First Taste of Mike

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I was staying overnight with a good friend during our junior year of high school. We had both just turned 18 and were always horney. Both of us were jocks, but Mike was known more of a surfer and a girl chaser. I was still a virgin having only been able to “get my finger wet” with a few girls. Mike had already fucked a few girls around town, and I must admit, that I have checked him out in the showers after gym, and confirmed what he always bragged about having big dick.

I was A 5’6” 185lb muscular jock, and very proud of my 5 ½ inch cut cock. Mike was a bit taller and a few pounds lighter. I would soon find out, up close and personal, everything about his nice thick 7 inch cock. It had a fat mushroom head, and its girth widened out at the midpoint to roughly 5 inches in diameter. Memories of our last sleep over were rolling in my head. Six months earlier, Mike had stayed over at my house. I am John, this story begins with that night six months ago.

I lived several miles from town in the country of central California. It was getting late in the evening as we lounged around my room playing Atari. As the night grew late, we decided to go outside and walk around my parent’s 10 acre property.

It was a warm summer evening, we both were wearing loose fitting gym shorts and T-shirts. As we walked we talked about girls and how hot some were and how big of boobs some other had. Mike started bragging about banging a hot girl in our class called Traci. I had always had a crush on her, so I keep pressing him for details. He told me about how hot it was to have his dick sliding into her hot pussy, my cock began to harden. His story was pretty graphic, and he said he ended up cumming in her mouth because she didn’t want to get pregnant. He said that Traci kept telling him how much she loved sucking his dick. Mike described the look in her eyes as he blew a massive load of cum in her mouth. And she was groaning as she gulped his entire load. He then said she grabbed his cock and rubbed the last bit of cum all over her face, using his dick to rub his cum into her pretty face. I told him how lucky his was and that he must be kidding. He replied, that it was the truth, girls just love his dick. I couldn’t understand how a girl would be such a slut as to tell him all that stuff. And to rub his cum into their face, I thought was rather odd. I was really jealous, as I really like Traci.

By then my teen cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum. Before heading back into the house, he said he had to piss, so we stopped near the barn and we both began to piss. It was hard to get going, because my dick was rock hard. As I glanced over to Mike, I was amazed at the size of his cock, which was also at full salute. I couldn’t help but to stare and hope he didn’t catch me looking. I watched as he held his hard cock aiming it in a direction that completely showed the entire length to my viewing. He took the moment to slowly stroke his fat cock as a stream piss began to hit the ground. I watched almost awe struck as he finished taking a leak and stroked out the last remints of pee, before giving it a few more shakes then I thought necessary. I couldn’t wait to get back to the house to head to the bathroom and get some release. He said all the talk of pussy was making him Horney, and I agreed. We walked into my bedroom and I laid on my bed as he laid on the sleeping bag on the floor.

I tried to hide my hard on, and I could clearly see he was hard as he slid off his shorts, and his 7 inch hard cock poked out from the fly of his boxers. He said sorry for being so horny, but I told him not to worry as I too was rock hard. I turned off the light in my bed room, as we continued to talk about the girls at school we would like to hook up with. I laid back and slowly stroked my erection, hoping I was quiet enough for him not to notice. I could hear mike rustling under the sleeping bad, and began to get excited knowing that he too was stroking his big cock which I saw earlier. God how I wanted to ask him to remove the covers so I could see him work his magnificent cock.

Mike then said something that has forever changed my life, he asked if he could lay on the bed with me, since the floor was so uncomfortable. I said sure, but that it was only a twin bed, so it may be a little tight. He replied that he loved tight. As he stood up, the moonlight shown upon his tight teen body. He quickly pulled his boxers off, displaying his hard dick as it swung in front of his waist as he slowly walked to the bed and laid next to me… I had never had a gay thought in my life, until that moment, but was so horny I didn’t say a word as I felt our hard teen bodies being pressed together, our leaking cocks touched adding to my excitement. It was then that I felt his hand wrap around my cock. The pre-cum leaking from my head made it easy for him to slowly jack my cock. I turned to lay on my back, as he continued jacking my hard excited member. I removed the covers from us to see our hard 18 year old bodies pressed against each other at the hip. bursa eskort I watches his hands as he jacked both our cocks off with each hand. I always thought I had a nice cock, but mine looked a little small compared to his long fat cock with a beautiful mushroom head.

