Flatmates Ch. 03

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Big Tits

“Gonna go to bed,” I said as another quiz show rerun was starting on the TV and neither Mum nor Dad seemed to think a million in a row was too many.

“Early?” Dad said glancing at the time which was half 10.

“Yeah. Going to have a shower,” I replied.

“Night Steph, sweet dreams,” Mum said as Dad just nodded in reply. “Oh, can you take Chris his phone charger up with you?” Mum asked.

“Yeah sure,” I said as I took it off her. Chris was my brother. I went via the kitchen and got myself a glass of juice to take up with me.

Chris’s door was closed so as I had no free hands I went into my room and put my drink on my bedside table. I sent Emma a text to confirm that I would go round tomorrow night for drinks and takeaway and undressed for a shower. I kept my panties on, but other than that I was naked. I held the towel against my chest just in case anyone was around and stepped out of my room. As soon as I saw Chris’s door I remembered his phone charger, memory like a sieve, so I made a mental note to give it to him afterwards.

Safely in the bathroom, I locked the door, stripped and showered. I was horny and I considered playing with myself in the shower. The water jets are incredible fun when you get them just right. Made even better with our recent shower head that allows you to change them between several different strengths and pulse patterns. It was almost like the designer had that very use in mind, I am assuming that they didn’t, but you never know. It was early though so I would do it in bed. I could tease myself for ages with my fingers and slowly build up to an awesome orgasm.

I dried myself off, brushed my teeth and wrapped the towel around myself to go back to my room. It covered me, barely. At the front, it came down to the very top of my thighs. Anyone at eye level was fine, but if anyone was coming upstairs at the wrong moment they would see my pussy. Sod’s law meant someone would be, so I slipped my panties back on and headed back to my room. I noticed that Chris’s door was slightly open and I could see that his light was still on. “I have got your charger, one sec,” I said as I passed it, but there was no reply. I dressed into some shorts and a vest and grabbed the phone charger.

His door was a couple of inches open and so I tapped on it and simultaneously went in. His urgent protests and requests to not go in were too late and as is the case with stuff like this, you can’t help but look. He was naked, cock in hand, although he urgently let go of himself leaving his erect cock even more exposed until he bundled his duvet over himself. “Ooops, sorry,” I said diverting my eyes to the ceiling, “Phone charger,” I said holding it out as proof.

“Yeah, thanks,” he said trying his best to hide the fact he was out of breath, “Just there is fine,” he said indicating the chest of drawers by the door.

I placed it on top of the drawers. “Soz, the door wasn’t shut properly,” I said in my defence.

“Yeah, it is shit, it doesn’t click shut,” he said.

“Noted,” I said, “Sorry again. Night, see you tomorrow,” I added.

“Yeah, night,” he said as I closed his door and went back to my room.

I did feel a bit guilty for walking in on him, although it was the general rule that if the door isn’t properly closed then a tap and walk-in was acceptable. Only if the door is properly closed do you knock and wait for permission to enter the room. Still, though, it is a proper mood killer to get walked in on by your sister. Well, it is for me anyway when I have been walked in on by him. It doesn’t happen often, but shit happens, fairly sure he hasn’t ever actually caught me fingering myself. He has walked in a few times at very inopportune times leaving me trying to hide a shortage of breath and feeling a little guilty/embarrassed. He has definitely seen me naked a few times. We don’t tend to bother that much, neither of us prances around the house in the nude, and we do try to knock and be considerate of each other, but these things happen and being seen naked by a sibling is hardly a disaster. Back on the subject though, being walked in on masturbating, is a real mood killer.

I went back into my room and stripped naked. The air conditioning in my room had stopped working a while ago and was still not fixed. As it was the middle of summer to get any comfortable sleep it was the thinnest sheets possible and wear as little as you dare. The sheets are white, which do look crisp and nice, but they are very thin and as a result, very see-through. Today feels like a trillion degrees and 100% humidity, so fuck it, I am sleeping naked, I will just lay on my front.

I turned the TV on for some background noise but loaded up my laptop for some porn. I wasn’t into the hardcore stuff, but exhibitionism, dares, stuff like that I liked. I went to my site of choice and started looking through the many pizza dares and similar clips. Most of them were so badly staged and set up they were almost embarrassing. Some of them though escort videoları looked genuine, and those were the ones that I liked.

