First Guy

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I had been transferred to south Florida by my job, which turned out to be a mixed blessing. Fabulous weather, but my girlfriend was 900 miles away. My social life sucked, since I was working 12-14 hours a day, so basically it was home to work, home to work. I did have a privae balcony on my apartment, so I was able to get a nice allover tan, not that anyone got to see it.

The only friends I had made were 2 gay guys who lived upstairs from me. Jay had seen me moving furniture in, had helped me carry stuff up to my place, and had offered to let me use their phone until mine got hooked up. He and his roommate, Larry, dropped by later with some cold beer, so we took a break and chatted for a while. It turned out that Jay had on office on the ground floor of the building where he ran a travel agency, and Larry tended bar at a gay club. After that, we occasionally got together to have a beer and talk. I got the impression that Jay was interested in me, but I had made it clear from the start that I was straight. I’ve got nothing against gay people, we just disagree on who we like to fuck. Jay had just laughed when the subject first came up and said, “Well, if you ever change your mind and want to try it, I’ll give you a night you’ll never forget.” We all laughed, and that was the end of the matter.

Several months went by rather quickly–time flies when all you’re doing is working, when I got 2 pieces of news. One, I was being transferred back home. That was great, until my girl called immediately after that to confess that she had been sleeping around ever since I left, had met someone and was moving to Europe. Needless to say, I was not in the best of moods. I went back to the apartment and decided to drown my sorrows.

I had had a few beers, had gotten over the initial melancholy state, and was just feeling lonely. It was a warm night, so I’d been sitting out on my patio in just my running shorts and a tank top, probably sweating the beer out of my system about as fast as it was going in. About 10 o’clock I went inside to see what was on the tube–I channel surfed until I came across a soft-porn flick on HBO–no real plot or dialoge, but at least the babes were naked a lot, and nice to look at. So, in no time I had a nice boner, not that it was going to do me any good by myself. Rather than let my newly-single status get me down again, I turned off the tube and went to get another beer.

“This is fucking perfect!!” I yelled when I opened the fridge to find no beer. I grabbed my wallet and caught the elevator down to the ground floor, hoping to catch the mini-mart before they closed. I got there just as the owner was locking the door, but he was nice enough to open it and sell me a six-pack. I left so he could get home and started walking back down to the elevator. I noticed the lights on in Jay’s office, so I peeked in the door. Jay was on the phone at the receptionist’s desk, but saw me and waved. I help up the beer and mouthed “Want one?”. He nodded, came over and unlocked the door and let me in, never stopping his conversation. I didn’t want to listen in, so I sat down in his office, opened a beer Eyüp Escort and waited for Jay to get off the phone.

Jay covered the phone with his hand and said “Sorry about this–I’m trying to finalize vacation plans for this couple, and they have a million questions.” His voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper. “There’s a joint in the top drawer, why don’t you light it up and we’ll get high while I try to get off the phone.”

That spounded like a good idea to me, in my present state, so I lit up, took a hit, then walked over to Jay and handed him the joint. He took a big hit, handed it back to me, all the while nodding and saying “Uh-huh” to whoever he was taking to. I walked back into the doorway of his office so I could smoke unnoticed by whever walked by. Jay would reach out for the joint and I’d pass it to him, then retreat back into his office. It didn’t take long to finish the joint, so I sat down in Jay’s office to wait for him to get off the phone. I was getting a REALLY good buzz from the grass and beer, so I just sat back and propped my feet up, letting my mind wander. I replayed a couple of the better nude scenes from the movie earlier in my head, wishing I could be acting them out with my girlfriend, or any girl. I opened my eyes when I heard Jay start to laugh. “Looks like somebody’s feeling good tonite,” he said, looking right at my crotch. I looked down and realized a had a huge erection sticking out the leg of my jogging shorts–grass will do it to me every time. I was too stoned to really care, so I just laughed with him. He turned back to make notes at his desk about flight times or something. In the meantime, my mind started working. I was horny as hell, my girlfriend had just dumped me, there was somebody sitting 10 feet away who wanted me–when you’re fucked up all this makes sense. I decided “what have I got to lose, I’m leaving town in a week anyways” and decided to take Jay up on his earlier offer. Only problem was, he obviously wasn’t going to get off the phone anytime soon, and I knew if I waited I’d lose my nerve.

I looked around in his desk drawer and found a note pad and pen. I quickly jotted a note a both sides, then walked over to where Jay was talking on the phone. He glanced down at the note and read “Wait one minute, then turn over”.

He looked up, puzzled and started to turn the paper over. I stopped him, pointed to where it said “one minute”, then walked back into his office.

As soon as I got into his office I stepped out of the doorway, pulled off my shirt and shorts, then leaned against his desk where he could easily see me.

After about 30 seconds (I knew he wouldn’t wait the whole minute) I saw Jay turn the note over, and thought to myself what was written there: “Get off the phone NOW and what you see is what you get”.

Jay turned around in his chair and his eye widened at the sight of me leaning against his deck sporting a hard-on with a big smile on my face and a “come and get it” look in my eyes.

“Ms Jenkins,” he said into the telephone, obviously interrupting whoever was talking. “My computer just locked up and Eyüp Escort Bayan I can’t get it unlocked, so I’m going to have call the support people in the morning. I’ve already booked the flights you wanted, and your hotel. There’s nothing more I can do tonight, so I’ll call the hotel in the morning and make sure they have a car waiting for you at the airport, then I’ll call you back and let you know everything’s taken care of. Bye.”