It was then he turned and pulled me back to my side as our cocks were pressed together. He then began using his two hands to jack off our cocks as they rubbed together. With the pre cum from both our dripping cocks, our hard dicks slid easily in his hand. Mike asked if I had ever jacked off before, and I said yes, every day. I looked down, watching as his clasped hands slowly slide up and down our straining dicks, feeling the hardness of his erections pressing against my throbbing erection. I was amazed at how sexy it looked and felt, as he continued to jerk our cocks together. He positioned our cocks so the underneath of each of our lengths were pressed tightly together. I had never had anyone else jack me off, other than myself.

He then leaned over and took my seeping cock into his mouth. I was I shocked, but also Overcome with pleasure as felt the first set of lips to ever touch my young dick. I let out a deep moan, as he took my cock into his warm mouth. I felt his tongue as he swirled around the head, and began to bob down my cock. I said GOD that feels so good, and told him that I had never had a BJ before. He took my cock from his mouth, and looking up at me said ” I was his first, and that he had always wanted to suck a dick” I was in heaven as I felt him return my cock to his hot wet mouth, and begin to again take more of my cock in his mouth. He began to use his right hand, milking more of my cock into his eager mouth. After only a few minutes I felt the incredible feeling of a huge cum shot building in my balls. I told him I was close to Cumming, and he responded by speeding up the pace of jacking my cock and bobbing his mouth down my cock almost to my balls. After just a few more moments I felt my balls tighten and my cock began spewing shot after shot of hot 18 year old fertile cum into his eager mouth. Mike continued to milk me into his mouth as I slowly came down from the best cum I had ever experienced. He keep the head of my prick in his mouth getting every last drop of my juvenile load.

I was about to tell him that that was the greatest moment of my life, when he suddenly got up on his knees and leaned over me, spitting my cum from his mouth, slowly moving from my stomach to my chest. Covering my naked body with my hot cum. He then began jerking off his engorged teen cock next to me. He jerked his cock furiously pointed his inflated mushroom head directly over my face. It was at that moment I wished he had offered his fat cock to my mouth, but at the instant his cock began to shoot a huge load of cum from his cock, he pointed his cock directed at my face, I watched, mesmerized as I saw the head of his cock swell and witnessed as the cum first started to shoot from the slit, I saw it widen as the first rope of cum flew at my face, landing with a wet splat across my left check, nose, mouth and neck.

I instinctively opened my mouth extending my tongue to capture his next volley of hot teen cum, but he had moved lower down my body as he milked out shot after shot of his boy cum. I felt his warm creamy cum hit me all over my naked body. I still remember watching his cock shoot 7 long ropes of hot cum and wishing that I had my lips around the big head of his cock catching all his magnificent load. I watched as he milked his cum onto my body. Watching cum slowly, drip form the head of his cock, in long slow trails as it oozed from his cock head down to my hard body as he moved side to side. I wiped my tongue across my lips capturing as much of his hot sperm as I could, using my fingers to collect and push into my waiting mouth the rest of his first volley.

He then began to spread our mixed cum around my chest with his still semi hard cock. God I wish he would have push his fat cum covered cock passed my lips. My eyes were glued to his cock, watching him push and spread all the hot cum around my flat abs and muscular chest. His cock head pushing through the pools of our cum, smearing it into my naked skin. Mike then raised his leg and straddled my stomach, pressing his cum covered cock firmly into my muscular chest. He raised up his hips and slowly began to thrust his semi hard cock onto my cum slicked stomach up to my chest, his cock head hitting my chin and neck. I was mesmerized watching and feeling his hot now hard teen cock rubbing through our mixed cum. He moved his hip up closer to my face as his wet cum covered cock smeared up my chin up over my lips and across my face. I felt his cock smear our cum across my face leaving a trail of wet cum all over my face.

