Flight to Submission Ch. 05

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This chapter is less steamy than the first four but is essential to the story, so please bear with me and I hope you all enjoy it.


Stephanie looked up as David returned to their table. He apologised for keeping her waiting for so long, explaining that an unexpected situation had arisen that had required his attention. Stephanie had wondered why he had been away for so long. He did not strike her as the kind of man who would leave a woman hanging around. Still, she had been too caught up with noticing the amount of attention she was receiving from other men in the restaurant to have dwelt upon it too much. David took his seat across the table from her, his eyes looking into hers seriously.

“There will be times when you are with me where I will be called away to attend to business or other situations,” he told her. “As my sub, you will be expected to maintain your place with no complaint and no sign of either dismay or boredom.”

Stephanie nodded to show that she understood.

“Now the Maitre D’ has informed me that he noticed you were uncomfortable receiving the glances of various men in this restaurant. This will have to stop. As my sub, you are a reflection of me and will therefore be expected to take a pride in yourself and accept men’s admiration graciously!” David continued, holding her gaze.

Stephanie blushed and looked down at the table.

David reached out and lifted her chin with his finger. “You are a beautiful woman, Stephanie,” he said, “and you need to learn to believe that!” “Now,” he continued in a brisk tone. “I believe we should eat. After all, I don’t want to run the risk of your being late to return to your hotel!”

Stephanie smiled and they shared a very pleasant lunch. David expertly ordered food and wine that restored energy without filling them up. The meal was beautifully prepared and the waiters were deferential and attentive, although they couldn’t help but gaze appreciatively at Stephanie and the way her dress clung to her figure. Stephanie tried very hard not to blush, trying to obey David’s order to accept their looks with grace and composure.

When they had finished their meal, David signed the check and rose, holding out his hand to assist Stephanie in rising from her seat. As she rose, her skirt rode up her thighs a little, and Stephanie flushed, remembering that she was wearing no panties. She was about to hurriedly smooth the material down when David caught her other hand. He didn’t say anything, merely held her gaze and she had no choice but to stand there, held by his magnetism. Once he was sure he had her obedience, David nodded to indicate that she could now smooth down her dress.

“Slowly,” he told her commandingly.

Obedient to his command, Stephanie slowly smoothed the fabric down until it once more clad her legs without wrinkle. They walked out of the restaurant and made their way to the concierge desk, where David asked for his car to be brought around to the entrance of the hotel. They walked to the hotel’s entrance, David’s hand resting lightly under Stephanie’s elbow as he subtly reinforced his control over her. Once there they paused. The sunlight slanting through the windows bathed Stephanie in a warm glow, adding lustre to her hair, the colour of the material of her dress taking on an added depth. Stephanie could not know that she looked absolutely stunning. Men were looking at her in admiration, women with envy!

Stephanie’s head turned as she heard a deep throated, throbbing growl approaching. Her mouth dropped open as she saw a smooth, sleek Aston Martin DB9 Volante pull up in front of the hotel, sunlight reflecting off its gunmetal paint. The car screamed power and elegance in every line. The driver’s door opened and a valet stepped out, moving around the car and into the hotel lobby. He walked towards David and placed the keys into his hands. David handed over a $20 dollar bill as a tip and guided Stephanie out through the hotel entrance. He opened the passenger door for her and Stephanie swallowed hard as she realised how low the seat was. She was going to have to be very careful manoeuvring in and out of the car. One lapse and she would be exposed for all to see! David’s hand steadied her as she lowered herself, legs together onto the seat of the car. Keeping them together, she swivelled until she could lift her feet slightly and place them in the foot well. She was unaware that in trying to keep from exposing herself, she had entered the car in the most elegant manner. David closed the passenger door and moved around to the driver’s side. Seating himself, he looked across at her. He was pleased to see that although her skirt had ridden up her thighs (something he had blocked from anyone else’s sight as he closed her door), she had made no move to tug it down.

“Raise your skirt above your hips,” David instructed.

