First The Son and Then The Father

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First the Son and Then the Father

He and his family were members of The Light of Truth Church, and I had never met anyone like them.

Note: Please do not continue if you are offended by the topics of older men/younger women, sexual coercion, nonconsent, reluctance, incest, manipulation, or brainwashing.


East Texas 1928

My name is Chloe Reardon, and I grew up poor in a small, dusty town in East Texas. My biological father left us soon after I was born. It was just Mama and me until she met and married Franklin Lakewood, a predatory waste of human flesh, a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday. I had Frank’s character and intentions figured out from the first day Mama brought him home.

Despite continually professing his love for my mother, Frank began using me shortly after moving in, and I regretfully remember the first time it happened. I’d gotten up to make breakfast and pack his lunch; some mornings, he would come downstairs and into the kitchen before I could finish my tasks and return to my room. It would happen while Mama was still asleep upstairs when Frank would come up behind me and grope my breasts. If I attempted to resist or push him away, he’d warn me that if I weren’t a “good girl” and cooperated, he’d tell Mama I’d been coming on to him and see to it that she would throw me out on the street.

“She’d never believe you,” I protested.

“Well, we’ll see. My money says she will believe me… she’s not going to risk losing this,” Frank said as he grabbed and squeezed his cock through his pants to emphasize his words. Gauging my reaction, after a long pause, confident that I would obey him, Frank bent me over the kitchen counter, pulled down my panties, and fucked me hard until he succeeded in busting his nut and filling me with his cum.

I think back now and wonder if it was then that my inner-slut was awakened. Yes, it was 1928, and all kinds of restrictions and expectations defined a woman’s morality or lack thereof, but I didn’t let that stop me or dictate my pleasure or sexuality. At the end of more than one illicit lovemaking session and already knowing the answer, Frank would egotistically say, “Damn, but you like riding my dick… don’t you?” and my answer would always be yes.


The three of us lived together for several months before Mama and Frank suddenly decided to move to California… without me. Mama, feeling guilty over abandoning me, foisted me off on my Uncle, her brother Cohn Fullerton. I didn’t know him or his family very well and did not want to stay with him, but I had no choice, so I relented and grudgingly moved in with my Uncle’s family.

I didn’t want to stay with them, but despite my protest, I ended up with my Uncle Cohn, Aunt Phaedra, and my cousins Bobby, Jeff, and George. The family was very religious, long-standing members of a small misogynistic cult that went under the façade of a religious congregation called The Light of Truth.

After moving in, I looked up what a cult was, and this is what I found:

“A system of religious devotion, misplaced or excessive admiration directed toward a particular figure or object. A cult church could also encompass a relatively small group of people having religious and/or sexual beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister but fiercely adhered to by its select membership.”

This definition perfectly described The Light of Truth and my Uncle, Cohn Fullerton.

Uncle Cohn, who was probably about forty-five then, was a dominant and influential leader in this church. Uncle Cohn controlled his family and insisted they adhere to and practice the questionable doctrines of The Light of Truth in all ways. These rules included but were not limited to minimal contact with persons outside the church or the family, Church on Wednesdays and twice on Sundays, and no physical intimacy with the opposite sex until marriage.

Living there was like being held captive in a male-dominated and controlled cult. There was no freedom of mind or body, particularly for poor Aunt Phaedra, who, until I came, had been the only female in the house. Aside from her involvement with the church and her responsibilities in the house and to the family, she was at Uncle Cohn’s beck and call, sexually and otherwise, whenever he wanted her, and she was not to resist, hesitate or disobey him.


My Uncle Cohn was much older than me, more experienced and knowledgeable about the world and people. I didn’t trust or feel any familial connection with him; he made me feel very uncomfortable when he was around me. I knew he was attracted to me, but I hoped he would just stay away from me.

I was what you’d call petite, 5’4″, about 115 pounds, slender, with a trim, healthy body. My thick, shiny sandy blonde hair hung about my shoulders, highlighting my long lashes, large oral yapan gaziantep escort brown eyes, and full pouty lips. My breasts were nice sized with pinkish brown, erect nipples, complimented by a firm, well-shaped ass and a neatly trimmed tuft of hair covering my pelvic mound. I have no doubt my Uncle saw me as an attractive, sexually desirable, and easily intimidated young woman and not as his niece. Aside from the occasional looks he would give me when he thought I was unaware, he kept his distance at least for a while, and I kept mine.

