First Time at the Sauna

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Lesbian Sex

First Time at the Sauna

Let me start this off by saying this is not a ‘first time’ story. This is a story about the first time I plucked up the nerve to visit a gay sauna.

A little bit about me first. I am 24 years old, 5’10, slim to athletic build, naturally hairless body, little bubble butt with a 6″ uncut cock. I guess you could say I am a stereotypical twink. I have also been playing with guys (secretly) on and off since I was 18.

This particular story, as I mentioned, is about the first time I visited a sauna. I was recently out of a heterosexual relationship and found myself living alone which allowed me the freedom to do as I pleased for the first time in years. This generally involved going onto online hook up apps or sites and meeting men for discrete encounters. I had however always been interested in visiting a sauna but had never plucked up the courage for whatever reason. This was soon about to change.

I had been looking online and discovered, to my surprise, that there was a sauna not too far away from me and I finally decided to pluck up the courage to visit. I spent the next Saturday morning shaving my entire body and douching myself to within an inch of my life! Once I felt I was ready, I walked the short distance to the train station and hopped on the train. All the while I was a mix of horniness, nervousness and terrified.

I got off the train and walked the short distance to the sauna (thank you Google maps) and went in. The first thing I noticed was the secure entrance, which I deemed to be a good sign, and the attendant buzzed me in.

He asked if I would prefer a locker or a cubicle and given it was my first time, I opted for the cubicle in case I wanted some privacy (in a Sauna of all places I know!!). I took the key and went to the cubicle. Upon entering there was a small light, a locker, a TV showing some incredibly hot porn and a good supply of lube and condoms. I stripped down and wrapped the supplied towel round my waist, put the key on my right wrist (if you know, you know) and decided to go exploring.

This particular sauna was set over 2 levels. The ground level contained the lockers, cubicles, showers, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. I hopped in the shower to for a quick wash and went round the corner to the jacuzzi. There were already 4 guys sitting and I took my towel off and hung it up on the hook and I felt all their eyes on me. I was both terrified and incredibly aroused and I willed my cock to stay under control. I slid into the hot bubbly water and let the jets relax my muscles. I leaned back and closed my eyes and before long I felt a hand on my thigh. When I opened my eyes, I saw a gentleman around 50 years old next to me. As flattered as I was, I am not particularly interested in guys who are older than so I shook my head slightly and he removed his hand. After about 10 minutes I decided to go exploring so I grabbed my towel and headed upstairs.

The next floor contained a small lounge area with a TV, café, massage room and the darkened maze. I figured this could be a good place to hang out for a while so I headed in to explore. The area was very dark, with condoms, lube and TVs showing on the walls and I could clearly hear moans of pleasure and the unmistakable sounds of flesh on flesh and my cock started to go stiff. I explored a bit and found a room off the side with 5 cupboard type rooms and when I opened up the doors, I found that these were where the gloryholes are. Now, one of my favourite things in life is the feel of a hard cock in my mouth so I went into the middle stall and locked the door, and I waited.

After about 2 Fındıkzade Escort or 3 minutes, I heard the stall next to me open so I got on my knees and put my finger through, indicating what I wanted. Immediate my fingers were replaced by a semi hard cock and I immediately got to work. I slowly started wanking it while I licked up and down the shaft to get it fully hard and I was pleased to see my efforts rewarded. At full mast, it was about 6.5 inches and of average girth so not huge by any stretch but perfect for me as I can deep throat up to about 7 inches. Once I was satisfied he was solid, I opened up my mouth and ran the purple head over my tongue, guiding in slowly down my waiting throat. I relaxed my muscles and worked my way down his shaft until my nose was against his pelvis, then I started slowly pulling it out and going back down again. I was rewarded with soft moans of pleasure from my anonymous friend and after about 5 minutes or sucking I went back down to the base of his cock and stayed there. He took his cue and started to fuck my throat and this time it was me that moaning.

