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I was fourteen when my mother died. Her last months were pretty hard on Dad and me, especially Dad, and it took him a couple years to get his feet back under himself. He did get his life back together, and I was happy for him when he could finally bring himself to start dating again. It wasn’t long before he was regularly seeing a woman named Michelle, who had been divorced a year or two earlier, and had a daughter my age. I knew things were starting to get serious when Dad introduced me to her. And even more serious, when Dad and Michelle planned an all-day picnic outing to a campground on the lake, so the four of us could ‘start getting to know each other’.

I had to say, I couldn’t complain about Dad’s choice. Michelle was certainly a nice enough lady, and she wasn’t pushy about becoming my ‘new mom’, or anything like that. By the time I was 17, I wasn’t in the market for a ‘new mom’, but I also knew that, if Dad went ahead and married her, like it seemed he was inclined to do, that the two of us would have to get along. And that wasn’t going to be hard at all.

I also knew I was going to need to get along with her daughter, at least until one or both of us grew up and moved out. But I really had no idea who her daughter was, until the four of us got together at the lake.

I actually knew Kelly from school. I should rather say, I knew who she was; we’d barely had any direct contact with each other, even though we’d been in the same classes for several years. Kelly was one of the ‘popular kids’ — a cheerleader, her friends were the other cheerleaders, and the guys on the sports teams. I, on the other hand, was kind of a nerd — I had a reputation as a ‘brainiac’, and a math-science geek. So my ‘sphere’ and Kelly’s didn’t overlap a whole lot.

Once I knew who my would-be stepsister was, I was a little nervous about how it was all going to work out. Would Kelly play the typical ‘social dominance’ games against me, or would we work out a decent way to live together under the same roof? At least at first, she seemed inclined to treat me pleasantly enough, and as our parents’ courtship proceeded, and we were starting to act more and more like a family-to-be, we actually came to like each other.


Once Dad and Michelle were married, and the four of us were all living together under the same roof, there was a brief period of adjustments to be made. Both Kelly and I had been ‘only children’, and so it was different — and not unpleasant — to have a sibling for the first time in my life, even if the bathroom wasn’t quite as available as it had been my whole life before then.

Kelly and I came to a really good way of ‘living together’, now that we were step-siblings. I was happy to help her with her homework; her grades actually improved after we started living together, and she seemed genuinely grateful for my help.

For my part, Kelly was helpful in showing me how to be a bit more ‘social’ than I’d been accustomed to being. Her ‘popular’ friends would come over to the house, and I got to know them better, and we all kind-of came to realize that we weren’t so ‘foreign’ to each other as we’d supposed. Not at all that I was glad my mother had died, but I was really enjoying the ways my horizons were expanding in our ‘new family’.


Kelly and I both turned 18 the fall of our senior year; our birthdays were just over a week apart (just for the record — she’s older than me). “See,” she smiled, “we have even more in common than we thought!”

The night of my birthday, after all the candles were blown out, and birthday presents opened, songs sung and cake-and-ice-cream eaten, Kelly and I were chatting in her room. Kelly cocked her head sideways and said to me, “You know, you’re nothing like what I expected you’d be.”

I laughed. “And just how did you ‘expect me to be’?”

“Well, I thought you were kind of a nerd, and that you’d be kinda weird, and awkward, and hard to relate to. But you’re not like that at all.”

“Well, I’m glad I could exceed your expectations. I suppose I should say, since we’re on the topic, that I was worried you’d be all, ‘I’m so cool, and you’re not’ with me, and you’re not at all like that, either. You’re a really neat person, and I like you a lot.”

Kelly stopped and looked at me, thinking about what I’d just said. “Thank you for saying that. It means a lot to me. I don’t want to be all ‘stuck-up’, just because we’ve had different friends. I think you’re pretty neat, and I like you, too.”

I went over to her, and gave her a hug — as brotherly a hug as I could muster up, even though I was still pretty new to the whole ‘brother’ thing. “I think we’re gonna be just fine,” I said quietly.

“Me too.”


The other adjustment that needed to be made was simply having women in the house. Of course, I’d grown up with my mom, but Dad and I had been living a pretty Spartan existence for the past few years, and it was different — in a good way, for sure — having ‘feminine touches’ around the house again, and I’d never had kocaeli escort a sister before, so that was all new. Even just having people in the house who smelled nice. There were the little ‘daily life’ things like the women’s underwear hanging in the bathroom, that were definite markers that my life was different than it had been. And I didn’t mind those at all, either. In fact, in an odd way that I couldn’t really put my finger on, I found them interesting; exciting, even.

