First Time With A Black Guy

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I was on the prowl once again. The holidays were over, my newest girl friend was out of town visiting her relatives, and I had the place all to myself. I logged on to the M4M local chat room, not expecting much to happen. After all, I was used to logging on and be on line for hours in the room with only one or two hits that turned out to be nothing.

Tonight, I told myself that if someone read my profile and told me to come on over, I would do it. No cold feet, no excuses. I had been skimming the porn sites and I was horny.

I’ve been with three guys so far, all married, all needing me to go down on them and expect nothing in return. That was fine with me. I love women but occasionally I get the urge to service a man. It’s a Catch 22 issue with me. The thought of going down on a guy normally turns me off, but the fact that I was crossing a line, doing something out of the ordinary, against the rules, was a turn on.

My profile states that I am here to service, on my knees. I would do ANYTHING asked of me orally. All I needed was to be TOLD to and I would do it.

It was after 10:00 at night, an unusual time for me to be in the rooms midweek. I was getting tons of IMs with guys asking if I was for real, and I was getting some serious questions. But no one was telling me to, they were asking.

Then a screen name I had not seen before sent me a message.

BM4WM: Hey bud, where you at?

ME: Near the college, you?

BM4WM: Near downtown, about 3 miles from there.

BM4WM: I need you to come over here now and suck me dry.

I was intrigued. I checked his profile, and sure enough, it stated he was black, but he wasn’t making a big deal of it. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this, but I had promised myself that I was going to do whatever I was told tonight.

We chatted a few minutes and I told him I had never been with a black guy before but had always wondered about it. He told me he was nothing special, just 8.5 inches and very thick. He promised to take it easy on me. I told him I would do anything I was asked, anything, as long as he was freshly showered. He agreed and gave me directions.

I jumped into the shower myself and then headed down the road. I was numb, and drank a double rum and coke to make sure I would go through with this. I walked up to his apartment door and knocked. Neighbors down below peered through their windows at me. I was wondering if this was a good idea.

The door opened and a voice invited me inside. The room was pitch black.

“On your knees boy,” I was told in a firm but reassuring voice.

“Now, take off my shorts boy”

I did as I was told, a bit scared. My ice cold hands sensed a body that was much bigger than my 220 lbs, and his was firm. He moved in front of me and stuck his surprisingly soft cock in my face and said, “Meet Python. He needs to be kissed.”

I kissed his cock and it began to harden.

“Suck it boy.”

I licked it into my mouth. It was getting bigger, bigger than I had anticipated. And as I moved my face closer to his body I realized he had not showered. His musky smell disturbed me, but it turned me on as well. Here I was, in a black man’s apartment görükle escort bayan sucking his cock, not knowing where this was going.

“You’re a good cock sucker boy. I may have to share you with some of my friends when I’m done here, but tonight you’re my cock sucker boy.”

He moved over to a chair to sit down. I noticed his stereo was playing a local jazz FM station, and my eyes had started to adjust to the darkened room. I could see his wonderful black cock against my white hands, and it turned me on like never before.

“OK boy, get back to it, Python here needs some lovin.”

He was slowly face fucking me, finally getting my lips to touch his rough pubic hairs on his body. His cock was buried all the way down my throat. Another first. I loved this feeling. He continued his slow, methodical movements until finally he started to tense up a bit. He didn’t say anything and I failed to notice his change in tempo until it was too late.

“OK boy, swallow it all. I don’t want a drop on my carpet,” he said to me.

I couldn’t pull away. His hands were holding my head in place pulling me closer, forcing more of his cock down my throat. His cock enlarged and I wasn’t sure how to handle this until he backed out until only his large black cock head was in my mouth. His cock unloaded a huge load into my mouth. After the second blast I had to swallow, for fear of letting anything drip onto his carpet. Another swallow after the fourth blast. After that he continued to blast but with less cum each time. I swallowed four times and noticed his tangy taste. It disgusted me as much as it turned me on, and I couldn’t wait to get to my car to drink a fresh rum and coke that was poured and ready for me.

I got up and started to leave.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going boy?”

“I, um, well you wanted a blow job and I gave you one. I thought that’s why you ordered me here.”

“Boy, I don’t know who you’ve been suckin until now, but I don’t cum just once a night. I’m just getting ready, and you should be too boy, now git back down on your knees and do as you’re told.”

I was shocked. If I had ever cum as much as he had in one night I’d be through for the evening. I did as I was told, and received a slap across my face.

“Now boy, apparently you were telling the truth about me being your first black man. Cause if you had been with a black man in the past, you would know that we can cum all night long. Now, when I talk to you boy, call me sir.”

“Yes sir,” I said, trembling again. I had lost total control of myself and the situation. I was totally unprepared for what may lie ahead.

“Now boy, git out of those shorts and clothes and git back on your knees and lick my balls.”

I did as I was told. I could never understand why a guy who wanted a blow job asked me to undress. The other three guys were the same, but that’s as far as it had gone.

I lifted up his cock to be able to get my mouth down to his balls and realized this wasn’t going to be easy. His balls were huge, and very hairy, with thick wire-like hair. I know how exciting getting your balls licked and sucked can be, but in my situation I was not altıparmak eskort prepared for this. I moved my face forward and took one of his balls into my mouth, noticing his musky body odor again.