I opened my legs and gently teased myself with my fingers. I was surprised at how wet I was and opening my legs wider I gently slipped my index finger inside myself. “Oh yes,” I whispered to myself as I felt my finger in me. I pushed as deep as I could then began to flex and thrust it inside myself. Pushing against the front wall of my pussy I relished the increasing tingly sensation and was quickly wet enough for a second finger, which I used. Picking a different clip I watched the girl on camera shyly open the door to the delivery driver while being egged on by her friends. She wasn’t naked, she was only wearing a thong though and they were either good actresses or it was a genuine ‘home video’. I hoped that it was genuine, but I suspect it was just decent acting as the camera work and setup seemed a little too professional. The lighting was just right, and the angle of the camera managed to show the “surprised” driver as well as the shy girl.

I heard my phone go off indicating a message and glanced at the screen. It was Emma again. I pulled the screen down to get a preview of the message and it didn’t look important so I turned my phone over and ignored it. I closed my eyes and imagined it being me who was opening the door half-naked. When I have been home alone and super horny I have been so close to doing it in real life. Not filming it or anything like that, and most likely not as brazen as just answering the door naked, or even half-naked, but just a mega short t-shirt and teeny tiny panties. I picked up the pace of my fingering and switched to my clit. Feeling my body react to what I was doing I breathed out and slowed down switching back to just fingering myself again. I wanted to last ages and have a really nice orgasm.

I flipped over so I was knelt on the bed with my chest down on the sheets. My ass in the air I fingered myself as quickly as I dared. My bed was creaky and rattled, fairly sure it was by design to stop me from getting naughty with guys. Not that it worked, either go back to his or just scatter some pillows on the floor and have floor sex. The position felt so exposed, which was partially the draw of it. Ass in the air and on top of the sheets, if anyone walked in on me at this second there was no saving my dignity. My senses were heightened as I played with myself and every slight creak of the bed or click of the floorboards as the house cooled down sounded as loud as the strike of a chiming bell. They of course weren’t, but they were very off-putting nonetheless.

I rolled back onto my back and wriggled underneath the sheets again. Opening my legs and gently teased myself using my index and middle fingers. Occasionally stroking my thumb across my clit I could feel my tummy muscles tense and ripple every time my thumb glanced over my clit that was screaming out for attention. I could hear lights being switched off downstairs and people moving around. I pulled the sheets up over myself but continued fingering myself. I heard Mum and Dad come upstairs and I just listened. It was unlikely that they would come in, but even so, it felt kind of naughty masturbating with the risk.

I dragged the sheets up to my neck just in case. I was on autopilot as I mainly listened to Mum and Dad moving around outside my door. The fantasy of being caught was a massive turn on. The reality of being caught would be humiliating. I am sure almost everyone masturbates at some point in their life, but it is still strangely taboo to do it. Even though during ‘that talk’ my Mum did talk about how normal it was.

“Are you still awake?” I heard Mum ask in a whispered tone as she simultaneously tapped on my door.

“Yeah,” I replied as I stopped fingering myself. “I am not decent though.”

“I just need your washing,” she said.

I hesitated for a second. I could either sort my own washing or let her come in and get it. “Yeah, okay,” I said as I rolled onto my side to reduce how see through the sheets were.

She came in and smiled at me. “Sorry,” she said as she collected my washing and I did notice that she was doing the looking but diverting eyes sort of thing. “I will mention your air conditioning to your Dad again and get it sorted.”

“Thanks. It is a bit warm.” I said smiling at her, but very self-conscious that I was obviously naked and practically dripping wet. Although she wouldn’t know I was wet. Hopefully anyway.

She got my washing and left my room closing the door behind her. I left it a few seconds then opened my legs and resumed where I had left off. I looked at my bedside table and considered using a dildo, but I could feel my orgasm rising in my tummy already. I sped up with my fingers and grabbed my bum with my left hand. I squeezed it as I imagined it was a guy who was drilling me. Rolling onto my front I took it doggy style. gaziantep escort bayan videoları I quickly weakened and opened

my bedside draw taking out my dildo, close or not, I needed to be fucked. It was only a small one, but it did the job. I sucked it for a second then penetrated myself from behind.

“Fuck,” I breathed softly to myself as I slowly pushed it into myself.