One evening, shortly after my birthday, I was in the shower, when I heard the door open. “Who’s there?” I called out.

“It’s just me,” answered Kelly.

“Um. . . I’m in the shower.”

“I know; I have to pee really bad. Hope you don’t mind. Besides,” she said, “we can’t see through the curtain, anyway. You stay on your side, and I’ll stay on mine.”

From the other side of the shower curtain, I could hear the sound of Kelly peeing. My penis stirred at the image in my brain.

“Okay,” I finally answered, “you stay on your side, and I’ll stay on mine.”

I heard the toilet flush. Then, light appeared from around the end of the curtain.

“I lied!” Kelly said, grinning wickedly as she peeked in on me, while I tried in vain to hide my nakedness, and the fact that my penis was semi-hard, from her. “Oooh!” she giggled, pointing at my cock. “Is that your. . . thing?” She only peeked for a few seconds before closing the curtain and leaving the bathroom, but it felt like she was checking me out for hours. And yet, oddly, once she’d left, I found myself more excited than flustered.


A few days later, Kelly and I were sitting in the living room watching a show on TV, when Michelle wandered through, dressed only in a filmy nightgown. Backlit by the light from the kitchen, it was completely see-through. I could clearly see her large, round boobs, with dark nipples at their tips, and how they bounced when she walked. I could see the curve of her hips, and even the cleft in her butt. And the dark, triangular patch at her crotch. I tried not to be too obvious about checking her out — she was my step-mother, for heaven’s sake! — but even so, I could feel my breathing getting deeper and quicker, and blood rushing to my penis. It was the closest I’d ever been to seeing a real-live naked woman.

When Michelle wandered back down the hall, Kelly ran after her. “Mom!” I heard her say, in a loud whisper, “Tim can see right through your nightgown!”

“Oh, just settle down, dear,” I heard her mother whisper back. “I doubt he was even paying attention.”

Kelly harrumphed. “Maybe,” she said, “but I wouldn’t be so sure.”

“I’ll try to be more careful, dear,” I heard her mother reassure her. “And thanks for looking out for me.”

Kelly came back to the living room, shaking her head and muttering. “I swear, it’s like she forgets that it’s more than just her and me living here.”


Circumstances seemed to be conspiring to keep my sexual temperature elevated, all in the first few days after my 18th birthday. A few days after my step-mother’s unintentional peep show, Kelly and I were talking in her room, with the door open. Her room was at the end of the hall on one side; mine was just up the hall from, hers. Dad and Michelle shared the master bedroom, which was next to Kelly’s, on the other side of the hall.

During a pause in our conversation, we heard a *click* as the door to our parents’ room was locked, from the inside. Kelly and I looked at each other. “Really?” she asked in a low voice, of no one in particular. Then, grabbing me by the arm, she took me over by the bedroom door, and the two of us sat on the floor, on either side of the door to the master bedroom. “This could be fun,” Kelly giggled, quietly.

From the other side of the door, we could hear Michelle giggling, intermixed with a few exclamations of surprise, and ‘Ooohs’. Before long, the sounds had morphed into purrs and moans and groans. Kelly and I grinned at each other mischievously.

After the moans and groans went on for a while, we heard Michelle say something. I couldn’t quite make it out, so I leaned over to Kelly. “What’d she say?” I whispered.

Kelly was wide-eyed, and could barely contain herself. “She said, ‘Put it in me!'”

My eyes got wide with the realization that we were really and truly listening in on our parents having sex — that Michelle was telling Dad to put his penis into her. From behind the door, the moaning and groaning took on a more rhythmic character, accompanied by the faint sound of squeaking bedsprings.

Kelly slid over to where I was sitting, positioning herself in front of me, facing away from me. She had a far-away look on her face now, as she wrapped my arms around herself. As we continued to listen in on the rhythmic sexual sounds from behind the door, she moved my hands to cover her breasts, and instinctively, I began to caress and fondle them, kneading the soft, firm flesh through her bra and shirt. It didn’t immediately occur to me, caught up as we both were in the erotic excitement kocaeli escort bayan of the situation, but I had never felt a real girl’s boobs before. Once I did realize it, I was nearly overcome with the wonderful sensation of Kelly’s full, firm young breasts, and I squeezed them with great relish. As I did, I could feel my penis swelling, straining to find room for itself inside my pants, and I instinctively ground it against Kelly’s backside.