“Careful with those teeth boy. If you want to leave here with all of the teeth you came in with you’d better NOT harm Python’s jewels.”

Carefully, I licked and sucked each of his balls. I was surprised at how turned on I was, and noticed his cock had once again started to harden.

“Kiss it boy, get it ready, because one thing Python loves is to cum for me.”

As I started kissing and licking his cock, he pushed me back onto the floor so I was lying down. He sat over my face, feeding me inch after inch of his rock hard black cock. He was speeding up his efforts and now he was fucking my face as quickly as he could. I could hear him panting and groaning and once again his cock started to get even larger.

This time he didn’t need to hold my head in place, I couldn’t move. My body was pinned down and his cock kept pumping into my mouth until finally it exploded. The same taste, and the first two blasts were hot, tangy and slimey and they filled my mouth. I swallowed all I could, over and over again.

“Damn boy, I’ve been with lots of women and men and so far you’re the best. That mouth of yours needs to be used by all of my friends.”

I was hoping he was finished and reached for my clothes.

“Where you goin’ boy? We’re not done. Didn’t I tell you that a black man is superior to your lilly white assed boys? What’s the matter with you boy?”

He got up and told me to follow him. I stumbled in the dark apartment until we ended up in the bathroom. He turned on the shower and got in. He had me get in as well and handed me the soap and told me to clean his body. I was surprised that again we were doing this in the dark, with one red candle lit for light. For some reason, he didn’t want me to see his face, or at least, didn’t want me to be able to recognize him on the street. I did as I was told and then cleaned myself off. He told me to get in front of him to wash his cock and balls one more time.

On my knees I did just that, and felt something hit my face from the wrong angle.

“I hope you don’t mind boy, but I needed to relieve myself and figured your face wouldn’t mind it at all.”

His dark golden stream blasted my face and as I tried to pull away his massive black open hand slapped me once again. Then as I looked up towards him with my mouth closed, he pinched my nose, forcing me to open my mouth to breathe, and to swallow his piss.

“Drink it down boy. Remember, I am your superior and you need to learn from me boy.”

“Yes sir, as you wish sir.”

The taste was hot, salty, almost vulgar and for some reason I enjoy it it just a bit. But I was totally defeated. I had never expected any of this and I had had my fill of him. I needed to get out of here before anything else unexpected happened, but how?

“OK boy, clean yer mouth with that mouth wash over there and crawl out on your hands and knees. I’ll fix us a drink.”

I did as I was told and quickly scrambled out to nilüfer escort where I had left my clothes. They were not there! He had taken them. Now I was trapped, and no one knew where I was.

“Don’t worry boy, I’m almost done with your mouth for the night. I will return your clothes but I had to make a photo copy of your drivers license. Now I know who you are and where you live. I have your phone number from my caller ID, so now your ass is mine boy.”

That statement scared the hell out of me. How dumb could I be? Damn!

He sat down and handed me a drink. It was straight vodka, and it was nearly 3 shots.

“Drink it all boy, enjoy yourself.”

It burned all the way down, but somehow it made things bearable again, and then I started to relax as the drink had an immediate effect.

He pulled out a cigar, clipped one end and lit it, blowing the smoke in my face.

OK boy, now that I’m all relaxed I’m ready for the real blow job. Now I’m going to sit here and finish my drink, while you suck my ass for a while, then my balls, and then my cock. When I cum, you will drink it all down, then get dressed and leave. I’ll want you back here in three days to entertain some of my friends.

“What makes you think I’ll ever come back to see you,?” I asked.

“Well boy, first I have your name and phone number. Second, I have recorded every second of what you have done and am ready to add it to my website if you don’t return. Oh, the darkness… don’t worry, I have a special camcorder and used infrared lights to make sure I got you. Third, you love my big black cock. I can tell by the way you suck cock and the way you swallowed my cum and my piss. I’ve had other white boys here but no one has ever done as good as you. You’re my cocksucker Bruce. Now, git to work.”

I was stunned. He could ruin me if the photos ever made it to the net. Not just the cum, but his piss and now he knew where to find me. But what made it all fit was he was right, I did love his black cock. It’s not that it tasted different from the white cocks I have tasted, but it was crossing yet another taboo and I knew that whenever he wanted me, I’d be there for him.

I got back down on my knees and spread his ass cheeks. At least he was clean as my tongue found it’s target. I licked and sucked his asshole for what seemed like forever. Finally he rolled over with a huge smile on his face, and told me to lick his balls. Once again, I complied, proving to him that I loved sucking his balls. Then it was time to suck his cock. It was hard, but not as hard as the first two dimes.

“That’s it Bruce, you’re a good cock sucker, and the first white man I have on tape licking my superior black ass. Now milk that cock. You know Bruce, maybe I need to get some of the boys over here and let them all use your mouth. We play poker every Friday night and the white slut girls we been usin, they just don’t know how to use their mouth like you do.”

It bothered me that he kept using my name, but I was trapped now. And it fully turned me on to think that I may have four or six huge black cocks to service in the near future. Well, if I’m going to be a black cock sucker, I had better get this right.

I kept sucking, milking his cock, and for the third time this evening, he came, two blasts, but tangy, and tasty. I was developing a taste for black cock. That scared me.

“Bruce, here are your clothes. Now, go home and relax cause we’re going to use you later this week.”

“Yes sir.”

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