Stephanie’s mouth opened in startlement at his command. Being told to undress in the privacy of the penthouse was one thing. Being told to stand naked in the lift had been almost as ankarakazan.com bad but if she obeyed him now, anyone looking in through the window would be able to see her exposed pussy! David looked across at her, his eyes steadily measuring her, giving no sign of relenting. Stephanie swallowed hard and lifting her hips slightly, drew the skirt up above them until it rested around her waist. David reached over and stroked her mound before sliding a finger between her legs.

“Your legs are too close together, sub,” he advised. “Remember, you are to be available to me at all times! Place each leg at the sides of your seat.”

Stephanie’s tongue darted out to lick her lips, unaware of how enticing that looked. Then she did as she’d been told and moved her legs until they were spread either side of the passenger seat.

“Better,” David said. “Well done sub.”

He smiled at her and Stephanie felt a warm glow at his approval. Somehow all the thoughts of being seen with her pussy exposed seemed to fade in the warmth of his regard.

David switched on the radio and smooth jazz flowed from the speakers. They rode back to her hotel in a companionable silence. David drove the car with calm competence, his hands making minute adjustments to the steering wheel as he guided the car through the traffic. Stephanie watched those strong, capable hands, remembering how they had felt upon her body. Her skin flushed and her pulse quickened as her body responded to those memories! She had been apprehensive maybe even a little scared, but she had also never felt more alive!

Far too soon, the journey was over and David was pulling up outside her hotel. As he pulled the car to a stop, David looked over at Stephanie.

“You may pull your skirt back down, sub,” he said.

Stephanie gratefully complied.

“I will let you make your own way into the hotel,” David told her. “I don’t want you drawing any unnecessary attention to yourself for the time being.”

As Stephanie made to open the car door, David held up a hand to stop her and obedient to his silent command, she paused.

“You understand that not drawing undue attention to yourself means you must act normally,” David said. “I do not expect you to hurry to your room. Your colleagues will want to catch up with you and will wonder if you ignore them. Therefore, if they approach you, you will make conversation as you would usually do.”

He then reached into his pocket and withdrew a smart phone. He handed it to Stephanie.

“You are to keep this on your person at all times and answer immediately when it rings,” David told her. “Nobody will have this number except myself.”

Stephanie nodded obediently. “Yes Sir,” she said.

“Good girl,” David said in approval and again that warm glow suffused Stephanie’s body.

“Now go and be with your friends and colleagues. Oh and one other thing,” he continued, “You may wear panties once you change into your uniform but you are to throw away any underwear that I haven’t bought for you and you will wear the quarter cup bra during the flight.”

“Yes Sir,” Stephanie replied. Already obedience was starting to become habit!

David rolled down his window slightly and beckoned for a porter to open the passenger door. The young man respectfully offered his hand to the young woman seated there. He couldn’t stop his eyes from roving over her elegantly clad body. Glancing at David for approval, Stephanie ignored his gaze and took the young man’s hand, allowing him to assist her out of the car as she repeated her earlier actions but in reverse. She swung her legs out of the car, keeping them together, and then steadying herself with the porter’s hand, rose smoothly to her feet.

She walked around the front of the car and paused at the driver’s door. David lowered his window as she leaned down slightly. He took her hand and turned it until it was face up, then brought it slowly to his mouth, dropping a sensuous kiss onto her palm. A shiver ran through Stephanie’s body at its touch.

“Know that I’m very pleased with you, Stephanie,” David said quietly, smiling into her eyes. “You are going to make an excellent sub and I believe the sky is the limit for you.”

Stephanie blushed with pleasure and with his words ringing through her ears, made her way into the hotel lobby.

As she walked through the doors she spotted two of the male flight attendants lounging around, their eyes alight with interest. Sam, the taller of the two, swooped down on her.

“Darling!” he said. “Who was that divine man in the divine car that just dropped you off?”

Stephanie rolled her eyes in amusement. Sam was probably the biggest queen she had ever known and he was proud of it. His personality was flamboyantly over the top but there wasn’t a bad bone in his body.

James, the quieter of the two, edged in close.

“Yes Stephanie, what gives?” he demanded quietly. “That’s one hell of a car you just drew up in and girl,” he said running his eyes over her appreciatively, “whoever is responsible for that outfit has style in spades!”