It was at this point I heard the door on the other side open. I took my mouth of my friend’s cock and looked over and there was another guy there with his cock already through the hole. Believe me when I say that this cock was absolutely glorious! Fully erect already, about 8 inches long, thick veiny, uncut and with that curve upwards you see sometimes. There was no way on earth I wanted to let this Adonis of a penis away but I also didn’t want to leave my other friend high and dry, so to speak. So I took the new cock in my hand and started jacking it off while I went back to work on the first guy, before long he whispered that he was about to cum, I appreciated the warning in case he thought I didn’t want to swallow but instead I locked my lips around the base of his cock tightly and was soon rewarded with a low moan and felt him shoot around 4 or 5 jets into my mouth and I swallowed the whole lot. He then removed his deflating cock from my mouth and he quickly left, all the while I was jacking off the other cock who was patiently waiting his turn.

At this point, I don’t think my cock had ever been as hard in my entire life as I turned my attention to my glorious new friend. I immediately started licking up and down his shaft, tonguing his balls and gently stroking. I noticed that he had a small tattoo on his groin (this will become important later) After a few minutes of teasing I opened my mouth and started slowly taking him into my throat. As I mentioned above, I generally can’t deep throat anything over 7 inches so when I was near the bottom of his shaft I felt my gag reflex start to kick in so I started slowly withdrawing his cock and then sucking it back down. It’s fair to say that I was in heaven and I was making a small pool of pre-cum under my cock. Soon enough, I could start to feel him pick up the pace and with a low groan he started shooting his cum in my mouth, and it was a lot! At least 7 or 8 jets and I couldn’t keep up so it was leaking out of my mouth and down my chest. After a minute or too, I heard him say 2 words.

‘Thank you.’

Then he left and I was alone, cum running down my chin and chest. I knew I wanted more, but figured I would take a little break since nobody else had appeared yet so I headed back down to the showers. I got a couple of funny looks and smirks from the men I passed as, in my extremely horned up state, I forgot I had cum on my chin and body. I hopped into the shower for a quick wash and decided I would see what was happening in the steam room before I went back into the dark area.

When Fındıkzade Escort Bayan I entered the room, the steam was so thick I could barely see but I made my way to a bench in the corner and removed my towel, sitting naked and soaking up the steam. As my eyes adjusted, I knew I was alone in here so figured I would relax for a bit before heading back upstairs. Not long after I heard the door open and the sound of footsteps. I kept my eyes closed but felt a presence next to me as the stranger sat down. We sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes until curiosity got the better of me and I peeked to my left to see who was there. He had a flaccid cock, neatly trimmed above a heavy set of balls. Then I noticed it, the tattoo! It was Adonis penis! Now I’m not some flighty teenage girl but I will admit that my heart started beating a little bit faster at the prospect of sucking on that glorious appendage again and (hopefully) feeling it up my ass. As I took in the rest of him, I was not disappointed in the slightest, he was taller than me though I don’t know by how much as were sitting down, perfectly straight nose, sharp jawline, toned body like an athlete rather than a complete gym rat.

When I was researching saunas I knew that most communications were non-verbal. A gesture here or a touch there but I couldn’t resist myself at this point.

‘Did you enjoy your blow job?’

He looked at me, shocked?

‘That was you?!’

I merely looked at him and nodded.

‘Yep, I really enjoyed it. You have an amazing cock and it tasted really good.’

‘That was one of the best blowjobs I have ever had in my life!’

Then noticed his cock started to move, ever so slightly at first but enough that I took it as a good sign. I moved my left hand over to his cock and started fondling his balls and his cock rose ever faster. I felt like a complete slut as I got on my knees in front of him and effectively started making love to his cock with my mouth, not caring if anyone came in and saw us. When he was fully hard, I took my mouth off of his cock, looked him in the eyes and said,

‘I have a cubicle.’

‘Let’s go’ he said, without a moment’s hesitation.

We went to the cubicle and I shut the door, fully anticipating sucking on his superb member again so imagine my surprise when he said to me,

‘Get on the bed and bend over.’

Didn’t need to tell me twice. I hopped up, bent over and pulled my knees up. Next thing I know, he’s pulling my cheeks apart and running his tongue up my crack. It felt amazing as his warm tongue licked around my asshole. He alternated between teasing my little pucker with the tip of his tongue and opening it up and sticking it in as far as he could go. I found myself moaning like I was in heat and pushing my ass back onto his face. This went on for what could have been 5 minutes, it could be have been an hour. I couldn’t tell as all I knew was that I was experiencing the tongue fucking of my life.