And with that, he was off the phone and standing in front of me in his office.

“Why the sudden change in attitude?” he asked.

“Does it really matter?” I asked back. “You want me, I want to try it your way, right now, with you, and we’ll worry about the rest in the morning.”

Jay looked at me for a few seconds without saying a work, then walked back into the front office, made sure the door was locked, then turned off the lights so that only the desk lamp was on. He walked over to me and stopped, our bodies almost touching. He reached out and ran his fingers lightly over my chest, and smiled when he felt my nipples harden under his touch. He dropped his hand to my cock, his fingers lightly exploring me and leaned in and kissed me. I’d never kissed a guy, or thought I would, so my mind was racing about a million miles an hour at this point. He pulled back about half an inch, and stared into my eyes, then kissed me again, harder, his tongue flicking over my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue in, letting him explore my mouth, pushing my tongue back against his. I reached up and pulled his shirt over his head. We broke our kiss just long enough to get the shirt off, then we were back at it hard and heavy, Jay stroking my cock with one hand and cupping my ass with the other, me running my hands through his hair, keeping his lips against mine.

We kissed like this for several minutes, then Jay pulled away and leaned down to suck and bite my nipple. I love it when chicks do that to me, and he was doing it way better than any chick ever did. He alternated sucking my nipples until they were so hard they hurt, then kissed his way down my belly, stopping to explore my navel with his tongue, then kneeling with his mouth close enough to my cock that I could feel his breath on me. He ran his tongue lightly over the tip and head, tasting the pre-cum that was oozing out, then swallowed me in one move.

I’m not the most endowed guy in the world; I’ve got 8 inches and I’m pretty thick. I’d never had a girl take more than half of me orally, and Jay had his nose in my pubes right off the bat. I moaned out loud at how good what he was doing felt, and he began to pull back until only the head was in his mouth. He swirled his tongue over the head, then swallowed me again, giving me the most incredible blowjob of my life. My thoughts were spinning around like crazy–I’m standing in this office buck naked while a naked guy is giving me the most fantastic oral sex I’ve ever gotten, and I’m loving it.

I could feel that familiar feeling in my balls that told me I was getting close to orgasm, but as good as this was feeling I didn’t want to cum yet. Escort Eyüp I pulled out of Jay’s mouth, and he looked up at me in surprise.

“Don’t worry, I’m not stopping you, I just want to try and return the favor,” I said huskily.

Jay laid back on the carpet, pulling me with him. “Turn around and kneel over me,” he said. I quickly got into a 69 position, then gasped as he reached up and swallowed me yet again. I looked down at his cock, standing straight up. I reached out and stroked it, then leaned down and ran my tongue over his, marveling at the taste of cock. I loved the velvety hardness of him under my tongue, the masculine smell. I tried to take all of him at once and almost gagged myself.

“Slow down,” I heard him whisper from under me. Just take as much as you can at first, then slowly take a little more each time.”

I tried again, slowly lowering my mouth onto his cock, exploring him with my tongue as I took about half of his 6 inches into my mouth. I held it there, running my tongue over him, letting his taste fill my mouth, then slowly took a little more of him. I tried to mimic what he had done for me earlier, pulling back until just the tip of his head was in my mouth, then leaning forward to take as much as I could. I almost gagged when his cock hit the back of my throat, but I made myself relax, breathing thru my nose until I relaxed, then taking a little more of him. Before I realized what was happening, I felt the tickle of his pubic hairs on my nose, and realized that I had just deep-throated a cock! We were in a rhythm now, sucking each other’s cock, cupping each other’s asses, taking each other fully, the pace picking up. Jay was moaning arond my cock a lot, so I guess I was doing a pretty good job, but a little straight voice in the back of my mind was wonderng, what do I do when he comes? About that time I could sense my orgasm fast approaching. I guess Jay knew it too, because he began to frantically deepthroat me, and I followed suit. As I began to explode Jay grabbed my ass, burying his face in my pubes as I pumped my cum down his throat. I could feel his throat massaging the head of my cock as he swallowed, which only made me come more. Suddenly he thrust his hips upward, burying his cock in my mouth. I felt him swell, then jerk as his hot, salty cum blasted into my mouth. I jerked back, and felt the next blast hit my face. I swallowed his man-juice and took him back into my mouth before I missed the next shot, trying to swallow fast enough to keep up with what felt like a gallon of cum.

Our orgasms began to subside, but neither of us wanted to let go. I could feel myself losing my hard-on even as Jay ran his tongue over me, trying to get every drop of me. I returned the favor, not wanting to lose a single drop of him. Suddenly, he pulled away from me and began to laugh.

“what’s so funny?”

“For somebody that’s never sucked a cock, you’re goddamn fabulous!” he replied. That struck me as funny somehow, and I began to laugh, too. He turned aound on the floor and put his arms around me, then kissed me, our tongues mingling the taste of our juices in our mouths. We kissed for about a minute, then he pulled away and looked at me. “So, are we gonna stay on the floor like this, or shall we go up to my place?”

“Why don’t we go to mine?” I said. It’s one floor lower and even closer.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32