Gently thrusting it in and out I rubbed at my clit as I neared climax. I could hear my bed rattling and constantly changed angle and speed to try and keep it quiet, Eventually, a got a quiet rhythm and I went for it. As deep as it would go and as fast as I dared I rubbed my clit with my left-hand fingers and pounded the dildo into myself. I could hear the wet sounds of my dripping pussy as I fucked myself. My excitement was coating the dildo and as I pushed deeper and deeper the handle started to get a bit slick with my own lubrication. Changing my grip on it I went as fast as I dared. It wasn’t romantic, it wasn’t sensual, it was just a fuck.

I could hear my bed rattling and adjusted again. I considered getting on the floor, but I was so close. I saw my phone light up in the corner of my eye again and guessed I had been longer than Emma deemed a decent time for a reply. I pushed the dildo as deep into me as I could and held it in place with the palm of my right hand. I rubbed at my clit with my right-hand fingers and using my left hand I grabbed and squeezed my right nipple as hard as I could tolerate.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck,” I breathed almost silently as my legs started to tremble. My bed rattled again, but I ignored it and pushed towards my orgasm. I felt my pussy pulse and grip on the toy inside it as my body lost control. My phone flashed again and I turned my head away from it. I wasn’t breathing. My body trembled and shivered as I orgasmed. Holding my breath to stop myself from screaming I buried my face into the sheets and climaxed.

As I came down I removed the toy and put it on the bed next to me. Rolling onto my side I closed my eyes and curled up into the foetal position. Once I had regained my breath I picked up my phone and unlocked it to see what Emma wanted.

Emma [10:54] – Are you up still?

To my surprise there was only one message from her, I was expecting there to be at least three.

Mum’s Mobile [11:14] — Can you turn your TV down

Mum’s Mobile [11:17] — We can hear your ‘TV’

I blushed bright red. My TV was on volume four. I could barely hear it. There was no way they could hear it. It was probably what Mum had told Dad the noise was, but the way she quoted the second TV message they had both just listened to me play with myself. I am fairly quiet, so they would have only heard my bed, but oh my God, embarrassing.

Steph [11:29] — Sorry. Have done

Mum’s Mobile [11:29] — NP. Will get your Dad to tighten up your bed as well. Nite love.

I blushed even more.

Steph [11:30] — Yes, still up. Why?

My phone lit up instantly and it was a call from Emma

“Hi,” I said, “Sup?”

“Bored,” she said, “What you up to.”

“In bed,” I said, “You?”

“Same,” she said, “I thought you were asleep.”

“Nope, I have just been caught playing with myself,” I replied with a slight giggle in my voice.

“Hahaha, oops, no way. Who by?” she asked.

“Mum and Dad heard me I think,” I said.

“Oops,” Emma giggled, “So funny. Are you done or did they ruin it?”

“Done,” I said, “Give me a sec. I will go downstairs.”

“Okay dokay,” Emma said.

I put my phone on the bed and put a long t-shirt on then went downstairs. “Did they walk in on you or just hear you?” Emma asked.

“No, just a message from Mum asking me to turn my ‘TV’ down,” I said.

“Brilliant,” Emma giggled, “Karma for being a bitch to me earlier.”

“Yeah, true,” I laughed.

“Are ya still nakey?” she asked playfully.

“Nope, t-shirt, you?” I asked.

“No. I am wearing pyjamas,” she answered.

We chatted for an hour or so about nothing in particular. We arranged the next day. I was to go around to hers at around half 6 and take beer or vodka. Ideally both. She would provide the food. I could feel myself falling asleep sitting on the sofa as the time approached half midnight.

“Wanna get Alan naked tomorrow?” she asked.

“Er.. what?” I said snapping fully awake. I assumed that I had heard her wrongly.

“Wanna see Alan naked tomorrow,” she said again.

“Er… sure?” I said cautiously.

“He is here as well and I vote we challenge him to a strip game,” she said.

“Really?” I asked hearing confusion in my voice.

“Yeah, defo,” she replied, “Two of us will kick his ass.”

“Like he will agree to a two versus one game?” I said to her questioningly.

“Yeah he will,” she said, “Chance to get us naked, I bet he will.”

“I wouldn’t,” I said honestly.

“No, but you don’t have a cock making gaziantep escort videoları your decisions,” she said laughing.

“That is true,” I replied, “What game?”

“Dunno, he can pick to offset the disadvantage of two versus one,” she said, “But even so, two of us will beat him.”

