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To start, I want to say that this story is 100% real. I just needed a platform to tell this story on. I have never done anything gay in my life and I consider myself straight. However, I have been curious recently as I find myself looking at gay porn often and getting turned on. I so far have not told this story to anybody else in my life.

As I said, I am str8 on most occasions. I am not attracted to men at all. There has never been an instance where I have seen a guy and felt anything sexual. But when I am turned on, I do have some curiosity when it comes to this subject.

I am 6’0 and 220 pounds. I workout pretty consistently but definitely have some fat I need to lose. I am also 20 years old. So for a while now I have been going on Craigslist looking at Men in my area. I never met with anyone and I don’t plan to but I like the idea of people close by that are posting pics of themselves. I am also into older men probably in their 40-50s.

I come on this site often to read about stories of men who meet other men at their gym or in a bathroom. And the thought of that really turns me on. I always wished in the back of my head that that will happen with me. I go to a gym that is pretty big. The locker room is fairly large and the shower area has about 14 stalls with a curtain. It is also equipped with a steam room.

When I am in the locker room, I have recently started to notice the men in their a lot more. There are tons of dudes that walk around naked like they don’t give casino şirketleri a shit. I for one usually keep myself less exposed than others tend to do. But if there were to be a guy naked I would try to get a closer look at his package.

So me in this curious state was ready to try something in my locker room. There was an instance where I saw a tall older indian man walking around completely nude in the showers. So I immediately went to a shower across from him dressed down and try to see if he was interested. My cock never grew so fast but unfortunately he didn’t give me any indication that he was interested. After that I really didn’t make any effort to fool around anymore.

Months later my moment finally arrived. It was a busy time in the gym on a weekday and I just finished a workout and went to the locker room. I take my clothes off, put on a towel, and head to the showers. In my mind, I am still curious and wanting to try something. But I still feel like nothing would ever happen. I walk into the alley where the showers are and try to find an empty stall. I go into one and when I take off my towel to hang the curtains flew open from the shower across from me.

Standing there is a white, tall, broad statured, man probably in his late 40s or early 50s. He is definitely on the chubbier side but not too fat. I look at him and he is completely nude and he is staring right at my cock. This happens as I am placing my towel on the shower rack for a few seconds . I get nervous casino firmaları and close the curtains while he was staring at me more. I was able to get a good look at him too and saw his cock as well. I didn’t really think much of it. I was hoping that he would stay in the shower but he ended up walking away.

My shower curtain was a bit open still and I noticed him walking past me again. This got my attention just a little bit. Then, next thing I know, he was in the shower diagonal from me this time. I open my shower curtain a bit more and I see him with his cock pointed towards me with his curtain pulled out a bit. I know forsure that he is interested and this got me very excited. I then see him touching himself and slowly jacking himself off. My mind was racing, I could not believe that this was happening. I started to grab my cock and slowly jerk it as well. We are just staring at each others cock while masturbating. His eyes were glued to my cock and I was looking at his whole body. He then motioned at me and then pointed at the steam room. I knew what he meant and I gave a thumbs up. He closed his shower and walked out. After about ten seconds, I followed behind. I dont see him anywhere so I think he already went into the room. I tried my best to hid my growing cock within my towel as I pass everyone.

I open the steam room and it was pretty hard to see inside at first. Then I look to my left and sure enough, he is sitting there completely nude. No one else was in the room so güvenilir casino I go right next to him and take a seat with my towel still on. I get a good look at him and my heart is pounding like crazy at this point. I take off my towel and my cock springs out. He then touches himself a little before asking if he could touch me. I told him “sure” and he grabs me with his hand and starts jerking me. It was such an amazing feeling. I start to feel up his body while he does it and I go and grab his cock as well. I can feel his precum already which is making me even harder.

He tells me to stand up and I follow his command. While I am holding my towel up he grabs my cock and puts his mouth over it. This was too much too handle. He was sucking on it so well while I was pushing his head closer over my cock. He was constantly looking at the door making sure no one was coming in. After a bit he began to jerk me off and started to tell me to cum. He kept tugging very fast and sure enough I came right on his hands. He didn’t say anything to me but just smiled and left the room.

I was astonished and still light headed about what just happened. I sat in the steam room for about five more minutes just thinking about what I just did. A couple people came in so I tried to act as natural as I could while staring at my cum spots on the floor. I then got up and left the room. I didn’t want to bump into this guy again because I was nervous that he would want to know me so I quickly changed and left.

However, everytime I think of this instance I become curious again even though I still consider myself str8.

Thanks for reading, I hoped you guys enjoyed it. I will post more if any other things happen to me in the future so stay tuned!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32