Whilst not as flamboyant as Sam, James was also gay and had the best sense of style of any of Stephanie’s friends. She had often wondered why he was doing the gruelling transatlantic flights when he could have easily had a career in the fashion industry.

“Oh, he’s just someone I met recently,” Stephanie said, trying to sound nonchalant and prevent herself from blushing.

“Well girl, whatever you do, hold on to him!” Sam exclaimed. “I don’t care what you have to do, abase yourself if you must, but you absolutely cannot let that one slip through your fingers! I will be extremely disappointed in you if you let me down in this!”

He looked at Stephanie archly and wagged his finger at her.

She had to laugh. Sam was incorrigible but he was great fun and one of her best friends on the crew.

“Now come with us and tell us all about it,” Sam continued, tucking his arm through hers and leading her through the lobby to the bar.

James followed, a slight smile on his face as Sam’s voice carried through the lobby, attracting attention. He had caught a glimpse of the man inside the car and silently agreed with Sam. This man was a class above Stephanie’s usual level and although he felt a slight pang at the man’s obvious straightness, he couldn’t help but be happy for Stephanie. She worked so hard and gave so much of herself, taking little or nothing in return. She deserved some happiness and looking at the glow that seemed to be emanating from her, James thought this new man might just be the best thing that had ever happened to her. He had certainly done something already! That outfit she was wearing was expensive, but more than that, it’s cut and quality enhanced those that Stephanie already had. She usually chose muted colours allowing her to fade into the background when in company. Wearing this outfit, there was no way she would do that. Gone was the girl next door look, replaced by an elegant, sophisticated, stunning looking woman. He wondered if Stephanie herself had any idea of how dramatic the change was!

As Stephanie entered the bar she drew every eye. The captain & co-pilot looked her up & down appreciatively before realising with a shock who she was! In tandem, their mouths dropped open in amazement. Their reaction caused Jenny, who had been talking to them with her back towards the entrance of the bar, to turn around and her jaw dropped as she incredulously took in the sight of the elegant woman in front of her. This couldn’t be Stephanie, could it? What on earth had happened to her?

Stephanie flushed slightly as the men raked their eyes over her. Funnily enough, not one man made a wise crack and indeed the captain and co-pilot fought with each other over who was going to have the honour of seating her! Stephanie took in the low, broad seating and realised there was no way she could get in and out of one of the chairs without her skirt riding up! She therefore resolved the impending argument between the two pilots by indicating that she would stand at the bar. As she got there, she surreptitiously glanced at her watch and was relieved to see that there was not going to be much time before they all had to change for the flight back to London.

The pilots fought over who was going to buy her a drink and Stephanie bit back a laugh. The two men were the most notorious pilots in the company. They were both good looking and had their pick of women. As a consequence, they tended to maintain an aloof, slightly bored attitude around her and the other flight attendants. That aloofness suddenly seemed to have vanished and it was very amusing to watch! She was also somewhat amazed. Until this moment, she was sure the pilots had never paid her the slightest attention. She couldn’t believe how good it made her feel to suddenly be the centre of their attention.

Jenny watched this interplay with narrowed eyes. She didn’t know what had been going on with her friend since she had seen her last, but something monumental had obviously taken place. Stephanie had changed and it wasn’t just the outfit! She held herself straighter and was acting with more confidence! Jenny bided her time until the right moment, with everyone’s attention elsewhere for a moment.

“Alright, spill!” she demanded. “I looked for you last night and you weren’t in your room!”

Stephanie was brought back down to earth with a bump! When Jenny thought she was onto something, she dug and worried at it like a dog with a bone. She was not going to be able to fob her off with some vague reassurances. Jenny was going to want all the gory details and Stephanie knew she couldn’t divulge the events of the past 24 hours to her. Jenny simply wouldn’t understand and would be horrified! She cast around frantically in her mind to find some explanation that would be acceptable.

“I bumped into someone I knew in the lobby yesterday,” she said. “She’s a very old friend of mine that I haven’t seen for years and I hadn’t realised that she had moved to Miami,” she continued, wincing at the lie that she was spinning.

Jenny looked at her friend closely, not sure if she believed the explanation.

