your body. I alternate between soft smacks were the sides of several straps hit you at one time and much harder ones where just the tips contact your skin. At times I pause to caress the newly stung flesh with my leather-covered palms and on occasion, my gloved hand lands with jojobet Giriş a sting on your reddening ass cheeks.

The stinging pain is ever so quickly replaced by a burning desire. You long for the next touch of the leather on your skin. Another hot sting of the leather is ironically the only thing that soothes the heat. When I am satisfied that your backside has reached the desired redness it is time for a chance of position. I quickly reposition you so that you are on your back, your wrists still secured above your head and your thighs secured out 90 degrees to your body. This time I add a blindfold so that you can anticipate what will happen to you rather than see it. You are a lovely vision lying there before me. Your hair splayed out, your wrists bound; thighs pulled out to the side, your stockings and heels, mmm and oh yes, those ever so damp panties.

As before, the sensation teasing begins with the feather caressing your body followed by the other toys. This time however a few new surprises await you. After I have whipped your nipples to attention they are sucked into my eager mouth, but just long enough to get them even harder if that is possible. Immediately upon leaving my mouth, they are clamped. My lips find your neck and kiss and bite at it sending shivers down your body as my hand makes soft lazy circles on your lower belly. Occasionally, as I suck at your neck I pull sharply on the front of your panties, pulling then tight across your swollen clit.

Finally, I remove your blindfold so you can see what is now about to happen to you. You immediately see the large candle that had been burning on the nightstand in my hand as the bullet comes to life inside of you again. You see it tipped over your belly just seconds before you feel the splash of hot wax hit just above your navel. I continue to drop the wax, moving up your sternum between your breasts. I immediately move the falling wax to cover each nipple as I remove the clamp. The combination of the blood rushing to your nipples and the hot wax immediately hardening on your poor nipples provokes quite a reaction from you. My pulling your panties into your crotch at the same time further drives you crazy.

Moving lower, my fingers find your slit, clearly outlined through your wet panties and my finger begins to push your panties inside you. I finger fuck you through your panties as the candle again begins to tip, this time aimed at the top of your panties. As the panties get deeper inside of you, the wax gets closer and closer to, mmm.

As you calm yourself enough, I remove the gag from your mouth. After giving you a few moments to savor the relief in the jaw, I decide that it is time to stretch your jaw again. Grabbing your hair, I guide your head to my throbbing cock and slip it past your lips. The sexual hunger you feel is obvious from the way that you try to devour my cock. Within a few moments of your eager ministrations, I have to pull myself away.

Two quick tugs on your panties leave you in only your stocking and heels. There is a river running from your pussy down over your asshole. Oh the choices I have. I decide that right now I want to taste you and lower my jojobet Güncel Giriş lips to your throbbing pussy. The touch of my lips and tongue to your pussy is nothing less than an electric shock that races through your body. My mouth explores your lips, your clit and teases and probes your hole. My teeth pull at your lips and I suck your clitty into my mouth as the egg deep inside of you purrs. I take advantage of all of the lubrication and slip my thumb into your pussy and push my finger against your anus slowly pushing it inside. My tongue laps at you as my finger probes deeper opening your hole until a second finger is able to be added.

After you adjust to two fingers it is time for the plug. Removing my fingers, I slip the butt plug past your sphincter and bury it deep inside of you. I slowly fuck your ass with the plug as my tongue continues its job.

Finally it is time to completely fill you. I pull the egg from inside of you and take my place between your legs, rubbing my cock along your dripping slit. I slip the head just between your lips letting you feel what is about to happen. Then, ever so slowly I push deeper into you until my shaved balls are resting against your asshole. I pause for just a minute savoring the tight, hot, wetness of your pussy. Then just as slowly I pull my cock almost all of the way out before quickly slamming it all of the way back into you. From then on I vary my strokes between deep and shallow strokes, some slow and some fast before settling into a rhythm that includes a circular rotation of my hips. I can feel the plug inside of your ass as I slide in and out of your pussy. It isn’t long before I erupt deep inside of you.

Pulling out of you, I undo the restraints on your thighs allowing you to close your legs. The butt plug remains inside of you keeping your hole stretched for later. The ball gag is removed and I slowly begin to remove the hardened wax from your body. Once the wax is fully removed I apply some lotion into my hands. I warm it between my palms before massaging it into your chest, belly and thighs. I release your hands, not from the cuffs but from the ropes that hold the cuffs. Rolling you over, I massage more lotion into your shoulders, arms, back, ass and thighs as I tell you what a great time I had and how hot you made me. Pulling a comforter around us, I lie next you and hold you while we get some much needed rest.

You wake as you feel my hands on your body, exploring you. Once you are awake, I have you kneel on the bed as I attach your wrist cuffs to your thigh cuffs, crossing your arms beneath you. Your breasts and face are on the bed. Standing behind you I take hold of the butt plug and twist it inside of you before pulling it in and out of you a few times, fucking your ass with it. I reinsert the egg into your pussy as I completely remove the plug, leaving your anus gaping wide. The plug is replaced, this time by my lubed cock. As my cock pushes into your asshole, I grab your hair and click on the egg inside of your pussy. I have positioned your hands so that you are able to touch your pussy and I encourage you to do so. Your fingers rub over your clit as my cock slides in and out of your tight asshole. I pace myself but before long I feel my scrotum tighten and the pressure begin to build. Pulling sharply on your hair I begin to cum. I allow my cock to go limp inside of you before pulling it out with a small pop. You have done well and I am proud of you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32