I suppose the turning point in my relationship with my Uncle occurred one night, perhaps two weeks after I moved in with his family.

I had showered, changed into my nightshirt, and gone downstairs to listen to the radio before bed. Getting comfortable on the sofa, I wrapped myself in a thin blanket and settled in to listen to a new program called “The Dodge Victory Hour.” Within a few minutes, Uncle came into the room, sat beside me, and leaned against me, placing his arm around my shoulders. After a while, he pressed himself closer to me, and I could feel his warm semi-erection against my thigh when he moved his hand, letting it rest on my left breast. My nipple immediately became hard and erect when Uncle began tracing its outline with the tips of his fingers.

I had already lost my virginity and been taught how to suck dick by my Mama’s husband Frank, so I was not an innocent, but I was caught off guard. I sat there unsure what to do when Uncle covered my mouth with his and, parting my lips, began to probe the inside of my mouth. Before I realized what had happened, his hand was under the blanket and rubbing the wet crotch of my panties, all the while looking into my eyes and silently daring me to resist or cry out. He slipped his fingers under the edge of my panties and between my dripping pussy lips. It had been a while since I had felt a man’s touch, and I involuntarily gasped when Uncle ran his knowing fingers along the puffy pink slit of my pussy until they were covered with my sticky juices. Despite his religious guise, my Uncle knew what he was doing and what he wanted… he wanted to fuck me, and to my horror, I knew that I might have let him.

Uncle had pulled my panties down and maneuvered himself behind me so that he was spooning against my naked ass. His thigh eased between and spread mine open, allowing him to begin slowly pushing his swollen, throbbing cock against me. I could not resist his sexual dominance and knew he was becoming more aroused by my soft moans and purrs of pleasure. I could sense my growing wetness, but it was as if I couldn’t stop myself; I could feel my hips pushing back against him, positioning myself for his full penetration. Just as Uncle’s hot cockhead pressed forward and began separating my slit, we heard a door close upstairs and the sound of footsteps heading towards the stairs. Oh my God! In his lust, he had forgotten his wife Phaedra was upstairs. With a curse, Uncle immediately sat up and adjusted his clothes as he quickly moved to a nearby, easy chair only seconds before Aunt Phaedra entered the room.

At the sound of the door closing, I had snapped out of the sexual trance (I don’t know what else to call it) I seemed to be in. I was not a naive virgin and understood what my physical needs had almost allowed to happen.


Living in a house full of grown men was awkward, but I think my favorite, and the one I got along best with, was George, who became my closest and dearest friend. Even though he was the youngest brother at twenty-two, he was still older than me by a couple of years. From the very beginning, there was a connection between us. We could spend hours together laughing, talking, reading, or just walking in the woods behind the house, and inevitably, an emotional connection developed.

The summer I turned nineteen, a couple of things happened; George celebrated his twenty-third birthday, and his older brother Bobby moved away. Jeff, the middle brother, enlisted in the service and was soon deployed. Aside from his parents, that left George and me at home, and we became closer.

One afternoon as we walked along the path that circled the old pond off the main road, George began to talk, to unburden himself of thoughts and desires he had been holding close for a long time. Despite being a tall, athletically built, handsome man, George said he had only had limited sexual intimacy with his previous girlfriend, something he regretted. Still, given his upbringing and involvement with this The Light of Truth religious cult, it was not hard to believe George had somehow managed to remain chaste. Though he had so far kept his desires under control and had not had actual intercourse, George was still a man with the growing and unrealized physical needs of a man.

The afternoon had turned warm and humid as we gaziantep oral yapan escort walked and enjoyed each other’s company. We stopped, and George hesitantly pulled me to him, and turning to face him, I lifted my mouth and kissed him. It was a long, languid kiss that kindled warmth and tingling between my legs that I hadn’t felt since that unfortunate incident with his father. All those repressed feelings surfaced as my arms encircled George’s neck. George pulled me tight against him, and I could feel him growing hard as he ground himself against me.