Stephanie continued. “It seems as if she met and fell in love with an American millionaire when she was working in London. He swept her off her feet and proposed to her about 6 months later. Now they’re married and she lives here full time. She’d just dropped off her husband nearby and had ducked in here for a coffee when she spotted me. To be honest, with my headache, I didn’t recognise her at first, she’s changed so much, but she knew me. Before I knew it, she’d swept me along with her and we spent the day shopping, then she took me back to her place and introduced me to her husband. By the time we’d finished dinner it was so late that I spent the night in her guest house.”

Stephanie couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth but she knew she had to be convincing if she were to put her friend off the trail of what she had really been doing.

“Don’t tell me she bought you that outfit and you accepted!” Jenny exclaimed, looking at her disapprovingly.

Stephanie flushed. “Don’t be stupid!” she snapped. “I have savings I haven’t touched for years and I was feeling a little overwhelmed beside her, so I splashed out! There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?”

Jenny’s gaze softened as she realised she had just upset her friend.

“I’m really sorry, honey,” she said. “I didn’t mean to make you mad. It’s just that I’ve never seen you like this before. You look amazing and I guess… Well I guess I’m a little envious!” she admitted.

Now it was Stephanie’s gaze that softened. “It’s ok,” she said. “I guess I’m feeling guilty about spending so much money!”

Again she winced as the lie left her lips but at least it would explain why she was acting so touchy. She couldn’t wait to get upstairs and change but at that moment Sam zoned in on her again.

“So come on sweetie, who was that delicious man in that gorgeous Aston,” he said. “Drop dead gorgeous… And the car’s not bad either,” he continued, winking at her. “I want to know everything,” he paused, “and I mean everything!”

Jenny’s suspicions were sparked once again. Who was this man they were talking about?

Stephanie thought quickly, desperate to deflect attention away from David.

“Oh, he’s the business partner of my friend’s husband,” she said. “He was over at their house this morning and when I mentioned I was going to grab a taxi back to the hotel, he insisted on driving me. And before you ask,” she said shaking a finger at Sam, “I don’t know whether he’s gay or not. We didn’t really talk very much and then only about normal stuff like the weather.”

“Shame,” said Sam, pouting. “I was hoping he might be available. He looks absolutely gorgeous! Good enough to eat!” He paused and then his eyes narrowed. “So what were you doing bending down to his window when he dropped you off?” he demanded.

Stephanie thought quickly. Damn Sam, he was so sharp eyed!

“Oh, I’d dropped my phone in the car and hadn’t realised it. He was just handing it back to me.”

Disappointment showed in Sam’s eyes. He had been hoping to catch her out doing something saucy but after all, it was Stephanie they were talking about. The poor girl didn’t even think of looking for excitement and she probably wouldn’t recognise a come on if she saw one!

The captain cleared his throat. “Much as I hate to break up this interrogation,” he said, winking at Sam, “I think it’s time we got a move on. After all, the plane won’t fly itself. Let’s get going people. Meet you all back down here in 30 minutes.”

Stephanie breathed a sigh of relief as she made her way to the lift. At last she could get away from all the questions and enquiring looks. She wasn’t entirely sure that Jenny had bought her story. She caught herself trying to hunch her shoulders and was immediately reminded that David had informed her that as his sub, she was to take pride in her appearance at all times. She made a conscious effort to straighten up and walked confidently into the lift as the doors opened. She smiled at the others as they entered after her. Somehow, by unconscious agreement, they had hung back, allowing her to enter first. It was a heady feeling! She let the others chatter on as the lift rose to their floor, wrapped up in the new feelings and sensations she was experiencing. She realised that David had devoted his attention to her for the entire period she had been with him. Never once had he ignored her or taken her for granted, a distinct change from the normal behaviour she experienced!

She let herself into her room and emptied the bag onto the bed. She took her dress and sandals and packed them into her carry on case, together with one of the sets of lingerie David had bought for her. Then she carefully unzipped the dress and stepped out of it. She had put its tissue wrapping into the bag and now she carefully smoothed it out, folded the dress and placed it back in its wrappings before adding it to the carry on. The shoes went in next, again wrapped in tissue to protect them.

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