He lowered his hips, guiding the head of his now rock hard cock into the biggest pool of cum on my chest. Rubbing his cock, collecting a glob on the head, he raised his cock up, bringing a long trail of cum to my face. I opened my mouth, bursa escort bayan waiting for his beautiful erect cock to invade my wanting mouth. I was so turn on that I quickly grasped his ass with both my hand, cupping his hard ass checks and pulling his hard cum covered erection to my waiting mouth. I have never been so turned on tasting my first cock, I wanted to lick, suck and devour every inch of his beautiful cock. I watched as if in slow motion, the beautiful mushroom head, cum dripping off it, slowly move to my anxious lips. As his head pressed to my lips, smearing them with cum, forcing my willing mouth open, I was amazed at the feeling as the head passed across my lips into my wet mouth, tasting our cum. Salty and almost metallic, I was overcome with passion.

As the head passed into my mouth, I felt my lips move to the girth of his shaft. The only thing that that mattered at that moment was to worship his magnificent cock. I swirled my tongue, tasting every contour of his member. Savoring the taste of the cum coating his cock. I could feel cum collecting on my lips, as his shaft went deeper into my mouth. I opened my mouth wider, using my tongue to wipe the remints of cum now resting on my swollen lips. I pulled his ass cheeks closer to me and forcing more of his hot cock into my eager mouth. Using my hands on his hips, I controlled the movement of his sweet dick in my mouth, I wanted to feel every inch of his tool. I washed his swollen head with my mouth, making sure it touched every part of my mouth, cheek, lips, and tongue. I pushed his hips forcing the cock from my mouth with a pop. I then licked and sucked on the underside of his cock, were the head met the shaft. Down to his sweet teen balls, I used my tongue to bath his cum filled balls with my saliva. My lips felt alive, almost as if they had swelled. I licked and softly sucked on the underside of his dick. I looked up to him, his fat hard cock laying across my cheek and I will never forget what I said. “Mike I love sucking your cock” I want you to cum in my mouth” I saw him smile as I pushed his glorious dick back into my waiting cock sucking mouth.

He finally got the hint and slowly began to take control, fucking my face, forcing inch after inch of his incredible dick into my mouth and throat. I could feel his cock slide down my 18 year old throat, causing me to gag and gasp for air. Mike continued thrusting into my mouth filling my throat with his magnificent cock, finally after 5 minutes of deep throat fucking, I could actually feel the head of his cock expand, and with a final push and a deep grunt, mike fed me my first hot creamy load of teen cum. I had been craving to taste his hot load, and was instantly overcome with a desire for more. I could feel his cock spurt 4 big shots of cum into my throat. I was overcome, feeling the head of his cock contract and feel and taste of each pulse of his teen load. As he slowly came down from his orgasm, he began to lessen the pressure of his hips, into my face. I wanted his hot load of cum in my mouth, so I could savor the texture and taste. It was salty an earthy with a bit of sweetness.

At last, he raised his hips, pulling the cock I will dream about for the next ten years of my life away from my swollen lips. I used the tongue and ran it along the underside of his deflating cock as it was slowly withdrawn from my mouth. He stopped when his cock was resting on my lips, and I took the opportunity to gently grab it and milk the last remints of his delicious teen load. As it collected on the piss slit I slowly rubbed his dick all over my face, rubbing it into the skin of my face. He finally lifted his leg from over my chest, and lay back on the bed, I wasted no time bending over and finished cleaning the remints of his cum off his now soft cock. I loved watching as I would milk the last few drops of cum from his spent dick, using my tongue to ensure I got every delicious drop. After a few minutes, he said that was the best load he ever shot. And I smiled and replied mine too, as he slowly got up from my tiny bed and returned to the sleeping bag on the floor.

There I was covered in both our huge loads all over the front of my body. Unknown to him, I spent the next thirty minutes slowly, using my fingers rub our combined loads into my body, It was at that moment, I knew that I wanted nothing more than to worship his beautiful dick. I knew my mouth was made to please him and would and all other cocks. I fell asleep that night with the salty taste of our combined cum. We never said a word about what happened that night until tonight.

I again found myself alone with Mike on a sleep over, this time at his house. His family was gone for the week end, so we spent a Friday night drink his dad’s beers and smoking the last of my weed. And like any 18 years old boys do, the talk turned to sex. As I lay in Mikes Little brothers Bed, I ask him “are you as Horney as I am” but sadly from across the room his reply is “no” so I left it alone for a while, görükle escort but after a few more minutes of slowly stoking my hard pre-cum cover cock, and dreaming of the beautiful cock 10 feet away from me. I had to figure out a way to get his magnificence 7 inch cock back in my mouth. It didn’t help that every day for the last six months I had jacked off re-living the moment I felt Mike’s beautiful penis filling my mouth with his teen cum. I had to try to figure out away, Again I asked if he was horny, but included, “if you are, come over here and we can jerk each other off” But again, reply with a heart stopping “naw” I was heartbroken, Is what we did before just a teenager getting off, but to me, I had found my true calling.