“Oh Chloe… Chloe,” he moaned. I leaned away from him and recognized the hunger in his eyes. I knew then that I wanted him as much as he wanted me. Taking his hand, I led him away from the trail and into a small sheltered copse of trees.

“Chloe,” he said, confused and excited before his voice faded into a whisper when I knelt between his legs and unzipped his pants. Freeing his cock I kissed its tip and suckled the crown until it oozed with a long string of pre-cum.

“No… Chloe, no… this is wrong. This is… wronnnnggg,” he whimpered even as he entangled his hands in my thick hair and pressed my head into his groin.

Brushing his hands away, I closed my mouth around his crown and slowly began to slide down his pole until I felt the warmth and hardness of his cockhead rub against the roof of my mouth. Slowly, deliberately I eased my mouth up and down. It wasn’t until George began to groan and I felt him tremble did I pull away and start licking his shaft in long wet laps, waiting for him to calm down and the threat of eruption to ebb. Within seconds of me backing off, he began to thrust, eager for me to resume, desperate for the pleasure he felt I was denying him.

“Oh my God, Chloe… please don’t… don’t stop,” he groaned.

As George held my head in position and repeatedly thrust his dick into my mouth, he kept saying in a quivering voice, “My Lord forgive me. Ughhhhh… forgive me.”

I looked up into his handsome face and thought, “He thinks what he was feeling was a sin. The only sin was for a man like George to deny himself the pleasure of a woman’s mouth, to say nothing of a warm, tight pussy, all because of some crazy cultist religious beliefs.”

I rested my hands on his hips as he hesitantly began stroking into my eager mouth. George soon began to grunt with the pleasurable sensations as he drove his cock deeper into my throat. I could feel him growing bigger and thicker as I continued pumping my mouth up and down the length of his shaft. I could feel a warmth blossoming between my legs as I continued licking his cock and flicking the tip of my tongue over his cockhead before again sliding down his pole and taking his swollen, tight balls into my mouth. Though still hard to believe, I realized George had probably never had his balls sucked like this, and from the way his body reacted, the glazed look in his eyes, and slacked expression on his face, I knew he was lost, lost in the lust and physical pleasures he had denied himself.

“Ughhhhh… oh God,” were the last words I heard from him before his body stiffened and, without warning, he began to spew his male essence. George held my head tightly, making it impossible for me to pull away, and it wasn’t until he had emptied himself that he slowly, reluctantly, withdrew. Getting to my feet, I stood in front of him, and when I looked at him, I thought I saw guilt and perhaps shame for finally having allowed himself to be a man and enjoy the pleasures of being a man.


Over the next day or so, it felt as if George was avoiding me, but I knew better. I wasn’t angry or offended because I knew he was trying to sort out his life and understand what had happened between us. This distancing lasted until one night when unsurprisingly, he came to my room wanting his cock sucked again. Despite his shame a few days prior, he came into my room and unselfconsciously removed his pants. Though shy and embarrassed, the expression on his face was horny excitement. Standing just inside the bedroom door, he began slowly stroking himself, and through his thin cotton shorts, I could see his long, thick cock swinging between his legs with each step he took toward me. The pre-cum glistened on the tip of his cock before he pulled his shorts down and stepped out of them, allowing his cock to spring forward in front of my face.

“Take it in your hand, Chloe,” he said, his desire overcoming his shyness.

Feeling it in my hand, I immediately appreciated its thickness and weight and began moving my hand up and down his cock’s length feeling it grow bigger as George took his hand and placed it over mine as I stroked him. He was now standing over me and put his right hand on the back of my head as he moved his hips forward, bringing his cock closer to my lips.

The follower had become the leader.

“Yes,” gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan George whispered in a deep exhale as I sucked on his cock, allowing it deeper into my throat as he eagerly humped my mouth.

“Damn, that feels good, so good,” he said when I relaxed my throat even more.