“And if we don’t?” I asked.

“If we don’t we get naked,” she said matter of factly with a giggle in her tone.

“Reassuring,” I said smiling to myself.

“Few beers, either way, it will be a laugh,” she said.

“Yeah sure,” I shrugged, “If we can get him to agree to it.”

“We will,” she said, “Anyway, I will let you get to bed,” she added.

“Yeah, okay, night,” I said and she hung up.

I made myself another drink. Went to my room via the bathroom, stripped naked and got into bed again. I cuddled into the sheets and was asleep fairly quickly. I avoided both Mum and Dad the next day. It wasn’t an odd thing to not see them as I spent most of the day at work anyway, but I did make a conscious effort to avoid them. I am 24 years old and I am fairly sure that they know that I do play with myself. Being caught though was not something I wanted to face head-on the day after the event. I did wonder if they had heard me personally, or just my bed rattling, but my intrigue was not strong enough to ask Mum the question. I would, but not today.

I assumed that I would be staying at Emma’s so when I got back from work I showered and packed an overnight bag. If interested the overnight bag consisted of; shorts and a vest to sleep in, as well as a clean t-shirt, skirt, socks, bra and panties. I was wearing a white vest top, a black skirt, a white bra and matching white panties. I also had on some trainer socks and some chequerboard Van’s trainers.

I poked my head around the door into the living room and told Mum and Dad I was going to Emma’s and was likely going to be sleeping over so I would see them tomorrow. Dad offered me a lift, but I caught the bus, which was late for a change.

I got to Emma’s late at 7 pm and they were both already on the beers. I am not sure being on time would have made much difference as they both looked like they had been drinking for longer than 30 minutes. “Hi,” I said to Alan as Emma handed me a beer.

“Hey,” he said as his eyes checked me up and down as guys do as I sat on the sofa next to Emma.

He was quite cute, he was one of those awkward guys where his looks and body carried him further than his personality. That sounds really bitchy and makes him sound like he doesn’t have a good personality. He does, he is maybe too nice, which is also an odd thing to say. I like to be treated nice and loved and generally spoiled, but equally a good fuck goes a long way in a relationship. Pin me down and despite my half-hearted protests stick your cock up my ass and make my eyes water, then kiss me better. He doesn’t seem like the type who would, or even could, do that. He is super cute though.

Emma on the other hand is a dirty bitch and I say that with the utmost love and respect for her. It is a good job she doesn’t have a cock as I honestly wouldn’t trust her with one. She is the only girl I know who would willingly suck a dick that has been up her ass and when questioned about it look at me like I was the weird one as that is one line I don’t cross. Her matter of fact shrug and indifference pretty much sums her up. Can’t do enough for you, my best mate, love her to death, but I wouldn’t enter a relationship with her. She would chew me up and spit me out, incidentally spitting out is not something she does very often either. I am making her sound like a proper slut aren’t I? She isn’t, she is fairly illiberal when it comes to who she sleeps with, but get her in bed and she is an animal from what I have heard, and I hear all of it.

Emma is wearing denim shorts and a black vest. I could see the straps of a white bra underneath her vest and I assume that she is also wearing panties. Alan is wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt. I also assume he was wearing some sort of underwear which got me wondering what sort he wears. Boxers? Briefs? Boxer briefs? Trunks? Commando? Now there was a thought. Hopefully, we would find out later. As I said earlier, I am wearing a white vest, black skirt, matching white underwear, socks and trainers.

One beer turned into two and then five. The takeaway was ordered and eaten while we channel surfed between the various music channels. I caught Emma’s eye and smiled at her. She nodded her head very slightly and I did the same to her. She swirled her bottle of beer, finished it and placed it on the table. “Wanna see us naked?” Emma asked Alan.

Alan looked at her exactly how you would imagine a guy who had just been asked if he wanted to see someone naked with no lead-up or warning. He stared for a couple of seconds but didn’t say anything at first. “Uhm…” he said tentatively, “Sure?”

“Let’s play a strip game,” Emma said grinning at him.

Alan looked at me and I shrugged. “Sounds like fun,” I said trying my best to sound and act as natural as I could manage as we baited the trap. I knew if I acted too eagerly he would suspect something was up. In our late teens’ strip games got suggested a lot, rarely did they materialise into actual games, and it was even more of a rarity that they would progress any further than outer clothing

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