The sounds from behind the door were getting more intense, and soon we heard Michelle, no longer able to keep her voice quiet, emit a long, tremulous wail. “Ooooooh, God!” she cried. “Ooooooh, God! Yes! Oh, yes!” And then we heard Dad make a loud grunt, as Michelle whimpered, “Oh, yeah, baby. . . you’re coming in me. . . give me your cum. . . oh, yeah. . .”

Hearing that, I very nearly came myself.

Kelly stood up quickly, and pulled me up after her. “Come on,” she whispered. “They’re pretty much done. We don’t want ’em to catch us here.” So we went to a spot in the other end of the house, and when our parents emerged from their bedroom, clad in their flannel PJ’s, we smiled sweetly at them, like we’d been there the whole time.


Kelly and I held onto the excitement of listening in on our parents for a few weeks afterward. We even got to repeat it a couple times. And each time, we ended with me feeling Kelly’s boobs outside her clothes, grinding my erection against her butt.

A couple weeks later, Dad and Michelle had to go to a wedding out of town, which Kelly and I weren’t invited to, so the two of us had to stay home alone together. Aiming to keep us ‘out of trouble’, they assigned us the job of cleaning the attic while they were gone. Of course, we promised to be good, and to clean up our drunken party before they got home. They laughed at our lame little joke (more nervously than they really needed to, I thought), hugged us, then got in the car and left.

For lack of anything better to do, Kelly and I decided to just head up to the attic and get started on our ‘chore’. The attic was a mess, and we spent nearly an hour just trying to get things cleaned up enough to move around and get organized. Once we could move around more freely, we could talk more easily. At first, we were just forming our plan for how we were going to organize things, but before long, we were talking more casually.

“What do you think about listening to my mom and your dad having sex?” Kelly asked. “Isn’t it cool?”

I chuckled nervously. “I can’t believe they don’t know we’re doing it!”

“Yeah, but we sure know that they’re doing it!”

We both laughed.

Kelly continued, more earnestly now. “Have you ever had sex, Tim?”

I looked at her, incredulously. “I can barely say three words to a girl, besides you, Kelly. Um. . . no; I’ve never had sex. But I bet you have, right?”

Kelly seemed genuinely hurt. “Do you think that, because I’m popular, that I’m some kind of slut?”

“Uh, no, Kelly, that’s not what I meant at all,” I backpedaled. “I’m sorry, I. . .”

“That’s okay,” she said, with a soft smile. “It’s not like there’s no reason to think that. Lots of my friends have. But just for the record — no, I’ve never had sex, either.”

I smiled to myself, pleased with her answer, though it shouldn’t really have mattered to me.

She continued. “But my mom thinks I must be having sex; she’s had me on The Pill for two years. Isn’t that weird — a virgin on The Pill?”

I chuckled; it was funny, and it made me wonder what Michelle was thinking. Not that it really mattered. “Do you wonder what it’s like?” I asked.

“Heck yes! I mean, I sit outside my parents’ door, listening in on them. . .”

“Good point. Me too. I mean, I’d love to have sex, but I have no idea how to go about it. I mean, I kinda know what to do, but. . . well, who’d want to have sex with me, anyway?”

Kelly smiled at me, shyly. In a soft voice, she said, “I would.”

I was stunned. You could have knocked me over with a feather. “You. . . I mean. . . holy shit, Kelly. . . I mean. . . you would?”

She nodded.

“But. . . WHY?”

Kelly chuckled to herself. “You’re sweet. And you’re a lot cooler than anyone knows. And you’re not always trying to get something from me. You just like me for me. You know?”

I was struck by the realization that what, to me, seemed like just plain common sense, and the right way to treat people, wasn’t so common in the world Kelly had grown up in. And I realized that, the two of us having been thrown together because our parents had married each other a year ago, I had come to love her. A whole swirl of emotions was throwing me for a loop.

“I’ve got an idea,” Kelly said.

“What’s that?”

“It’s really cheesy.”

“Okay; what?”

“Really, REALLY cheesy.”

“Okay, I get that it’s cheesy; what the heck is your idea?”

She looked at the attic floor and blushed. “How ’bout you show me yours and I show you mine?”

I laughed out loud. “Yeah, that’s pretty izmit escort cheesy! I dunno, though; I mean, would it be right? We’re practically brother and sister.”

“But we’re not really, are we? We’re not really related at all, except that my mom married your dad.”

