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Frenchkiss Mom



Cliche isn’t it? I’d be outside in the rain, on my knees, in the dark looking up at his big blue eyes thinking to myself “How did this happen?” This is a story of how I ended up in a crazy set of experiences in my High School life…

It was Friday, and I was bored, me and a friend (who I will call Steve) had known each other since Middle School. We were in different grades, he was one below me, and I used to hang out with him all the time. We’d play video-games, eat, talk about bitches, you know the fun stuff? One day we were outside my Sophmore year (I had been held back in 6th and 7th grade as a result of fighting so I was 19 at the time) and I was having issues, me and my girlfriend had just broke up and he had the same thing happen to him. So we were leaning up next to a tree and laughing about how stupid they were.

I of course joked about how she’d given me the best head in the world, while he laughed about how he had made a bitch squeal because apparently his dick was so big. I laughed out at him because I was 6 foot and only an inch shorter than him and my dick was 6″ large.

He said “Nah man I’m serious bitches love my big dick.”

I stated to him jokingly “No way Steve. We all know you got a small dick. Hahaha!” It began to rain and he said that escort kocaeli we should ‘Head on in.’ but

I countered and stated he was scared to show me. And we all know how that goes. Push came to shove and I whipped my dick out and said “See! We are most likely the same size.”

And that was when he said, “Fine want me to prove it?”

And by now my cock had started to get bigger and was at full attention only a couple feet away from him. He dropped his shorts and my jaw dropped. There it was the most amazing dick in the world. He was cut, with gorgeous balls, shaved all over, and the best part was he was 8″ if not larger and wasn’t even fully hard.

“What am I saying?!” I thought, “I can’t be contemplating how great it looks, I’m not gay!” I kept thinking to myself.

I had always been curious about dicks whenever I was alone at night and my mind wandered off, but never imagined anything would come of it. He joked for me to ‘Touch it.’ and I did I gently put my hand on it and got even harder, my dick was now pulsating in my shorts, and I was so excited. He smirked and I felt the control it had on me and it was exciting, and suddenly my hand moved on its own and started stroking. Here I was in the rain stroking another man’s cock, and the harder it got, the more excited I got, and finally he motioned for me to get on my knees.

“It’ll be easier to see from there.” he said, gölcük escort and so I did checking everything out. He joked and said “You know I haven’t masturbated in a couple of days, just wasn’t in the mood, if you want you could help me just as friends you know.” And I leaned in and kept looking up into his eyes at him, and that was when he leaned down and whispered into my ear “Just give the tip a little lick, I haven’t had one in sooooo long.” and that was when I found myself leaning my tongue out onto his tip. I felt the most sweet taste hit my tongue, it was his pre-cum, I had my tongue on the tip of his big dick licking up pre-cum! I started to feel its control it had over me and began licking him all over his dick, his sides, his balls, everything!

He leaned back fully into the tree and his dick stuck out glistening in the moon from my lickings, and he said “I bet you wanna know what it tastes like? Go on, have a REAL taste.” he said laughing ever so lightly.

I thought to myself “Well what the heck? What’s it gonna hurt if I just put the tip in my mouth for a second?” and I leaned in and engulfed his tip. He groaned and suddenly it had controlled me, it all hit me at once that I was on my knees in the rain, looking up into his blue eyes, with part of his manhood in my mouth and I liked it!

I swirled my tongue around, and finally it hit me, I grabbed his dick with izmit sınırsız escort both hands and began to suck his dick. I wanted to feel like a sissy, to feel dominated right now, I felt the control it had over me give me a new power, and I went deeper and deeper. Concentrating on my movements I was able to deepthroat him farther and farther, my speed getting faster and faster, my dick pulsating left and right. I needed to suck his dick, I needed to bow down to his big cock as I was on my knees in the cold dark rain sucking on his tool. He moaned and grunted and began to get weak at the knees and finally he whimpered “I’m going to cum.”

I didn’t freeze, I didn’t hesitate, I kept going hungrier and hungrier, my speed picking up, and finally he came. Load after load shot down my throat as I attempted and failed to swallow all his seed, his juiced poured down my chin and onto the ground, and after I got out of my daze I swallowed everything still on his dick giving it a nice glisten to it. He pulled up his shorts and I looked down at mine which were drenched in my own cum that had shot onto the ground and some fell onto my shorts. I had just climaxed from sucking his amazing cock!! I was so ecstatic and confused from the daze of cum and excitement, that I didn’t know if that was real. His words brought me back to reality

“Holy fuck! That was the single greatest blowjob I have EVER had. Thanks man.” and like that we went inside and I fell asleep in his room while playing a video-game with him. That was one day of many things, and it wasn’t the only time I would suck his dick, I would do it many many times, but maybe that should be set for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32