“Fuck… fuuucckkk,” he groaned, and inspired by his pleasure, I began to mouth-fuck him faster and felt his balls slapping against my chin. George continued to hold my head as his cockhead grew bigger and harder. “Ugh… Uuhhhh, ugh…. I’m gonna cum, Chloe,” George moaned seconds before he exploded. I felt the first blast go down my throat, followed by another that seemed even more forceful. Finally, George slowly loosened his grip, and I started to pull away when another spurt gushed into my mouth.

“That was good. I needed to do that, Chloe… thank you,” George said, brushing my damp hair back from my face.

A few days following this encounter, George lost his virginity.


I was on my back with George between my legs, pinning me to the bed, and I closed my eyes when I felt the friction of his fingers slide inside my pussy. He explored me with his fingers. I felt him rubbing the tip of his cock on my pussy, as it probed and poked until he found what he sought. My pussy was very wet, and George guided the head of his cock into me, pushing firmly but steadily forward. Within a few moments, he was buried balls deep inside me, tight, warm, and welcomed. Legs spread and raised, knees bent; I could feel his balls hanging down and hitting my ass as he pumped in and out. I wrapped my legs around him, not wanting to let him go.

“You feel good,” he said as he moved his hips forward and sank deeper inside me. He lifted himself up and smiled as he filled me with his length and girth. George started to move slow and then fast, establishing a rhythm that I instinctively matched.

“Damn Chloe, I’m so deep inside you, all the way in… am I hurting you?” he asked.

“No… no, you feel good; you’re right where you belong,” I said as my pussy tightened around his cock, holding him inside me.

George looked at me and said, “I’m going to cum, Chloe; I can feel it churning in my balls.” With three hard deep thrusts, George sent a forceful spray of cum into me that triggered a gut-wrenching orgasm that left me breathless. Despite this being his first time, he fucked me hard, claiming the contours and folds of my pussy as his. I felt myself begin to tremble, and an electric heat rushed through me and then… and then a brief darkness enveloped me. When I returned to awareness, he groaned, and I could feel George’s body tense. He kept pounding into me and then became motionless when he emptied himself. Afterward, he lay on top of me, eyes closed, cock still pulsing.

After that night, George and I were constantly together as lovers until his father, my Uncle Cohn discovered us together one night in the darkened living room, naked, sweating, and fucking like two animals driven by primal instincts.

We don’t know how long he had been standing there watching us, but Uncle Cohn had walked in on us and, with anger and disgust, shouted at me, “You blasphemous, fornicating slut, go to your room!”

I stood speechless… unable to move…

“Now!” he shouted. I looked over at George, who refused to look at me, before I turned and ran naked up the stairs to my room, forgetting my robe that lay crumpled on the floor.

Despite my endless crying for most of the night, I could hear George and Uncle arguing about me, the church, the evil, lustful nature of women, fucking before marriage, everything. I must have finally fallen asleep at some point because I remembered Phaedra coming into my room early that morning to wake me. When I went downstairs, George and Uncle had already left the house. Though I knew Uncle had most likely told Phaedra about what had transpired that night, she said nothing and carried on as if nothing had happened. That evening, Uncle Cohn returned home alone.

George did not return for another three days, and when he did, he seemed different. After dinner, he told me to go to my room and that he would be up after talking with his father. It was very late when George finally came upstairs. I had already gone to bed and been asleep for a couple of hours when I felt the pressure of George’s hand on my shoulder and a gruff male voice calling my name.

“Chloe… Chloe… wake up.” It was George. “We need to talk,” he said.

“George? What is it?” I asked as I pulled myself into a sitting position and tried to figure out what he wanted to talk about that couldn’t wait until morning.

He sat on the side of the bed and began by saying he wanted us to get married as soon as possible because he would be leaving to complete his missionary service within the next couple of weeks and wanted us to marry before he left. He would be gone for at least six months or possibly longer and wanted me to stay with his parents. While he was gone, he expected me to respect and obey Cohn and Phaedra as if they were my parents, and he also wanted me to begin learning more about the beliefs of The Light of Truth Church. By the time he returned, he expected me to know and understand what it meant to be a good and faithful wife within the tenets of The Light of Truth Church.

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