“Hmmmmm; good point,” I said, stroking my chin mock-thoughtfully. “So — your place or mine?”

“How about my place? At least — this time,” she said, with a wink.

“That would be most agreeable to me,” I said, and we headed down to Kelly’s room.


Once we were inside Kelly’s room, she closed the door behind us.

“Okay,” I began, “how do we start this? Who goes first?”

“I dunno,” she responded. “How ’bout you go first?”

“But you peeked at me in the shower already, so you should go first.”

Kelly screwed her face into a perplexed look, and admitted, “You got me there. Okay — first I’ll show you my boobs, since you’ve already felt them.”

“Outside your clothes,” I added.

“Outside my clothes, yes. . . But you’ve never seen them.”

“True,” I said, with the beginnings of a smirk. “But I’ve seen your mom’s; does that count?”

“Listen, buddy,” she said, in mock-exasperation, “do you want to see my boobs, or not?”

“Okay, okay,” I laughed. “Please, dear sister — may I see them?”

“That’s better,” she replied. “Yes, you may.” And with that, she grabbed her top by the waist, and peeled it off over her head. Her bra was a soft, flesh-colored one. I could see her nipples protruding against the fabric. Peeling the straps down over her shoulders, she looked at me trustingly, and peeled the cups down, exposing her beautiful breasts.

I gasped, ever-so-slightly. They were wonderful — round and full and firm, almost as big as her mother’s, and standing out proudly from her chest. Her nipples were reddish-brown, a bit more than an inch in diameter. I gazed on them with unfeigned wonder.

“Do you like them?”

“I like them a lot,” I said, my voice tinged with awe. “They are beautiful. Can I touch them?”

She nodded, and I moved in close to hold her naked torso in my arms. I spun her around in front of me, so I could fondle her boobs from behind, kneading their soft firmness, with no layers of clothing interposed.

Kelly pulled away, briefly. “Can I take you shirt off?” she asked. “I want to feel your skin against mine.” I quickly agreed, and a few seconds later, I held her naked torso against my own, while she slid her breasts back and forth against my naked chest, savoring the sensation of her nipples furrowing through my chest hair.

We luxuriated in that first skin-on-skin sensation for a long time, until finally Kelly reluctantly pulled away from me. “Okay — your turn,” she pronounced, giggling. “I wanna see more than two seconds’ worth, this time.”

I inhaled sharply. I had never purposefully shown my penis to anybody. I’d taken public showers with other guys, sure, but that wasn’t done with the intent of, ‘here, look at my penis’, you know? But Kelly had been bold enough (and trusting enough) to show me her boobs, and her boldness and trust spurred me on, to where I wanted to show her, to withhold nothing from her. Our mutual nakedness was becoming a bonding thing between us.

I unbuckled my belt, slipped my thumbs into the waistband of my jeans, and peeled them down my legs, until I was standing in front of her wearing nothing but my briefs. My erection was standing straight out in front of me, making a tent of the front of my briefs. Kelly was gazing at my tautly stretched underwear, and the spreading circle of fluid at the tip, with utter fascination. With her eyes, she urged me to go ahead and complete my task. So I peeled my briefs down, stretching the elastic waistband to clear my erection, displaying my eager young manhood to Kelly’s gaze. Just for fun, I clenched my pelvic muscles, causing it to twitch and jump for her, and she recoiled from it slightly, as if it were a living thing. Slowly, she reached for it, tentatively.

“Go ahead,” I urged her. “Touch it. I’d really like it if you did.”

Kelly took my straining erection in her small feminine hands. At first, she just held it, as if inspecting it, then she began to explore it more earnestly, stroking her hands lightly along the shaft and head, and smearing the slippery fluid that was oozing from the tip, all along the length and girth.

“It’s wonderful,” she breathed. “It’s almost like it’s alive.”

I sat down on the edge of her bed, and let her play with her new toy to her heart’s delight. Eventually, she discovered my balls, and once I’d admonished her to treat them very gently, she seemed to enjoy them, as well.

When she had finished her explorations of my penis, at least for the time being, she stood up. “My turn again,” she sighed, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her own jeans.

I stopped her. “May I?” I asked.

She smiled. “Of course.”

I unbuttoned the front of her jeans and peeled them down her legs, leaving only her panties between herself and complete nakedness. Grasping the elastic waistband of her panties, I looked into her eyes. She nodded, and I peeled her panties off her, leaving her completely naked before my adoring gaze, as naked as I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32