I loved sucking Mike’s beautiful cock. I had memorized every ridge, and how the middle flared out wide and up to a beautiful full mushroom head. And lived to again experience when the head would swell before filling my mouth with his hot teen cum. I had been stroking my dick for way to long, and I was close to cumming, so with one last try, I asked him, “if you come over here, I will suck your dick again, and you don’t have to do anything but lay there” My heart sank with embarrassment after blurting it out, and for what seemed like ever, Mike said nothing.

Finally saying nothing, I heard Mike get up out of bed and come to the bed I was in. He laid down, feet towards my face. I had to slide down the bed, and when I came to eye level with Mikes erect 7 inch cock. The incredible cock that I had been dreaming about every night. I could see them same big mushroom head that rested on top of a thick shaft under the head, but ballooned out wider at it mid-point and grew even fatter to the base. I knew I was in my place. I stuck my wet tongue out and licked the big mushroom head, using my tongue to get a big drop of pre cum oozing for the big head. I then licked his beautiful dick from the base of the root back to the head. Slowly taking the head into my mouth and savoring his salty taste. I sucked softly on the head making sure I used lots of tongue swirling it around and slurping on the now flowing pre cum. With my right hand I grasped the base and used my tongue to coat his balls, letting his cock lay across my face. His balls were heavy, but not very hairy, and I was in heaven devouring his cum filled nuts. I use my tongue to leave a trail of saliva all over his balls, slowly taking each into my mouth to softly suck them. I then licked back up to the head and took his magnificent cock deep into my mouth. He groaned as I took half his cock into my mouth.

I began to bob slowly, up and down trying to take a little more with each trip down. I was lost in lust, as the cock I had been dreaming about was finally back in my mouth where it belonged. I made love to his beautiful penis, licking and rubbing it across my face, smearing his pre cum all over my face, marking it as his. My mouth was filled with the taste of his sweet pre cum. He would never know that I had become obsessed with his cock. I wanted all of it, any time he needed it. I was still trying to swallow all of his girth, but was gaging badly with ½ an inch left to get. I slowly removed my mouth from this swollen cock, leaving a trail of saliva.

I felt like such a slut, trying with my whole being, to please his magnificent cock, I long to taste his sweet load of cum. I milked his cock, pulling more of his sweet pre cum to the slit, and slowly devoured each delicious drop. Three pulls each producing a precious gallop of his clear dick nectar. I licked the underside, paying a lot of attention to the bottom of his fat head. His cock was rock hard, my lips again felt swollen, as I wantonly sucked his glorious teen tool. I rubbed the head all over my face, savoring the wet trail it left behind. The hard yet soft head, a sponge of pre cum onto my face. I was rewarded with several deep moans as I made love to Mikes cock. I never wanted to have this night end. I again said out loud “Mike I love your cock” I heard him reply, “yeah you sure do” I then told him “I want your cum in my mouth” And he chuckled and pulled my face back to his cock.

I spent the next 15 minutes in heaven, as Mike used my mouth as a tool for his magnificent cock. Finally I could begin to feel his cock swell. I gladly took him all into my mouth, as he pressed my head down on his rock hard cock, He began thrusting the entire length down my throat, as I was forced to gag, his cock head slipped down my throat, and I was again taken to the height of passion as I felt his rock hard teen cock swell and begin pulsing, filling my throat and mouth with his precious load.

I used my right hand to grasp his ass cheek and pull his cock deeper, but his 7 inch teen cock was completely buried in my slut mouth. I don’t know how much Mike came, but I know it was huge. And I know I was in heaven again taking his load down my mouth, the same heavenly cum I had been dreaming about every night for 6 months. After the first big spurt of his thick load, I forced my head back, sliding the cock head from my throat, I wanted this delicious load in my mouth so I could hold it and savor the taste for as long as I could finally felt the pressure on my head wane as he let go and I continued to softly suck the remaining cum from his now deflated cock.

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