First Meeting

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(Note: This story is designed to be read by the sub in a D/s relationship. Particularly, by a younger female sub for an older male Dom. The story is written in the first person and the present tense from the Dom’s point of view. It is NOT meant to imply or support any real incestuous relationships. In addition, the story is not meant to imply that the sub is in any way younger than the age of consent.

Further, the story contains two symbols that need to be edited to make the story much more fun to read. Load the story into your favorite word processor and replace “Mary” with any name you would like; yours if you are a sub or your sub if you are a Dom. Then replace Denver with any city you like. A good word processor will fix the case correctly on each word. The Dom is simply called “Daddy” by the sub and therefore no name replacement is required. I have begun part two but it needs more work to not be city specific. If I get good feedback and interest in the second part, I shall prepare the second part.)

I take the taxi to the hotel in Denver and review my notes for the business meeting in the cab. I know that I have to be prepared for the business meeting tomorrow that has brought me to your city and I want to do well so that I will get to return. But, I know too that since tonight is our first time to meet, I want to not be in a hurry. When the cab arrives at the hotel, I pay the fare and go check in. The room is nice and the bed is large and comfortable. The room is fairly high up and the large windows open to a nice view of the city. I smile to myself, thinking about having you stand naked against the window with your arms and legs spread. The thought causes me to begin to get an erection but I turn and put my things away. I turn on the TV and wait for you to call.

After about an hour, I am getting nervous because you haven’t called. I worry that something has happened or you changed your mind, or lost my contact information, or wrote it down wrong and have called the wrong hotel. Finally, the phone rings and when I answer, there you are. You are downstairs and I suggest that I come down and that we go to the restaurant to get a bite to eat before coming upstairs. You agree and we hang up. I come down and look around the lobby and spot you immediately. You look at me and it is clear you recognize me too. I walk calmly to you and you get up and wait by your chair. When I get to you, you smile and look down. I reach out and caress your hair as I have so often done in text. It feels lovely to me. “Give me a hug, sweetie,” I say softly. You smile and put your arms around me and we hug. The hug goes on and on as you don’t really want to let go because you are enjoying the way it feels after wanting to for so long. “I think it would be inappropriate for you to kneel for me here in the lobby, Mary, but you can kneel on the couch. It will look like you chose that instead of sitting.” You let go and kneel on the couch, the skirt I told you to wear settling modestly over your thighs.

I sit and look at you. “You look just as lovely as I knew you would,” I tell you and you blush again.

“Thank you, daddy,” you say softly. “I am so glad you are here. I have been very nervous about the meeting, but it feels very good to me.” I smile, for although you always type the word “you” with a capital letter I almost feel that I hear it when you say it.

I nod and say “Good honey, because I am not going to hurt you in anyway that you don’t like, and I know from all our conversations that you don’t like pain. At anytime, if I do something that scares you, you are given permission right now to tell me so. You must then tell me why so we can work together on not having you be scared.”

Your eyes are so big and round but they are smiling as you say, “Yes, daddy. Thank you.”

I rise and hold out my hand to you. “Come, let’s go into the restaurant and get something to eat and talk some more. Then and only then if you are comfortable, shall we go to the room and be alone.” You take my hand and we walk to the restaurant and are seated at a table for two, with low romantic lighting and no one very close by. The waiter hands you a menu and then one to me and leaves.

“What may I have, daddy?” You ask, your eyes roaming over my face.

“You may have any salad you would like, and any chicken or non-meat dish you want. You may not have any fish except for shrimp nor any red meat.” I reply, looking at the menu myself. You select a dish within those guidelines and tell me what you want. I select a dish as Bahis Sitesi well and close my menu, setting it aside. For a few minutes, we talk about the flight up and I tell you some about the business meeting that caused me to be coming up. The waiter arrives and I tell him to your joy, “My daughter will have….”.

After he leaves, you blush again, and say, “Daddy, that gave me a tingle when you called me your daughter.”

“Good, my dear. But tonight you are.” Smiling, I pass the bread basket to you and you take a roll and return the basket to me. I go on to talk more about the meeting and sooner than we might have expected, our dinner arrives. As you are served your entree, I say to you, “Honey, before you begin to eat, I think there is something you need to do.” The waiter leaves and you look up at me expectantly. “Do you have panties on?”

*Yes, sir,” you reply. “Was I not supposed to have them on?”

“No, there was not a specific directive about panties.” I say. “But I don’t want you to wear panties for dinner. Go to the ladies room and remove them. Then wash your hands and return to the table. When you sit down, don’t flash me or anyone, just be modest.”

“Yes daddy,” you reply. You rise from the table and go off in search of the ladies room. In a little while you return, with the panties wadded into a ball in one hand.

*Daddy, I didn’t know where to put them. I have no pockets in the skirt.” you say.