Eventually he stopped and said to me,

‘Can I fuck you?’

I couldn’t believe it. I had already sucked his cock twice, swallowed one load of cum and let him rim my ass and he was asking for permission.

In response to his question, moved off the bed and got some of the supplied lube. I opened the packed and generously greased his pole while rubbing the rest over my asshole, slipping 2 fingers in for good measure (Fuck that felt good)

I then pushed him on his back and straddled him, reaching back and aiming his fat, bulbous cock head at my entrance. I then eased myself back and relaxed. I felt a bit of resistance but with a pop and a moan (from both Escort Fındıkzade of us) he was in. Slowly, I leaned back feeling him enter me deeper and deeper until I was resting on his pelvis and his balls were against my ass cheeks. I started to grind on him, savouring the feeling of fullness in me, I looked at him and his eyes were closed and he was moaning. Soon enough after some of grinding I felt him lift his hips up into me so I started lifted myself up until he was nearly out and sitting back down, increasing the pace until I was fucking him, my eyes were closed, mouth open and lord knows what noises I was making!

He then adjusted himself so he pulled out and I felt empty, and disappointed, until he bent me over again. I looked at him over my shoulder,

‘Fuck me’ I said, though it sounded like a plea and, truth be told, it was. I wanted him to rail me and fill me with his cum.

He positioned himself behind me and slid his well oiled cock into my waiting hole until he bottomed out. I’d love to say he fucked my ass tenderly but that would be a lie. Soon he was fucking me like a jack hammer, the sounds of our flesh smacking together loudly in the small room, our moans filling the air. He was hitting my prostate with every thrust and my cock was leaking more pre-cum that I though possible. If we weren’t careful I was worried we’d slide off the bed! I swear every time that wonderful, wonderful cock rubbed against me inside I saw stars.

We were lost in our animal passion and completely oblivious to everything else until I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. In my excitement to get this man, I forgot to latch the door shut and the door had swung open! There was a guy there watching, clearly enjoying the show as he slowly worked his cock, watching me getting fucked into the next millennium. To this day, I don’t know what came over me but I motioned him in. He wasn’t as endowed as the guy trying to split me in 2, maybe about 6 inches or so, but at this point I didn’t care. Lust had fully over taken me. All I knew at this stage was I wanted to be completely filled up.

He looked a little hesitant at first, almost like he wasn’t sure if he read my cue but I motioned again and he came in and got on the bed in front of me. The python in my ass slowed down momentarily to allow him to position himself and I opened my mouth to take him in.

Soon enough the fucking resumed and I found myself being slammed forward onto my new friends cock, I didn’t have to do anything more as the rhythm of his fucking allowed me fuck the new cock with mouth.

I had hands on my hips, and hands on my ribs, on my knees, moaning around a mouthful of cock as the fucking intensified. It felt electric, every nerve was firing, I felt every millimetre of the cocks in my mouth and ass, the rush was unlike anything I had felt before. I was an absolute cum hungry cock slut. And I loved it.

Something had to give soon and I felt it. A tingling I had never felt before. From deep inside me I felt a warmth spread from my ass to the tip of my cock. I had never before cum without touching my cock but it was happening. It spread and became more intense, my moaning became louder until, finally, it happened. The single most intense orgasm of my life ripped right through me, I was shaking, sweating and if I could have screamed I would have. I clamped my ass tight and was rewarded with jet after jet of cum deep into my bowels. The cock in my mouth withdrew and, after a short couple of tugs, blasted cum over my face. I don’t know how my jets there were, I was lost in the feeling.

After a minute or so, horse cock withdrew from my ass and both guys left. There I was cum dripping out of my ass and all over face with a pool of my own cum underneath me. I was spent, I was used and I was in euphoric.

I don’t know how much time passed but I showered myself off, got dressed and went home.

My first visit to the sauna was definitely not my last.

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