“Hand them to me,” I say, holding out my hand. You put your little hand over mine and open your fingers and the bunched up panties fall into my hand. Smiling, I hold them up by the hips of the panties, spreading them out so they are clearly visible. You blush madly but don’t look around to see who can see. I fold them and put them in my jacket pocket. We finish our meal, and as the time passes, you squirm a little knowing that you are sitting in a fine restaurant with no panties on.

*Do you want to walk around a little, or do you feel safe enough to go up to the room?” I ask you. You squirm a little more in the chair.

“I trust you daddy,” you say. “We can go upstairs.”

“When we get in the elevator, I will give you your panties to put on.” I say as I put my hand in my jacket pocket and take your hand with the other one. I lead you out of the restaurant and over to the elevators. I push the button for the elevator, and as we wait, I take your panties out of my pocket and hold them in front of me. The doors open, and a male guest steps off the elevator and walks away without noticing that I am holding a small pair of panties in my hand. We step on the elevator and I punch the floor for my room and then hand you the panties as the doors begin to close. “Put them on, honey!” I command you.

“Yes, Sir,” you reply. You take the panties and turning them in your hand get them right side out and front to front. You bend over slightly and lift your foot to step into them. Your foot slides through the leg hole and you pull them up to just above your knee. Then you lift your other leg to put it through the leghole on the other side. As you do, I reach down and run my hand along your thigh and up under your skirt, but I stop just short of touching your pussy. You finish placing your leg in and pull the panties up under your skirt. The action pushes your skirt up and although I cannot see your pussy, I do get a nice view of your legs. You straighten your skirt, just as the doors open to my floor. I lead you out of the elevator and down the hall.

“Once we have gotten past this first time together, anytime you visit me at a hotel you will be required to stop in the hall, strip completely and enter my room naked and on your knees.” I tell you as we approach the door to my room. I put the key in the lock and continue, “but this time, because it is the first time, you shall not have to do that.” Glancing at you, I think you look relieved. I let you in and then close the door behind you.

The room is spacious, with a king sized bed, a desk with a computer and a web-cam, and a couch in addition to the dresser and standard hotel TV. The window is very large, and the drapes are drawn back to allow the view of the city and the nearby buildings. While we aren’t on the lower floors, we aren’t so high that no other building looks in. I go and sit on the couch and wait.

“Wow,” you say. “This is a nice room.” You look at me and for a second are puzzled. Suddenly you realize and sink to your knees, hands on thighs with the palms down, shoulders back, head Bahis Siteleri up but eyes modestly downcast. “I am yours, daddy.”

“Good girl.” I say. “I wondered when you realize where you should be. It took you a second too long perhaps.” I get up and go to the mini-bar. “Would you like something to help you relax a little?” I reach in and pull out a bottle of wine and open it. I pour us each a glass and hand you yours. You take it and start to take a sip.

“Thank you daddy,” you say just before sipping. The wine is nice and you sip on it, and as you relax you feel better. You remember that I have given you release words to say in the event that something is too stressful or demanding for you so that you can request a discussion without having to actually say ‘no’. In nothing flat, your glass is empty.

“I will give you another if you want, but only because we ate first. I am not here to have you or anyone think I got you drunk.” I say.

“Oh no, daddy,” you reply. “I won’t get drunk.”

I sit in front of you, and look at your knees. “Open your knees wider, they are too close together.” I tell you. You immediately open your legs and I enjoy the view up your skirt now. “Humm, maybe I should have left your panties off…then I would be seeing your smooth pussy now.”

You blush, but otherwise feel a thrill run through your body. You are very excited that you are going to get to show me your body finally after all this time. “Whatever you want, daddy.”

“Get up and stand in front of the window, facing out to the world.” I tell you and you immediately comply. “Now take all of your clothes off.” You undo your skirt, and drop it too the floor. You reach up and unbutton your shirt and slip it off your shoulders. You unhook your bra and remove it, adding it to the pile on the floor. You hook your thumbs in the waistband of your panties, but I stop you. “No! Wait! I will do them. Move up to the window, put your hands up high on the window to each side and press your body against the window. Not too hard, I don’t want you to break it with those razor sharp nipples I see.”

You move to the position I described and your nipples feel the cold of the glass against them. I move a chair behind you and sit down. Reaching out, I hook my fingers into your panties and pull the back down over your butt. Your bare cheeks are exposed to me and I slap each one lightly, though not to cause you pain at all. Then I push the panties lower and they slide halfway down your thighs. I reach between your legs and feel the soft, smooth and tender skin of your pussy for the first time. With my free hand, I push the panties on down to your ankles. “Step out of them, spread your legs and press your pussy against the window for the world to see your daddy playing with it.”

You step out of the panties and open your legs to about shoulder width. You tilt your hips forward so that your bare mons rubs the cold glass, but the heat in your body no longer cares as my finger slides back and forth along your slit, rubbing in from the back. My finger tip finds your clit and you moan, almost out of control and already on the verge of cumming for the first time. I slide my hand back and forth, making my finger slide along the now wet slit. My moistened fingertip glides across your clit and you cry out, “Daddy, I am about to cum.”

“Yes, you may cum my baby.” I whisper, having risen to breath in your ear. My body crushes your naked body against the window and my fingertip flicks your clit back and forth and you cum so hard your legs begin to give out. But for my hand between your legs, you would have crumpled to the floor. I hold you up by your crotch as your hips thrust and buck and your orgasm consumes your energy. Finally, when it is over, I lower you slowly to the floor when you sit in a heap trying to catch your breath.

“That is only the first of several orgasms you will have tonight before I will allow you to sleep or to have my cum,” I say. You can only nod as yet because you are still out of breath. “Go into the bathroom and fill the tub. I want to bathe you.”

You cannot yet walk so you crawl into the bathroom and start the water running. I come in and stand behind you as you adjust the temperature of the water and then crawl into the tub. I take the soap and begin to lather you up, soaping under your arms and along your back and down your tits. As my soapy fingers slide over your tits for the first time, your nipples harden and the tingle runs to your core. I push my hands down your tummy Canlı Bahis Sitesi and between your legs from the front. “Up onto the edge of the tub. I want to shave your pussy for you.” I sit you on the side of the tub, your knees wide and your hips thrust forward so your pussy lips are off the edge. I soap your pussy up and your body responds immediately and your labia flush and open. I take the safety razor and carefully shave your mons and then your lips. I open your lips to be sure no hair hides in the folds. When I am done, I gesture and you sit in the water again. I slip my hand under you and wash your ass crack with soap, my finger sliding slickly over your asshole. Your body quivers with anticipation, as you know that means I intend to lick you there because I told you that I would to but only if I washed it myself.

My finger rubs back and forth across your asshole, and then begins to work into it a little bit. You gasp in surprise, not at the fact that I have done so, but at how pleasurable it is. Immediately, you feel your clitty start to throb. I know what the gasp represents, so I tell you, “Get up on your knees, sitting back in the water on your ankles…hold the side of the tub so you don’t fall over.”

You obey, pulling your knees under you and sitting back on your ankles which leaves your ass and pussy in the water but no longer pressed against the bottom of the tub. My hand returns to your asshole, and my finger opens it slightly and my finger goes into you to the first knuckle. You have touched your ass before, as you have been instructed, but it never has felt this good. I slide my other hand down your tummy and along your slit. My fingertip pushes back the hood over your clit to expose it and then begins small circles.

You cannot help but moan in pleasure, surprised at how suddenly your body responded and so quickly after the other orgasm. Your hips try to move some pushing first back at the finger in your ass and then away from that finger. The movement of your muscles makes your ass tighten on my finger and then relax. My finger on your clit begins to guide your movements.

“Mary, reach up and play with your titties for daddy…pinch your nipples.” I say to you. You take your hands from the sides of the tub and cup your titties and roll your nipples between your thumb and forefinger. The combination of sensations and my directions are driving you rapidly to another orgasm. Suddenly, I pull my finger from your ass, and remove my finger from your clit. Reaching up I pull your hands from your titties, but you are teetering on the brink of orgasm, your breath coming in short gasps. Your hips continue to move in the water, the hump of woman about to cum but not quite able to.

“Oh daddy..I am … right…oh…on the brink…of ….cumming…if you touch me … again…at all … I will cum … I cannot… control it.” you moan.

“Let’s see if I can make you cum the next time I touch you.” I say. I lean in close and whisper softly in your ear, “You are so close to cumming that if I touch you anywhere, the sensations will go right to your clit and you will think I am licking your clit with my tongue and you will cum immediately. And you have my permission to cum again.” And, with that, I slide my fingertip over your still throbbing clit and the instant I touch it, you begin to shake and the orgasm rolls through your body. You don’t have any idea where I really touched you but know that wherever it was, it was as I said it would be and felt as if it were your clit.

I rub your clit slowly to finish the orgasm, and then I remove my finger from you. You are holding to the edge of the tub to not fall over again. “Wow you say,” not sure where I really touched you but thinking that the suggestion made it feel like your clit.

I gesture and take a fresh towel and hold it open for you. You stand, letting the water begin to drain from the tub and step out onto the floor mat. I dry your back, and then your titties. I dry your mons and then your butt. I hand you the towel then to finish and I go back into the bedroom, but you see that my cock is very hard in my pants and you know that you have given me pleasure. You finish drying and hang the towel on the rod. Then you walk in the room, your back straight, shoulders back to show off your tits as you know I want you to walk. You come to before me and kneel again, opening your knees so your pussy is exposed as it should be. Your hands rest on your thighs with your palms down, but you are careful to keep your shoulders and elbows back to keep your titties up nicely.

I smile at you and say, “You are doing well, Mary. Are you having fun so far?”

Nodding, with your eyes wide with wonder, you say, “Oh yes, daddy..oh my yes.”

“Good,” I reply. “We have a lot more to do tonight.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32